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The 19 Worst Craigslist Ads Possible |

Craigslist is a pretty questionable hovel on the Internet, and for good reason. That’s why we asked our readers to put together some ads that should immediately set of red flags upon reading them.
The winner is below, but first the runners-up…
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1 Entry by MrPuggles
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30 Of The Funniest And Strangest Ads Ever Seen On Craigslist

30 Of The Funniest And Strangest Ads Ever Seen On Craigslist

Rumors abound that you can buy absolutely anything that your mind can think of on Craigslist. Anything. Well, plenty of us has officially admitted that our imaginations need some fine-tuning and updating after taking a closer look at the bizarre and hilarious advertisements you can find while scrolling through the Panda brings you this list of the funniest, weirdest, and craziest Craigslist ads that you’ve ever seen. From a guy’s ad about him giving away his girlfriend to a purse-snatcher’s dating ad, these will give you a hearty chuckle and will make you reevaluate your life when you realize some of these aren’t jokes at all. So put on your giggling goggles, buckle in and start scrolling. Upvote your faves, drop us a comment about which ads you liked and why, and share with your friends. And in case you need some more awesome viewing material, take a look at our other posts about a guy’s hilarious attempts to sell off his 1999 Corolla on Craigslist, as well as a compilation of the most delusional and funny people to be found on various internet marketplaces. They’re fun, so check them out after you’re finished with this info: The US ad website Craigslist has its roots in 1995 when Craig Newmark created an email distribution list for his friends that featured local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. One year later, it became a web-based service, expanding into other classified categories. By the dawn of the new millennium, Craigslist expanded into other US cities. As of now, Craigslist operates in 70 countries and more than 700 cities. Wow. The first non-English languages that Craigslist supported were Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese — this happened in 2008. Now, let’s talk numbers because they’re jaw-droppingly huge. Craigslist has over 20 billion (that’s right, that’s a ‘b’, not an ‘m’) page views each month (this one’s an ‘m’, though), and it had more than 49. 4 million unique monthly visitors in the US alone. Craigslist also has 80 million new classified ads each month. The numbers are so stunningly big that it makes perfect sense why there are so many ads that have us laughing out loud.
30 Craigslist Ads That Are So Terrible, They're Hilarious

30 Craigslist Ads That Are So Terrible, They’re Hilarious

If you ever tried selling something on the internet, you probably know how infuriating some buyers can be. Well, turns out that the sellers can be pretty delusional too – and someone even dedicated a whole subreddit to posting the craziest Craigslist ads people happen to stumble subreddit in question is called r/CrackheadCraigslist and oh boy, you’re in for a wild ride. From fake wasp nests and single person couches to pet lobsters and motorized picnic tables – check out all the crazy and hilarious Craigslist ads people found in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous post more
#1 The Best One Liner.
Image source: matthdude
#2 Some Assembly Required
Image source: HeathenMama541
#3 Saw This On Ebay, Thought It Belonged Here.
Image source: Tmiester22
#4 A Bargain If You Ask Me
Image source: thebombchu
#5 Damn You, Coronavirus.
Image source: KyserSoze94
#6 Fake Wasp Nest
Image source: Subscrib-2-PewDiePie
#7 Selling My Pet Lobster. Do Not Under Any Circumstances Play Him Johnny Cash
Image source: Galantis31
#8 Who Wants Some Good Ol Sweater Traction
Image source: lil_nosebleed
#9 This Beautiful Thing
Image source: molestedbyapareot
#10 No Words Necessary
Image source: Coltron_baeritto
#11 It’s A Me?
Image source: damionrux
#12 MacBook Pro Minor Blemishes
Image source: jwage
#13 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
Image source: insufficientcreddit
#14 It’s A Short Range Fighter, So It Won’t Get You Out Of The Milky Way, But…
Image source: Gniphe
#15 In Iowa
Image source: aldandnoa
#16 Found On Fb Marketplace Does This Count?
Image source: lurker1159
#17 I’d Get Punched In The Face For $250 Ngl
Image source: cdauby0
#18 The Item Is Perfectly Nice, But The Title Is An Interesting Way To Describe This Item
Image source: MythicalWhistle
#19 Not Having This Thing In My House.
Image source: elizabubblehead
#20 Perfectly Balanced…
Image source: AChikenSamich
#21 A Good Deal
Image source: obsessivetuna
#22 For Someone Who Already Has Everything.
Image source: yellowfang_the-cat
#23 Nice Ponch
Image source: 6ix9ineWithAnAK
#24 Giant Airpod
Image source: kpeter1993
#25 A Smart Investment, If You Ask Me
Image source: alexsava24
#26 Keep Louisville Weird
Image source: Phoenix_Rising2020
#27 The Content Of The Post More Than The Actual Listed Item…
Image source: Sir_Q_L8
#28 Found This On My Local Classifieds
Image source: Strafe_Stopper
#29 Nice Ass Lamp
Image source: goldenrobotdick
#30 Found This Gem On Facebook Marketplace
Image source:

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