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[Update] The 9 Best Sneaker Bots to Get Your Game Going

OK, so! since you’re here it’s 1 of 2 things. Perhaps you’re just joining the sneaker industry and are looking to start off on the right foot with one of the best sneaker bots. Or you’re already a full-on sneakerhead with some good experience, but a failing sneaker bot. Either way, you’re right where you need to be to take your sneaker business to the next level. Using the right bots!
Reselling sneakers is not a new concept. Ever since the first highly-coveted Jordan 1 launched, this industry came to life, and flipping sneakers for cash became a normal thing to do. But it’s when sneaker bots joined that sneakerheads got to make a living out of this side hustle. Now, in theory, buying a pair of sneakers, then posting them somewhere online to flip them sounds pretty easy. Very straightforward. But the truth is, you can only really nail this using the right tools.
What Will You Need?
Start taking notes. You’ll need proxies. The right type for every site you’re buying sneakers from. A cook group membership to keep you in all the upcoming drops and copping guides. Cook groups can also get you access to exclusive deals on all tools you could possibly need. A remote server is an optional ingredient in this recipe for success. However, if you’re dealing with a laggy internet connection or a piece of junk kind of PC or Mac, you’ll need a server.
But before you buy anything, you must own one of the best sneaker bots in the industry. Yes, you can always go for a bot that costs less and has a mediocre performance, but that won’t get you near the success you’re hoping for. So, if you’re dead-serious about this and willing to give it all you got to cop and resell sneakers, go ahead and check this list of the best sneaker bots currently ruling the game.
Best Sneaker Bots for 2021
New bots join the game every year. Heck, we’re introduced to a couple of new bots every season. But there’s no telling how they’ll perform. And rather than making a risky investment in some new unknown bot, you surely want one of the best sneaker bots. That’s because, normally, a bot that’s been performing so well last year or season is highly likely to do well the following. So what were the top best sneaker bots in 2020? And the most likely to succeed in 2021
PS: There’s no order in which we ranked the bots. We picked the bots based on performance, features, and price.
Wrath Bot
Launching back in February 2018, Wrath bot is not new to the sneaker battles and wars. However, starting 2020 this bot seems to have picked up a lot of hype. Thanks to its consistent performance and success on multiple highly-coveted sneakers. This trend of success stuck with Wrath bot all the way into 2021. But recently, it looks like Wrath’s performance on Footsites tops it on other sites, copping thousands of pairs every week.
The retail price of Wrath is set at $350 USD per 3 months. A SOMEWHAT reasonable price with such abilities. But as Wrath bot is an OUT OF STOCK bot, it is almost impossible to get for that price. Now, you can always wait for a restock, or cross your fingers to win a key through Twitter Giveaways. But the sad reality is, sneakerheads willing to invest in Wrath Bot gotta pay over $6500 USD on the bot aftermarket for a key. Is that too much? Yes, it is! but considering the potential profit that is in sneaker copping and reselling, every penny you spend RIGHT, could double in no time.
For quite some time, Cybersole was one of the most in-demand bots in the game. Part of this goes to the success rate it has and how much it can help sneakerheads cop. But since performance and success aren’t constant in this industry, another major reason for this demand could be the profit you can make out of a CYBER KEY!
Similar to any limited-edition item, a Cybersole key could flip for a markup WAY above its retail price. To be specific, reselling a cybersole license could cash you an easy $5600+. easier said than done, though since you first gotta get a key of this PRICEY OOS bot! Expert tip: you can always opt for the rental solution. The same way sneaker bots are FLIPPED, they’re RENTED off certain platforms and sites. So if you’re in it to win, but also short on cash, you can rent Cyber and other bots off a Discord cookgroup or even here.
Moving on to about strengths now. Objectively speaking, Cyber’s performance over the years has been plausible with success on almost all sneaker sites from Demandware to Shopify, Footsites, and even Supreme. So
The OG Sneaker bot. The first name that comes to mind when you think about copping, collecting, and reselling sneakers. AIO Bot is easily one of the best sneaker bots in the game and has been since 2014. Supporting Shopify, Adidas, Yeezysupply, and killing it on Footsites. AIO Bot is also one of the easiest bots to run if you’re just getting started. And the price of $325 is one of the most affordable bots for sale on the market now. Add to that the availability factor, and you got yourself one of the best copping machines ever. Moreover, AIO Bot is well-known to be a very easy-to-use bot, making it perfect for first-time coppers and veterans equally!
