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Better Nike Bot – Sneaker Bots
#1 Sneaker Bot
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$200. 00
BNB All in one supports a lot of different online sneaker stores. Below is a list of sites currently included.
Finish Line
Supreme NYC, EU, JP
Feature list:
CC Checkout (browserless and superfast! )
Unlimited Accounts
Supreme Keyword Finder
Bulk edit task Features
Manual and automatic captcha solving
Single PC License
Free Updates for 6 months
**There are no refunds**
Out of stock
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Better Nike Bot and BNB AIO Review - Limeproxies

Better Nike Bot and BNB AIO Review – Limeproxies

The next limited edition Nike shoe can be yours right now.
True hard to believe?
Well, let’s explain how we are so confident about that?
Ever heard of sneaker bots?
Sneaker bots can increase your chances to get that limited edition shoe you always wanted.
Don’t worry there are no risks attached as conducting such an action will always have a security measure in hand.
Well, there are two types of sneaker bots which you will learn today, they are considered to be the best Nike sneaker bot and well you see learning about them can help you towards getting the next Nike limited shoe.
Great then, let’s get you on Quick LinksJump straight to the section of the post you want to read:MEANING OF SNEAKER BOTSBENEFITS OF SNEAKER BOTSWHAT IS BNB AND BNB AIO? FEATURES OF BNB AND BNB AIOTHE STRATEGY OF USING BNBHOW TO SET UP SNEAKER ACTIVITY ON BNB? HOW PROXIES CAN ENHANCE BNB ACTION? MEANING OF SNEAKER BOTSSneaker bots automate your checkout process on your behalf.
Now have you noticed that when you wait for the limited edition stock, suddenly when you just add it in the cart, it is already sold out?
This happens because just like you there are other users who are making use of sneaker bots to conduct their checkout process.
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It is easier and much faster.
It will look like several others are conducting the action of buying when instead it is one person doing it.
Sneaker bots have grown popular because limited editions are too hard to get and while some use it to get the product, others look at it for the purpose of reselling it again.
Let’s get to understand why you need to have sneaker bots in your life.
Yes, you no longer have to wait your turn for the limited edition stock. The minute your stock is available, the sneaker bots will conduct the checkout process much quicker than you would. This eliminates your chances of having to wait for long queues and instead invest in a bot that can conduct the checkout process way quicker than the other buyers.
There is no assurity that you will get the product, but the chances of your getting it is high. Sneaker bots with its fast action can give you the opportunity to get that Nike shoe and that is better than having a lesser chance of having nothing.
It’s time for you to now move ahead to learn about how BNB and BNB AIO sneaker bots can help you better.
WHAT IS BNB AND BNB AIO? BNB stands for Better Nike Bot and is the higher version among the other bots.
It has four products under its name which are Better Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot- Ultimate, Better Nike Bot all in one, and Better Nike Bot all in one – Ultimate.
It is expensive but the service it offers is worth its presence.
The ultimate BNB bot offers tons of great advantages such as free updates for one whole year, allowing multiple PCs to run the bot and more.
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BNB works for all Nike stores across the globe except for China. It supports SNKRS apps and draws.
All BNB bots are well functional with Windows users and for Mac users, you will have to install a WIN emulator when using this bot.
BNB AIO is the same as BNB except it works on multiple websites.
The BNB AIO version supports Footsites, Supreme, Bape, Yeezy Supply, and many more.
Let’s get in deeper to understand these bots better.
This is one great feature that lets you purchase when surprise limited-edition drops.
BNB offers quicker checkout tools that don’t use a browser.
Gives you insights on any SNKRS releases and gives you the option to choose from any sneaker model, colour or style. You can get started with a SNKRS task without much hassle.
The captcha solvers action is conducted either manually or automatically so that the bot won’t be stuck or stopped with a captcha request.
This editor feature helps you to manage multiple tasks via multiple platforms or websites in a simpler manner.
This feature can help you do more with surprise limited-edition drops.
BNB is conducted in a certain manner, the strategy which is being used will help you understand its function better.
THE STRATEGY OF USING BNBThere are three types of Nike, one is FLOW which is first come first serve, second is LEO where you can enter as many accounts as you can, and where a regular drop is in 2-3 minutes. Lastly, there is DAN where you can enter multiple accounts like a raffle where the drop is 10-30 minutes.
The strategy works like this:
If the release is a flow type, then you have to stand first in the queue immediately. If the release is an LEO or DAN your chances of entering multiple accounts are higher. You have a choice between speed and big task numbers.
So how can you put it to good use?
HOW TO SET UP SNEAKER ACTIVITY ON BNB? You can get started to create a simple SNKRS task by clicking on a row in the calendar and adding the task. In case if you’re doing this manually, then need to first identify the style code so that you can enter the same in the style code field.
While BNB is great in what it offers, it does require security because if brands realize that such sneaker bots are on their website, there are chances of them getting blocked.
HOW PROXIES CAN ENHANCE BNB ACTION? A proxy server acts as an intermediary between an individual who wants to access a restricted website and that website itself.
Say, for instance, you want to access some website but it’s not reflecting since your location has been blocked, what you would do is send a request to access that website, but instead of that website receiving that request, the proxy server will receive it. It will change your IP address and then send the request to that website.
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When the website sees that the IP address is of the location they are granting the access to view, they will approve and the approval will be received first by the proxy server and then to you.
Proxy servers ensure that your IP address will be hidden so that there are no chances of you getting blocked at all.
With a proxy server, you can hide the BNB bots and use a different proxy whenever you conduct your tasks. This will make your actions more secure and better.
BNB and BNB AIO are great sneaker bots for you to get started.
Let’s have a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:
Sneaker bots automate your checkout process on your behalf.
Benefits of sneaker bots are no waiting in long queues and more
Features of BNB and BNB AIO are keyword finder and more
We also covered the strategy of using BNB such flow and more
We also covered how to set up BNB for sneaker activities
To get more such topics, watch out for Limeproxies.
About the authorRachael ChapmanA Complete Gamer and a Tech Geek. Brings out all her thoughts and Love in Writing Techie to get started? Try it free for 3 days
Inside the booming and controversial world of sneaker bots -

