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Ticketmaster Review 2021: Legit, Safe, or Reliable?

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7. 5
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Ticketmaster is an extremely reliable ticket sales and distribution company owned by LiveNation. Ticketmaster is primarily a box office ticketing company, which means that you’re buying tickets at face value.
Ticketmaster also runs a secondhand, peer to peer ticket marketplace called TicketExchange but we recommmend using StubHub (for better prices) if face value tickets aren’t available on Ticketmaster.
Best place to buy tickets if the event isn’t sold out
Website is easy to navigate
Lots of checkout fees that can sometimes be more expensive than the ticket itself
Ticketmaster’s ticket marketplace does not tend to have great prices if face value tickets are no longer available
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My Experience with TicketMaster
It wouldn’t matter if I were a professional or not when it comes to knowing Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is one of those names that has been talked about forever, good reviews coming from it left and right. Even if I wouldn’t have to be, I still am a professional ticket buyer and seller. I do love Ticketmaster for a number of reasons, and a lot of them may have to do with reputation. However, many of them are just from my experience with Ticketmaster.
Ticketmaster is near the top of my list for ticket sites I use to buy resale tickets because it does sell so many source tickets. Though it may seem a bit weird to have people buy tickets, then turn around and sell them again on the same website, Ticketmaster makes sure that people aren’t abusing this. Tickets on Ticketmaster are always priced reasonably, whether they’re resale tickets or not. Earlier in the week when I was checking out another ticket resale website, I was guilty of using Ticketmaster for a price comparison because I know they’re going to have fair prices. Whether they’re the cheapest or not is another story, but I know they will always be priced reasonably. I trust Ticketmaster to keep people from ripping me off.
Even just looking at the homepage, one can tell Ticketmaster has a lot to offer. Ticketmaster does partner without a lot of leaders in the entertainment industry like LiveNation and iHeartRadio, so it’s not uncommon you’ll see promotional offers for these events and their venues. Even though Ticketmaster has partners, they don’t let that ruin the TicketMaster experience by pushing those events heavily. Ticketmaster offers just as much exposure on their site for smaller, local venues.
Regardless of when or where the event is, I know I’ll have the tickets in my hand by the day I need them. I also know that on the off-chance that those tickets don’t get to me or something goes wrong with the tickets, Ticketmaster will take care of it. In the times I have had to use Ticketmaster’s customer service, it has been nothing but pleasant.
Recently, I had a hiccup with some tickets I had purchased for my parents. What I thought would be a nice surprise turned into a double-booked mishap. Long story short, my parents couldn’t attend the event I had already paid for. Though I had the option to turn around and sell the tickets, it just seemed too late to get rid of them myself. The customer service department at Ticketmaster was kind and courteous, and they allowed me to solve the problem without losing any money.
Ticketmaster truly is transparent with their fees. Though ticket prices can vary, the service fees remain steady in line with the cost of the ticket. I don’t ever buy from Ticketmaster expecting for there to be a surprise fee that is much more than I bargained for.
I know a lot of Ticketmaster’s credibility comes from its popularity. Ticketmaster can afford to pick and choose who they want to resell tickets on their websites where other ticket resale sites may not have that luxury. Though that can be bad for some sellers trying to sell on the Ticketmaster platform, it does ultimately keep the ticket buyer safe which is the most important thing, in my opinion. A good seller knows that.
Ticketmaster lives up to its hype and is comparable to sites like SeatGeek that truly take care of their customers. I, like most ticket buyers/sellers, will continue to use Ticketmaster regularly.
What Are Ticketmaster’s Service Fees?
Ticketmaster tends to have fairly high fees but because tickets are at face value (not on a reseller market) it’s still the best place to buy tickets if there are any available.
How Does Ticketmaster Work?
Ticketmaster is the primary box office and ticket sales platform for most venues in the United States and oftentimes internationally. Users visit where they can search, discover and purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts and much more. One challenge is that tickets will frequently sell out at popular events and then customers must find tickets to buy on second-hand ticket marketplaces.
Ticketmaster tends to have the best prices when tickets are available through its box office service. If tickets are sold out then we recommend looking at ticket options on StubHub.
Ticketmaster Popularity
Ticketmaster is currently the 1, 094 most visited website in the world according to This makes Ticketmaster one of the most visited and popular ticketing websites in the world.
