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Reasons for Using a Proxy Server
Do you wish to enjoy unrestricted access to the unlimited information and data that abounds the internet? Well, you may as well consider using a proxy server if you are denied access to a blocked website within your geographical region. You can make use of a proxy server, web proxy or proxy sites to gain access to restricted content, as well as hide yourself online. Using a web proxy, you have the liberty to use the internet without having to reveal your identity. Anonymity is another reason why you might consider using proxy sites instead of opting for a direct search. Moreover, a proxy server not only allows you to hide yourself online, but it may also work to add to your online security.
Proxy servers are a good way to enjoy anonymity online. Using direct internet connection, you can be easily traced through your IP addresses, user agent information and through cookies stored on your computer. However, using web proxy and proxy sites, you can hide yourself online, as these conceal your IP addresses, do not reveal the authentic user agent information and can effectively block cookies. With proxy servers, online anonymity is no more a thing of the past!
Unlimited Access
One of the main reasons behind the use of web proxy and proxy sites is the liberty of unrestricted internet access.
Proxy server is a common and easy solution to internet censorship. Various countries and governments today implement stringent internet censorship policies, which restrict the users settled in those particular geographical zones from accessing several websites and online content. Proxy servers and proxy sites help internet users overcome this barrier and have free and convenient access to blocked content.
List of free proxy Asia. -

List of free proxy Asia. –

Show Country ANM SSL Type Sort Found 10640 proxies Permanent link to this page: IP:portTypeAnonymity*Country (city/region)Hostname/ORGLatency**Speed***UptimeCheck date (GMT+03)110. 77. 232. 30HTTPSHIAThailand Ban Ko Wiwatthana (Sing Buri)110. 30 (CAT TELECOM Public Company Ltd, CAT)2. 182new -09-oct-2021 09:01 (6 mins ago)103. 107. 71. 139SOCKS5HIAIndonesia Polokarto (Central Java)!!! 103. 139 (PT. Media Jaringan Indonesia)1. 45644% (79) -09-oct-2021 09:01 (7 mins ago)95. 0. 6. 228HTTP (Mikrotik)NOATurkey Adapazarı (Sakarya) (Turk Telekom)7. 72929% (18) -09-oct-2021 09:00 (7 mins ago)45. 79. 125. 240SOCKS5HIAIndia Mumbai (Maharashtra)!!! (Linode, LLC)11. 96611% (25) -09-oct-2021 08:59 (9 mins ago)139. 162. 111. 147SOCKS5HIAJapan Tokyo!!! (Linode, LLC)6. 92738% (16) -09-oct-2021 08:58 (10 mins ago)103. 120. 153SOCKS5HIABangladesh Khulna!!! 103. 153 (Bottola Cyber Net)4. 76247% (225) -09-oct-2021 08:57 (10 mins ago)87. 247. 185. 94SOCKS5HIAUnited Arab Emirates87. 94 (Insightometrics B. V. )0. 8399% (181) -09-oct-2021 08:57 (11 mins ago)150. 129. 171. 123SOCKS5HIAIndia Nadiad (Gujarat)150. 123 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)4. 75233% (752) -09-oct-2021 08:57 (11 mins ago)88. 255. 102. 102HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOATurkey (Turk Telekom)1. 0119% (3) +09-oct-2021 08:57 (11 mins ago)52. 175. 21. 231SOCKS5HIAHong Kong Central (Central and Western District)52. 