Inside the booming and controversial world of sneaker bots –

Last week, visitors to the Apple App Store looking at the top-trending paid apps saw a surprising sight: In the No. 3 spot was a $20 app called Supbot, an app that purports to help consumers grab the latest-hyped drop from Supreme faster than any human would be able to check eaker bots, programs that automate the process of buying a new product the instant it becomes available online, have been the scourge of the sneaker world for years. Non-bot-using customers hate them because it is practically impossible to check out faster than a bot can, so they often cause disappointment. Whenever hyped sneakers sell out in minutes, sneaker forums are filled with people lamenting that they “took the L, ” meaning “loss, ” on a new sneaker release because of bots.
On the other hand, brands and retailers hate them because they perceive the bot-user to not be valuable long-term customers but instead vultures who seek to buy up large quantities of limited product to resell at a markup. Nike even went as far as to cancel two online drops back in 2015 due to the concern that there were too many bots attempting to purchase the sneakers.
“If one person buys up 40% of the product just to resell it, it’s not a good customer experience for anyone, ” said Chris Bossola, founder and CEO of Need Supply Co., which has dealt with bots when hosting sneaker drops. “And it’s not helpful for us since those people are not reliable customers who provide long-term value. ”
But the providers of these bots see themselves as providing a valuable service to the larger sneaker community.
“Copping hyped sneakers was near impossible, and to get anything worthwhile at resale prices is also out of the question, ” said Alex Kabbara, vp and co-creator of, a sneaker bot with hundreds of positive testimonials online in various sneaker forums and on social media. “You’d be looking at paying a $300 to $1, 500 markup, generally. Everyone who was big had a source, someone who’d back-door stock at the local Foot Locker or Nike, so it was unfair. My partner was a very impressive developer, so we thought, why not even the playing field? Give the average sneakerhead a chance? ”
The rise of bots
Kabbara co-created AIOBot five years ago. Now, it is a full-fledged company with 35 employees operating mainly in Lebanon and Sydney, with a smaller contingent of remote specialists. Kabbara sees sneaker bots as a way to help give people a chance at obtaining the shoes they want.
The creator of CookLab, who requested to remain anonymous for this story, operates a pay-to-access group that offers a variety of sneaker-copping tools. He has a similar philosophy: “Basically, I just wanted to help people, ” he said.
The AIOBotsoftware costs $300, which is on-par in terms of price of bots on the market. Kabbara attributes the price to the high costs of maintaining the bot. At the same time, he stressed the bot’s role in helping a certain type of consumer: the customer who uses the constant buying and selling of sneakers as a revenue source.
“In just one day, you can make back all the money you spent to purchase the bot, ” said Kabbara. “Obviously, sometimes you may miss, but there are releases every day, and extremely profitable releases every week. We have a lot of clients who use our bot as their primary source of income and others who use it on the side to pay off their college. ”
Gray area
A recurring question in the world of bots is whether or not they break any laws. Is it legal for customers to use a program that gives them an unfair advantage over other consumers? The answer is a resounding “it depends. ”
“Bots have been around for a long time, ” said Jennifer Beckage, a lawyer focused on technology and privacy at Buffalo-based Beckage Law Firm. “There are a lot of purposes for bots, and they’re used in different industries to get ahead of the competition. It really comes down to a few factors: What is the particular bot doing, what is the company doing, what rules have the company set forth about bots, and what are the terms and conditions of shopping there? Those are all factors that are important and dictate whether it violates any rules. ”
