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50 Best Instagram Bots (2021) for Followers That Still Work

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Quick summary: I have put together a list of the best Instagram bots for followers that still work and growth services with pros and cons. I recommend Ingramer as the best Instagram bot. If you are looking for a good social media marketing agency, then I think you should give Social Sensei a try.
1. Best Instagram bots in 2021
Here is my list of the best Instagram bots in 2021:
1. 1 Ingramer – Current best Instagram bot
Ingramer is another fairly straightforward Instagram automation service. It will like, follow and comment on other user’s posts. Naturally, the client may select hashtags the bot can track, and the ones it can avoid.
The bot can also handle the client’s own posting schedule, and even message people. In addition, the bot may also provide analytics on the client’s accounts. They’ve now added an opportunity to send auto Direct Messages through their service. The maximum number of messages that can be sent each day is 100. It means that each hour Ingramer can send about 12-14 messages.
They can be sent to all users or to each new, like welcome ones. Another update is an opportunity to check the Direct inbox and send answers through Ingramer. The second update is a Schedule Posting. Before it was possible to plan photo posting only and now it’s possible to schedule a video, add carousels (up to 10 pictures) and even stories.
Speaking of which, the service can offer its three tiers of payment for 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 accounts. The 1 account limit plans seem to be the most expensive, so the 2-week plan costs €19 (about $22), the 1-month plan is €24 ($28) at a 35% discount, and 3 months are €57 ($67) at a 50% discount.
In contrast, the 10 account limit plans are €9, €12, and €28. The 3-month plan even comes with a personal manager, who will make sure the client’s account stays on track. Of course, there’s also a 3-day free trial.
Scheduled posts
Targeting hashtags
Liking, following, commenting, messaging
The personal manager handles the bot at the 3-month tier
Pretty expensive for what it is – though it does get more cost-effective with multiple accounts
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1. 2 Followadder – Affordable Instagram bot
FollowAdder is definitely the most well-known Instagram automation service out there. In our opinion, this company earned its excellent reputation – allow us to explain why.
All in all, FollowAdder is a very reliable automation service that does everything an Instagram bot should do. We can use it to schedule posts, as well as like and comment on other accounts’ content. In addition, FollowAdder can also host giveaways from the client’s account to increase engagement.
Of course, business owners may be a bit reluctant to leave their brand in the hands of a piece of software. After all, as I’ve mentioned, mistakes have happened in the past, and bots don’t have the discerning of a human. However, FollowAdder has proved itself competent. Even though the bot takes over a brand’s account, the business will still have the final say and complete control over the automation service. Basically, FollowAdder will help you gain real and engaged followers within a certain demographic, thereby helping your business grow. They have five service tiers, all of which allow users six months’ access to all features, as well as free support and software updates.
The Starter tier costs $8. 33 per month and gives the software control over one account. The other tiers are $12. 50 monthly for 3 accounts, $19. 17 for 5, $31. 33 for 10, and $70. 83 for 25 profiles. And, there’s even a 7-day refund period – so clients can be sure that they’re getting what they paid for.
Read my FollowAdder review
Post scheduling
Liking and commenting on relevant posts
Following users with common interests, also automatically unfollowing
Managing multiple accounts
Directing traffic towards your website
Very safe and reliable
Runs on Windows, Mac, and even Linux
Must download software
Get 20% off your purchase by using the FollowAdder discount coupon – “PRIVATEPROXYGUIDE”
Visit FollowAdder
1. 3 – Good Instagram growth service
If you’re looking for something that will help you manage your Instagram account, then might be right for you.
Shortened to IBF, this tool can help you post to all of your accounts, ensuring that the content is the same. You can also automatically post stories, videos, photos, and albums. Plus, you can even schedule posts so that they pop up throughout the day instead of all at once.
With IBF, you can automate everything to do with your Instagram account. Plus, it works well if you have multiple versions. That way, everything looks similar, and you don’t have to worry about missing a post here or there. Now, it is possible to pay for items directly through Instagram. However, you need a payment gateway, and you’ll get one with IBF. This means more convenience for your customers and the ability for you to make the sale right on the social media page.
Of course, emojis make the world go round. Customers and followers are going to use these icons to express themselves. If your account doesn’t accept that or they show up strangely, it will make people upset. You won’t have to worry about it when you use IBF. Plus, it is mobile responsive, so it will work on your smartphone and other devices. This means you can check things on the go or while you’re at the office taking a quick break.
