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Screenshots take up the biggest visual part of your app’s landing page on the App Store and Google Play. In the search results they are even more prominent and together with your app icon the main driving factors for reenshot prominent display both on search (left) and the product page (right) data shows, only 2% of users actually click on the “read more” button and probably most of your users will ignore the description text all together. Great screenshots communicate which problem of your users the app solves as well as if it’s worth their time and money. Convincing screenshots convert interested prospects into actual users. There are a lot of articles out there how your screenshots look like, but few tell you which smart tools there are to do this in no time or speed up the process. In this article we’re reviewing all the tools we found currently on the market and give you a short overview over the pros and App Screenshot Builder by Applaunchpad provides a wealth of different layout options. If you’re on the free plan you have 3 standard templates to start with, whereas the pro plan gives you access to 14 different templates. Users can also switch between different device frames and colors (5 on free — 12 on pro) to further customize their screenshots. Once the basics are chosen, you can add your app’s process of screenshot generation is very straightforward, only the interface can get a little crowded once you have all 5 screenshots ready. You can add a caption text and further customize the background, style of the text caption (font family, size, weight and color). The biggest “issue” with the free version is that you can only export your screenshots. If you want to save them directly in the tool for later use, you’ll have to subscribe to the pro version. Unfortunately we found no easy way to localize the screenshots for different countries and languages. Currently you can also only create up to 5 screenshots, whereas both App Store Connect and Google Play Dev Console allow more ditional features you’ll get with the paid version are:Use custom or provided background imagesCreate screenshots for iPadCreate device specific screenshots for smaller devicesGet additional templates and device framesApplaunchpad features many customization optionsLink: planPaid plan for $29 per month or $120 per year✅ ProsLots of different devices (iOS)Lots of different stylesMany customization options: font, color, device frames❌ ConsOvercrowded interfaceNo easy way to localize screenshotsApp Screenshot Maker is another tool to create screenshots for your app. It doesn’t offer a lot of layouts and customization options, but it’s completely free and you can quickly clone a set of screenshots for other apps or localizations. The tool offers 8 basic layout options to start with and 4 different device frame colors/ can customize the most important elements like font and background color, but you don’t have that fine-grained options and styles other tools have. The interface is very clean and the process is very simple. Currently there are no options to create screenshots for tablets and the iPhone X. Besides the “cloning” feature of a set of screenshots, there is no easy way to translate and localize them. You also automatically get the lower resolution version when generating your screenshots. It also looks like that the latest device frames are not yet added to their Screenshot Maker offers a simple and very straight-forward interfaceShotBot is a free tool that allows app developers and publishers to design and generate great looking screenshots. Even though there is no real customization possible and the amount of layouts/templates is limited, the provided ones look amazing! You’ll get a matching “story” of 5 hand-picked templates to showcase your app. Besides the text input, you cannot customize anything. (colors, fonts, sizes etc. ) There’s also no option to create screenshots for iPad or any Android screenshots at all. We also found no way to quickly translate your app store otBot offers the best looking templates organized as one storyLink: tool✅ ProsBeautiful designsSuper fast process❌ ConsNo real customizationNo iPadNo AndroidNo easy way to localize screenshotsDaVinci Apps offers both a free plan as well as a premium plan with more devices and customization options for your screenshots. They offer the same functionality for both iOS and Android apps. Unfortunately already the biggest device size for iOS, the de-facto standard for screenshots (iPhone 5. 5-inch), requires you to be on the pro/paid sides that DaVinci Apps offers a huge amount of different templates and layout variations to start with. Their interactive editor lets you quickly design and edit great looking screenshots in no time. Speaking of customizations: Currently you can only change the background color. It’s not possible to change the font family or size. There’s also no easy way to quickly localize your ditional features with the paid subscription include:Use custom background imagesCreate screenshots for iPad Pro and Android tabletsCreate screenshots for iPhone X and iPhone 5. 5-inch seriesDavinciApps screenshot editor gives you a huge choice of different layouts to start withLink: $8. 25 per monthBusiness: $41. 99 per month (unlimited projects)✅ ProsAll devices (iPhone X, iPad Pro; Android tablets)iOS & AndroidLots of templatesLots of variationsNice interface❌ ConsNo real customization (e. g. fonts)No easy way to localize screenshotsApp Store Screenshot is a great free tool that even requires no signup! It has a sleek and modern interface and lets you create great screenshots for all devices including tablets for both platforms. The only issue we found is that you cannot design individual screenshots. All screenshots use the same layout/sides that the tool over a huge amount of customization options: different device frames, background color and gradients, custom fonts and font colors, fine grained font sizing, manually adjust the size and positioning of your text, device, and ’s one of the fastest and most straightforward tools to create screenshots and definitely a recommendation for people that quickly need to create appealing Store Screenshot convinces with a sleek interface and fast workflowLink: tool✅ ProsNo signupSleek interfaceiPhone, iPad, Android SmartphonesLots of customization (fonts, colors, devices)❌ ConsNo Android tabletsOnly minimalistic templatesNo easy way to localizeAppure is one of the only tools that offers a dedicated workflow to localize your screenshots for different languages. It’s available both as a free and paid version and lets you create screenshots for all devices including tablets. The tool offers a lot of customization options like background color, image or gradient as well as screenshot orientation, frame, rotation and much more. It’s even possible to randomize the layout and get brand new designs with every click! The only major issue is the complicated interface with banner advertising on the free version. It takes some time to get into all the configuration options and customize the screenshots exactly how you like them. There are also no layout templates, so you basically have to go through all the options each ditional features with the paid subscription include:Unlimited apps and downloadsUnlimited layoutsUnlimited custom fontsUnlimited localizations per appAppure’s interface is rather overwhelming, but lets you add multiple localizationsLink: €7. 