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Is Comcast or Xfinity slower than usual? Probably Comcast is throttling your connection. Here is how to bypass it.
If your ISP is Comcast, then slow speed during streaming and browsing would seem like a norm to you. Despite announcing that the company no longer throttles your connection, Comcast deliberately throttles your internet bandwidth on Netflix, YouTube, or other bandwidth-heavy apps.
There are several reasons why Comcast might be throttling your connection. Sometimes it’s because you’re using excessive bandwidth, while at other times, it’s paid prioritization or network congestion. No matter whatever the reason might be, slow internet speed is irritating and annoying nonetheless. So, what to do to bypass Comcast Throttling?
What Are the Legal Reasons for Comcast Throttling?
Comcast might throttle your connection for several legal reasons, such as:
Net NeutralityTraffic optimizationControlling network congestion, especially during peak hours. To enforce data limits Preventing DDoS attacks.
Comcast throttling is mainly a result of Net Neutrality aftereffects. The repeal of Net Neutrality has given more power to the ISPs who can throttle users’ connections anytime. Also, the netizens are subjected to pay an additional price for using more data. It means that to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Netflix, YoutTube, or Amazon Prime, users’ have to pay an extra amount. They’ll experience continuous connection lags and buffering if they don’t, which ruins their streaming experience.
Other than this, Comcast might also throttle your connection because you might be using excessive bandwidth. This usually happens when you are streaming or torrenting for a long time. Your ISP uses bots and filters to analyze your browsing activities. If they get to know about heavy torrenting or streaming, they start throttling your connection.
Quick Way To Bypass Throttling
Statistics revealed data about 87% of USA ISPs that involved in throttling & monitoring user’s logs. After the Netneulratliy bill, it’s also legal now, but luckily there is a way around it.
we have done the research and figured that using a reliable and fastest VPN service will bypass the throttling quickly.
CyberGhost: allrounder VPN (cheap in price)NordVPN: Best For Netflix & TorrrentingExpressVPN: Great speedy servers & securitySurfshark: smart choice
How to Test If Comcast Throttling You
If you observe that your internet speeds, while you’re streaming or torrenting, is drastically dropping or lower than what your data plan promises, then it might be possible that you’re being throttled. At first, it isn’t easy to prove that your connection is being throttled at a particular website or bandwidth.
But then there are various tests that you can perform to check if a particular service or website is being throttled.
You can check if Comcast is throttling your connection on any website or apps by undergoing an internet speed test, internet health test, or Wehe app test. Through these tests, you can learn about the internet speeds of streaming services that are liable to throttle your internet connection. Read along to know how each test is performed.
Internet Speed Test
It is a method for checking if your ISP is throttling your internet speed or not. The test results also tell you about your maximum bandwidth, so there’s no doubt left that your ISP is involved in slowing down your internet speed. To perform the internet speed test, head over to speed tests like or and hit the “Go” button.
The tool might take a few minutes to analyze your network speed and inform you about your internet speed. Note down the speed and bandwidth and repeat the test after some time. If the obtained results show considerable variations, then Comcast is surely throttling your connection.
Internet Health Test
The Internet Health test measures whether the interconnection points are having some problems. It runs speed measurements from your ISP across various interconnection points to detect any degraded or throttled performance. The test uses codes and infrastructures from M-Lab that send your traffic to a device working as a measuring point outside your service provider network. To conduct the internet health test, visit and tap on ‘Go. ’ The results will show any sign of limitation amid your ISP and the measuring points.
If the difference is quite significant, then it is a sign of Comcast throttling. But to have more confirmation, you should perform and analyze the results for a week or more.
Wehe App Service
Northeastern University researchers have developed an amazing tool, ‘Wehe. ’ With this tool, you can test whether your ISP is throttling your connection on popular streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Skype, and Spotify. Here are the steps for using the Wehe app to check if Comcast is throttling your internet speed or not:
Download the Wehe app on your Android or iOS the app tap on Accept to the Run the toggle buttons to select the apps on which you want to run a test. For example, if you’re going to check that your connection is throttled on Netflix, toggle other options to the off position. Tap on the Run Test button. The app will take a few minutes to show the results.
