Smart Rotating Proxy Manager Solution (formerly Crawlera)

Forget about proxy manage hundreds of thousands of proxies,¬†so you don’t have toTry freeGo enterpriseSmart Proxy Manager(formerly Crawlera)The world’s preeminent rotating proxy network ensures your web data is delivered quickly and reliably. So you can focus on extracting data, not juggling Proxy Manager selects the best proxies to keep your crawl healthy. We handle retries, and apply rotation and fingerprinting logic to maximize your success freeAvoid complex banning with Zyte Data API. A single API with smart browser functionality and browser rendering, it easily handles antibots that target the browser API technology with human-like behavior enables you to get the valuable web data you need, hassle free. Starting at $100 per 40k requests. Learn freeGo EnterpriseScale up with enterprise proxy or advanced antiban solutions to meet any web data extraction challenge with personalized onboarding, SLAs, 24/7 priority support, and more. Talk to usTrusted by:Smart pricingPricing built for businesses of all sizes50K requests per month includedAdditional requests at $10 per 10K200K requests per month¬†includedAdditional requests at $49 per 100K2. 5M requests per month¬†includedAdditional requests at $149 per 1mCustom amount of requestsCustom request concurrencyDedicated account managerCustom crawling time-windowAll packages come tomatic proxy optimizationReporting and visualizationsSupport and sessions supportConfigurable browser profilesNon-obvious ban detectionWhy Zyte proxy managementSmart proxy rotation serviceOur industry-leading rotating proxy network is built on our own sophisticated anti-ban algorithms, with request throttling and hundreds of heuristics to ensure industry-leading success Proxy Manager scales effortlessly with any project requirement, right up to billions of requests per month. Upgrading is easy at any time. And our crawl consultants are on hand to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of our proxy solutions. +11 Billionsuccessful requests per monthResults focusedYou only pay for successful requests delivered. With no charges for underused IPs or engineer hours to monitor and rotate your proxies. Try freeBattle testedWe built it. And we use it every day. Our 100+ developer team trusts Smart Proxy Manager and its smart rotating proxy managed logic to deliver accurate, reliable web data to Zyte customers, including Fortune 500 companies with stringent SLA freeWe get youAt Zyte, we speak your language. Our web data extraction and smart rotating proxy solutions are built for developers by developers who understand your pain freeAutomatic healthy IP selection & rotationUniversal HTTP proxy interfaceResidential IPs availableimport requests
response = (
“”: “{}”(APIKEY), })
print()? php
use GuzzleHttp\Client;
$client = new Client();
$response = $client->get(”, [
‘proxy’ => ”]);
echo $response->getBody();?
require ‘curb’
request = (“example”) do |curl|
oxy_url = “”
oxypwd = “APIKEY:”
puts dy_str
var request = require(‘request’);
uri: ”,
proxy: ”}, function callback(error, response, body) {
public class ClientProxyAuthentication {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
// Trust own CA and all self-signed certs
SSLContext sslcontext = (). loadTrustMaterial(new File(“/path/to/jre/lib/security/cacerts”),
“changeit”. toCharArray(),
new TrustSelfSignedStrategy())
// Allow TLSv1. 2 protocol only
SSLConnectionSocketFactory sslsf = new SSLConnectionSocketFactory(
sslcontext, new String[] {“TLSv1. 2”},
CredentialsProvider credsProvider = new BasicCredentialsProvider();
new AuthScope(“”, 8011),
new UsernamePasswordCredentials(“”, “”));
try (CloseableHttpClient client = (). setDefaultCredentialsProvider(credsProvider). setSSLSocketFactory(sslsf)
()) {
HttpHost target = new HttpHost(“”, 443, “”);
HttpHost proxy = new HttpHost(“”, 8011);
AuthCache authCache = new BasicAuthCache();
BasicScheme basicAuth = new BasicScheme();
“Basic realm=\”Zyte\””””));

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