However, that success and long history don’t come without trouble and some fluctuations. So, the same way 2020 was a difficult year for most, it wasn’t easy for AIO Bot. But thanks to our amazing team of developers, our bot is one of the most updated and fastest to keep up with any site changes. In terms of numbers, AIO Bot users cooked on every single Air Jordan Release. Including the AJ1 Royal Toe, Satin Snakeskin, Jordan 1 Smoke Grey, and a lot more. And Yeezy-wise, The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Carbon, and Zyon were 2 of the best releases of 2020 and some of the best cops for us. And we’re still up and copping on every drop in 2021!
*PS: In light of the outbreak of COVID-19 all AIO Bot keys, both valid and expired, have been renewed, for FREE! So, if you’re an OG AIO user and fell short on some updates, run your bot, update it, and you’re good to cop AGAIN!
Dragon AIO Bot
As its Twitter account indicates, Dragon AIO has been in the game since June 2020. And for a relatively new bot, the performance and success are impressive. Dragon AIO is an all-in-one bot supporting Footsites, Yeezysupply, Adidas, Mesh sites, and most importantly Nike. In less than a year, Dragon AIO Bot users copped hundreds of thousands of sneakers including some of the most sought-after Nike and Jordan sneakers. Now, this much success comes with a big price tag. We’re talking about a retail price of $1000. But then again, the “Out-of-stock” label comes with an even higher price, reaching $18, 000 on the sneaker bot aftermarket!
Whether or not Dragon AIO Bot is worth that much has to do with how much you can make out of it. But the last year has shown that Nike Dunks and Jordans are real money-makers on the secondary market. And if you manage to cop in bulk with such a powerful sneaker bot, you’ll get your money back shortly.
NSB (Nikeshoebot) is another highly-performing All-in-one Bot in the sneaker industry. And just like AIO bot, it supports Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and more. In 2020, NSB was mentioned alongside the top-scoring bots on most releases. Among NSB’s best cops this year we can mention the Jordan 1 Satin Snakeskin, Yeezy Carbon & Zyon, Travis Scott’s Cactus Trails, and thousands of Supreme items. And as usual, you should always check a sneaker bot’s Twitter for legit performance proof before you buy it.
So NSB maintaining a very consistent success, plus the fact that it’s always in stock made NSB one of the most sought-after bots. And if you were to compare its retail price of $499/year with the resale value of OOS bots, NSB might actually win.
Also one of the top bots in the game. Balko Bot supports Shopify, Adidas, and Supreme. With a decent success rate, and another OOS bot. So you can forget about kicking off the game whenever you feel like it. You gotta wait for a restock or buy it for the resale price of $1500 to $2000. However, there is a cheaper and less time-consuming option which is renting. Renting Balko bot isn’t that hard. You just gotta check Twitter and Discord and you’ll find plenty of keys to any major sneaker bot that you can rent for a short period of time.
However, one point that’s getting to the copping chances of sneakerheads would be not supporting footsites. As you may know, most air Jordan sneakers drop on Footsites. And having a bot that doesn’t cop off these sites means a major decrease in your ability to get some of the most coveted pairs of sneakers in this game. Along with all the cash you could’ve made flipping them.
Kodai might not have always been under your radar, but it’s been one of the best sneaker bots in the industry now. As an all-in-one bot, Kodai supports Adidas, Yeezysupply, Supreme, and Footlocker EU, and Shopify. However, Kodai’s biggest strength could be Footsites US. And since a big bulk of the stock drops there, running Kodai can increase your chances at copping, flipping, and cashing in. BIG TIME! Unless you buy it for the resale price, which falls between $6000 and $7000, then you’ll go short on money for a long time. And Kodai it’ll be a while for Kodai to start paying you back.