Ticketmaster Refund Policy (Security, Trust & Reliability)
The Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee:
“We sell official tickets straight from the artists, teams, and venues.
All of our tickets are 100% verified to be real. The seat you buy is the seat you get.
We give you three days to change your mind. All tickets for participating venues and teams are fully refundable for 72 hours after purchase, up until one week before the event. ”
Ticketmaster is generally an extremely reputable and reliable company so there aren’t any real risks around being scammed or duped by this company.
Ticketmaster Customer Service Contact Info
Ticketing 101 | Ticketmaster

Ticketing 101 | Ticketmaster

Sign In
Who Owns the Tickets to Your Favorite Live Events?
Tickets sold on Ticketmaster belong to the people putting on the event – aka “Event Organizers” – like performing artists, sports teams and venues.
Ticketmaster is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, and we partner with Event Organizers to make their tickets available through our marketplace, which includes websites, apps and Fan Support centers across 29 countries.
The Difference Between a Presale and an Onsale Date
Before tickets go on sale, Event Organizers tell us how many tickets they want to make available, the price of the ticket, and when they want the sale, or sales, to start.
In many cases, you may see ticket sales listed as either a “Presale” or a “General Public Onsale. ” Event Organizers may arrange these early Presales as part of promotional efforts they have with a third party, such as offering tickets to certain credit cards holders in exch… Read More
Ticket Types
As the official ticketing partner of thousands of concerts, sports, and theater events around the world, we offer the widest selection of tickets, and all of our tickets are guaranteed by a verification process or a money-back guarantee.
The most common types of tickets we sell are:
Standard Tickets – Standard Tickets, are listed for sale at a price decided by the Event Organizer. Learn More
Resale Tickets – Resale tickets are tickets sold by fans, season ticket holders and professional ticket brokers. Learn More
Platinum Tickets – Platinum Tickets are standard tickets that are “dynamically” priced based on supply and demand. Learn More
VIP Tickets – Some Event Organizers offer ticket packages that include preferred seating locations in addition to extra items such as access to a pre-show meet and greet or show merchandise. Learn More
The Cost of a Ticket: List Price, Fees and Taxes
Event Organizers set the list price for Standard, Platinum and VIP Tickets. The list price for a Resale Ticket is set by the ticket holder who is reselling it..
Fees, including our portion of the fees, vary by event and cover the costs of the services we provide to venues, promoters and fans, including developing new technology, customer support, fraud prevention, marketing and other services… Read More
Ticket Delivery and Entry
Once you’ve purchased a ticket, getting in the door to your favorite live events should be easy.
We offer Event Organizers several ways to deliver tickets to fans, including mobile tickets, will call pickup, print-at-home, and mail. These options are always selected by the Event Organizer.
Increasingly, Event Organizers are choosing to use our “SafeTix” mobile ticketing as the exclusive option for entry into their shows. SafeTix uses an encrypted digital ticket that eliminates ticket fraud… Read More
Transferring Your Ticket
Many people like to attend live events along with friends, family or loved ones. Ticketmaster has made it safe and easy to transfer tickets you can’t use, or tickets purchased for friends and family, directly from your account.
Inside your account, locate your order and choose Transfer Tickets, select who you’d like to send them to and how they should be delivered (send link via text message or email).
In rare cases, some Event Organizers may elect to make tickets “non-transferable. ” This is to prevent buyers from purchasing groups of tickets solely for the purpose of reselling them at a profit. In 2018, less than 4% of events had “non-transferable” tickets… Read More
Selling Your Tickets
When you end up with tickets you can’t use, you should be able to resell your tickets to someone who can. We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible with features that allow you to list your tickets straight from your Ticketmaster Account page.
Although we may not be the largest resale marketplace, we strive to be the best and most transparent for fans purchasing resale tickets. Unlike other resale marketplaces, we verify every standard, Platinum and VIP ticket we sell, so that buyers know they are buying the real thing. And for resale tickets where the original ticket was sold through another ticketing company, and then posted on Ticketmaster, we provide a money-back guarantee. Additionally, when someone purchases tickets originally bought from Ticketmaster, they are re-issued in that buyer’s name, giving them peace of mind that their tickets are both real and belong to them… Read More
New Products & Tools
We are focused on using new technologies and building new products that help ensure tickets end up in the hands of real fans.