By using any of the methods mentioned above, you can check if Comcast is throttling your connection or not. But since the Wehe app is part of a research study, it is not as reliable as the other two. Also, it collects sensitive information such as your location, connection time stamp, and operating system. All the information is visible to the users, and many privacy-conscious people won’t like it.
How to Bypass Comcast Throttling
A VPN is a reliable and perfect tool to stop throttling. It changes your ISP by assigning you a new yet temporary IP address. With the new IP address, you can easily bypass the ISP filters and access the internet without any limitation.
Besides this, VPN offers exceptional data encryption capabilities that encrypt your data traffic and route it through an external VPN server in an encoded form that your ISP won’t detect. As they won’t ever know which websites you’re browsing, they won’t throttle your connection.
When it comes to bypassing Comcast throttling, we recommend you stick to a few fastest VPN providers. This VPN shouldn’t have speed-centric features that help in circumventing throttling. Also, it should have an extensive server network and some privacy-focused features that make it difficult for your ISP to detect you. Keeping this criterion in mind, below we’ve compiled the most reliable VPN providers that can easily bypass Comcast throttling:
CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost is another excellent option to consider for bypassing Comcast throttling. It has an extensive server network that’s spread in 91 countries. Moreover, it offers unlimited bandwidth and decent speed. The VPN provider uses the industry’s highest encryption, WireGuard, and OpenVPN protocol to safeguard your ISP data.
It comes with specialized servers for torrenting and streaming. You can stream US Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus in HD quality. The split tunneling feature also maintains your security and speed during torrenting.
NordVPN is one of the most secure and reliable VPN providers that use the NordLynx protocol to speed up the connection. It uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN protocol by default to protect user data from all prying eyes. The presence of a vast server network also makes it a great option to stop Comcast from throttling the connection.
With more than 5000 servers in 59 countries, users can access geo-blocked content on any streaming site. Also, it allows unlimited torrenting, and connection speed is never an issue. The VPN provider uses a range of security and privacy-enhancing features that maintains your digital privacy. These features include VPN leak protection, a kill switch, a dedicated IP address, and more.
ExpressVPN is another reliable VPN that because of its fastest speeds emerges as one of the best VPNs to bypass Comcast throttling which has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries, all offering fast speeds. The VPN provider uses Lightway protocol which guarantees the fastest connection speeds.
Moreover, it offers secure encryption and protection against DNS and IP leaks. It also has a kill switch, RAM-only server, and zero-knowledge DNS that protect your activities from getting exposed. Besides this, ExpressVPN also allows users to stream Netflix and other popular streaming sites without any speed issues. It offers unlimited bandwidth, which will enable users to download torrents unlimitedly.
Surfshark VPN
The next VPN on our list is Surfshark that comes with fast speed and a decent server network. It consists of more than 3400 servers in 61 countries and unlimited bandwidth that helps to stop Comcast from throttling your connection. The VPN uses OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol that also ensures fast speed. Furthermore, Surfshark also uses AES-256 bit encryption and impressive security and privacy-focused features like a kill switch and VPN leak protection, reducing the chances of Comcast throttling your connection.
The VPN provider comes with unlimited bandwidth, enabling users to stream and torrent without any issue. With Surfshark VPN, you can unblock US Netflix and several other libraries. Also, it comes with a split tunneling feature that ensures both security and fast speeds while you download torrents.
All these VPNs are tested and tried when it comes to bypassing Comcast throttling. Though you can find other VPNs, fast speed and reliability are not guaranteed. Hence, select any VPN from the above list and start enjoying fast speed over the web.
Does Comcast Throttle Your Connection?
Like Verizon, another famous US carrier Comcast has been involved in throttling users’ internet connections. Comcast has a history of throttling users’ internet speed. In 2007, the broadband providers violated the Net Neutrality laws as it was caught throttling the BitTorrent traffic. The FCC inquired Comcast to reveal how it manages the data traffic.
In response, Comcast decided to use its congestion management system that slows down all users’ speeds who consume high bandwidth instead of targeting specific sites. Later in 2018, the company announced that they’d stopped the practice of throttling users’ internet speed. But still, many users complain about Comcast throttling their connection on particular sites like Netflix and YouTube.