231 (MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK)1. 50793% (149) -09-oct-2021 08:56 (11 mins ago)1. 179. 148. 9HTTPHIAThailand Bangkok1. 9 (TOT Public Company Limited)7. 28326% (164) -09-oct-2021 08:55 (12 mins ago)128. 199. 202. 122SOCKS5HIASingapore Singapore128. 122 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)3. 29192% (2928) -09-oct-2021 08:54 (13 mins ago)103. 216. 82. 37SOCKS5HIAIndia Udaipur (Rajasthan)103. 37 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)1. 82928% (124) -09-oct-2021 08:53 (14 mins ago)103. 167. 205HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAPakistan Lahore (Punjab)!!! 103. 205 (THE INFINITY BROADBAND PVT LIMITED)8. 44946% (36) -09-oct-2021 08:52 (15 mins ago)103. 209. 65. 12SOCKS5HIAIndia Vapi (Gujarat)103. 12 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)2. 58136% (1280) -09-oct-2021 08:51 (16 mins ago)103. 241. 227. 100SOCKS5HIAIndia Surat (Gujarat)103. 100 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)4. 25237% (417) -09-oct-2021 08:51 (16 mins ago)103. 112. 170SOCKS5HIAIndonesia (Cloud Teknologi Nusantara)2. 16836% (53) -09-oct-2021 08:51 (17 mins ago)146. 56. 101. 246SOCKS5HIASouth Korea Chuncheon (Gangwon-do)146. 246 (ORACLE-BMC-31898)9. 91521% (15) -09-oct-2021 08:51 (17 mins ago)43. 224. 10. 8SOCKS5HIAIndia Khambhat (Gujarat)43. 8 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)7. 929new -09-oct-2021 08:49 (19 mins ago)35. 220. 231. 76SOCKS5HIAHong Kong Central (Central and Western District) (GOOGLE)10. 57525% (3) -09-oct-2021 08:47 (20 mins ago)210. 16. 73. 85SOCKS5HIAHong Kong!!! 210. 85 (HONG KONG EVERGRANDE ENTERPRISE GROUP CO., LIMITED)3. 20621% (51) -09-oct-2021 08:47 (21 mins ago)103. 150. 233HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAPakistan Lahore (Punjab)!!! 103. 233 (THE INFINITY BROADBAND PVT LIMITED)3. 1975% (3) -09-oct-2021 08:43 (25 mins ago)91. 93. 118. 3HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOATurkey Istanbul!!! (Tellcom Iletisim Hizmetleri A. s. )1. 24834% (41) -09-oct-2021 08:41 (26 mins ago)46. 196. 146HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIran46. 146 (Respina Networks & Beyond PJSC)2. 93232% (341) -09-oct-2021 08:39 (28 mins ago)103. 35. 28HTTPSHIAIndia Tilda (Chhattisgarh)103. 28 (Smartlink Solutions Pvt. Ltd. )2. 50550% (1) -09-oct-2021 08:37 (31 mins ago)5. 160. 91. 130HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIran5. 130 (Respina Networks & Beyond PJSC)12. 31642% (29) -09-oct-2021 08:35 (32 mins ago)218. 161. 36. 89HTTPHIATaiwan New (Data Communication Business Group)5. 33420% (50) -09-oct-2021 08:35 (33 mins ago)213. 230. 121. 63HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAUzbekistan Tashkent213. 63 (Uzbektelekom Joint Stock Company)3. 87644% (52) -09-oct-2021 08:26 (41 mins ago)185. 239. 105. 211HTTP (Squid)NOAIran185. 211 (Noyan Abr Arvan Co. ( Private Joint Stock))1. 44578% (21) +09-oct-2021 08:26 (41 mins ago)31. 72. 202HTTPSHIAAzerbaijan Baku (Baku City)31. 202 (Delta Telecom Ltd)4. 90443% (3) -09-oct-2021 08:26 (42 mins ago)*NOA – non anonymous proxy, ANM – anonymous proxy server, HIA – high anonymous proxy. **Latency – lower = better. ***Relative to another servers. HTTPS – HTTP proxy with SSL support.
Asia proxy list - Fineproxy