Ticketmaster Smart Queue™
Instead of a rush to the onsale that favors the bots, Smart Queue drops fans into a virtual queue requiring each user to sign in and provide a unique phone number for validation.
Ticketmaster Wait List™
Wait List completely replaces the traditional onsale for certain high-demand events by using a fan pre-registration process that adds additional screening and verification of potential How it Works
Ticketmaster SafeTix™
SafeTix feature encrypted, changing barcodes and “tap and go” NFC technology, which prevents tickets from being screenshotted or photocopied, virtually eliminating fraud and More
Fan Rights
Creating a better ticketing experience for fans.
Each day, millions of fans trust Ticketmaster as the place to buy and sell tickets for unforgettable live experiences. We work continuously to provide fans a smooth, safe and fair ticket buying experience.
Competing With Automated Ticket Bots
For high demand events, unscrupulous resellers use sophisticated computer software programs known as “ticket bots” to illegally purchase large blocks of seats in order to resell them on secondary ticket sites at very high mark-ups to the face value.
Our Solution
10B Bots Blocked in 2018
We have invested millions of dollars in proprietary and 3rd party technologies that blocked over 10 billion bot purchase attempts in 2018 alone
We actively cancel tickets listed for sale on our website when we suspect they were purchased using bots
We work closely with law enforcement to identify and go after bot users
Increasing Fair Access to The Seats You Want
For many events there is much greater demand for tickets than there are available seats, particularly for great seat locations, and competing with thousands of other fans who are also trying to buy tickets to your favorite show, concert or game can be time-consuming and frustrating.
Fan, Artist, and Client-Friendly Products
Working with teams and artists, we have built new products to help them get tickets directly to their real fans
Our Verified Fan registration program and our new digital ticket platform have been used across thousands of events getting tickets to fans at fan-friendly prices
We have also helped teams and artists “dynamically” price tickets to ensure they rightfully receive the benefits of market pricing, instead of their profits going to scalpers or resale ticketing sites
Protecting Fans From Ticketing Fraud
Many resale ticket sites allow sellers to list tickets for shows that haven’t gone on sale yet and the seller doesn’t even have possession of the tickets (“speculative tickets”). Dozens of sites also use confusing words & logos to make you think you are buying tickets from an official source, when you are buying unverified tickets from individual ticket sellers.
A Safe and Transparent Marketplace
We do not allow speculative tickets on our website. Sellers are required to list exact seat locations and we validate the location before tickets can be sold
We clearly identify every ticket as either a standard or resale ticket
If we are not the official ticket seller, we provide you a link to the site that is the official ticket seller
We have also teamed with platforms like Google and Facebook to fight deceptive marketing and require proper disclosures on all ticket ads that appear on their sites
The Impact of Bots
Bot purchase attempts blocked by Ticketmaster in 2018
of traffic on ticketing sites is automated*
of bad bot traffic occurs in the United States*
*Stats based on Distil’s Bad Bot Report 2018
Our Guarantee
We’ll have your back, every step of the way.
Ticketmaster is the Official Ticket Marketplace for thousands of the world’s biggest events, performers, teams and sports leagues including the NFL, NBA and NHL. Along with our partners, we’re committed to being the safest, most reliable ticket marketplace in the world. That means you can count on us to provide you:
100% Real Tickets
Every ticket we sell, standard or resale, is real and accounted for so that you always get into your event.
Transparent Ticketing
We’ll always clarify which available seats are standard and which are resale. And if we aren’t the official ticketing partner for an event, we’ll tell you who is.
Reliable Refunds
The seats you buy are the seats you get. If they aren’t or if your event is canceled, you can get your money back. Learn more about refunds for canceled and rescheduled live events.
Leading Fan Support
If you have questions or problems, our award-winning Fan Support Team will work hard to make sure you get the help you need.
What Our Partners Are Saying
I want theatergoers to be able to purchase tickets at face value at our box office and our website, rather than on a resale platform. And if you do go to a resale platform for tickets, I want the markup you must pay to be clearly displayed. Most of all, I want you to be there when the curtain goes up. You shouldn’t have to fight robots just to see something you love.