Does Comcast Throttle Netflix?
It is a common belief that Comcast throttles Netflix. According to news sources, Comcast has been involved in paid prioritization surcharges and throttling against Netflix. All these threats compel the popular streaming service to sign an agreement that isn’t ideal for them.
Comcast has been threatening heavy access fees against Netflix. They decided to outright throttle or impose high access charges of more than $10 a month depending on their monthly package if Netflix didn’t meet the terms that benefit Comcast.
Netflix demands high bandwidth from Comcast while billing customers directly. This resulted in a loss of revenue and lowered per-subscriber fees for Comcast. This frustrates Comcast, and they decided not to follow Net Neutrality more. On a mutual agreement, both the companies agreed that Comcast would own the customer billing relationship and share the downstream revenue with Netflix rather than allowing it to collect the money.
Can We Bypass Comcast Throttling Without a VPN?
Using a VPN to bypass Comcast throttling is a permanent and long-term solution. It is the most reliable tool to provide anonymity and make it impossible for your ISP to detect your activities over the web. We tried to dig out other methods to prevent throttling and, after searching through Reddit and Quora, came up with different ways to avoid throttling. These methods include:
Use proxy serviceRegister a complaint against your ISPChange your ISPIncrease your data plan
However, none of them is permanent or capable enough to solve the issue.
Using a proxy service will hide your IP address, but it won’t encrypt the data traffic. It means that your ISP can still learn about your activities. Moreover, proxy service is used by several other people at a time, and thus the speed slows down.
However, using the other two methods, i. e., complaining to the ISP or changing the ISP, won’t make any difference. Thus, it’s better to use a VPN to prevent throttling.
Can We Use a Free VPN to Bypass Comcast Throttling?
The best way to prevent throttling is to use a reliable VPN provider. The free VPN providers are usually not reliable when bypass throttling, and there are valid reasons for it. They come with limited monthly bandwidth that sometimes makes streaming, torrenting, and gaming challenges.
Also, they don’t allow the users to excess all of their server networks. The users can only access a few servers with sluggish connection speed. Also, using a free is like compromising your privacy and security. The lack of proper encryption and security features further makes it a wrong choice. Hence for all these reasons, one should always use a premium VPN provider.
Final Thoughts
Hopefully, after going through our guide, you have learned that Comcast throttles your connection in the first place. The best way to bypass Comcast throttling is to use a reliable VPN provider. To enjoy a fast and uninterrupted connection, ensure that you’re connected to a reputable and fast VPN provider. The VPNs mentioned above are the ones that you should try to enjoy an excellent browsing experience.
How To Stop Comcast From Throttling Your Internet - Flixed

How To Stop Comcast From Throttling Your Internet – Flixed

The FCC wants to weaken net neutrality protections that kept ISPs like Comcast from throttling your streaming services. In this guide, we’ll show you how to stop Comcast from throttling your internet from start to finish.
What Is Throttling?
An internet service provider throttles service when it deliberately slows the speed of data on its way to your house. There may be times when that is a legitimate thing to do. If internet congestion gets too bad, then an ISP may throttle everyone’s service to keep people from losing access completely. The key here is that everyone gets affected equally.
Throttling becomes bad when ISPs use it to target a specific application like BitTorrent or a specific online service like Netflix. Most Americans have one or two choices when it comes to getting internet access. This monopoly-like lock on consumers gives ISPs enormous power over any company that wants access to its customers.
For example, a company like Comcast could create a two-tier system for video services. A fast lane would let it stream video to Comcast customers at full speed – for a price. Streams from other services would travel at a slower speed. Comcast would make a lot of money, but its customers would suffer as the services they want to use are throttled.
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The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality policies have protected us from this kind of racket, but like many other things in Washington, that’s changing.
This guide will show you how a VPN (virtual private network) can help you get around throttling technology. We’ll also look at how the FCC is reversing net neutrality protections, and how worries over throttling are based on Comcast’s own history.
How Does A VPN Stop Throttling?
