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How to watch NFL on Kodi: Best NFL Kodi addons 2021

The 2021-2022 NFL season is upon us! Whether you prefer college ball or NFL pros, you can catch every game live without a cable subscription using Kodi.
@pabischoff UPDATED: September 8, 2021
A number of Kodi addons can be used to watch live NFL streams. However, with so many addons available, you might not be sure which to use. With the regular season starting on September 9, 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the best Kodi addons for live streaming the NFL.
But before you start, know that Kodi add-ons can pose a risk to your cybersecurity. Most Kodi add-ons are developed and maintained by volunteers who are not affiliated with the streaming service providing the video. In some cases, malicious add-ons pretend to be legitimate, and updates to once-safe add-ons can contain malware. For that reason, we always recommend using a VPN with Kodi.
Best VPN for Kodi users: IPVanish
Apps Available:
We recommend IPVanish: it offers a balance between speed, security, and unblocking ability, at a very reasonable price.
IPVanish can protect you from many threats posed by Kodi addons. Kodi addons can be hijacked and updated with malicious code used to distribute malware, steal private information, or mine cryptocurrency. A VPN can head off the most dangerous of these threats, including man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.
If you use Kodi without a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your internet provider can see exactly what you get up to online. However, by connecting to a VPN, you can encrypt your traffic, ensuring it stays anonymous at all times.
Fast speeds, strong security:IPVanish is a fast, reliable VPN with servers in 60 countries, powerful security and privacy protections, and a no-logs policy. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.
How to watch NFL on Kodi
To watch NFL on Kodi, do the following:
Load the latest version of Kodi that works with the add-on you want to use (we recommend version 18 Leia)
Open the Addons page on the left
Click on the Package symbol on the top left
Click on Install from repository
Locate and select the appropriate addon repository
Select Video addons
Find and install the addons listed below
Load the addons from the Addons menu on the home page
That’s all! You can also bypass geographic content restrictions imposed by some of these services using VPN. We’ll explain in more detail below.
How to stream NFL live on Kodi
Below, you’ll find our list of the best Kodi addons for watching the NFL 2021/22 season. These addons offer a mixture of free and paid content. Most are easily available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository, although given the fast-changing nature of Kodi’s addon development scene, you may need to look elsewhere for some of the most recently updated versions.
DAZN, or “Da Zone”, is a streaming service originally from the UK. It is now available in a number of different countries, including Germany, Japan, the US, and Canada.
DAZN Canada currently shows every NFL game and costs CA$20 per month. You can find the DAZN Kodi addon in the official Kodi addon repository. Note that you’ll have to create a DAZN account before using it, though, since you can’t watch anything without logging in.
Note: DAZN blocks IPVanish connections. To use DAZN to watch NFL games outside of the US, try using ExpressVPN and connecting to a Canadian server.
Sling TV is a streaming service with a $30 USD per month plan that lets you watch NBC, FOX, and ESPN. The corresponding Kodi addon is simple and easy to use: just install it from the Official Kodi Addon Repository, log in and start streaming.
This service is only available in the US, so you’ll need a VPN to use watch the NFL via Sling TV from outside of America.
NFL Game Pass
Update: Only NFL Game Pass Europe is currently working with Kodi. You can find the addon here. If you’re outside of Europe, you’ll need a VPN.
NFL Game Pass offers up almost every game available for the 2021-2022 season, although in the US, it only lets you watch preseason matches. Users in other countries, however, can watch most of the regular season live for around $99 USD.
