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Should I buy a Used Computer on Craigslist? - CPR Cell ...

Should I buy a Used Computer on Craigslist? – CPR Cell …

There comes a time when everyone needs to buy a new (or used) computer. There’s may have died due to hard drive failure or any other number of issues that can pop up. Or perhaps it has just gotten old and it’s time to upgrade. Regardless of the reason, you the consumer have choices when it comes time to purchase a new device or computer. You can buy something new from any number of stores, you can buy something refurbished or revitalized, or you can buy something used.
It can be tempting when you see the price tag on the used devices, but there are a number of issues that you need to be aware of before picking up a used computer on Craigslist.
Craigslist has a Small Selection
Many of us use our devices and computers every day, often for many hours throughout the day. When it comes time for something different, you want to have something that will meet your needs and help you get the job done.
When browsing the computer section of the Billings, Montana Craigslist, there is a surprising lack of selection. Those who live in larger cities across the country may not have this problem, but for some reason residents in Billings have yet to embrace that Craigslist is a cheap (free) and easy place to buy and sell. Yes there are some scammers, but there are measures in place to prevent scamming.
A recent look at the site showed there were plenty of computers on there… but none were all that great. Most were old; many of the listings were for peripherals (keyboards, etc. ). While there were a few good looking computers, the prices were not set very competitively.
Craigslist Tends to be Full of Junk
Those who use Craigslist to buy tend to think of the site as an online garage sale. You go and look at things that you may need, and you want to get them for cheap. If you wanted to pay full retail price, well that’s why there are retail stores.
Those who sell on Craigslist tend to think of the site as a place to get top dollar for your merchandise. They know what they paid for it, and they want to recoup as much of that money as possible. Much of the merchandise you find on Craigslist is priced higher than it really should be.
Now this is a bit of opinion on what is found on the site. But there is more to it.
You Never Know What you’re going to Get
Unless you really know computers, you never really know what you are getting when you buy something off Craigslist. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many people are dishonest. They will tell you one thing about the item, and neglect to mention that the computer you are about to buy has been dropped a dozen times (or has malicious viruses, or was peed on by a cat, or any number of other issues).
You may end up buying a used device that looks good, but is completely wrecked on the inside. Unfortunately there is very little you can do about getting your money back if you have been swindled.
Buy a Used Computer from a Reputable Dealer Instead
If you are upgrading your machine, then you should save your money until you can buy something new. Technology changes rapidly, so if you’re buying something even a couple of years old, it is vastly outdated.
If it comes down to it, and you can’t afford to buy new, buy a revitalized device. We have quite a few in stock, and we may have something that fits your needs exactly. Give us a call at 406-206-3437 to see if we have something in our store that will fit your needs. If we don’t, we can recommend where you should look.
Is it Possible to Get a Virus Through Craigslist? - Small ...

Is it Possible to Get a Virus Through Craigslist? – Small …

Craigslist executives say that, as of the date of publication, over 60 million people use Craigslist each month in the U. S. alone (Reference 1). That’s good news for businesses advertising their goods and services and for professionals looking for work, but news that comes with a caveat: some are using Craigslist with the intent of infecting your computer. And yes, you could get such malware via Craigslist. Uploads Craigslist generally allows people to upload only picture files, such as JPEG files, to the Craigslist platform. But there have been cases of hackers or programmers placing viruses within picture files. So if you were to download photos of something, such as a rental property that you’re interested in for your business, to your computer, that could put your computer at risk. To best protect yourself, always browse Craigslist — or any website, for that matter — with an anti-virus program enabled and running. False Alarms But warnings of viruses on Craigslist might not be accurate. Craigslist system administrators have reported at least one such false alarm involving AVG antivirus software. Craigslist users experienced these erroneous warnings when trying to post, view or reply to ads in the personals section. Theoretically, such a problem could also occur in other areas of the site. If you do encounter such a warning, Craigslist staff encourage you to contact the Craigslist Help Desk (see Resources). Links Another way that you could allow a virus could infect your computer via Craigslist is by clicking on a nefarious link within a Craigslist ad. Craigslist “ghosts” many ads — that is, prevents them from going live on the site — that contain links to other sites. However, it doesn’t prevent all of them. Beware of any suspicious links that could be links to malicious websites that would infect your computer with malware. Here is another case where running anti-virus software will help protect your computer while browsing Craigslist. Emails Scammers also have used emails to exploit Craigslist’s name and unsuspecting recipients. People have received email messages that appear to be from either Craigslist staff or from a buyer responding to a Craigslist ad. This type of email usually contains a link that leads to a malicious site that downloads a virus to the person’s computer. While anti-virus software would be helpful also in this situation, Craigslist staff add the following warning: if an email seems suspicious or fishy, it probably is not genuine. References Resources Writer Bio Aaron Charles began writing about “pragmatic art” in 2006 for an online arts journal based in Minneapolis, Minn. After working for telecom giant Comcast and traveling to Oregon, he’s written business and technology articles for both online and print publications, including and “The Portland Upside. ”

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