Companies in the early days of the internet needed ways to connect remote offices and traveling employees to the corporate network. VPN technology let them create a virtual company network over the internet that nobody could crack into from the outside. Eventually, third-party VPN service providers like IPVanish began selling the service to smaller companies and even to individuals.
How VPNs Work
The packets of data that go back and forth from your device as you use the internet are visible to anyone with the right tools. They can look at the internet addresses on each packet to know where you are and what sites you are visiting. ISPs can use these tools to target data streams for throttling.
The first thing the VPN software on your computer does is create a private tunnel through the internet to the VPN provider’s servers. From the outside, it looks like you are using the internet from whatever city that server is located.
The other thing VPN software does is encrypt your data. It uses military-grade techniques to scramble the data so much that nobody snooping can tell whether it’s a Netflix stream or tweets of your cat.
VPNs and Throttling
A VPN won’t help if Comcast is targeting you. If you’ve blown through your monthly bandwidth caps, the terms of your internet service contract may give Comcast the right to throttle everything going in and out of your cable modem – including your VPN connection.
A VPN’s anti-throttling benefits only kick in when Comcast is targeting an online company like Netflix or an app like BitTorrent. Their technology relies on being able to peek into the data you get from the internet. The filters need to know the addresses on your data packets or to see the video data inside. A VPN’s combination of tunneling and encryption prevents anyone from knowing where you’re browsing on the web or what content you are downloading. If Comcast can’t tell the data is from a Netflix video, then it can’t throttle that stream.
Our Pick: IPVanish
Source: IPVanish
We recommend using IPVanish for its combination of features, value, and performance. Its virtual private network system (VPN) is an excellent way to stop Comcast from throttling your internet services.
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Invisibility To ISPs
The private network connection between you and IPVanish masks your activity on the web. Tunneling and encryption ensure that everything you exchange with IPVanish is private. By the time your data reaches the public Internet, it is already at IPVanish’s servers and not on Comcast’s network at all.
As far as Comcast can tell, your streaming video data could just as easily be an email, a Facebook status update, or a Wikipedia article. If Comcast decides to throttle Netflix, it would have no idea that you were watching Orange is the New Black.
IPVanish provides some of the fastest connections on the internet. Congestion is one of the biggest challenges VPN providers face. If too many people try to use the same server at the same time, bandwidth issues could slow data streams dramatically.
IPVanish has more than 850 servers in more than sixty countries around the world. That global footprint minimizes congestion and lets IPVanish commit to providing unlimited bandwidth.
IPVanish subscriptions start at $10 per month on a month-to-month plan, but you’re better off picking a quarterly or annual plan. The discounts will save you 25%-46% and reduce your costs to as little as $6. 49 per month. Thanks to a seven-day, money-back guarantee there’s no risk in giving IPVanish a shot.
And now may be a good time to try it out. The US Federal Communications Commission has kept Comcast and other ISPs honest, but that is about to change as principles of net neutrality get undermined.
What Is Net Neutrality?
Source: Justinc / Wikimedia
Net neutrality ensures that everyone – businesses and consumers alike – get treated the same way by the big internet companies. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is overturning many of the protections that kept companies like Comcast in check.
All Data Are Created Equal
Pentagon cash may have funded the original internet, but it was hacker culture that shaped what the internet became. Sharing, freedom of access, and decentralization led to the open source movement and to the concept of net neutrality.
The only way the internet can work is if all data gets treated equally. Under net neutrality, it doesn’t matter whether data comes from one person’s blog or Netflix’s video archive. It doesn’t matter whether that data streams into a TV or a smartphone. All of the data gets treated the same way and travels at the same speed.
Why Is Net Neutrality Important?
The mergers of internet and entertainment companies like Comcast and NBC Universal create a scenario where these mega companies could use their power to squash innovative startups. Where would Netflix or Spotify be if the music and film industry controlled your access to the internet?
Net neutrality protects small companies from the internet industry’s 800-pound gorillas. It protects consumers’ ability to use the internet the way they want. And net neutrality keeps the internet open by preventing the creation of walled gardens that favor the internet service providers.