This addon can be found in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. You just need to connect to your account using your login information, and you’ll be ready to live stream NFL games to your heart’s content.
As of 2019, NFL Game Pass is the primary NFL provider in a growing list of countries. Additionally, you can now use NFL Game Pass in more Asian countries, including:
Hong Kong
This also means that you have more options for locations to connect to via VPN if you’re traveling outside of these regions and want to watch NFL on Game Pass.
iPlayer WWW
The BBC iPlayer is likely not a service many sports fans consider when it comes to NFL content. However, there is a sizable American Football fanbase in the UK, and the BBC has a highlight show every Saturday at 3:55 PM BST.
Additionally, the Superbowl has been live cast on the BBC for a few years, making the iPlayer a great place to catch the biggest game of the 2022 NFL season.
The BBC iPlayer can be accessed by any UK resident with a valid TV License. Those traveling outside of the UK can also access the BBC iPlayer using a VPN to bypass geographic content blocking.
Where to watch NFL regular season 2021
The NFL has very expensive contracts in place with the following US-based networks:
This means any streaming service that gives you access to some or all of these will allow you to watch NFL games. Several great streaming options exist that provide adequate, legally-available coverage at a relatively low cost. Those include:
Sling TV
YouTube TV
Hulu with Live TV
DAZN (Canada only)
AT&T Now (formerly DirecTV Now)
NFL Game Pass (only shows regular-season games outside of the US)
CBS All Access (CBS only)
Over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna
Of these, you’ll find that and OTA digital TV antenna is the cheapest option, but you’ll only be able to watch local games.
Sling TV is probably the best, cheapest option if you want to see almost every game made available through cable TV. Through Sling TV, you can get access to NBC, Fox, NFL Network and ESPN for $40 per month. You’ll need to order Sling’s Orange+Blue package to get all four. The only channel you won’t get is CBS, as CBS restricts its live streaming to only over-the-air antennas and its CBS All Access streaming service.
That said, the other options on the list all come in under $65 per month and provide a mixture of ways to watch most NFL games, including regular season match-ups.
How to safely and privately use Kodi addons for NFL
If you’re looking into streaming NFL games on Kodi, there are a large number of addons that will get you there. However, there are notable privacy and security risks associated with both official and unofficial Kodi addons.
Perhaps the biggest risk to all Kodi users is addon hijacking. This is when someone releases malicious updates to a well-known addon and infects the user’s system or turns it into part of a botnet. Kodi addons can also be used to spy on user information, access hard drives, and collect personal information through man-in-the-middle attacks, so this is a serious issue.
Thankfully, you can protect yourself from addon hijacking by turning off Kodi’s automatic updates. To do this, click the gear icon on Kodi’s home screen, navigate to System > Addons > Updates and change the setting to Notify, but don’t install updates.
Unofficial live streaming NFL addons for Kodi
One of the primary reasons many users turn to Kodi is the prospect of “free” tv and movies. However, the vast majority of Kodi addons that promise this type of content do so through pirated streams. Although there are many legitimate third-party addon developers in the community creating perfectly legitimate options for Kodi users, a large number of third-party addons focus on pirated streaming.
The problem is that it’s often hard to tell which addons are official and which aren’t, especially when they come so highly recommended on various forums. To this end, we’ve listed some of the most popular unofficial addons below, not as a recommendation, but as a clarification:
cCloud TV
Disclaimer: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.
How to Watch NFL on Kodi in 2021 - 4 Best NFL Kodi Addons!