50 per monthEnterprise: Custom✅ ProsiPad, tabletLocalization optionsLots of customization options (colors, fonts, frames, Randomize layouts for inspiration❌ ConsAdsComplex interfaceNo template galleryStoreShots takes a different approach when it comes to billing for its service: You simply pay by downloaded screenshot. Based on a credit system — one credit equals one screenshot and prices go from €0. 10 to €0. 05 per credit depending on the package your purchase — the tool offers a lot of options to customize your screenshots. Sometimes the interface can be a little bit overwhelming with the amount of menus and options to further adjust your screenshots. It’s definitely not the fastest tool as there is not template gallery that gets you going quickly. It offers an interesting workflow that automatically detects the language of your screenshots and lets you localize oreShots offers all devices including iPhone X and iPad Pros (10. 5-inch and 12. 9-inch) as well as Android smartphones and oreShots lets you create a complete set of screenshots for all devices at onceLink:; €0. 05 per credit depending on the package your purchase✅ ProsAll devicesLocalization optionsAutomatic device detection based on uploaded screenshotLot of customization options (fonts, color, padding, background)❌ ConsNo template galleryNo customization per device categoryNo different layoutsPlaceIt is probably one of the biggest product mockup site on the internet. No wonder they have an own category dedicated to app store screenshots. On the site you will find over 60 layouts for iPhone, 10 for Android and 9 for iPad. Even though there are a lot of different designs, it’s not super easy to create a great looking set of matching screenshots for your app as you will have to create them one by it comes to customization, you have some options like changing the font family, size and color as well as work with a lot of custom background graphics. We didn’t find any easy way to localize your screenshots or further customize the templates. You also won’t get a free preview like other tools aceit is best known for its huge collection of mockupsLink:2 per screenshot or a flat $29 per month✅ ProsLots of different templatesSome customization optionsGreat visual options❌ ConsNo customization per device categoryNo easy way to localizeCannot modify templateAppToolKit is a replacement of the popular service LaunchKit that was acquired by Google and later shut down mid 2017. They open-sourced their whole suite of tools and the team behind AppToolKit took advantage of that! Basically it’s a skinned version of the original Screenshot Builder offering the same features (and unfortunately also limitations) tool offers 8 different layout options for iPhone and 4 different color variants. Once the basics are set you can add your caption and further customize the screenshots: font family, custom fonts, font size, weight, color and background images. You can then automatically generate screenshots for all different phone sizes. Tablets are only included with the pro didn’t find an easy way to localize screenshots. It also looks like that currently there is no option for iPhone X screenshots nor the iPad ditional features with the paid subscription include:Unlimited screenshot setsTablet layouts for iOS and AndroidMore screenshot templates and device frames/colorsExport all device sizesAppToolKit features the same interface as popular, now defunct $19 per month✅ ProsLots of customization optionsiOS and Android❌ ConsNo iPhone X screenshots, No iPad 10. 5 screenshotsOnly minimalistic templatesNo easy way to localizeWorking with file-based templates is another way to generate professional screenshots for your app. The templates we found and reviewed are usually for Photoshop and/or Sketch. The two big advantages are that they work offline and that they offer you the highest customization options possible. Only downside is the manual team from Apply Pixels has some of the best design templates on the market for both Android and iOS. Same goes for app screenshots: They offer templates for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet screenshots. The templates include all sizes, orientations and colors and are available for both Photoshop and come with custom actions that quickly allow you to export your screenshots to the exact required sizes for App Store Connect. The templates itself are clean, well-documented, and structured. Customization options are Pixels features a wide range of Sketch and Photoshop templatesLink:9 per month✅ ProsOfflinePhotoshop and SketchEndless customizationAll devices❌ ConsNot automated, manual processSubscription for filesiOS Jetpack is a collection of Sketch templates to showcase your app from the folks of Craftwork Design. The templates are currently only for iOS, but include all devices except the iPad 10. 5-inch. They come with a one-time payment starting at $28 and a lot of design and layout templates itself are very well organized and easy to customize and export to every size for the App Store. They include a lot of different device frames and colors as well. The only downside are the missing Android screenshots. But with a little bit of tinkering, it should be possible to duplicate the templates and replace the device frames with Android phones and Jetpack offers great looking Sketch templates for iOSLink:38 one-time payment✅ ProsOfflineEndless customizationAll devices (iPhone X + iPads)❌ ConsNo Android screenshotsOnly for SketchNot automated, manual processMac Apps are a little bit on the middle ground between the online services and the file templates. The offer the offline capabilities together with some smart automation to fasten the reenshot Designer by Codelle is a simple Mac app that lets you design and create screenshots for your app offline on your Mac, no graphics program needed. The tool offers 7 different templates with multiple color variants for iPhone and 5 for iPad. Unfortunately there are no templates for Android at all, but layouts for your Mac layouts are simple and easy to use. You can customize the font family, weight, size and coloring as well as the alignments and add shows. You’re not able to change the position of the text manually and we did end up with too much space at the top of the screenshots. You cannot export one set of screenshots for all different sizes, which drastically slows down the Screenshot Designer you don’t need Sketch or PhotoshopLink: one-time payment with free trial✅ ProsOffline + Mac AppLayouts for Mac apps includedLots of customizations possible (font, color, background, shadows)❌ ConsNo iPhone X, no iPhone 8 plusNo easy way to localizeNo Android screenshotsA couple of honorable mentions and tools to look out for in the to AppStore *outdated*Created by the makers of LaunchKit, this Sketch template was the basis of their success. It seems no longer to work with the latest versions of Sketch, but definitely one of the early tools for screenshot generationLink: tool we’ve been following for the past couple of years. Still in early access. It looks like a great combination of different tools for screenshot generation, localization, and more. We hope the will finish their long quest and finally get this product into the hand of their to actually generate the raw screenshotsGreat article from the team of MindNode about how the generate and automate the screenshot process. They use a combination of open-source tools and describe every step from raw screenshot creation, framing, localization to to the team of Great Simple Studio for providing us with mockup raw app screenshots from their iOS Design Kit interface series.
Previewed - Free mockup generator for your app