There have been previous legal actions against bots in general, such as the Bots Act of 2016, which made it illegal to use bots to buy tickets online, and the proposed Stopping Grinch Bots Act in 2018 that was meant to curb the use of bots to buy coveted gifts around the Black Friday season. But no specific laws have been proposed to curb the onslaught of sneaker bots.
Kabbara confidently said that bots are 100% legal and that AIOBot has had no issues or legal pushback. The creator of CookLab also said they have never had an issue with the law.
However, most sneaker brands and retailers have a clause against bots in their terms of service. Nike’s Terms of Use states that the company will cancel or refuse any order it determines was placed using a bot. Using one to buy shoes would technically be a breach of contract and would probably stand up in court, if it were pressed by the brands, according to an analysis from Wired. But none have actually done so.
“It all depends on the details of the terms of service, ” said Dan Greene, another lawyer at Beckage Law Firm. “If the user is breaking the terms of use, they’d be violating the contract with the seller. You can’t prevent everything, so how do you put yourself in a defensible position? A lot of brands are trying to make it harder for bots, adding more steps and using multifactor authentication to weed out bots. ”
Fighting back
Instead of legal action, many brands and retailers have resorted to other tactics to curb bots, like augmented reality, as exemplified by Nike when it required buyers of a collaboration with Momofuku to scan a menu from the restaurant to complete the purchase. But by far, the most common sneaker bot deterrent is the raffle.
“Now, we avoid all of this by using a raffle system, where people can sign up on our site, and we have a really intricate system that weeds out a lot of the bots so we can get real people, ” said Wil Whitney, a longtime streetwear veteran who now manages U. S. brand relations for sneaker retailer Sneakersnstuff. “After that, it goes to a third party for the names to get drawn, and those winners are contacted via email and they get a guaranteed chance to buy the shoes. ”
Raffle systems have been implemented by major brands like Nike and Adidas, along with retailers like Need Supply and Sneakersnstuff.
And while Need Supply reported some success with raffles — Bossola called them a “low-tech, but effective” solution — many of the bot makers are undeterred. When asked whether raffles have had an impact on AIOBot’s revenue, Kabbara responded, “We botted that, too, ” adding that anything humans can do, bots can simulate.
Neither AIOBot nor CookLab would disclose their revenue, but the growth that both have experienced — from two employees to 35 for AIOBot, and a few members to 150 for CookLab since launching last year — suggests that, at the very least, the demand for sneaker bots is not slowing down.
“A lot of bots are springing up every month in this space, thinking it’s easy money but, what most don’t realize is it takes a massive amount of resources to have a sneaker bot that works, ” Kabbara said. “From what I see, there’s an uptrend in bots, and it’s becoming more popular. Bots will always be there because if you want actual humans to be able to interact, then you’ll need to leave space for bots to work their magic, as well. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about bnb aio bot

Does BNB AIO work with Snkrs app?

BNB works for all Nike stores across the globe except for China. It supports SNKRS apps and draws. All BNB bots are well functional with Windows users and for Mac users, you will have to install a WIN emulator when using this bot.Aug 7, 2020

Are AIO bots illegal?

Kabbara confidently said that bots are 100% legal and that AIOBot has had no issues or legal pushback. … However, most sneaker brands and retailers have a clause against bots in their terms of service. Nike’s Terms of Use states that the company will cancel or refuse any order it determines was placed using a bot.Apr 5, 2019

Does AIO Bot actually work?

Yes. AIO bot works for Supreme too. It even has separate settings for Supreme stores, so you can make the most of a rotating proxy network and set a very low restock delay.May 26, 2021

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