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Posting Tools for Car Dealers on Craigslist - Motorwebs

Posting Tools for Car Dealers on Craigslist – Motorwebs

With some dealers, Craigslist has become one of the most profitable lead sources.
Craigslist posting success depends on specific markets, inventory mixes and quality, optimized postings. Motorwebs provides tools for do-it-yourself dealers or we can do it for you. If you enlist our staff to manage Craigslist, you simply provide your budget and any other relevant parameters.
There are many great companies who provide Craigslist posting services for the automotive industry. Like other digital services, the key is to find one that is 100% transparent so you have clear line items of Craigslist spend (posts) and management fees.
Here’s how it works with Motorwebs:
We receive your inventory feed with pictures, prices, descriptions.
Once posted, each email lead, text or phone call can be sourced to the specific vehicle post.
Each post is live for 30 days.
The intelligence enables you (or us) to make educated decisions on most profitable posting strategies based on market, make, model, price points.
Craigslist continually strengthens the user experience by adding additional features for search and other functionalities such as map views. The most significant upgrade for user experience happened at the end of 2013 when Craigslist implemented a $5 per post fee. This change dramatically lowered posts from dealers who were “spamming” and upgraded user experience.
If you want to learn more about Craigslist strategies, let’s talk.
How To Sell Tools On Craigslist

How To Sell Tools On Craigslist

Learning how to sell tools on Craigslist is not that hard. Many people every day are looking for used tools. Just as many people have used tools they can get rid of that are laying around. You can easily make a great profit selling your tools on Craigslist with a few simple steps.
Presentation Is Everything
Presentation is absolutely key to selling something on Craigslist for many reasons beyond the more obvious. Well written postings instantly give the buyer a sense they are dealing with a grounded individual and instil confidence which is important given the endless stories about craigslist in the back of everyone’s mind. A well written posting starts with a descriptive title that clearly states item type “Circular Saw” and very little more. That way filter results give you the most exposure. Someone might very well be in the market for a cordless model and yet still think the corded model you are selling is too good a deal to pass up. Take at least two good photos, knowing more is better and consider cleaning the item as well. Some windex will clean anything and you might be surprised what a little WD40 on a shop rag will do for the power cord. It makes a difference and costs all of ten minutes. Be fair with price by viewing what others are asking, knowing if cleaned up you get to pick the top tier of asking prices. I have personally seen Mig Welders with 5 years of shop grime and even cobwebs listed. And we are talking an item that commands a price into the thousands? I already know how this kind of seller will address my concerns surrounding condition. He will be defensive knowing he most likely mutter “its a damn welder what more you need to know” while talking himself out of cleaning it for the photos. His no nonsense approach means a brash conversation is almost a given. Again, selling on Craigslist is all about the presentation and brash guy has limited his audience. That stack of Mack tool boxes might get the person into your garage for a closer look at what $5000. 00 worth of tools looks like. However, when only a medium size box of tools consider lining them out like tin soldiers much the way Sears did when you bought them. Its enticing and takes a few moments.
Describe It, Less Is Better
There are several reasons to cut to the chase when describing what you are selling on Craigslist. Avoid asking questions like “wouldn’t you love to have these in your garage” or long drawn out stories about how “this tool has never let me down in ten years of endless rip cuts”. While some people are browsing on small screen mobile devices, others oddly like to answer exactly “why” they would rather have a Bosch Table Saw instead of the crap Craftsmen you are selling, almost like they have nothing better to do? Also think long and hard about including specific model numbers until asked. The reason is honestly two fold. It may be all right and even beneficial if the item is only a year old and the reviews have always been stellar. I recently sold a Craftsman compressor on Craigslist that had spent its entire 11 years inside a soundproof, mechanically ventilated cabinet built to keep noise down. It was absolutely as perfect in appearance as they day it came out of the cardboard box. The guy who bought it was so tickled he remarked “this thing has got to still be under warranty, right? ” My price was fair and not saying represent something as new. However, had myself posted the model number in this day and age of Google Anything and he would have at very least found the number one complaint that necessitated the soundproof box as well its age. He might have then at least asked me to plug it in? Just give a solid description of the item, performance and general condition until asked otherwise for model numbers. No good can come from it.
What Price Should Your Sell Your Tools For?
There are two schools of thought on this one. Set the price just above your bottom line. Make more if lucky and some people on Craigslist just want to feel like they got a better deal. I for one have never once moved off a price in all the time selling things on Craigslist. I have sold cars, several motorcycles and untold tools, post divorce. I look inside Craigslist in my area. Also look in nearby areas to get more examples and sometimes check Ebay keeping in mind what people are getting, not asking. Be prepared for the low ballers who throw you an email for 1/3 of your asking price. Try not to take it personally and either don’t respond at all or counter with one sentence politely reaffirming your price. Keep initial back and forth conversation inside Craigslist spoofed email service. Never include your phone number or actual email address in a posting. Be aware the number one scam are these emails that only ask “what is your number and address” Its why you will see people post a requirement for the item in question or other decided wording to appear in body of your response or they will put you on ignore. People have started getting the telemarketing calls within an hour of doing so and they never stop.
Where To Meet To Sell Your Craigslist Tools
I have been lucky and never once met anyone inside a Craigslist transaction wouldn’t almost like to be friends with. Selling tools on Craigslist honestly makes meeting at Starbucks or anywhere you can’t plug it in a little difficult. Not all tools plug in, but the ones that don’t are also normally heavy. When the items being sold generate a lot of response my happy self picks and chooses who gets the phone call. It will normally be the person using complete sentences, inside conversation that seems pretty normal. It has served me well. Google their name and number and might be surprised what you can learn instantly. Seeing the guy who want’s to buy that classic car playing in the pool with his kids on facebook might not mean you won’t get murdered. But will take those odds all day.

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