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Creator of Broadway’s Hamilton – NY Times
We know we’ve got such a passionate fan base and scalpers can come in and take full advantage of that. We took that burden upon ourselves to try to create those obstacles that would put as many tickets into the fans’ hands… Our fan base just loved it, they felt we did everything we possibly could do and we did.
Chris Woltman
Twenty One Pilots Manager – Forbes
Our artists go to great lengths to understand who is buying tickets and coming to their shows. It’s important to them to make their shows safer and more accessible and it’s very important for them to be able to develop longstanding personal relationships that will fuel their careers for years to come. Tools like digital tickets are finally going to give them that capability.
Louis Messina
Messina Touring Group/AEG Live
Our number one goal has always been to get Pearl Jam tickets into the hands of our fans. We are constantly working up ways to improve our ticketing options and level the playing field. Verified Fan is the best solution out there to beat the bots.
Kelly Curtis
Pearl Jam Manager
Who determines how many and what types of tickets go on sale?
Event Organizers are in control of all the key details when it comes to selling their tickets.
They decide how many tickets should be sold, the types of tickets to sell, the prices, when ticket sales information is made available to the public, as well as when they want the tickets to go on sale.
Does Ticketmaster set ticket prices?
No. Prices are determined by Event Organizers, who keep 100% of face value when a ticket sells.
When a ticket is offered for resale on our marketplace, that price is chosen by the reseller, such as another fan, season ticket holder, or a professional ticket seller.
Fees are added after the ticket price is displayed. They’re split among the venue and others involved (including Ticketmaster) in bringing events to life, but who don’t receive any portion of a ticket’s face value.
Why are there fees?
Fees play a crucial role in bringing events to life and enhancing the future of live events.
And because they’re giving us the rights to sell their tickets, Event Organizers typically collect a portion of these fees as well.
They help cover the costs of putting on each show, like setup and security, amazing visuals and crystal-clear sound, and other fan services that all work together to create unforgettable experiences.
Fees may come in the form of facility charges, which go to the venue, or delivery fees, which are based on how your tickets get to you.
We also collect service and order processing fees for our ticketing services. Fees, including our portion, go toward providing fans and clients with a safe and fair marketplace for buying and selling tickets, as well as ensuring that getting into a show is reliable and easy.
We accomplish this by building industry-leading websites and apps, innovating technologies that protect tickets from people using illegal bots and providing an award-winning level of customer service.
Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
All sales are final, but refunds are allowed in limited circumstances.
The best source of up-to-date information about your event—and whether any refund, credit, or exchange procedures may be available—is in your online account. For your convenience, here are some examples of when a refund may be available:
• If your event is canceled, and you purchased your tickets from a Ticketmaster or Live Nation website or application, * we will issue a refund to the original method of payment used at the time of purchase, once funds are received from the Event Organizer. No action is required to obtain a refund. Some exceptions and limitations may apply. Please see our Purchase Policy for details.
• If your event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved, and you purchased your tickets from a Ticketmaster or Live Nation website or application, * your tickets are still valid; in some instances, however, the Event Organizer may give you the option to request a refund. Please see our Purchase Policy for details.
• If you purchased ticket insurance during checkout, and can’t attend an event for any covered reason, you’ll be reimbursed up to 100% of the ticket price. For any ticket insurance refunds, please contact the insurance provider.
Also, for many events, certain tickets may be exchanged for tickets from us of equal or higher price. A per ticket exchange fee may apply. Exchanges are not available for: (a) tickets purchased through resale, (b) VIP and other premium tickets, or (c) tickets purchased with additional related items and/or bundled products, or (d) tickets for events that are less than 24 hours away. In addition, we may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date, and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price. To exchange tickets, contact Fan Support. Please see our Purchase Policy for details.
Any request for a refund, credit, or exchange is governed by our Purchase Policy, Terms of Use, and the Terms Regarding Certain Canceled, Rescheduled and Postponed Events (COVID-19). You should read those policies carefully to understand your options and our policies. For additional information, read our blog post, Updated Information About Event Status, Refunds, and Options.
*Special rules apply to certain kinds of tickets (including transfer tickets and tickets you purchased but then resold). Please see our Purchase Policy for details.
Do you offer ticket insurance?
Yes, we offer ticket insurance during checkout through our partner Allianz.