Instagram Bot Follower can help you grow your followers with its many features. These include direct messaging, auto repost, auto comment, auto like, and auto follow/unfollow.
Automate many Instagram processes
Schedule posts for a later time/date
Compatible with emojis
Auto-post your content
All features not included in all price points
No advanced editing features
Limited storage
With a three-day trial period, you can decide for yourself if this is the right tool for your needs. I think it could work well, depending on what you require and how much you want to pay for it.
1. 4 Social Sensei – Top social media agency for Instagram
Those who want a well-established Instagram growth service are sure to like Social Sensei. It’s been around for over 12 years and focuses on online promotion. It is basically a social media agency. Primarily, it works with any size account to help companies grow their business and get noticed by more people. You’ll find a variety of packages and price points, as well.
One thing that sets this company apart from other options is that it doesn’t sell fake followers. You’ll only get real followers that care about the post and your product. It works by targeting the traffic that comes to your Instagram account. With organic growth, you’ll build a following, gain brand awareness, and convert followers into leads.
Services can include gaining more Instagram views, likes, and followers. There are three packages. The basic version allows you to buy followers which will be done organically and safely. They also offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with things after 10 days, you can receive your money back.
You’ll also find that you get a five-day trial, which is ample time to learn how the tool works and start seeing results. Don’t be surprised to find that it is quite easy to use. While you can find tutorials and have access to support, you may not need it. However, it will take some time to set up; the professionals will help you set it up for a one-time fee, which is required.
Straightforward and easy to use
Excellent support
Money-back guarantee
Great features
Gets expensive
Requires a set-up fee
Hard to choose between the plans
I do think that Social Sensi is a valuable service for companies and influencers that want to increase followers, visibility, and engagement on Instagram. You are likely to notice growth while using Social Sensei, though it does take time.
Visit SocialSensei
1. 5 Nitreo
Nitreo is an award-winning service that many digital marketers around the world use. It is simple and easy to use, giving the users time to focus on what matters most. All you need to do to get started is added your Instagram handle, hashtags associated with your page, and other pages that you like.
The algorithm then automictically calculates who should be contacted and in what way. It engages with your audience and likes, comments, and shares on your behalf. It saves you a bunch of time and is perfect for people who manage many social media pages. Nitreo comes in two packages, the essential and speed. Both are great value for money and help you to get noticed on Instagram. The essential package sells actual results for $49 a month, giving you fast organic growth and limited support. If speed is what you need, this package is going to cost $79 per month, which is only $2. 63 per day.
You receive priority support, the ability to target whoever you like, and the fastest real organic growth out there. With over 70, 000 users, you know you can trust this service. If you are an agency, it offers special pricing, so get in touch with the success team to see how they can help you.
Affordable and reliable
Excellent for agencies or social media managers
Cost the same amount as a cup of coffee to use each day
Automatic AI system that interacts for you
The essential package has limited support
People who have smaller accounts might not benefit as much from this service
1. 6 Social Captain
Social Captain looks like a standard run-of-the-mill Instagram bot. The website is currently running a 50% special on its services. It claims to provide users with instant likes, views, or follows on Instagram. You need to select what service you require and the amount of engagement you need.
Social Captain is a script that you can run on your Instagram account to get more followers. You set specific parameters in the dashboard, and SocialCaptain automatically begins to work for you. You can choose everything from the target hashtags or audience to the speed at which you want it to perform. You can also turn on things like automatic commenting and smart tagging. It’s easy to create an account with just your name, email, and password, and you also get a 24-hour free trial, so you don’t have to worry about spending anything to try it. Socia lCaptain connects to your Instagram account, you get a quick tutorial on how to use it, and that’s it.
The system then calculates a price for you that can be paid either by PayPal or a credit card. Once payment is complete, your Instagram account starts to receive new real followers who like, follow, and share your content. In just a few clicks, you are going to increase your marketing efforts and get instant satisfaction from Social Captain.
The highly complex AI algorithm makes sure to link users interested in topics that surround your page. Replenishment of your account happens every 24 hours or when the system detects a drop in followers. If you have any questions or wish to stop the influx of new followers, Social Captain is just one email away. Since each new follower is a genuine person, Social Captain cannot remove them from your Instagram page. If you wish to do this, you need to block individuals from your page to remove them.
