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You will be prompted to upload images after you have entered your post’s title and description.
1. Once you have entered the information for your post, click “continue. ”
2. On the next page, click “Choose Files. ”
Please note: the name of this button may vary depending on your web browser.
3. A window or dialog box should appear where you can locate the image files stored on your computer.
Browse through the available image files and locate the first image you wish to upload.
Select the image and click “Choose. ”
If the image is uploaded successfully, it will appear in the area below the Choose Files button.
If you have multiple images to upload, repeat the process above.
To remove an image, click the “x” that’s on top of the image on the right side.
4. When all of your images are uploaded, click “done with images. ”
5. On the next page you can view a preview of your post. Make sure the text and images are accurate.
If your post looks good, click “continue. ”
To add additional images or remove uploaded images, click “edit images. ”
How to Upload Pictures on Craigslist - ItStillWorks

How to Upload Pictures on Craigslist – ItStillWorks

i Dynamic Graphics/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images Craigslist offers free online classified ads that reach a wide audience. Online advertising is a convenient way for people to buy, sell, find jobs and learn about local events. Pictures are vital to advertising, and most categories on Craigslist have the option to add images. One way to include a picture is to upload the digital image from your computer directly to Craigslist. If the picture is already online, you have the option of linking the image to the ad using HTML. Preparing the AdStep 1Launch your web browser and go to the Craigslist webpage (see Resources). Step 2Select a state or region from the box on the right, and then choose the area nearest to your location. Step 3Click “Post to Classifieds” in the top left corner. Step 4Select the type of ad you are posting. Step 5Enter the posting title, price, specific location, your email address and description. Uploading a Picture to Craigslist From Your ComputerStep 1Click the “Add/Edit Images” button below the posting description. Step 2Click the “Browse” button under the first box with the red “X. ” Step 3Select the picture from your computer and click the “Open” button. The red “X” will change to a green circle when the upload is complete. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to add more images, if desired. Step 4Click “Continue” to review the posting and see the uploaded pictures. Adding a Picture Using HTMLStep 1Place the cursor in the posting description box. Step 2 Type the following HTML code to insert an image, entering the exact file path to your image: Repeat this step to add another image, if desired. Step 3Click “Continue” to review the posting and see the pictures in the body of the post. References Tips Use photo-editing software to reduce the image size if they upload too slowly. The HTML code must include everything shown in the examples, including the quotations and full HTTP web address. Simply edit the web address to match the path to your image. Writer Bio Nicole Hamilton has been a content writer since 2005. She uses her journalistic style to create informative articles for websites such as Hamilton earned an Associate of Science in multimedia design from Okaloosa-Walton Community College in Florida.
Can't Upload Photos to Craigslist - ItStillWorks

Can’t Upload Photos to Craigslist – ItStillWorks

i Images Adding images to your Craigslist classified posts can make a powerful impact on your visitors by adding details and information you can’t include in your post. Additionally, because Craigslist allows users to filter their search results to only include posts with images, attaching an image to your post may increase its visibility on the classifieds site. If you run into problems using Craigslist’s upload form, you may still be able to add photos or use HTML code to embed them in your post. Upload LimitsIf you’ve been able to upload images to your post and suddenly find that you can’t access the posting interface anymore, you may have reached the file-upload limit. Craigslist only allows you to upload up to 12 images per post. You can see how many images you’ve already uploaded by counting the thumbnail images in the upload form. To remove an image from the post, click the “X” in the thumbnail. The least recent image displays in the post as your default SizeWhile Craigslist doesn’t specify the dimension and file-size limits for uploading photos, if you try to upload a high-resolution image with a large file size, the upload form may freeze or experience a severe lag. Craigslist automatically resizes and compresses any photo you post so that it’s no larger than 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels high. If you’re experiencing lagging or freezing while trying to upload a large image file, you may be able to resolve the problem by resizing the image to smaller dimensions and a smaller file size, and then attempting the upload again. WorkaroundsYou can add images directly into your post by using HTML code to embed external image files into the post content. Use the following code syntax to embed an image, replacing the placeholder text with your own information: ProxyTags : , , , , , , , Leave a Comment on Cl Image Upload Craigslist

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