Some of Kodai’s recent big moments in 2020 were The Jordan 1 Mochas, Yeezy Carbon, AJ1 Satin, and Jordan 12 Gold. Check out their Twitter feed, for success proof.
As for the usage, Kodai’s interface is smooth and relatively easy to use. So if you’re still new to the game, and can actually afford it, you shouldn’t have a hard time running Kodai.
More of The Best Sneaker Bots
The more time passes the more sneaker releases we get. And the more changes we see in sneaker bots rankings and performance. One bot that dominated every release last month could go completely MIA this month, and the other way around.
So, at the time of writing this section, so much had happened with the sneaker bots scene that we needed to add some new entries to our list of top bots. We also had to change up the order a little bit to better reflect the latest sneaker copping results.
Ganesh Bot
Ganesh Bot is probably one of the best sneaker bots to perform on EU-based sites. Catering for a part of the community that’s long been overlooked.
In terms of sites, Ganesh supports Footlocker EU, Footsites, Finishline, Solebox, and many more. With an applaudable performance on Footlocker EU and Footsites US.
Of course, that’s all great news for EU fam, but if you’re located in the US and want to run Ganesh. Well, you can always resort to reshipping services. Even if they’re gonna add to your running costs. Generally speaking, 2020 was a successful year for Ganesh users who copped the Mochas, Jordan 5 Oregon, AJ5 “What The”, Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle, AJ1 Lucky Green, and a lot more.
Addressing the elephant in the room now, the price! The retail price of Ganesh falls more into the higher range of prices at £550. In addition to the renewal fees of $80/ 6 months. But that’s really nothing compared to its aftermarket price. If you’re looking to buy Ganesh and can’t waste time waiting for a restock, it’ll cost you anywhere between $4500 and $5000. Pretty pricey, but as with all great sneaker bots, copping the right pairs will pay you back very soon.
Easycop Bot
One of the promising sneaker bots that joined the industry recently is Easycop Bot. Known to be a Footsites only bot, Easycop is slowly getting the attention of sneakerheads on big releases.
In terms of performance, this bot has been getting an increased number of checkouts regularly. With their recent success scored on the Yeezy Asriel release where they claim to have copped thousands of pairs. And we can’t help but notice the big hype over this new bot. The number of shoutouts and rate of engagement on Twitter is remarkable for a bot just out of Beta testing.
As for the sites, Easycop supports Footsites only. And it’s still not clear whether or not it will add more sites anytime soon. However, for a relatively new bot, Easycop’s performance on Footsites is quite remarkable. Among its recent wins, we can mention the Black NMD HUs, the Yeezy 380 Natural and Carbon, and the Kobe “Bruce Lee” on which ECB scored a success rate of 95%.
At the price point of $600 Easycop is not so easy on the pocket. But again compared to the crazy resell prices of OOS bots, it’s not a lot to pay for such performance. However, if you’re into all-in-one bots and streetwear, ECB is not your bot.
The Shit Bot
We’ve focused more before on AIO bots and those specialized in wiping shelves of Footsites and Shopify. But unless we talk about Nike bots, we’d be overlooking one major subsection of the sneaker industry. Nike bots have always been a major part of the industry. In fact, the whole sneaker botting scene kicked off with Nike bots back when Kanye was part of Nike and Nike Yeezys were the real deal. 5 or 6 years later, Nike bots are back in the spotlight, with Nike dropping most of the stock on hyped Dunk and Jordan releases. And although BetterNikeBot is one of the oldest Nike bots around, it seems like The Shit Bot is taking the limelight lately.
With a unique character, one-of-a-kind UI, and lately great performance on SNKRS, The Shit Bot (No really, that’s its name! ) is considered one of the best Nike bots out there. Scrolling through TSB Twitter, you can tell it performs very well and cops sneakers that aren’t accessible by other bots. And well, when you add up the number of the Jordan 1 Mochas, AJ5 Off white sail and Nike Dunks copped, TSB’s users seem to be making some good cash!