When you have insurance and can’t attend an event for any covered reason you’re fully reimbursed. Covered reasons include illness, airline delays, traffic accidents, and more.
Your coverage includes the ticket price, taxes, convenience fees, and shipping charges, along with all other event-related items that have been added to your order, like parking, up to a maximum of $10, 000.
You can purchase insurance by selecting “Yes, Protect My Ticket Purchase” during checkout.
Want more info? Learn more about ticket insurance.
How do I sell my tickets?
Sometimes plans change and you can’t make it to your event. In those cases, we’ve made it easy and safe to sell your tickets to other fans.
Resale is at the Event Organizer’s discretion and may be removed at any time. If you don’t see a Sell Tickets button, or it’s grayed out, you will be unable to resell your tickets on our site.
How to Sell Your Tickets:
1. Sign in to your account and select your order
2. Select Sell Tickets
3. Choose which ticket(s) you’d like to sell
4. Set your sale price
5. Select how you’d like to receive your funds
6. Review your ticket listing and confirm
Your tickets are instantly listed on our marketplace and you’ll be notified (and paid) when they’re sold.
Need more help selling? View step-by-step instructions on our help center.
Why doesn’t my event have a sell button in my account?
If you don’t see a Sell Tickets button, or it’s grayed out, you will be unable to resell your tickets on our site.
Resale is at the Event Organizer’s discretion and may be removed at any time.
How do I transfer tickets?
The easiest meetup spot at any venue is always your seats.
It’s simple to transfer tickets to friends and family before an event, right from your account, so you can spend less time tracking each other down and more time enjoying live together.
How to Transfer Tickets:
1. Sign in to your account and select your event
2. Select Transfer Tickets
3. Choose which tickets you’d like to transfer
4. Enter the recipient’s first and last name, email address, and an optional note
5. Confirm and click Send
TIP: You must have a Ticketmaster account to receive a ticket via transfer. If the person to whom you are transferring tickets does not have an account, they can easily create one when accepting their tickets.
In 2018, Event Organizers chose to make less than 4% of events on Ticketmaster non-transferable. If you don’t see a Transfer Tickets button, or it’s grayed out, the tickets are non-transferable.
What is mobile entry?
Mobile entry turns your phone into your ticket. It’s the easiest and safest way to get into your event.
When you select the “Mobile Entry” delivery option at checkout, or when Event Organizers decide an event should be “Mobile Only”, you won’t be sent physical tickets or emailed tickets to print — so make sure your phone is charged and ready to go.
Your Phone is Your Ticket
1. Download the App and sign in
2. Tap “My Events” to locate your order and view your tickets
3. To get in, simply scan your ticket right from your phone
TIP: View your tickets before you go so they’re loaded in the app, even when WiFi is slow.
Want more info? Learn how mobile entry is making it safer and easier to get into events.
Why would a venue or Event Organizer not allow paper tickets?
We work with venues and Event Organizers to make the mobile entry process easy to use and to reduce fraud so that the people getting into the show are the fans that bought the tickets.
Paper tickets are more susceptible to illegal duplication, theft, and fraud compared to tickets on your phone. Ticketmaster is always innovating and working on new products and programs to eliminate ticket fraud to create a safer live event ticketing experience for fans.
Can I take a screenshot of my mobile tickets?
To fight fraud, Ticketmaster launched SafeTix™, which uses an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds. This enhancement protects against tickets being screenshotted or photocopied and sold multiple times by unscrupulous resellers. Because of this, a screenshot of a mobile ticket cannot be used as an entry method.
When you’re entering with a mobile ticket, you’ll need to show the real thing on your Ticketmaster app or phone’s wallet app.
How do I view tickets I bought online?
To view tickets purchased online, open our app or visit on your browser. Sign in to your account and locate your order.
From here you’ll be able to view your tickets, save mobile tickets to your phone’s wallet, transfer them to a friend, or list them for sale on our marketplace.
What is a presale and how do I get access?
Presales are special early-bird sales held by the Event Organizer.
Some tickets are made available to a certain group of fans before the general public, usually to recognize those in fan clubs and customer loyalty programs.
Not all events will have presales and getting access to one doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fan a ticket.