The FCC Once Protected The Little Guy
The FCC took a tough stance in support of net neutrality during the Obama Administration when it issued the Open Internet Order. Among other things, it would “prevent specific practices we know are harmful to Internet openness – blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. ”
Central to the new ruling was something called Title II, laws regulating the telephone industry that the FCC extended to the internet industry. Title II gave the FCC strong enforcement powers using a system that telecom companies have lived with for decades.
New FCC, New Rules
Donald Trump’s election shifted the balance of power on the FCC after he replaced the Obama-appointed FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, with former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai.
Pai delivered a speech on the Future of Internet Freedom in which he said that by using Title II, the FCC had imposed “a set of heavy-handed regulations upon the Internet…. solely because of hypothetical harms and hysterical prophecies of doom. ” Pai announced that the FCC would propose new rules reversing the use of Title II.
The Internet Association, a trade group representing Facebook and other tech companies, responded that “consumers pay for access to the entire internet free from blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization…. Rolling back these rules… will result in a worse internet for consumers and less innovation online. ”
Comcast’s Throttling History
With the FCC reversing its tough support of net neutrality, people are worried that the ISPs’ bad habits will return. Comcast, in particular, has a history that justifies their concerns.
P2P Throttling
Comcast got caught red-handed in 2007 in what the Associated Press called “the most drastic example yet of data discrimination. ” Users of the peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent had been complaining that Comcast was throttling their service. AP reporters tested the claims and found that Comcast used falsified network data to trick the BitTorrent app into dropping its connections.
Two years later, Ars Technica reported that Comcast had settled a $160 million class action lawsuit. By then it had “abandoned its P2P-hatin’ ways”, but not until after FCC investigators began asking questions. (In case you’re wondering, each BitTorrent user harmed by Comcast got $16. The lawyers did much better. )
Netflix Throttling
Source: Scott Beale / Flickr
There’s more than one way to throttle an internet connection. Instead of targeting a specific app, an ISP can target the stream of data coming from popular sites. That’s exactly what happened to Netflix back in 2012.
As its video streaming service took off, Netflix relied on third-party transit providers to connect its data streams to Comcast’s network. Normally, Comcast would add capacity as traffic levels from these transit providers increased, but that stopped after the transit providers signed on with Netflix.
Netflix used this example when it opposed the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable in 2014. “Comcast made clear that Netflix would have to pay Comcast an access fee, ” the report said, “In essence, Comcast sought to meter Netflix traffic requested by Comcast’s broadband subscribers. ” (The merger failed so Comcast had to settle for buying NBC Universal)
What Comcast Says
Source: Comcast
Of course, Comcast has a different view of the world. It’s really just a harmless little multibillion dollar company, misunderstood by the public, and unfairly treated by an overreaching government.
Denies Throttling And Supports Open Internet
Brian Roberts, Comcast’s Chairman and CEO, issued a statement praising Pai’s Title II decision and declaring that “We don’t block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content delivered over the Internet. ”
A more detailed blog post explains how unfair the Obama Administration was and insists that net neutrality is at the top of Comcast’s priority list.
The post calls Title II an outdated law. It may have made sense in the 1930s when AT&T had a monopoly on all telephone calls in the US, but now the “misguided Title II overhang” gets in the way of innovation.
Slow Speeds Have Many Sources
Comcast also wants you to know that the slow internet you’re experiencing has nothing to do with them. It publishes an article every six months or so explaining the Comcast approach to network management.
On top of that, it explains how a slow internet experience could be caused by any number of different reasons that Comcast can’t control:
Computer performance – Old computers, old operating systems, apps running in the background, and malware could slow your internet experience. [It’s not us, it’s you]
Home network issues – Your home Wi-Fi connection could be congested or subject to interference. [Still you. Why not rent our wireless router? ]
Cable modem performance – If your cable modem is old, it may not deliver the service levels you’re paying for. [Yeah, still you. Why not rent our cable modem? ]
Distances and routes data travel – It could take more time for your data to bounce from network to network across the internet. [If it’s not you, and it really isn’t us, then it must be them. ]
Congestion levels – Sites unprepared for surges in traffic will get so congested that they can’t keep up with demand. [Still them. Definitely not us. ]
Gating policies – The sites you visit could have their own challenges, forcing them to limit their own speeds. [Seriously, it’s not us. The internet is complicated. Would you like to upgrade to a Cable and Voice package? ]
OK, OK. These are all very real reasons why your internet connection is running slower than it should. So if you’ve kept your home network tech up-to-date, how can you tell whether your connection is being throttled?