Instant delivery of genuine real followers
Cost-effective solution
Perfect for anyone who is starting a business on Instagram
You need to block followers if you don’t want them on your page
Could lead to you getting a ban on Instagram if followers are delivered too quickly
1. 7 Kicksta
People who are looking to grow their Instagram page have known and trusted Kicksta for many years. This service is a favorite among people looking for a simple tool with a ton of built-in features. The dashboard is easy to use, and everything is accessible under different tabs making it intuitive to use.
On the company’s website, you can find many case studies from users who have purchased this service. There are two different packages available on Kicksta. The standard one goes for $49 per user per month. It offers moderate growth, video onboarding, and 10 targets per month.
There is are significant differences between the standard and premium, so let’s mention some so you are up to speed. When you choose the premium option, you receive maximum growth, 40 targets per month, VIP email support, Live Chat Support, and advanced targeting. The premium package typically goes for $149 but is currently on special on the site for $99 a month. As you can see, there is a substantial difference between the standard and premium packages. So, depending on the person using the service, you need to decide which one suits you best.
They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any results within the first two weeks of using the service.
Currently on sale
The premium package is excellent value for money
Live customer support
The standard package doesn’t offer much
1. 8 Social Meep
Social Meep is a new company that claims to increase your followers on Instagram without bots. The company says that it uses organic AI automation and has an excellent support team behind them.
A few packages it has available can suit anyone looking to grow their account for business purposes. Its basic plan is $49 a month and is ideal for anyone looking to get started. You are provided with fast organic growth and real-time analytics so that you can focus on what matters most: your content creation.
There is also a pro package for $99, which is the most popular for people who already have a following and want to attract more customers. The pro package offers premium support and access to the Social Meep Cloud, a service you can use to store information regarding your campaign.
All packages come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. That is how confident the company is in its services. The company has an additional service that can be added to any monthly contract. The service is called Social Meep Experts, and it’s an on-demand team that helps to manage your Instagram growth.
Experts include human account monitoring, weekly reports, help to build a content strategy, and even business insights. This additional service costs $300 per month and can be incredibly beneficial for someone with a large following on Instagram.
14-day money-back guarantee
Easy to understand information regarding the growth of your page
The pro package comes with 24/7 support
A little pricey for most users
No support is included in the basic package
1. 9 (Head Copilot)
Head Copilot, also known as, is powered by artificial intelligence. This desktop software uses A. I. and facial recognition to identify faces in your posts. It can tell which users are more likely to interact with you and engage with them.
Of course, it is designed to work when you aren’t. Therefore, it will work like a human all day and all night, picking up followers. However, it’s also undetectable. Its automation services emulate the latest versions of Instagram on mobile and computers, so you don’t see any notifications about compromised accounts.
With, you have growth and undetectability. You can auto-like, auto-follow/unfollow, target by hashtag, auto-comment, target accounts, and get facial recognition. Plus, it features a new mass story view and an anti-blocking system.
There are currently two plans available. The lower price doesn’t feature submissions, free updates, and the mass story viewer while the more expensive option does.
Regardless of the price plan you choose, you will get up to 500 likes each day, and 150 follow/unfollow each day. You can also make 300 comments and have 5, 000 mass story views per day. This is quite a lot when you compare it to other bots.
Mac and Windows friendly
Two-factor authentication
Facial recognition
No option for multiple accounts
Beta testing for smart unfollowing; might not work
Only available for desktop (no mobile app)
While this is a new company, I do think it has potential. However, there might be a few issues with the newer features, such as the smart unfollowing option. With the 14-day refund guarantee, you can make sure that it will work for you and your needs. I recommend that you give it a try if you want something that won’t get you banned from Instagram and won’t fill your account with fake followers.
1. 10 Instelite
If you’re looking for help with your Instagram account, Instelite is an excellent choice. It will do all of the engaging for you. Plus, it can update your target audience to ensure that followers really care about your product or service.
In a sense, it frees up time because you don’t have to search for people interested in your industry, engage with them, and then wait for them to follow or engage back. The bot does this all for you!
This tool is designed to do a lot of things to help grow your account. For example, it will automatically like posts, create customized DMs, target accounts and locations, follow/unfollow, and add hashtags. These are just some of the many features.
One issue people find with bots is that they get ‘action blocked’ popups, meaning the social media platform recognized that you were using a bot. You won’t have this issue with Instelite. Plus, it is completely safe to use. While you do need to give the company your login information, it is secure.
