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Best Proxy Switcher was developed by the team, who provides proxy service since 2004 year. You can use Best Proxy Switcher with your own proxy or let it download most recently checked list from our web site automatically! For advanced users and web masters who needs more proxy servers, there is an option to register at our web site for 9. 99 USD and get unlimited access to our database (please use ‘register’ button within addon to get special price) and fast secure VPN proxy web site offers more than 10. 000 working proxy servers per day during 10 years! Our high quality service is confirmed by time and our clients! Due to high popularity, our web site is disabled in many countries by ISP. If web site is not accessible, please use address instead. KNOWN ISSUES:You may continuously get ‘enter captcha text’ popup. To be able to download proxy list from our web site, cookies must be enabled in Firefox. Step by step instruction how to enable cookiesAddon will not work if you are accessing internet via local proxy server. For such case you will need proxy switcher with ‘proxy chain’ support. If you need help, please contact you cannot open Facebook then you need HTTPs proxy. Step by step instruction how to get free proxy for FacebookP. S. Send bug report to Your support will be are you enjoying Best Proxy Switcher? If you think this add-on violates Mozilla’s add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this don’t use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on add-on needs to:Monitor extension usage and manage themesRead and modify privacy settingsControl browser proxy settingsAccess your data for all websitesThank you everyone who reported about issue with Firefox 71, the required changes were made.
7 Best Proxy Switchers & Free Proxy Chrome Extensions