Asia proxy list – Fineproxy

How to test a proxy?
Proxy testing is an important process by which you can check if your proxies really work or even save yourself from unnecessary waste. Some proxy sellers give you money back if your proxies don’t work as expected, but there is a limited period of time for verification.
There are three basic methods of how you can do it. You can use the online IP Checker and check if a server changes your location and IP address. You can use a free tool like FOGLDN Proxy Tester that allows you to test not only performance but also speed. Finally, you can try the IP database, which will show you the type and anonymity of your proxies.
What are rotating proxies?
During web scraping or collection of data from several websites, you can face a problem because security systems can block your IP address. You can apply rotating proxies to prevent the blockage of your home IP address. Rotating proxies are the systems that create new IP addresses for you as often as you want. You can set a period or a number of requests after which you want the service to generate a new proxy for you. Moreover, these proxies are residential, so only you will have access to their activity.
What is web proxy authentication?
Web proxy authentification is used for the creation of a gateway for an internet page or a service. This proxy collects data of clients and requires them to enter a password and other information (for example, login) each time when a client tries to enter the site. Normally this option is disabled. However, when web proxy is enabled, it becomes possible to control the web environment and therefore investigate the actions of every user.
How to change proxy settings?
There exist multiple ways of modifying your proxy default settings, each depending on the browser you’re using. Most likely, you’ll need to open up the Settings in your browser, get into the Advanced Settings menu, click Network afterward, and choose to Change proxy settings there. Apply the modifications you consider appropriate and press OK to save.
What are proxy settings?
If you are concerned about the security of the Internet connection or want to increase its speed, we will highly recommend you use proxy services. But first, to access them, you have to change some settings of your browser. The simplest way to do that is to go to the advanced options of the Internet connection and fill in the address and port number of the chosen proxy provider manually. However, you might also want to use different Proxies for websites. In this case, you will also have to set a proxy script.
What is proxy tunnelling?
Proxy servers, tunneling, and other elements help to access any information on the Internet. Another function of such components is to protect your info, the network, and your computer from viruses, hacking, and unauthorized entry. As for proxy tunneling, this component transmits data from a private network and protocol over a public connection. The formula for such a system is simple: HTTP tunneling transmits a low-level protocol using a high-level one. Proxy tunneling provides a connection with a specific website, and that’s why the user gets access.
How to check proxy settings?
If you want to know more about your current proxy settings, follow this simple set of instructions. Find the Settings or a Control Panel and proceed to get to the Internet Options menu. Choose the Connections therein, which will lead you to LAN settings. Look at the info presented and apply any modifications you believe are necessary.
How to use a proxy to access blocked sites?
One of the great benefits of using a proxy is that it allows you to access blocked content. For instance, you can’t watch a cool YouTube video or visit a foreign news site. There is no need to collect your belongings and move. Just install a proxy on your gadget.
The specific guidelines depending on which system your gadget is using to operate. Although in general, the steps are always the same:
You find proxies using free sites or sellers
Check them on special services
Go to the network settings of your browser or gadget
Look for additional or advanced network settings
Switch to manual mode
Enter the required information
Save the result
What is a DNS proxy?
A DNS proxy is a system that allows the forwarding of DNS replies and requests. Between DNS users and DNS server. This system facilitates the management of a network. Because in case if the address of a DNS server is changed user can alter just the configuration of a proxy and not the configuration of each DNS client.
What is a Web proxy?
A web proxy is a technology that acts as a mediator between you and a server you want to access. For example, it receives your request to enter a site, searches it through a search engine, and afterward sends you results allowing you to enter this page through the IP address of a proxy. As a result, scrolling a web page while using a proxy allows you to remain anonymous because the host can not see your IP address but only the IP address of a proxy server that could be on the other side of the world.
What are proxies?
Proxies are services that are primarily used for providing security and anonymity to their users. When using proxies, a person’s request does not go straight to the Internet. On the contrary, it goes to a proxy server that hides an original IP address and generates a new one. Therefore, when a request finally goes to the Internet, it is impossible to know from which computer it has originally come. The opposite route of the request is the same: it first goes to a proxy server from the Internet, and only after that, it goes back to the user’s computer. Proxies guarantee your security and the safety of your private data.
What is the purpose of a proxy server?
A proxy server can execute several functions. The most famous of them is obviously anonymity. To execute this function proxy server hides the IP address of a computer and makes it look like an internet page was accessed from the IP address of a proxy server.
The second function of a proxy server is to filter internet traffic. For example, a proxy can check all emails entering an address for viruses, spam, or size limitations, facilitating the work of a company.
The third function is networking. As an example, your wifi router at home is also a proxy because every computer connected to it will enter the internet under the same IP address.
What is an proxy?
HTTP proxy is a filtering server. Its function is to filter unwanted or hazardous data traffic for a safer internet connection. HTTP proxies block any suspicious data that may do damage to the client’s operating system. Users choose HTTP proxies for several reasons, including certain content restrictions based on specified conditions, filtering incoming content, suspicious download blocking (a proxy will not let you download files of unique types), etc. As a filtering buffer zone between a client’s computer and external servers, an HTTP proxy processes the incoming data, searching for any potentially hazardous content before sending traffic to the receiving computer.
How to set up a home proxy server?
Most people think that setting up a proxy at home is an impossible task. However, with clear instructions and knowledge of some basic technical terms, it doesn’t seem so difficult. It is well worth the effort since proxies can help you hide your location, thus, assess content blocked in your country and simply make the web browsing process faster and more secure.
The most common OS is Windows 10, so we’ll leave a few instructions on how to configure a proxy on this operating system (if you are not a Windows 10 user, don’t worry — the setup information for other systems is available on the Internet). First, press Windows + I, and you will get to the Settings menu. Then, choose the Network and Internet section and find the Proxy button. You have two options: either use the script address for automatic configuration or input the proxy server details manually.
What is a Microsoft Streaming Service proxy?
Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy is a proxy service or kernel-mode driver built on top of Azure Media Services, like Microsoft Stream video service, which is the replacement of Office 365 Video. Both of these services have a video streaming function, thus allowing users to watch video content on any device. Usually, the trouble occurs when the Microsoft Streaming Service proxy can’t be launched. This way, you need to check the relevant driver status.

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