It works by getting people’s attention. In a sense, it will interact with others. They will get excited about a new like or comment, so they are more interested in interacting with you. Through all that, they might follow you and/or buy something. On top of everything else, it uses standard targets that are appropriate for Instagram, such as locations, hashtags, and user names.
Achieve results
Fully managed
Influencer focus
Assigned growth assistant
Live chat support
Transparency about terms
Safe and secure payments
Multiple options for gaining new followers
Influencer focus ONLY
Only works for Instagram
Can be pricey
Those who want fast results are sure to like Instelite. It also has many testimonials from happy clients. When you sign up, you’ll work with a specific growth specialist. That means more personalized service. However, it is designed to be used by influencers, so it might not work if you are a business owner.
1. 11 FollowingLike
FollowingLike claims to be one of the best Instagram bots on the market. It’s fairly simple to use, and can also handle any task you throw at it. The bot can schedule posts, like, unlike, comment, or even message people with interests relevant to the client’s brand.
Essentially, FollowingLike will try to mimic human behavior – but then, that can be said for the previous service as well. This feature is very important in a bot since some services have been shut down for overtly spamming their followers’ timelines. In order to avoid detection, the bot also uses the proxy rotate method, so clients needn’t worry about the service’s IP footprint.
FollowingLike is available for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and even Tumblr. If a business owner is in need of a bot service that operates across multiple platforms, they may even use the service’s Ultimate Edition, which gives them access to all platform-specific features. Of course, the Ultimate Edition is significantly more expensive than single-platform versions of the software.
For one Instagram account, clients can pay the one-time fee of $79, and $113 for five profiles. There are several options for unlimited account services, so clients may pay a one-time fee of $194. On the other hand, they might also pay $136 per year, or $7 for 3 days, then $148 yearly. The fourth option is paying $100 monthly.
Liking, unliking, commenting, messaging
Follow and unfollow automation, search users who don’t follow back
Simulates human behavior
Proxy rotate method
Somewhat pricey and it doesn’t have a trial period
1. 12 Boostgram
For businesses that like to have some options before settling on a growth service, there are many more bots to choose from. Boostgram, for example, is an excellent service – and there are no downloads necessary. Clients have full control over the automation service, which includes not only post scheduling and automatic liking and following but also audience targeting.
The bot can target accounts by gender or location – which should be useful for gender-specific businesses. Once we connect our Instagram profile to the service, we only need to enter our preferences and let the program do its thing. This service also offers 24/7 customer support, and it can even be accessed through mobile. Users may try the automation service out for a 3-day period, or they may jump right into the $31 per account weekly payment plan.
Automatic liking, following and unfollowing
Gender and location targeting
No downloads necessary
It may get a bit pricey
Payment plan not visible until we register for the service
Clients must request to have the bot service ended personally, via email
1. 13 Instazood
Now, Instazood is a bit tricky. On the one hand, it can schedule posts, manage comments and message accounts just fine. It offers customer support, automates posts and can be set to like and follow posts and users who use certain hashtags or live in a certain area. These are all great features, and the service is supposedly also safe and mobile-friendly, with no downloads required. In fact, it’ll even allow users to actually buy likes and views.
The one gripe I have about this service is that it’s somewhat complicated to use. Actually, some of these bots do tend to be a bit messy, and frankly, ugly. Fortunately, Instazood at least has an attractive UI. Clients can employ this service on a monthly basis, and the cost depends on the services they choose. So, for a simple follow/unfollow, like and comment automation bot, the service is only $10 per month.
For their Comment Tracker, which will mark comments as important, delete and reply to them, users pay another $10. The post scheduler is also $10 monthly. Instazood’s Direct Messaging services are available for $15 monthly. This allows the bot to welcome new followers, and message followers and non-followers alike, for 80-120 messages per day. In addition, clients can purchase 100 likes for $1, and 100 video views for 50 cents. All of these services have a 3-day trial period.
Post scheduling, liking, following
Comment manager
Direct messaging automation
Targeting hashtags and locations
No downloads
Users must manually register hashtags using confusing algorithms
Not all of the features are included in one payment plan
1. 14 Instavast
Instavast is another one of those Instagram bot services which make sure to at least simulate human activity. It even goes as far as to use a proxy, in order to hide its digital footprint from clients’ accounts. Aside from that, they also offer all of the regular features, like post scheduling, liking, following, and targeted outreach. Users can set which hashtags the bot should seek out, and which it should steer clear of, as well.
