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Top Positive Review
“Bunch of cry babies”
All these people on here leaving bad reviews or just bots get a life I’ve ordered from champs over a hundred times and never had a problem with my order yeah it takes about a week longer than anybody else that I always get my s*** get a life and quit trying to ruin people’s business oh my God I don’t get them the same day or the next day I’m going to cry and write a bad review get a f****** life
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Top Critical Review
“Online rape”
Mike H.
Try letting people look at your in store products online without making them sign up to some B. S account to receive a million harassing email promotions and offers that no one wants. I call them emails from hell as it’s almost a form of online rape. It’s Bad for business to rape your customers. This is a good way of telling your customers to just go shop at foot locker lmao.
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I was looking for a specific pair of sneakers (nike air barrage) and found one of the color variants here. I purchased another pair from Jimmy Jazz a week prior and dealt with headaches which include zero customer service and answers to my questions (besides a automated/carbon cop response). They were also vague about shipping times though I paid for 2 day delivery
I say that to compare because here on Champs site they were very clear on details like when to expect the package, and what kind of delays are possible. Well even with explaining all that Jimmy Jazz took 10 days where Champs got the delivery to me in 4. Zero issues and loving my purchase
Thank you
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June 2nd, 2021
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Ordered a pair of new jordans on 01/11/2019 didn’t receive confirmation email until 01/14 and was unable to reach customer service by phone or email or live chat the whole time. Received my order today on time in perfect condition. However I will not be shopping online with champs sports due to unneeded stress caused by horrible customer service.
I took advantage of a 25% off coupon online, I ordered a pair of retros and clicked on my size Upon finishing my order it then proceeded to tell me “error” telling me my size wasn’t available (I called the store and they had my size) and got redirected to home page. Tried AGAIN! Different store this time and the same error popped up again. Little did I know my card was charged TWICE! Called customer service, the lady was actually nice! Had to cancel one of the orders and wait like 2-3 business days for a refund. I ordered my shoes for PICK UP THAT DAY, I kept waiting and waiting and no email confirmation yet as to when I could pick up my shoes I HAD TO CALL 3 TIMES and they told me my was available for pick up, email STILL! Hasn’t told me my order was ready too. So if you order online for pick up, make sure you keep calling the store to make sure it’s ready for pick up! DO NOT WAIT FOR AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION! Overall happy with the shoes I got! But the experience was a pain in the neck!
Champs Sports is a horrible place to shop online at, the people took my order and money, claimed that the order would be shipped a day later, it’s been 5 days and my order still is open without any shipping information. There’s no way possible to get in touch with customer service at this point because no one while answer the phone or emails, so basically there just taking advantage of people and there hard earned money in the middle of a pandemic at this point
Bought Jordans and waited 2 weeks for them to ship. They shipped to the wrong address and told me through live chat that there’s nothing they can do. Then they ended the chat with no resolution. Please believe me when I say this a brick & mortar business that is just digging its own grave even deeper. I will be staying on GOAT and StockX.
About 3 weeks ago now I ordered shoes and I have called 2 times no answer, emailed them twice, and still no answer. I am currently on the phone right now and no one is still picking up. Never order from here online, this is the worst experience ever. I either want my money back or shoes to come in. I’m going to call a store near me and see what they can do for me. SO DISAPPOINTED.
Ordered a pair of Airmax 90 on August 23rd 2020, shoe was supposed to come Friday August 28 2020. Never arrived checked tracking nothing just say its late and it on its way, called customer service they don’t help told me to to wait to 11 and they will try to refund my money. I will never order shoes from them footlocker or eastbay. This is the worst shoe ordering experience I ever had. $#*! CHAMPS
Got an email today(5/2/2020) stating that champs has to”track down” my jordan dub zeros after i already purchased the shoe and my size from their website. If you didnt have them then why make them available on the site? I placed my order 4/30/2020. I know its only been a couple days but that email was NOT assuring.
3 days later I still cannot pickup my order from the store. Purchased online for curbside, email said 24hr wait time, its been 72 hours. No communication. Over two hours on a phone that just rings, there aren’t any associates. The IRS doesn’t take this long. So I call bull! I will be disputing the charges on my card, for theft.
I ordered my shoes on April 19, 2020 and they still haven’t shipped! I’ve been emailing and trying to call but their phone line won’t ring! Worst company ever! Stick to finish line, etc. Never experienced anything like this. Called UPS and they said they’re waiting for Champs.