According to their website, using TSB you can cop from SNKRS from more than 45 different regions. As for the retail price, it’s a BIG 10 Grand as seen on the website. But the actual retail/ restock price of this Nike bot is $299. So it’s on the lower side of the price range.
The Kick Station
After a very successful year in 2019, TKS has had a rough time getting that same level of success in 2020. So, if you’re looking to invest in a top-notch sneaker copping tool, TKS might not be the bot for you.
TheKickStation, aka TKS, was one of the best sneaker bots in 2019. With its power points being Footsites and Shopify-based websites. TKS UI is considered a bit tricky to work with so it might not be the best bot for beginners. However, at the price of $360, it is a fair investment if you consider the potential ROI if you cop. The biggest downfall would be that it’s out of stock. So you can’t just buy it when you’ve saved up enough. In fact, you’re probably doomed to pay the resale price which can go up to over $800.
But just in case you really need this bot, in particular, you can always rent it or buy it second-hand off Discord servers. And that’s where most sneaker bot trading happens. You just need to find a sneakerhead that’s not interested in whatever drop you’re copping.
Phantom By Ghost
$300 for a decent all-in-one bot is not much to pay if we’re being honest here. And Phantom, the AIO Bot by Ghost is one that’s worth your cash. However, when such a sneaker bot opts for an OOS business model, things get pricey. So, if you’re aching to cop sneakers or Supreme using Phantom, brace yourself to shed anything from $1500 to $2000. But even that is not a lot considering how much you can make when you play your cards right and cop smart.
So, back to Phantom. Some of the latest successful drops for Phantom include the Yeezy Quantum Barium, Jordan 1 Royal Toes, Jordan 13 Flints, and Yeezy 700 MNVN Black. And though its performance on Supreme wasn’t a match to its competitors’, Phantom still counts as an AIO bot. One that’s actually compatible with Windows and Mac.
How to Rent a Bot
So, with most of the best sneaker bots being OOS, you’re probably wondering how to get a key. The fact that these bots hold high success rates, makes them subject to reselling. The more successful a bot is the more you’d have to pay to own it. And the more likely their owner would be tempted to flip it. And through Twitter, Discord, and some reselling websites it’s become easier to get a taste of success. Without paying full price. Visit sites like Botbroker and botmart to gain temporary access to any sneaker bot you wish to run.
And if you’re ever lucky enough to catch a restock of one of the top bots, consider flipping the key. As the markup on bots is usually way higher than that on kicks.
More Bots?
As you go through this list, you should keep in mind that the sneaker industry is ever-growing. And this growth calls for new bots to join every season. But while some might not look as fancy as the OG sneaker bots, they might be just as successful. And sometimes even more promising. You just gotta keep an open mind and heart!
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Top 10 Adidas Bots for Yeezy Releasing | Best Proxy Reviews

Top 10 Adidas Bots for Yeezy Releasing | Best Proxy Reviews

Sneaker bots have become the nightmare of sneaker sites. They quickly purchase high on-demand, limited-edition sneakers on the release date in bulk thereby preventing sneakerheads from buying and then sell to them at exorbitant need to stop and Adidas is one of those sites that’s championing the fight against sneaker bots. They introduced a virtual queue system which makes it difficult for bots to succeed. However, bot developers are not relenting; they are also introducing new tactics in their bots to beat Adidas checks and bots are known as Adidas bots and are the bots of choice you need if you want to succeed in copping sneakers from the Adidas site. Let take a look at the top 10 Adidas bots in the market. I will be discussing each together with its platform support, multithread support, cost, update support, compatibility with other sites, and proxy support. Updated: Nike Shoe Bot just released their latest NSB 2. 0, that’s working well for adidas US, CA, UK…You can get more details about Nike Shoe Bot (NSB 2. 