How to Watch NFL on Kodi in 2021 – 4 Best NFL Kodi Addons!

Luckily for us, watching NFL games online is no longer a problem. Aside from standalone OTT streaming services, you can also rely on Kodi addons. However, the question is – what are the best NFL Kodi addons? Well, let’s find out! Before we go any further, an important note is to keep in mind that we’ll talk only about legal Kodi addons in this article. This will not only help you avoid Kodi malware but also the serious legal consequences of copyright infringement. With that said, expect to see several premium OTT channels in this article. As it turns out, this is the best way to stream NFL games. However, we also made sure to recommend free-of-charge options, which bring plenty of value – especially when combined with a VPN service. How to Install & Watch NFL on Kodi The majority of the addons we’ll recommend in this article come from Kodi’s own repository. So, here’s how to install and watch NFL on Kodi. Open Kodi and select ‘Add-ons‘ using the main menu. Then, navigate to ‘Download‘ > ‘Video Add-ons. ’ Select the add-on you’d like to install (such as DAZN, ESPN 3, or iPlayer WWW). You should see the addon’s overview right now. Select ‘Install. ’ Upon the successful installation, return to the ‘Add-ons‘ section and open it. That’s it! If you need more detailed instructions, we already have a useful resource for you. Check our guide to installing addons from Kodi’s repository, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions along with screenshots. Of course, some add-ons come from other sources (such as the ‘Sling’ addon, for example). When it comes to those, you’ll want to know how to install Kodi addons from GitHub or any ZIP file. Make sure to take a look. In this article, we are talking about Kodi and this application’s official and unofficial addons – all of which are based on open-source code. Addons for Kodi can come from the official source (you can install them via Kodi itself), or they can be hosted by third-party sources (such as GitHub, for example). In addition, Kodi and its addons are publicly available and free of charge. TechNadu doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we don’t condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. TechNadu is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read everything said in this disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software. DisclaimerWarning: Why you should ALWAYS USE a VPN with Kodi? Here are the reasons that you should consider looking at it without SKIPPING. Using ILLEGAL Kodi Addons are Dangerous without a VPN: Most of the Kodi users are installing the ILLEGAL Kodi addons on their system to access all the latest movies, TV shows, sports, music, and much more for FREE, than a legal Kodi addon where it has the least content in it. But do you know what? The video content on illegal addons is scraped and copyrighted material. If you are accessing them on Kodi, then your activities will be monitored by your ISP by tracking your IP and gives all the information to the government or companies if they request for it. This will land you in trouble. To stay away from this, you will have to connect to a VPN where it hides your identity by rotating your IP address while streaming Kodi content. This is how you will be safe from the prying eyes. Bypass Geo-Restriction: As you probably know, some official addons like BBC iPlayer, NBC Sports, Hulu, IceFilms have geo-location restrictions. This also applies to other addons like Acestream which fetches the data from torrents. To unblock these restrictions, you will have to DEFINITELY use a VPN no matter what. The above are the 2 reasons that forcing us to recommend a VPN to the Kodi users for safer streaming. In fact, after testing several VPNs for Kodi, we finally came up with a one non-stop solution and that is ExpressVPN, the top-rated Kodi VPN so far. Limited Time Offer: For our TechNadu readers, there is a 49% OFF on ExpressVPN which includes 3 FREE Months in it. Best NFL Kodi Addons in 2021 After spending hours sifting through countless Kodi addons, we believe the following to be the 4 best NFL Kodi addons in 2021. Take a look. Sling DAZN ESPN 3 iPlayer WWW Important Unfortunately, none of the addons recommended in this article work on Kodi v19 ‘Matrix’ (which is the case with many other addons as well). Therefore, to use the following addons, make sure to have Kodi v18. 9 installed on your device. 1. Sling When it comes to watching the latest NFL season, you’ll need to rely on CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC. Well, the good news is that the majority of those TV networks are available on Sling TV (which comes as a premium-priced OTT service). Sling TV can meet the majority of your NFL-related needs. On top of that, it also comes with affordable subscriptions, allowing you to pick from extras and fine-tune your IPTV-watching experience. Here’s our Sling TV review for more information. With that said, if you decide to become a Sling TV subscriber – know that you use the ‘Sling’ addon for Kodi. It comes from GitHub, which means that it’s an unofficial addon. However, it works without any issues, letting you use your credentials and watch Sling TV on any device. 