Previewed – Free mockup generator for your app

The only mockup tool you needTo level up your presentation and engage your snapshots & create animation scenes, all in 3D. 2D ImagesMake your app stand out.
Perfect for Google Play and App Store. 3D SnapshotsBeautiful from all angles.
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Perfect for blog and social media 3D RendersWhatever your level, 3D designing has never been easier. Use our pre-made templates or dive into custom camera & environment controls to create 3D content. 3D SnapshotsTweak colours, position, angles and screen media to create your perfect mockup. 3D AnimationsCreate animated scenes and set your devices in motion. Perfect for showcasing video 3D TemplatesAll of your Favourite DevicesAccess latest collections of iPhones, iPads, Android Mobile & Tablet devices. Customize shapes, styles and CustomizableChange texts, add images, adjust sizes and position any element – all at your fingertips. TextsChoose from 100s of fonts and add them to your agesAdd custom images or use our collections to create mockups with unique vicesiPhones, Android phones, Tablets, Laptops, Monitor Displays and much more. DimensionsChange sizes of all components that make up your mockup – text, images & & TransparencySet custom colors for devices, texts & backgrounds. We also support the alpha (transparency) channel. PositioningPosition and rotate any component, however you like. Simply drag and drop. ExportsExport your mockups in dimensions and format that suit your requirements. Choose from jpeg, png and sShare your work with others. Invite your team members to your mockup groups and collaborate together. Template StorageAll saved templates are backed up in the cloud. Come back to your collection at any icingFlexible packages to suit your use-case. Choose between Free, Pay-as-you-Download and Subscription nthly BillingAnnual Billing Save 35%Lite$0To showcase a single app or project. Unlimited 2D Exports (720p)CC Attribution LicensePlus$7To showcase apps features in Lite+5 Exports (1080p+)3D ExportsVideo Exports (30fps)Commercial LicenseAnnual PlanPro$19To create mockups on continuous basis. Unlimited ExportsPro Features3D ExportsVideo Exports (60fps)Commercial LicensePriority Support
App Store Screenshots | Mockup Generator -

App Store Screenshots | Mockup Generator –

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Frequently Asked Questions about app store screenshot maker

How do I make a screenshot from the App Store?

Best PracticesExplain the most important use story of the app in the first two screenshots.Increase font size and cut down on the text.Highlight UI elements that represent text captions.By combining screenshots, you can maximize the value that you and your app store page viewers get from them.Aug 6, 2020

How do I make a screenshot of an app?

On many Android devices, you can capture a screenshot with a key-combination: Simultaneously press-and-hold Power and Volume-down. You can also capture a screenshot with Android Studio as follows: Run your app on a connected device or emulator.Jul 23, 2021

How many screenshots are required for app store?

you must upload screenshots specific to each device. Images must be in JPEG or 24-bit PNG. A minimum of 2 screenshots is required.

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