Here are a few examples of presales and how you can get access:
Venue Presales
Certain venues may host presales. If your favorite theatre or comedy club has a mailing list or newsletter, be sure to sign up to see if it offers early access to tickets.
Credit Card Presales
Credit card companies or banks — like American Express, Citibank, and Chase — may offer their Card Members presales for shows as a perk for being a customer.
You may already have access to some of these sales, so check with your credit card company for any benefits and/or assistance in shopping for live events.
Fan Club Presale
There are perks to being a devoted fan. Fan clubs and artist/team communities often give their members presale access to recognize loyalty.
Check out the websites of your favorite performers and teams to see how you can participate and take full advantage of your fanhood.
How do I get help?
Visit Our Help Center
Our Help Center can assist you in finding answers to the most common questions.
Talk to Someone
Our award-winning Fan Support Team is always on your side. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
If you don’t see your answer here, visit our Fan Support Site.
Certain links and information on this site are specific to the United States and may not reflect all products and operations in other markets.
Tips on How to Buy Tickets on TicketMaster - TickPick

Tips on How to Buy Tickets on TicketMaster – TickPick

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re looking to buy live event tickets to a concert that will sell out. We’ve got you covered here with a few Ticketmaster tips on how best to quickly purchase tickets on Ticketmaster, and how to get the best seats possible at the cheapest prices.
Contents1 Ticketmaster Tips2 Ticketmaster Presale Codes3 Use Multiple Browsers When Tickets Go On Sale4 The Best Way To Buy Ticketmaster Tickets – The Mobile App5 General Ticketmaster Tips6 Expert Tips For Buying Tickets
Ticketmaster Tips
Check Ticketmaster for Verified fan presale opportunities, fan club presales, special credit card presales and Facebook Ticketmaster presales, among wnload the App (avoid the security code, instructions below) frequently; presales and special offers for different credit cards come and the direct link to that specific event page and have the general on-sale saved in your a Ticketmaster account created on the website before trying to buy around: compare ticket prices on TicketMaster vs. other ticket sites (tips below).
Ticketmaster Presale Codes
Ticketmaster presale codes are easy to find when you’re looking for the credit card presales; however, these presale codes won’t work unless you have one of the actual credit cards.
For the Ticketmaster American Express Presale you can enter the code: INGOLD. This will allow you to see the tickets, but when you get to the checkout you’ll have to use an AMEX card.
The Ticketmaster Presale code for Citi Card is: 412800
The Chase Presale code for Ticketmaster is: 541712
Having these cards are the only chance to getting access to these specific presales, but Fan Club, Mobile, Facebook and other Ticketmaster presales are fair game, and easy to find via a quick Google search. We at TickPick always are up on the latest concert tours being announced and the presale codes for those tours.
Use Multiple Browsers When Tickets Go On Sale
When tickets go on sale, don’t worry about the warning Ticketmaster gives users that instructs them not to use more than one web browser. For example, let’s say you manage to get tickets into your checkout cart at 10:01 am, and you have two seats in your cart. How do you know that those really are the best available seats?
By using multiple web browsers (I recommend Google Chrome because it’s the fastest; but Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer work, as well), you’ll be able to maximize your options. If you only use one browser with multiple windows or tabs looking for tickets in Ticketmaster, the last window or tab that loaded is the only one that can move forward through the checkout process.
Here’s the key: focus on one browser. Leading up to the on-sale, start refreshing the page often.
The Best Way To Buy Ticketmaster Tickets – The Mobile App
If you have a smartphone, downloading the Ticketmaster app for the iPhone or Android will be your best bet for speed and even ease (as long as you already have an account). This will also enable you to have your mobile ticket scanned from your phone at the venue in order to be admitted vie mobile entry.
Two reasons why you should download the Ticketmaster App:
As we mentioned before, both Ticketmaster and LiveNation allocate tickets specifically to mobile sales. This makes sense, since Ticket Broker Software, aka “bots, ” don’t work with a mobile device, so this is one way to reduce the resale of Ticketmaster tickets on the app is the fastest way to buy tickets online. That’s because by following some simple steps (provided by Ticketmaster) you can avoid having to enter the security code, which apparently checks if you are a human. Unfortunately, this only works on the iOS app and not the Android app, as far as we can tell.