2. DAZN DAZN has recently expanded to a huge list of countries and markets, which means it’s available worldwide – which is its biggest strength right now. This OTT platform has come up with an incredibly compelling offer for watching NFL games, and it also has affordable subscription plans. During the 2021 NFL season, DAZN will bring every NFL game. That means you get regular-season games in addition to every single Playoff matchup. These games are available both on-demand and live. With that said, if you decide to subscribe to DAZN, you’ll get to watch every NFL game via Kodi as well. DAZN offers a highly polished Kodi addon from its official repository. It streams in HD, brings the latest content, and comes with frequent updates. 3. ESPN 3 In case you already have a cable or OTT subscription with ESPN channels included, why not take advantage of that? Yes, that’s true – there’s a very special ESPN addon for Kodi, allowing you to live stream certain NFL games in HD. Called ESPN 3, this addon lets you watch channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, SEC, Longhorn, SECPlus, and ACCExtra. Therefore, we’re talking about plenty of content here. The only trick here is that you need to authenticate your account. That means you need to have an existing cable or OTT subscription to activate this addon. Unless you do so, some free content is available as well – like ESPN3 and ACCExtra. 4. iPlayer WWW When it comes to those residing in the United Kingdom, BBC’s channels provide the best experience of watching the latest NFL games. Aside from broadcasting NFL games live, you can also watch the NFL Show, following ‘Match of The Day’ on Saturday nights. With that said, know that the iPlayer WWW provides access to numerous BBC channels. You’ll get to watch those live tv, as well as on-demand. In fact, iPlayer WWW has a huge library of content, with new titles being added daily. The addon is one of the most popular ones in the Kodi community. It works without a hitch, receives occasional updates, and streams up to HD. Tip To use iPlayer WWW, you need to be in the United Kingdom. However, a capable VPN can easily let you access the addon from any country. We highly recommend ExpressVPN. NFL Kodi Addons Not Working? Try These Fixes! We hope you won’t have any trouble installing the Kodi addons recommended in this article. However, if you encounter any errors while installing or using them, try the following. Before you try anything else, we recommend clearing Kodi’s cache files. These are temporary files designed to speed up Kodi’s performance but can also cause technical issues. Therefore, clearing the cache might help with error messages such as “Something went wrong. ” Then, we recommend updating Kodi. However, know that very few addons work with Kodi 19 right now, so you might want to update to Kodi 18. 9 if you use an older version. You’ll also often encounter error messages related to failed dependencies. In those cases, you need to install the required dependencies manually, so use the provided link to learn how that is done. And lastly, our readers have noted seeing the “This addon is not compatible with this version of Kodi” error message, which often happens with Kodi 19. The solution here is to downgrade to Kodi v18. 9 if possible since many add-ons are not yet updated for the latest version of Kodi. In case you need additional solutions to Kodi errors, the provided link will take you to our guide to troubleshooting the application. We’ve made sure to cover as many different issues as possible, providing helpful tips along the way. Which NFL Addons for Kodi No Longer Work – Or Have Shut Down Permanently? Sadly, we now have a limited selection of NFL-focused addons for Kodi, which wasn’t always the case. During the last year or so, many previously popular addons have stopped working, as listed just below. (not to be confused with Sling) NFL Team Videos Kodi Addon NFL Game Pass SportsDevil (often broken) Castaway cCloud TV (often broken) Tip We know how frustrating it can be to seek and try Kodi addons only to find them broken. That’s why we recommend checking our guide to the 60+ best Kodi addons in 2021, all of which are legal and safe to use. And while we have your attention, we’d like to recommend the best repositories for Kodi, as well as the best Kodi skins in 2021 – if you’d like to customize this home theater application. That would be all on how to watch NFL on Kodi in 2021. We hope that we’ve helped you find the best-working NFL addons that are aligned with all your needs. Lastly, make sure to check our latest Kodi-related articles – and thanks for reading!
7 Best apps to watch NFL games on Android & iOS - Freeappsforme