7 Best Proxy Switchers & Free Proxy Chrome Extensions

Are you searching for the top Chrome proxy extension? If yes, then here you can find the top choices for Switch Proxy Extensions with their unique characteristics, which have made them so popular.
Proxies come in handy in online privacy. However, installing them can be tiresome, especially because you have to regularly change them.
In this article, you will get to know how you can automatically change proxies from different IP addresses.
Changing proxies on a regular basis wastes your time and is tedious. However, when you use Switch Proxy Extensions, you can easily change proxies for your Chrome browser without any hassles with only a few clicks.
You can find several Chrome proxy extensions on the market. Thus, you must choose the right one for yourself and not go for any proxy extension you see.
This is because some might have malicious purpose and some might not be up-to-date. One of the leading paid proxy extensions is the Luminati Proxy Chrome Extension, which offers over 40 million IPs in its large pool of P2P proxies.
Best Switch Proxy Chrome Extensions
Some of the top Switch Proxy Extensions that you can use for your Chrome Browser are listed below. You can download these extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
FoxyProxy is a well-known brand in the market of proxies owing to its popular proxy management system, called GeoShift.
FoxyProxy’s GeoShift allows you to swap between 100 distinct nations and browse the web from different cities worldwide.
This tool is simple to use and available free of cost. However, you first have to create your account on FoxyProxy in order to start using this extension for Chrome to swap between different proxies and servers.
Moreover, it has a high bandwidth and reliable VPN.
FoxyProxy comes with a set of proxy servers that allow you to access blocked online websites and content. It also has a Firefox Add-on, which is more popular as compared to its extension for Chrome.
Proxy SwitchyOmega
This is an open-source program with its codebase on GitHub. It allows you to add to its codebase.
Proxy SwitchyOmega is a great extension and proxy management tool for Google Chrome that enables you to easily manage and switch between multiple proxy files and servers within a few minutes.
This tool does not require you to set the parameters for every proxy you use as it handles each one of them at the same time.
You can download this proxy manager as an extension for Chrome. It is downloaded by almost a million consumers. The software makes it easy to swap proxies.
Proxy SwitchyOmega has an ‘Auto Switch’ mode that connects particular sites with particular proxies. However, if you use a shared IPS, then this extension is not useful as it only comes in handy with proxies.
It does not have any connection issues. You just have to provide a list of all your proxies and then you can simply swap between them from a pop-up button.
Proxy Switcher and Manager
As the name suggests, the Proxy Switcher and Manager tool acts as a proxy manager as well as a proxy switcher.
It assists you in managing different proxies as well as switching between proxies effortlessly with a simple UI.
One of the things that make this extension different from other proxy switchers is that it offers free proxy services if required.
However, you must not use free proxies since they are a bit slow and have some other drawbacks as well.
BP Proxy Switcher
This proxy switcher is offered by BuyProxies, which is a popular provider of private proxies. This Chrome proxy extension allows you to add all the proxies quickly from a URL or clipboard.
And, after these proxies are uploaded, you can switch between them with a single click of the button.
Moreover, this proxy switcher is equipped with an auto-rotate feature that swaps the proxy after 60 seconds. One of its unique features is that it displays the country for every proxy.
Plus, you can delete the cache prior to shifting to a different proxy. However, there is no proxy for every tab, just like other browser extensions; the proxy works for the whole browser.
Smartproxy Proxy Changer
Smartproxy Proxy Changer for Chrome helps you swap between different proxies. It enables and disables the proxy for websites you open after identifying your pattern and configuration.
This Chrome extension does not require you to change the proxies manually, which ultimately makes it simpler for you to switch between different proxies.
However, you must be aware that this Chrome extension is not the same as the one offered by Smartproxy Extension, which is the proxy manager offered by the popular proxy seller, Smartproxy.
Proxy SwitchySharp
Proxy SwitchySharp is an extension for Chrome that allows you to easily and quickly manage and swap between different proxies. With it, you do not have to change the proxy manually from the section of ‘Advanced’ settings.
It also has the option of data export and import, wherein the import system lets you integrate your list of proxies.
Proxy SwitchySharp adds the access button in the toolbar when you first set it up on your Chrome browser.
From there, you can change different proxies that you have installed to access the web. More than 500, 000 users have downloaded this Chrome Switch Proxy Extension.
Although it is a popular extension, its creators have not updated it for over a year now.
Proxy Switcher
This is a great proxy management tool for the Chrome browser. It has a straightforward user interface. Proxy Switcher allows you to easily change proxies from the toolbar.
This application also enables you to browse the internet anonymously. You do not have to visit the long list of settings as you can simply add your proxies and change them with only a few clicks.
Proxy Switcher lets you use PAC proxies as well. This tool hides your IP address, provides access to banned sites, automatically changes proxies, and lets you access servers protected by passwords.
Besides Chrome, you can use Proxy Switcher on Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
Alternative to Using a Proxy Switcher
All the extensions mentioned above work very well for changing different static proxies. However, you can also switch proxies automatically by using rotating proxies without using any extension.
A rotating proxy changes the IP address of a user after a specific time period or each request. This is why you do not require proxy switchers when you are using rotating proxies.
All the above-mentioned proxy switchers and managers have almost similar functions with small differences.
You can employ any of these extensions as all of them are great. Plus, all of them are offered free of cost.
You can use these proxy switchers and managers to simplify the proxy changing process on the Chrome browser.
Free Proxy Switcher | Proxy Chrome Extension to Switch Proxy