This bot also presents the client’s accounts’ analytics, which is greatly helpful in deciding the next marketing step. And, it can handle infinite accounts in one subscription. All that, and users don’t even need to download anything! The service also offers message and comment managers, and clients can even buy likes and views. There’s a 3-day trial for all four services, which are all $10 per account, monthly.
Their Instagram Bot is actually only one of the four services. It performs all of the usual tasks, such as scheduling posts, liking, following, commenting, and even viewing stories. It can also manage multiple accounts. The other services on offer add DM automation, comment management, and advanced scheduling options.
DM and comment managers
Advanced scheduling
Uses proxies to protect clients’ accounts
Post scheduler can’t post videos
A bit confusing to use at first
1. 15 Robolike
This Instagram automation service knows the basics – and sticks to them. Robolike will post whenever the user tells it, and it can like about 80 posts per hour. After the client sets the hashtags for the bot to sort through, it will do so.
The service basically relies on the people who check who’s liking their posts and follow them back. So, Robolike will draw users to the client’s Instagram page, where they’ll hopefully find something worth following. The service only has one monthly plan which costs $7. 77, though interested parties may receive a 3-day trial. The company also offers discounts for businesses that need to manage more than 10 accounts. However, business owners must contact the service directly in order to get more information on that discount.
Schedules posts within certain times
Targets multiple hashtags
Automatically likes 80 posts per hour
More affordable than many other services
As far as I can see – this bot can only like posts
If the bot can only perform one task, the almost $8 fee may actually be pricey
1. 16 Instajool
Instajool is a comprehensive automation service that likes, follows, and comments according to preset hashtags and locations. It can also message users and should be pretty easy to use.
The bot makes sure to stay under the Instagram posting limits in order to maintain human activity levels. There are no download requirements, which is great as well. Additionally, Instajool’s 24-hour customer service is always ready to answer users’ questions. While the two available payment plans both allow users access to the full assortment of the bot’s features, the Basic plan can only manage 10 accounts, while the Advanced one can handle up to 100.
The Basic plan is only $6 per month, while the advanced is $10. Finally, both plans have a 7-day free trial period, so clients can try the service before they make a commitment.
Very precise post scheduling
Liking, following
Targets hashtags and locations
Manages multiple accounts
Pretty safe and affordable
Fairly basic, no special features to make it a must-try
1. 17 SocialSteeze
Unlike the other growth services on our list, SocialSteeze earned its spot by being an actual Instagram marketing company. The team at SocialSteeze will work with business owners to create and execute a social media strategy.
Since they’re a genuine branding company, their prices are a bit inflated compared to the other services I mentioned. However, having a professional team on our side is well worth it. The Regular tier is $39 monthly, and it includes marketing consultations, branding, and setting business goals. The Pro tier offers the same benefits at $99 per month, so I imagine it does offer some more business-specific features. There’s also a 5-week program that costs $27 weekly, and a Business Consultation plan for $200 per week. In addition to all of these monthly and weekly plans, there are also two one-time payment services.
Their Design&Branding package will create completely new company branding, including logos and other graphic designs for a one-time payment of $800. Finally, business owners can get payment API integrations on their Instagram accounts for upwards of $2. 500.
The professional marketing team at the client’s disposal
Creating a brand’s social media strategy
Designing and branding from scratch
Not a bot, though a fresh look can’t hurt a company’s Instagram numbers
Can be incredibly expensive
1. 18 LikeSocial (It’s gone)
LikeSocial is another service that’s less of an account manager and more of a “pay for likes” service. Only, a client could also pay for video views and followers, as well.
Many people and businesses shy away from services like these. However, I’m about to explain why they can benefit a company’s Instagram account. Namely, an increase in this kind of engagement can make sure that a company’s content is seen by more people. Posts that get many likes are more likely to be featured on the Explore page, as well.
There are different prices for likes, views, and followers, so let’s check those out. Getting 50 likes (per post, I assume) requires a weekly fee of $10. An account would receive 100 likes for $14, 250 likes for $23, 500 for $34, and one and two thousand for $59 and $99 per week. The views come in 5 payment plans, for 100, 250, 500, 1. 000, and 2. 000, ranging from $7 to $49 per week. And finally, LikeSocial’s clients will receive 100 followers for $34 monthly, 500 for $56, 1. 000 for $98, 5. 000 for $168 and 10. 000 for $298.