How To Check For Throttling
Source: SpeedTest
Comcast’s numbers are impressive, but speed test sites will give you objective measurements of your internet speeds. Run all the tests and compare the results to see if anything stands out.
Internet Speed Tests
Netflix created a simple speed test – emphasis on simple- that tells you how fast you can stream its videos.
Source: Bing
Google and Microsoft deliver more detailed measurements right in your search results – just google “speed test” or Bing it instead.
has been measuring people’s internet speeds for more than a decade. Its annual market report summarizes that data and lets you compare your broadband experience to state and city averages.
Internet Congestion Tests
Some testing services look at more than just the raw speed of your downloads. They also look at the various points across the internet where congestion could cause problems.
Source: Internet Health Test
The Internet Health Test, for example, checks for degradation at the ISP interconnection points.
Source: Measurement Lab
M-Lab has even more tests that look at different aspects of internet performance. Reports summarize results for most of the United States and many cities around the world.
Stop Comcast From Throttling Your Internet
Comcast’s history of throwing around its power means there’s very real chance that throttling will make a comeback. That’s especially true now that Comcast owns NBC and Universal – it has even more incentives to go after innovative media companies like Netflix. Unless public opposition forces the FCC to change its mind, you must be prepared stop Comcast from throttling your internet. Give IPVanish a try and let us know whether its performance justifies everything its customers say.
VPN blocked Comcast Xfinity [Easy Fix] - IT Blog Pros

VPN blocked Comcast Xfinity [Easy Fix] – IT Blog Pros

The first and easiest method that I recommend is to change your DNS. What’s a DNS (Domain Name System) you may ask? Well, this is the way that your device looks up what site you’re trying to is the problem? If you’re on Comcast for example, it will route all of its traffic through their own servers before reaching the site, which makes it even easier to, in our case, we’ll use Google’s DNS servers instead. The IP addresses are 8. 8. 8 and 8. 4. 4 (you can enter those into your router on a computer; they’re the same for Mac and Windows) around the world have used these for a long time. They are quick and may think, “wait! Google is the enemy! If I use their DNS servers then won’t there be more tracking? ” The answer: No. As long as you’re using a VPN (more about this below) then you’re secure because it encrypts all communication, making it impossible for your ISP to see what you’re even if Google was tracking your DNS requests, they wouldn’t have anything useful to report back home with (aside from the fact that you use a VPN – but we’ll get to that) are many other DNS servers you could use as well, but those two are the most popular and Comcast is blocking VPNs and throttling Netflix trafficA VPN is a network that will make sure you are safe and have privacy on the internet. Comcast’s VPN was blocked because of people using too much bandwidth. Comcast is also said to slow down Netflix traffic, but this has not been definitively mcast blocks VPNs because they use bandwidth from customers who are using the internet to stream videos or play games online, as well as download torrents or pirated content. Comcast says it does not block legal VPN people want to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to avoid problems with internet providers. These are companies that provide Internet service. The repeal of Net Neutrality made these problems worse. Comcast, for example, is one of the providers that was criticized for geo-restrictions and throttling people’s internet speeds when they used Peer-2-Peer ever, these are both solved by using a to bypass the blocksLuckily, bypassing restrictions can be very are many ways that you can use a VPN including changing your DNS, connecting to a VPN server in a location of your choice, and downloading a Virtual Private Network app. Some users have been using the Tor Browser, which is an onion routing system that is famous for being able to keep people anonymous can get around the blocks by downloading a VPN app to your phone or laptop. These work by installing software on your computer or smartphone and then connecting to a server in the country you want to visit through an encrypted tunnel. Once you connect, everything on the network is anonymized so you don’t have to worry about getting caught with copyright violations when streaming videos or downloading torrents! Another method is by using a rdVPN is a VPN service that has been designed for people who want fast performance and security. One of the key features of the NordVPN service is its double data encryption. This ensures that your traffic stays secure