Great selection of shoes but Horrible shipping for online purchases. I ordered twice and both times I waited about 2 weeks for my order. Simply annoying! Won’t shop online ever again
There is a huge lack of communication! They don’t answer the phones! They don’t not correspond to emails! They take your money but don’t provide the product! Wait time on phone over a hour long like wtf! They need to be reported to the BBB and Attorney Generals Office if I could give a negative number I would! NEVER will I use champs again WORSE company EVER! You outta be ashamed of your corporation!
Champs is ripping pepole off by the millions when u are protected by the government anything goes dont believe me make an online purchase and see how after u purchase the price total u think it is then check your bank right after and see how much u afe really charged they can add several hundred and thier reason is its thier policy if u read it on thier website what a f joke boycott champs cause the only 1 getting in the arse is you!
I ordered 3 mlb hats every single one had bad stitching crooked logos wrong size and then they made me pay to return them even tho they claim free shipping on returns lol and on top of that they keep denying my bad reviews on the products even tho there’s nothing inappropriate about the review they just censor anything negative smh will never ever shop or recommmed this horrible place
I ordered sneakers on 05/30/2020 I still have not gotten a email confirmation and champs processed my payment and took my money out of account customer service center is based in Florida so there’s no reason not to answer the phones I been calling for 4 days now nothing 2 hours one time on phone this is terrible… please contact me *******
I bought my son Jordan’s for Christmas on their website and they were never delivered even though they claimed it was. I was home all day. I assumed they delivered to wrong apartment. They did “an investigation” I received an email after weeks stating I would get a refund in 2-4 days only to receive a denial email today. So I’m out $203 and he’s out his present. Who doesn’t refund or replace items?
I ordered Stan Smiths for my sister online thinking it was a reliable website, and they said it would ship in 5-6 business days. Its been a month and they haven’t come, and I am furious. Now we have to call customer service, and I am so tired of these scams. I will never order from here again! Guys, save your money and your sanity.
Honestly after reading all the bad reviews I thought they were going to mess up my shipping but my experience was smooth & great will be ordering again because they’re waaay faster than Nike; Nike shipment takes up to 3 weeks
Q&A (6)
You may never get them. Even if you click the link and check your order status and it says, “fully shipped” that does not mean you are getting your shoes. They will not notify you if they do not have them in stock – even though they said they did when you placed your order. Just waited over a month and made a couple of phone calls through the wait period. Endured being on hold and on the phone for over 1. 5 hours. Was told a week ago that they would be sent. Today find out that they knew then that they didn’t have them.
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Champs Sports Reviews – Trustpilot

So I placed the order with champs four…
So I placed the order with champs four pair of shoes and it immediately took my phone out of my account but then also sent me a confirmation email telling me that they had canceled my account due to billing error so I call customer service and the error that I had made they told me that they can fix which I didn’t understand because that’s what customer service is for so what I did was I put my address in the box where system something they could have easily been been fixed by calling customer service they gave me no help at all they were rude and I’m out of $171 for 5 to 7 business days until they feel like canceling the transaction which they already said they cancel I don’t understand why that issue small issue couldn’t have been fixed when I call customer service but yeah so Ally will never order with them again they’re unprofessional and this is a multi billion dollar company and they have people like this work out for them. If I could have given them no stars I would have done it
Worst work place EVER!! I would never purchase from them or work there again
This isn’t the place to work, they work their staff like slaves and have the worst management system ever, and very importantly not professional at all. I had many times where my work environment felt hostile and i didn’t feel safe or at ease at work, and i’ve brought it up to multiple store managers that would often change and assistant managers about how it made me felt and they would brush it off and say things like “oh that’s just them being them” or “that’s how they are” which is unexceptionable since no matter how many times i’ve voiced how it made me felt they would tell me to ignore them or i would have to stay out of their section of the floor. and many other issues
wrong style.
I bought a green camo jacket from them and they sent me the wrong style and the inside of the jacket is the wrong material. be careful when you buy from them.
I ordered 2T shirts from champs and…
I ordered 2T shirts from champs and they had fedex deliver it to the wrong address and now they denied the claim. So now I lose money that’s real nice of them.
Do NOT order from Champs unless you want to be out alot of money
I ordered mens Nike Air Max ’97 size 11 for my son’s back to school shoes and was charged $181. 48 however I was sent a cheap $30 pair of Jordan Break Slides size 12. Customer service refused to rush the correct shoes to me and said it would take 5-7 days to receive after the others were received back. I asked for a refund and was told it would take up to 10 days after they receive the others back. This was a 100% intentional to scam their customers. Now I am having to wait for a refund to be processed to buy my child his school shoes. Do NOT use this company. 100% believe all the negative reviews.