The best part is that businesses can even employ this type of service on top of an automation service. And, this service is ideal for those who are concerned about giving away control of their Instagram account but still want to achieve growth. LikeSocial doesn’t require an account’s password in order to work.
More followers and engagement on an Instagram profile will draw a real audience in and make the content seen
Fairly straight-forward features and payment plans
No need to give away an account’s password
Not a real bot
It may get very expensive
1. 19 InstaQ
This automation service can do all of the basic tasks users would need. It can like and comment on posts within a niche, and follow and unfollow users.
InstaQ can also send scripted direct messages to an account’s followers, and even welcome new ones. In addition, it can post images from a client’s site and RSS feeds. It’s also pretty secure, as it can use proxy servers to avoid leaving a digital footprint. The user interface isn’t very impressive, but it’ll do the job. InstaQ offers its premium service plan for unlimited accounts with all of the features, and for a monthly fee of $27, or a one-time payment of $134.
Purchasing the software, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux will give users a lifetime license. Both payment plans have a 14-day money-back guarantee. Also, interested parties may try out the service before fully committing to it, though the features would be reduced to post scheduling, liking, and following.
Post scheduling, liking, following/unfollowing
Sourcing photos from other sites
Proxy protection
Users must download software
A bit basic and unattractive UI
1. 20 Instaswell
Instaswell can like and comment on posts with certain hashtags and follow/unfollow users who post about things of interest. It can also maintain the client’s following-follower ratio by automatically unfollowing users after it passes a certain number.
The service also offers an anti-spam filter as well as a “No Repeats” feature, so the bot doesn’t like or follow posts or users it previously followed. The bot can avoid users who use certain words or hashtags as well. However, the service can’t schedule posts, and clients may not customize the following and unfollowing automation.
There are four service tiers. Accounts can get 50 likes and follows daily for free, or they can get 500 of each for $10 monthly. In addition, for $15 per month, an account may like 1. 000 posts daily, and follow and unfollow 500 accounts daily. For $20 per month, the bot will like 1. 000 posts, and follow and unfollow 1. 000 people daily.
Likes, follows and unfollows
No Repeats feature and Anti-Spam are a nice touch
No post scheduling
Customization could be better
1. 21 Instambler
Instambler is an Instagram bot that can help you grow how many followers you have while saving you some time. However, you may be wondering what services are available and whether you should use it to improve your Instagram account.
The services provided include a post manager, bot, auto direct messaging, and comment manager. You’ll find that this tool targets your preferred audience using locations, hashtags, competitor pages, and more. Plus, it will also engage with your audience by liking their posts, sending out direct messages, commenting on posts, and following them. Of course, you can do this all yourself, so do you need Instambler?
I can’t give you a direct answer because it is based on how much time you have available. You can perform all of the actions that Instambler will provide, but the amount of times you can do it depends on many factors. Plus, you can’t do it all at once; you need to space it out throughout your day. Having an automation tool saves you time and ensures that you observe Instagram rules.
The post manager allows you to upload videos and photos, scheduling them for
Reddit Bot - Get real followers, likes, and comments - Somiibo

Reddit Bot – Get real followers, likes, and comments – Somiibo

Reddit in actionSomiibo is the best tool to grow your Reddit
Automate your Reddit activity to get new fans and increase your followers, likes, and comments with our free Reddit follower bot!
Somiibo earns Reddit
& views
quickly without compromising efficiency.
This Module uses browser trusted user-input events. Reddit thinks a real user is navigating the site and interacting with content.
You can automate multiple Reddit accounts with Somiibo. Each Reddit Module can have its own settings and breaks!
You can assign each Reddit Module instance a different proxy. Reddit will never know you run multiple accounts.
Set breaks and goals for each Reddit Module. You can control how long the Module runs for without babysitting it.
Somiibo offers multiple Modules for Reddit, each with its own purpose. Mix and match them to customize your social media marketing.
Somiibo is free. No credit card required.
How do the Somiibo Reddit Automation Tools Work?
Somiibo is a premium free Reddit bot and growth service that earns you unlimited organic free likes, comments, shoutouts and followers. Stop wasting your time! With these free Reddit modules you don’t have to worry about marketing your content! Why buy followers when you can automate your account and get them for free!