over public WiFi networks, cellular networks, and intercepted cables. Another feature is the option to bypass censorship with obfuscated servers and P2P rdVPN also offers a variety of apps that are optimized for different devices, operating systems, and uses. There is an app that comes preinstalled on Chromebooks which means that you can use NordVPN simply by turning it on in your network is a DNS and how does it work? A Domain Name Server is something which takes a server name and translates it to its numerical IP address. This allows your computer or smartphone to know how to communicate with other computers or servers over the internet. Your ISP is basically in charge of storing your DNS information for you! One of the easiest ways for someone like Comcast to block VPNs is to block the IP addresses of VPN you use a DNS service like Google’s, OpenDNS, or Norton ConnectSafe for your ISP then you can access any website that has been blocked by Comcast. A large number of ISPs in the United States don’t have enough server capacity to manage this. So if there are many people using a DNS server like Google’s or OpenDNS then it could be causing issues with you being able to access the website that has been are popular DNS servers? Google Public DNSOpenDNSNorton ConnectSafeThe most popular domain name servers are Google’s public DNS, OpenDNS, and Norton Connectsafe. All of these services will bypass the blocks on websites with certain IP addresses that have been blocked by Comcast. If used in conjucntion with VPN technologies, your security is greatly about VPNs? Comcast is blocking VPNs, and it’s really frustrating. It’s not just Comcast that blocks VPNs – most ISPs do. The repeal of Net Neutrality means that people are looking for ways to protect themselves when they are rdVPN has been designed for people who want fast performance and of the key features of the NordVPN service is its double data encryption. There is an app that comes preinstalled on Chromebooks which means that you can use NordVPN simply by turning it on in your network some settingsIf you still can’t connect your VPN and you have a good VPN already, then there is no need to switch providers just yet. There are some tricks that you can do to make your VPN work! How to configure the NordVPN app for Xfinity connections: Download the latest version of NordVPN here. Open Settings (click on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner and then click settings). In the settings menu, disable SmartPlay by clicking on it. You can also change the Stream mode to “Streaming”. If this does not work, you can also disable DPI protection. You might need to connect to different servers for can try these options protocolChange VPN encryptionTry switch serversSome users have been having problems with Comcast routers blocking VPN. So, even though it is slower, If you want to have a secure way to talk with the router, you should use TCP as your protocol. You can set this in your are a few ways you can do this. You can change your VPN’s encryption protocol to OpenVPN or L2TP/IPsec, or you can change being a PPTP. That should be an easy task for you to do, as most VPNs offer a variety of different encryption protocols. A VPN is when you pretend to be someone else. This can help them not get blocked. You might try another server or IP servers need to register DNS or open ports, which can be easily done using the NordVPN app. In the settings, go to “DNS Settings” and enter one of these:If you are still having trouble connecting after all of that – try contacting NordVPN support for additional nclusion: Can you bypass Comcast Blocking VPNs? People want to shield their internet activity from governments and ISPs, so they use VPNs. Recently Comcast has blocked some of these services for its customers, which exposes them to service that people have used for a while is NordVPN with obfuscated servers for extra security. Their apps also come with built-in adblocking features.

Frequently Asked Questions about comcast vpn throttling

Does Comcast throttle VPN traffic?

VPNs and Throttling If you’ve blown through your monthly bandwidth caps, the terms of your internet service contract may give Comcast the right to throttle everything going in and out of your cable modem – including your VPN connection.Aug 16, 2017

Is Comcast blocking my VPN?

Comcast says it does not block legal VPN services. Some people want to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to avoid problems with internet providers.Aug 2, 2021

How do I stop Comcast from throttling?

Once you have figured out your average monthly data usage, you can combat throttling issues by:Reducing your monthly data usage and staying under your monthly data cap.Paying extra for more high-speed data after you have reached your monthly data cap.Upgrading your plan to increase your monthly data cap, or.More items…•Oct 7, 2021

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