I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll order some shoes from another state I had to be shipped to my address. I did not receive a notification that the other she was out of stock. I called and spoke to three different reps on three different occasions and a supervisor and I still don’t have my money. The other rep blame the previous reps For not putting it in the request correctly. The supervisor wasn’t any better Ella. She wanted To offer Me a $25 gift card. After I did it declined the gift card she just told me I had to wait again. I have never had this much trouble getting my money back#lessonlearn
Terrible. Ordered Wednesday with 48 hour shipping still no confirmation. Called 5 times. Reps are terrible. Talked to a supervisor who assured me my UPS has my order. Provided me a tracking number that doesnt give me any info. Ups cant even locate it. Stay far away.
ordered a pair of the Zion 1’s rec. WORN SHOE
ordered a pair of the Zion 1’s online, got them in & they 1000% had been worn, not only was the toe creased they were fully laced, visibly dirty in several areas, insole wrinkled. I have been buying a Jordans and shoes like it since 1999. I know how the shoes come DS these were worn multiple times/someone played a full game of basketball in. I contacted champs they gave me 20% off big deal or the option to send them back and miss out on the release for a refund? I took the 20% 3xtremely dissatisfied with the outcome. may I suggest in this situation, champs should offer somesort of voucher to secure a limited launch/ release of my choice valid for a year. that would make up for the situation no one wants to send back a limited release and lose out and they know that and take advantage with a pathetic 20% off. after seeing multiple reviews and the fact they sell worn shoes on the regular I will no longer support any of their brands. I’d rather not get the release then to have to be stuck in the situation again.
Great experience
My package delivered in less than 5 days with standard shipping. Excellent product and great customer service. Nike shoes I ordered were sold out everywhere but here. Don’t listen to the bad reviews!
Disappointed in the process of ordering shoes online
Pretty disappointed that when we ordered the shoes we wanted everything went through just fine and said in stock then 2 days later get an email about them being on back order. The shoes finally shipped than for some reason it sat in the Fedex warehouse for 3 days before it left. At first told me I was supposed to get my order by Monday now it is delayed 4 days.
Mail us fake retro 13 Jordan
My niece ordered some retro 13 And the sent her some fake shoes The Jordan symbol was different And the threads was coming out of the shoe also the shoe was bent at the toe
No longer shopping with this company
Placed an order on their site for some Jordan Retro 3’s. It clearly said it was in stock for a 6. 5. Allowed me to put it in my cart, took my money and gave me a confirmation. Today i get an email “You have good taste but unfortunately these are sold out and you money has been refunded”. This is not joke you jerks. I seriously think when these orders reach the store the workers are putting these sneakers aside for themselves or their friends so that’s why all of a sudden the sneaker is no longer available. I will not be shopping with Champs again.
Don’t shop here. Seriously
This place provides zero customer service. Spent $110 for a jersey for my sons b-day, and was to pick it up at Mall of America which oddly, has two Champs stores. Been out there 3 times(because they don’t answer the phone) and neither store can find the order. I have an order number and bank statement. The confused 15 year olds are no help, not their fault, I am sure they were provided no training. So I called customer service. Spent an hour on the phone to get my money back, they said they would have to first contact the store, but cannot reach them as no one will answer the phone. So, the non english speaking gentleman told me he would get back to me in 3-5 days after he can reach someone at the store that does not have my order in their system. Crazy making.
Pretty Disappointing customer service
Pretty Disappointing customer service. Received shoes as a gift from my mom. They were seemingly too big. I ordered a size smaller on a new order so I could compare and the order was cancelled. I checked on the website what date I could return the original shoes and it said 4. 21. However now they are telling me it was 4. 11. They said I can try to go to a store tomorrow but no guarantees that it will be accepted. You would think with the covid times, the return policy would be greater than 45 days.
The bad reviews are total lies!!
The bad reviews are total lies!!! Customer service was on point so was my order and delivery. Shoes perfect. I will never trust trustpilot reviews again!! Liars had me so paranoid for no reason and doing my own research found the bad reviews came from the same ip address. All of them!!!!! Idiot!!!!
Bought shoes from here and a week later…
Bought shoes from here and a week later they cancel my order because they’re out of stock. Why even let me order the shoes in the first place. Keep track of your inventory y’all customer service trash please don’t shop here.
I ordered a shirt and was suppose to…
I ordered a shirt and was suppose to get it the same day because I did in store pickup. Their website is false advertisement. I never got an email to pick up, the store is closed, and I don’t have the shirt. I will not be doing business with them anymore. I tried to cancel the order and the rep said I couldn’t cancel because it was submitted. This store is horrible, no wonder they are all closing down.
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