Step 1. Exit the Ticketmaster app and go to your iPhone settings (then)—> Notification Center—> then select Ticketmaster or Live Nation and make sure to change the “Alert Style” from None to Banners or Alerts (see picture below).
Step 2. Then go back into your Ticketmaster / Live Nation app, go to More – > Settings -> Notification Settings and then select push notifications to “On. ” Once complete, restart your app: say goodbye to typing security codes (note: on occasion you may need to enter the code, particularly if you refresh too quickly).
Note: If you didn’t follow Step 1, then the screenshot labeled Step 2 is what you would see, so try it again. If you have problems let us know in the comments below.
General Ticketmaster Tips
Don’t get greedy; it’s easier to get a pair of tickets (two) rather than four.
Once you get through the security checkpoint, start searching for tickets in your other browser(s).
Remember: the clock is ticking. The first page in the checkout process only gives you 2 to 3 minutes before you need to choose if you want to proceed or search again.
The whole point of the second browser is to keep the tickets that you got in the first browser while searching for new tickets, so if time is running out on the first pair of tickets (before a second pair of tickets becomes available in a different browser, or if the second pair of seats is worse than the first), move through the process on the first pair of tickets.
You’ll have roughly ten minutes of time to search for a second pair of tickets (in a different browser) while you hold on to the first pair in the other checkout. If within 10 minutes you don’t find anything better, we highly recommend that you buy the tickets you found in your first browser. You can spend an hour doing this, and ultimately you may not get anything better as other, better tickets are being purchased by others..
Ticketmaster themselves recently published their own Insider Tips, and to be honest, we didn’t find any information that was particularly valuable. Additionally, they say one thing that we disagree with, which is to only use one browser. If I refresh a browser too quickly, I have had my IP address blocked for a couple hours, but this never happened by using multiple browsers. Ticketmaster suggests that you use multiple computers, but unless you’re a ticket broker, there’s no reason to have to do this.
Expert Tips For Buying Tickets
Have you thought about what tickets may already be available for sale on other sites such as TickPick and Stubhub? We previously discussed how Ticket Brokers Get Their Tickets, and this may come to you as a surprise, but you can often benefit from ticket brokers.
If you’re a pro, you’ll keep an eye on ticket prices on the secondary ticket industry. That’s because the ticket price often drops below face value, or available face value tickets may not be the best deal. For instance, for a Jay-Z concert like this previous one, you should check TickPick before committing to the assigned seat & tickets to which Ticketmaster limits you.
Ticketmaster Ticket Option – Section 124 row 7, total price $200 a ticket:
TickPick Ticket Option – Section 23 row 12, total price $216 a ticket
If you were looking to spend around $200 a ticket, would you not spend $15 more to sit in a lower section and 10 rows closer?
This situation may be a toss up, but you should always price shop for tickets to live events, and yes, of course we’re biased, but thanks to our fee structure (which never includes any fees for the buyer) TickPick has the cheapest resale tickets the vast majority of the
For more great tips on how to get cheap concert tickets you should check out our latest guide, which provides tips and info that can save you tons of money on your ticket purchase. For example, did you know that 80% of concert ticket prices go down as it gets closer to the event?
With that said, we know you can’t always gamble and wait for ticket prices to go down (plus 20% of the time prices go up). So here’s our last tip: if tickets on Ticketmaster sell out, there’s typically a small window where tickets are available at a small mark up. Once the concert is officially announced as a sellout, ticket brokers know to raise their prices, but if you act fast, you can get a good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying tickets on ticketmaster

How do you buy tickets on Ticketmaster?

Sign in to your Ticketmaster account. Navigate to your event by clicking your name in the top right and clicking My Tickets. Find your event and click See Details. Click Transfer Tickets.Jan 1, 2021

Do you need to have a Ticketmaster account to buy tickets?

If you receive your tickets through our “Ticket Transfer” feature, you’ll receive an email with instructions to accept your tickets. … Or, if you don’t have a Ticketmaster account, you can create a new one to accept your tickets.Sep 13, 2020

Is Ticketmaster a reliable ticket source?

Ticketmaster Review: Is it Legit, Reliable or a Scam? Ticketmaster is an extremely reliable ticket sales and distribution company owned by LiveNation . Ticketmaster is primarily a box office ticketing company, which means that you’re buying tickets at face value.

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