0) from ObotAnothernikebot’s AIO bot is the acronym for All-in-One Bot, and this bot works in this regard. Aside from working with all the Adidas sites, it also works with over 70 more sites. It is one of the best Adidas sneaker bots out there. AIObot has the capability to do all the things humans can do on Adidas sites. Interestingly, it does it faster and can handle up to 100 accounts concurrently. This together with its free updates for 6 months, multi-captcha solver, and auto-checkout support and retry, makes it a popular atform support: Windows onlyMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: A one-time payment of $325AIO Bot V2 Pros & ConsBackdoor Adidas BotBackdoor is a cloud-based Adidas bot that helps you cop limited Edition sneakers from Adidas. Because it is cloud-based, you do not have to worry about setting up servers. However, they also have application for use on Windows, Mac, and as a Chrome extension. When it comes to speed. Backdoor is optimized for high speed, and if anything happens along the line, they have a team of professionals that will make sure they get the problem fixed. Interestingly, Backdoor Adidas bot is one of the cheapest – and one of the atform support: Web, Windows, Mac, and Chrome extensionMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: NoCost: Starts at $200 with a renewal feeYCoppOptimized for speed and reliability, YCopp is one of the best Adidas bots with its multithreaded support, companion app, captcha harvester, and auto-checkout feature. It supports about 30 Adidas sites, including the ones meant for sneakerheads in the America, EU region, Asia, and Australia. This bot is updated regularly. You can buy your proxies directly from them and even sell your copped sneakers – yes, they have an eCommerce system to help their customers sell the sneakers they purchased using their atform support: Windows onlyMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: NoCost: Starts at €369 yearlyCybersoleCybersole is an AIO bot meaning that it does not only work with Adidas but with other sites as well numbering up to 170 sites. Cybersole is packed with powerful features ranging from a mobile app that you will use to control your bot, a rugged multithread system to support concurrent tasks, restock waiting for support, and captchas solvers. It is one of the best Adidas bots out there and has a modern and clean user interface. Cybersole will make sure you don’t miss out on any release atform support: Windows only (has iOS and Android app for control purpose)Multithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at €300 for 6 monthsEasyCop BotOne of the best sneaker bots to use for Adidas sneaker copping is the EasyCop Bot. This bot is an add to cart Adidas bots. With this bot, you do not have to worry about updates as that is done for you since it is web-based. It monitors Adidas for any link change and effects those changes. This has made it enjoy a high success rate. It is also very fast, thereby increasing your chances of copping more limited editions for selling at higher prices. It is quite atform support: Web-onlyMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at $199 for 6 monthsIs EasyCop Bot still working? Ghost AIOIn their own words, they promise to help you secure limited-edition sneakers hassle-free. It isn’t made for use only on Adidas sites but serves as a bot for copping sneakers from many sneaker sites. However, when it comes to Adidas sneaker copping, Ghost AIO is one of the best in the market. It is reliable, scalable, and has a friendly user interface. One of the selling points of Ghost AIO is that it provides support for up to a thousand of the concurrent tasks. They provide real-time notification and atform support: Windows and MacMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at $300 for a 6-month licenseRelated: Nike Bots – The Best Sneaker Bot for Nike SNKRSBNB AIORegister unlimited accounts to use for buying sneakers from Adidas on BNB AIO. They offer you one PC access and bulk edit task features among other important features. They also provide manual and automatic captchas solver. This bot wasn’t made for only Adidas. It was developed as an AIO bot that provides support for most major sneaker atform support: Windows onlyMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at $200 for a 6-month licenseHeated Sneaks AIOHeated Sneaks AIO is one of the bots that does not only provide support for sneaker coping but also apparels that are in high demand, and their supply is limited. They are one of the bots out there used for copping sneakers on Adidas sites. They have an automated system that monitors their target sites and notifies them if there is any change so they can adjust by effecting those changes to make sure their customers do not lose out of any new release. They are swift and quite easy to atform support: Windows, Mac, and Chrome extensionMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at $74 with a renewal feeSole AIOSole AIO provides support for copping sneakers from Adidas, Supreme, and other sneaker sites. They are blazingly fast and support concurrency, making your probability of succeeding quite AIO has a long history of doing quite good as far as gaming Adidas