Somiibo’s Reddit automation suite includes multiple modules. Each one utilizes different techniques for automating your Reddit marketing! Here are some of the things the Reddit modules will do:
Targets other users with your same interests: an easy way to get free Reddit followers
Targets other users by tag, geolocation, and more
Searches for posts to like, and users to follow
Reddit Tool
Get free Reddit followers
Reddit Modules
This module gives your stories & posts a boost by generating unlimited views for them. Get more Reddit views with this Reddit view bot that will in turn boost your social proof to get you more organic followers!
This module searches for posts by tag or keyword and interacts with them. In doing this, you will get tons of organic followers & fans!
Somiibo has been pretty straightforward and upfront about what it is they do and what they have on offer… they do appear to follow through on promises that they make about the quality of their services.
Jonathon Spire
Blogger @
Ready to dominate social media?
Get started now.
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Reddit Bots – The Best Reddit Automation Tools for Marketing

Reddit Bots – The Best Reddit Automation Tools for Marketing

Want to take your Reddit marketing campaign to the next level by venturing into Reddit automation using Reddit Bots? Then come in now to discover the best Reddit bots to use in the known as the front-page of the Internet, Reddit is arguably one of the biggest Internet community forums in the world. It has a lot of subreddits that users can subscribe to, and a lot of users, especially in the United States, visit it daily. Moderation is strict and users hate selly ever, with the right strategy, one can get ahead of the game by gaming the system and getting upvotes to a fake engagement and push content to the front page. However, the process is tedious and difficult. With Reddit Bots, it can become easy and bots are a piece of computer software developed to automate actions on Reddit. Simply put, Reddit Bots are used for Reddit automation. Let take a look at what Reddit automation is in is Reddit Automation? Reddit automation is done in other to free up time for other takes. The process gets your Reddit account on autopilot and works on your is a good number of reasons people make use of Reddit Bots for Reddit automation. The most popular is for the purpose of voting (upvoting and downvoting) and auto comment. The auto comment is more of spam, though, and many tend to avoid it comes to the stand of Reddit on botting, we can say Reddit is bot-friendly. While many websites tend to fight against bots, Reddit provided an API for developers to use in their code. However, their support comes with conditions, and that’s where you’ll have to be true to yourself whether your use of bot on Reddit for automation is in line with their Terms and Conditions or Rated Reddit Bots for Reddit Automation ASB Reddit BotASB Reddit Bot was developed by Auto Social Bot, a popular social media automation bot. The company has an all in one social media automation tool that incorporates Reddit automation. However, it is expensive if only what you want to automate is Reddit. They have a bot specifically developed for Reddit automation, and it is less expensive compared to their all in one can use ASB Reddit Bot for upvoting and downvoting comments and posts, schedule posts, auto follow/unfollow, create accounts and check the active status of accounts. The bot is multithreaded, safe to use, and get updated Reddit Bot Pros:Cheap and affordableComes with a good number of featuresSupports unlimited accountsSecure and reliableASB Reddit Bot Cons:Windows OS support onlySocinator is one of the powerful feature-packed Reddit Bot in the market. Socinator isn’t a bot for Reddit automation only but also supports other social media platforms as well. Socinator comes with some features paralleled only by a few bots in the industry. Some of its amazing features include an Account Manager, which makes the bot both a management and automation also comes with proxy support and easy to understand analytics interface with information that can be extracted and exported easily. Regarding it Reddit automation support, it provides support for voting, subscribing to communities, follow/unfollow, post cinator Pros:AffordableEasy to useCan be used for other social media platformsPacked with lots of featuresSocinator Cons:You need to be careful to avoid blockSupports only Windows OSFollowingLike serves as both a Reddit Bot and a Reddit Account Manager. However, the main reason to use FollowingLike is that it is an all in one social media automation tool and has support for most of the popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora, among you are looking for a Reddit bot that has some unique features then FollowingLike is the bot to look up to. It has the option to whitelist/blacklist users, assign proxies to each account, automatically spin contents, and many more important llowingLike Pros:Proxy binding featureCustom bot development if you need itCheap for long-term usageFollowingLike Cons:Expensive for short-term usageUpvote SpaceUpvote Space is a company built on the basis of providing an easy use Reddit marketing system. They sell upvotes and downvotes using their own accounts with high karma. If you want to get things done yourself and want more control, then you should go for their Reddit Bot. However, even by using their Reddit Bot, they still do not allow you total bot is web-based, and