Free Proxy Switcher | Proxy Chrome Extension to Switch Proxy

Are you looking for the best proxy setting extension for Chrome? Come in now and discover our best picks, each with unique features that keep proxy users using oxies can be very helpful in the area of online privacy, but at times, setting them up seems to be extra work, especially when you need to switch them constantly. Look here – I wrote about How to Automatically Switch Proxies From a List of will agree with me that going through the whole steps every now and then is not only repetitive but also time-wasting, and tedious. However, with the help of Switch Proxy Extensions, changing proxies on Chrome because easy and hitch-free, usually with just a few are many proxy extensions for Chrome in the market. I will not advise you to go for anyone you see in the market because some of them might have malicious intent. For some, it has been a while they have been updated, and as such, it is not advisable to use them best paid proxy extension is the Luminati Chrome Extension, that offer 72+ millions IP in their P2P proxies pool, you can learn more from are the Switch Proxy Extensions that are perfect for your Chrome. Each of them can be downloaded from the Chrome Web xyProxyFoxyProxy is a known name among many proxy users, not because of the popularity of their proxies but because of the popularity of their proxy management tool known as GeoShift by FoxyProxy, you can switch between 100 different countries and surf the Internet from thousands of cities around the world. The software is free and easy to use. However, for you to make use of this Chrome extension, you need a FoxyProxy account. Aside from Chrome, they also have an Addon for Firefox, which is actually more popular than their Chrome more about how to use FoxyProxy Extension for Firefox (en-US), And the other proxy switchers are similar to is an HTTP Proxy? Types of HTTP Proxies Explained! What is a Socks Proxy? Paid & Free Socks proxies List Added! Proxy SwitchyOmegaProxy SwitchyOmega is open-source software with its codebase available on GitHub – you too can add to the codebase for it grow if you wish. Proxy SwitchyOmega is one of the best proxy management tools on the Chrome wnloadable as a Chrome extension, this proxy manager has been downloaded by close a million users. It makes switching proxies easy. You can also make use of the Auto Switch feature, which will bind specific websites with specific Switcher and ManagerProxy Switcher and Manager do the work of both a proxy switcher and that of a proxy manager. Aside from the fact that it can help you switch between proxies easily by providing you a simple UI, it can also help you manage between thing that differentials it from the other extension is that it provides free proxy servers when you need them. However, I will always advise against using free proxies as they are quite slow and comes with other It Possible to Find Reliable and Working Public Proxies? BP Proxy SwitcherBP Proxy Switcher is brought to you by, you can read our in-depth review of buyproxies Here, a popular private proxy provider. With this proxy extension for Chrome, you can simply add all your proxies at ones from a clipboard or URL. After the upload, with just a click of a button, you get to switch between also has an autorotate feature that switches proxy every 60 seconds. One good about this one is that it shows the country for each proxy. It also allows you to delete the cache before switching to a new ever, just like every other extension on the list, there are no per tab proxy, the proxy you use at any given time works from the browser artproxy Proxy ChangerLooking for the best way to switch between proxies? Then Smartproxy extension can help you out. Smartproxy Chrome extension will enable and disable proxy for sites you visit; it does so based on your configuration and pattern it identifies by this Chrome extension, you do not have to switch between proxies manually. This makes the whole idea of switching proxies easier for you. You need to know that this extension is different from the one provided by Smartproxy Extension, the proxy manager provided by Smartproxy, the popular proxy residential proxy providers similar to SmartproxyProxy SwitchySharpAre you having difficulty switching proxies from your long list of proxies? Then Proxy SwitchySharp can help you out in the best way possible. It is a Chrome extension that makes switching between proxies easy and swift – without going to change proxy from the Advanced setting section every now and Switch Proxy Extension for Chrome has been downloaded by over 500 thousand users. While it is very popular, it is depreciated and has not been updated for more than a year SwitcherProxy Switch is one of the proxy management tools you should use if you are using Chrome. It has a very simple UI. Changing proxies is just like a do the change from the toolbar – no more endlessly going through the settings, just add your proxies and have them changed with just a few clicks. This proxy management tool also supports the use of PAC ternative to Using Proxy SwitcherWhile the above extensions work quite well for switching between static proxies, permit me to make you a recommendation. Even without making use of any extension, you can get proxies switched automatically when you make use of rotating tating proxies are the proxies that change the IP Address assigned to a user after every request or a specified period of time. With rotating proxies, you do not really need a proxy to Use Rotating Proxy API & Proxy lists with CURL for data miningGuide to Backconnect Proxy: How Backconnect Proxies Work? ConclusionIf you observe all of the proxy managers and switchers discussed above, you will see that they carry out almost the same function with just little can use any of the extensions from the list and it will work for you. Unlike other tools that are paid, all the ones discussed above are all free. Because they are free, you do not have any reason not to use them again to ease the proxy of changing proxy on lated, What is IP Scrambler and How does it work? How to Choose a Proxy Provider? Our Proxies buying guide! How to Use Proxies to Surf Tor Anonymously

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