to purchase more than the allowed number of sneakers is concerned. They have a good monitoring and updating system in place, so you do not have to care about these when it comes to Sole AIOPlatform support: Windows onlyMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: Starts at £240 for 6 monthsMost Advanced Bot Adidas BotMost Advanced Bot’s Adidas AIO Bot is one of the top 10 sneaker bots for use on all Adidas sites. They are one of the fastest when it comes to auto add to cart and auto checkout. One thing I like about this their bot is that it is one of the cheapest option – and the cheapest on the list. This bot has a monitoring system that can detect when a particular product is up for sale and then carry out its tasks in a concurrent manner if there is a need atform support: Chrome extensionMultithread support: YesUpdate: RegularlyProxy support: YesCompatible with other sites: YesCost: $49. 99 with a renewal feeTips to cop Yeezy when using Adidas botsProxiesAdidas is very strict with proxies and banning, So residential proxies for Adidas Bots are much recommended. If you using private proxies for Adidas bots, Get dedicated proxies from a few different companies to diversify your doesn’t really matter on Adidas! So ignore it, proxies are working will be ptchaYou can manually solve while captcha is being sure to only run 10 or more tasks. Captcha will be sent to one of the tasks that haven’t checked out. If you hit 10, feel free to create more tasks from there. The bot is more efficient with a lower amount of ymentsPrivacy works on Adidas, so try to get more Virtual cards for as many forms of payment methods as possible and diversify them. Some may go through and some may loop. They may go through eventually, but you are going to have a lot of pending the address ‘jigging’ to vary your shipping, Keep track of Twitter and take note of what people are tweeting out. This includes stock numbers and what sizes you should be attempting to go nclusionIt is important to state that buying a sneaker bot is not a guarantee to copping sneakers in the number you want. Remember, your bot is competing against other bots. The virtual queue introduced by Adidas makes it rather difficult for Adidas bot developers to promise you a 100 percent success of them will only get you to the queue – interestingly, that’s all you need to be qualified and hopefully, your accounts get selected to buy those sneakers you have interest on.
Best Yeezy Bots 2021. Here are our top 5

Best Yeezy Bots 2021. Here are our top 5

Due to the extremely limited nature of most Yeezy’s, using a bot is sometimes the only way you can get your hands on a pair for retail along with some good quality proxies. There are a bunch of bots that claim to be the best Yeezy bots, but what ones actually work?
1ContentsWHAT ARE THE BEST YEEZY BOTS IN 2021? HERE ARE OUR TOP 5Kodai: The best Yeezy bot in 2021Hawk Mesh, a great Yeezy bot in EuropeCyber, is it worth paying $5, 000 for this bot for Yeezy? Ganesh, the best bot for a UK user? TheKickStation, a great bot in all categoriesSTAY UP TO DATE ON THE BOTS THAT WORK TODAY
All of these bots are the ones that are performing best right now, this list is likely to change in time so it will be updated as necessary. So here are our 5 best yeezy bots.
Kodai: The best Yeezy bot in 2021 Kodai is arguably the best Yeezy bot right now, Kodai’s very high success rates on Shopify sites and Footsites is why it’s in first place. Kodai is very consistent and it’s users cook tons of Yeezy’s. Kodai is very expensive and will cost you about $5, 000 to buy, you then have to pay $34. 99 a month.
If you have a high budget for buying a Yeezy bot, then Kodai is definitely a wise choice. Kodai is fairly easy to use and even a complete beginner should be able to navigate their way around the bot after an hour of practise.
Kodai is a good choice for both American and UK botters as it supports and cooks sites from both regions. Apart from it’s high resale cost and occasional flop, there isn’t much else you can fault Kodai for.
What you must know
– Keys can be sold
– Costs a monthly fee of $34. 99
– Suitable for UK and US users
Hawk Mesh, a great Yeezy bot in Europe
Hawk Mesh is the best Mesh bot on the market right now. Hawk only has around 150 users, it is extremely limited and almost a private bot. Hawk supports Footpatrol, Size, JDSports as well as the Hipstore, these sites regularly drop Yeezys.
It also supports all the European versions of these stores, making it perfect for anyone in the EU looking to cop Yeezys. Hawk also allows you to run the bot on the backend of these stores, this gives you a major advantage over your competition. If you are from the EU, I’m sure you are falling in love with the sound of Hawk, unfortunately there is a catch.