7 Best apps to watch NFL games on Android & iOS – Freeappsforme

NFL – National Football League, is a big deal in the sports world. The league currently consists of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). This is one of the most famous professional leagues in the USA.
The regular season usually consists of 17 weeks, starting in September and ending in December. The NFL was formed in 1920 and has gained even more popularity since then. During its history, it had such prominent players as Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and many others.
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Want to join the excitement of a new football season? Don’t waste a minute more, gather your friends, get snacks and stay tuned for each new game and all the latest news about NFL with these apps!
Alone or with your friends, inside or outside, on the street or in the castle, loud or quiet – now you can enjoy your favorite game in all shapes and volumes. Don’t miss any single moment and watch this show right from the screen of your mobile device.
Now people are no tied up to a certain place to watch the live stream as it used to be and you can easily buy yourself a hot dog and go to Central Park to enjoy the weather and football.
This is an official app by NLF, it was developed for true fans and it contains everything you need. Here you will also find local and primetime games, exciting videos and highlights, and replays of every game with NFL Game Pass. Stay updated on all off-season long, with breaking NFL news, highlights, stats & more.
Watch your favorite players win. From your phone, you now can watch Live Local and Primetime Games, Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIII, NFL Combine, and Draft Coverage.
ll New Game Center with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts, NFL Network 24/7/365 with authentication, all the articles and video highlights with groundbreaking news are here. The NFL app allows the use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content.
However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone, or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast, or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions, so pay your attention to this aspect. If you would like to record a match, you better use another app.
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All football fans will discover something interesting and find their live stream on this app. The sport is perceived very seriously on Feedly and this is surely the source that you can trust. Obviously, it usually covers the basics, scores, schedules, news, rumors, trades, and all other things related to this sport.
Once there is a big event happening in the NFL industry you will find out first. This app is actually used by a countless number of professionals around the world as it allows to learn things quickly.
The platform allows to share and organize the informational process in an efficient way, so all the NFL fans can create their own channels here. So read the blog you really like or create one yourself.
You can search for topics and news by entering the keywords into the search bar. Instantly you will get tons of different sources, so you can easily keep up with trends and even build up expertise. It is easy here to find all the necessary information on NFL players and updates since the app includes more than 40 million sources.
Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier so that you can easily share stories with your networks and teammates. However, the app works in a simple way so even a regular user will understand how it functions.
Sling TV: Stop Paying Too Much For TV!
All the most exciting NFL games including the famous Super Bowl can be found here. Actually, this is not exactly a football streaming app, this is the live streaming for all the channels. Nevertheless, there are a lot of packages which are developed especially for football fans so it is not a big deal.
Most of the packages include even local sports channels so you can be sure you don’t miss anything. As a bonus, you will get a full range of channels that are not streaming football. In total, there are about 100 channels.
You can personalize your lineup. Watch your favorite live sports like the NFL & college football, hit TV shows, plus 65, 000+ hours of on-demand tv shows and movies.
In this app you can stream anywhere and how you want, without paying for useless channels that you never watch. Sling also offers channels in different languages so if English is not your native language or you have a friend who doesn’t understand it you can always switch to other options.
theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos
Sports streaming service which will bring to you news, scores, stats, sports betting coverage, and videos from NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey, WNBA Basketball, English Premier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions League Soccer, PGA Golf and many more.
If you are a fan of the NFL you probably have your favorite team. Don’t miss a single game of such teams, as Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, and keep up with the latest news!
The scores update is as quick as possible. You’ll also be able to navigate quickly from box scores straight into theScore Bet app with a single tap, delivering fluid and seamless cross-app navigation. Activate Bet Mode from your profile page.
When you are watching a live game all the data about all the players is available in real-time mode. In order to share your emotions and thoughts, you can use group chats.
Choose a football league to find out the latest news about them. Or maybe you’ve missed something and have no idea of what the whole football world is talking about? Then just swiftly find all the latest feed on this app!
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CBS Sports
CBS Sports is currently one of the most popular sports streaming apps, and here you will find much more than just NFL. However, since you came here exactly for that, it makes sense to describe its NFL broadcast possibilities first. In order to find the schedule of upcoming NFL tournaments, you should go to the program section and see if they have any NFL games.
Then, all you will have to do is to tune into the channel and that’s it. There is also a CBS news channel that is operating 24/7. What is more, you can find the list of players of each team with the most peculiar details.
Apart from NFL, the CBS Sports app gives you front-row access to games from UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, the Masters, the PGA Championship, SEC on CBS, March Madness, PGA Tour, the National Women’s Soccer League, WNBA, and more.
You will find any breaking news from the sports world first with this app. Apart from that, there are not only live streams, but the service actually contains lots of videos and articles and you can browse through the library any time you want. After a while, the app will start providing personalized recommendations for you.
This is also one of the most popular apps for watching sports broadcasts. Here you can watch live streams on more than 22 kinds of sports and of course, the NFL is included. It covers all the actual score of the recent games. The app even covers niche stuff like rugby, volleyball, and others.
However, compared to the previous apps, this one is quite simple. So if you are a type of person who can enjoy a simple watching NFL game without all that stuff with the latest news, personalized broadcasts, and group chats you can easily choose this app.
You can check out the schedules and see which game and when you will be able to watch. When you tap off one of the past games you can see statistics of it, like the information of participating teams, final score, and the list of players. Choose a country, choose a game – and enjoy watching.
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TuneIn Radio
Not just a sport streaming app, but also music, news, events broadcast app will be a good choice for you if you would like to have a multi-functional app and be in touch with everything about NFL. You just choose what topic is the most important for you at the current moment and listen to it live.
All the latest sports news is occurring here immediately and without ads, so you can be sure you don’t miss anything crucial even if you are driving at the moment. All the games of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL along with sports debates, games of Premier leagues are available 24/7.
Or maybe you have your favorite podcasts about NFL players – you can listen to them as well. TED Talks, The Economist, BBC sports – all these sources are represented. And, of course, there are more than 10000 radio stations, including sports Radio broadcasting essential news and reports about the NFL every day.

Frequently Asked Questions about best app for nfl games on kodi

What is the best app for NFL games?

7 Best Apps to Watch NFL Games on Android & iOSNFL.Feedly.Sling TV: Stop Paying Too Much For TV!theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos.CBS Sports.SofaScore.TuneIn Radio.

What app lets you watch all NFL games?

Hulu + Live TV features all the channels you need to watch NFL games, including CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. Hulu recently added the NFL Network channel and now offers a Sports add-on ($10 per month) that includes NFL RedZone.

Can you watch NFL games on the NFL app for free?

Now, the NFL App and the Yahoo! Sports App both stream local games on a weekly basis free of charge. Additionally, the major live TV streaming services in the United States carry most of the major networks that broadcast NFL games. There are plenty of options for how to watch games, but are there ways to do so free?Sep 26, 2021

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