as such, you do not need to install anything. You also do not have to worry about creating accounts and using proxies and servers as that’s done for you. Yes, they are aware that you can screw things up especially in the aspect using new accounts will fewer activities, and as such, that’s done for Space Pros:Done for you by expert solutionWeb-based with no need of proxiesHigh karma account for the upvote* Cons:ExpensiveYou do not have total control of the process involvedRedditDominatorRedditDominator is one of the best and oldest Reddit Bots in the market. It has been in existence since 2014. I actually knew about it on the Blackhatworld, an Internet forum for Internet then, I have used it on and off, trying out other automation tools, and I must say while RedditDominator is not without flaws, it is no doubt one of the best you can use to carry out your marketing campaigns on the “front page of the Internet. “You know why? With RedditDominator, you can vote (upvote and downvote), drop comments, scrape URL, submit posts, and even send tweets to Reddit users on Twitter using their Reddit Dominator Pros:Affordable and cheapEasy to useA lot of interest featuresProxy supportReddit Dominator Cons:Windows OS support onlyAccount activation is not automaticRedditMasterRedditMaster is one of the numerous automation bots developed by Cash Tools, a company that specializes in the development of Internet marketing tools. RedditMaster comes with one feature I find interesting – account Reddit Account Creator, you can afford to create the number of Accounts you want with ease without any hassle. Aside from the Account Creator feature, it can also be used for upvoting/downvoting, scraping posts, and dropping comments, among other things. The pricing model is friendly as it strives on the one-time payment model. The bot comes in beautiful material Master Pros:Account Creator featureCheap on a long-term usageProxy supportBeautiful UI designReddit Master Cons:Windows OS support onlyExpensive for short-term usageReddit VoterFrom the name of this bot, one will think that it is just a bot that automates upvoting and downvoting comments and posts. Reddit Voter is much more than just a vote automation tool. It can be used for automating comments on targeted posts, follow users, and check whether a Reddit Account is active or bot is also multithreaded and, as such, can carry out more than a task at ones. The bot also comes with proxy support, which makes it possible to evade detection as one operating more accounts. They have two pricing models depending on the duration you need to use the bot. You can either go for their monthly subscription model or pay for the bot Voter Pros:Two payment modelEasy to useMultithread SupportReddit Voter Cons:Windows OS support onlyExpensiveFrequently asked questions (FAQs) about Reddit BotsWhat is a Reddit Bot? A Reddit Bot is a computer program that has been developed to automate voting posts and comments, scheduling posts, follow/unfollow among other tasks on Reddit Bots Work? Reddit Bots work. They have helped a good number of Internet marketers increase engagement on autopilot and earn more revenue. However, you have to be careful with your marketing campaigns on Reddit as Redditors are allergic to selling and they hate it when you try to promote your business to them. So you need to be crafty to Create a Reddit Bot? To create a Reddit Bot, you need to have computer programming language skills which can either be Python, Java, or even C# – any programming language that is Turing complete. Using the language, you can create a Reddit Bot by consuming Reddit Reddit Support Reddit Bots? Reddit is one of the companies that does not fight against botting. In fact, it has a public API that developers can use. However, this API is limited in the features it supports, and many of the bots literarily go against automation as allowed by Reddit, such as mass creating accounts and using them for voting for the sake of faking to Host Reddit Bot? Most Reddit Bots are installable. For them to work, your computer has to be on all the time. To get it to work all the time without your computer is on, you can host it on a Windows VPS since most Bots support Can You Do With Reddit Bot? A lot, in fact, you can automate virtually all your tasks on Reddit using Reddit Bots. However, as it stands now, the majority of Reddit Bot users use it for voting, scheduling posts, dropping comments, mass creating accounts, and scraping I Need to Use Proxies? The question of whether you need to use proxies or not depends largely on the number of accounts you wish to automate. If you are automating a few accounts like one or three, making use of proxies will be seen as overkill. However, when you are automating more, you need to make use of proxies. All the bots discussed above all support the use of are the Recommended Proxies for Reddit Bots? Since Reddit is not an aggressive fighter of botting, going for the top on the line residential or mobile proxies will be overkill, except if you are doing it on a much larger scale and want to reduce risk. Else, datacenter proxies will work just fine. MyPrivateProxy is the proxy of choice for Reddit more about Picking the Best Reddit proxies for nclusionReddit Bots, if used properly, can increase revenue and engagement. However, you need the right bot to be successful. The above-discussed bots have been battle-tested and trusted not to fail and as such, they are highly recommended. 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