Hawk Mesh costs a jaw dropping $6, 000. This price is enough to put most people off, but if you learn to use the bot properly, it isn’t impossible to break even and start making a profit. Click here for a full review on Hawk Mesh.
– Extremely limited
– Allows you to bot the back end of stores
– Small site list, but is very successful on them
– Very small user base
Success Rate
Regular Updates
Number of shops
Cyber, is it worth paying $5, 000 for this bot for Yeezy?
Cybersole, aka Cyber, is probably the most popular and sought after bot there is; this is due to its very high success rates on shopify and footsites.
Cyber does particularly well on YeezySupply, Kith, Footlocker and Size?. All of these sites regularly drop Yeezy’s and Cyber usually cooks. If you run Cyber properly, then getting multiple pairs of Yeezys on drop day will be no problem.
One downside to Cyber is it’s very expensive price tag, a renewal copy of Cyber is currently about $5, 000.
Want to rent Cyber? You can rent Cyber on our trusted marketplace.
This price has been steadily rising for a while now, buying Cyber could be a massive risk as the price could plummet at any moment. Compared to other bots, Cyber is fairly straightforward to use, meaning it’s a good bot for a beginner. For more info read our full in depth review on Cybersole.
– Discord is bindable
– Retail is £300, renewal is £100 every 6 months
– Renewal and lifetime copies available
Succes Rate
Ganesh, the best bot for a UK user?
Ganesh is a bot which has no user interface, this can make it challenging for beginners.
The bot is run purely on a script. Despite this, Ganesh is an extremely successful bot. Ganesh absolutely destroys releases, however it’s site list is very limited. Ganesh only supports Offspring, Size? Previews and Footlocker EU.
In my opinion more bots should do this, it means the devs can focus purely on cooking these sites. Ganesh’s supported site list stock pretty much every Yeezy that is released, this combined with it’s high success rates makes it a very good Yeezy bot. Unfortunately there are some downsides to Ganesh.
First off all Ganesh is extremely limited meaning you’ll have to pay resale price for it. This ranges anywhere between £2, 000 to £2, 800. As mentioned before, it’s site list is limited and they are also all UK sites.
This means that Ganesh cannot cop any USA exclusive Yeezys. To see a full review on Ganesh then visit our Ganesh review.
– Has no user interface, is ran purely on a script
– Has a small site list
– Has lifetime and renewal copies
TheKickStation, a great bot in all categories
TheKickStation, commonly known as TKS, is definitely the most affordable bot on this list. TKS has extremely good success on shopify sites and in particular YeezySupply.
TKS has a range of modes for botting YeezySupply, which is why it is so successful. YeezySupply is one retailer that likes to switch things up to try and stop bots. They like to turn bot protection on and off during releases, making it very hard to predict what they are going to do.
TKS has different modes that you can use when botting, so you can be prepared for whatever they throw at you. For example they have a “power” mode which is very successful when YeezySupply have bot protection on.
Want to rent TKS? You can rent it from us here or from our marketplace
They also have a “human” mode as well as “user checkout” mode which are successful when bot protection is on. As TKS is so successful on YeezySupply, it makes it a very good Yeezy bot. YeezySupply usually get a very high amount of stock compared to other retailers, making it the best place to cop from. Unfortunately, when YeezySupply release Yeezys it’s usually US only, which means someone from outside of the US will have to use a reshipper.
Using a reshipper can be quite expensive, especially with custom fees. Another advantage of TKS is that is also has decent success on footsites, I have personally had some good success on Footlocker EU. Get more info by reading our full review on TKS,
– Very complicated user interface
– Recommend buying the bot with their discord
– License can be taken of you with just purchase email and key, makes it very easy to get scammed. Buy from a trusted person!
– Cheapest bot on this list
These are the 5 best Yeezy bots in my opinion, bear in mind that on every Yeezy drop the bot that cooks the most can change.
AuthorToby has been botting since Chrome extensions were the way to go. This American sneakerhead knows botting like the back of his hand. You’ll see him all over our Discord server.

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