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Deprox™ - Inivos

Deprox™ – Inivos

Our well established Deprox™ system delivers low concentration vaporised hydrogen peroxide safely and effectively.
Deprox™ is designed to be operated by regular hospital cleaning staff.
We provide full training and 24/7 support.
The effective environmental decontamination cycle by Deprox™ takes around 2 hours 40 minutes. Times will vary depending on the environmental parameters, size and contents.
There is a newer version of this product available
The technology used by Deprox™ monitors and adjusts the process to ensure consistent results in the reduction of surface contamination.
The vaporisation technology releases microscopic droplets that travel around the area to disinfect and create a safe environment. For the operator’s safety, the device is activated from outside the treatment area.
Deprox™ has been proven to successfully reduce microorganism transmission within hospitals, decreasing patient stay-times and occupied bed numbers.
Talk to us
Our technology comes together with validation reports from an executive agency and case studies from our clients.
We are always ready to listen and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the device or the service.
We conduct regular checks of all our Deprox™ machines. In case of unexpected breakdown, we will provide you with 24/7 support and a quick replacement.
In order to perform effective decontamination using Deprox™ several accessories are used:
Vent Cap – to enable the sealing of ventilation grilles
CapKit – to cap smoke detector heads and prevent false fire alarms.
Sealant Tape – 75mm DVI tape ensures doors and ventilation grilles can be easily sealed.
DoorBar – to secure double doors during contamination and prevent anyone entering the room.
Support and training
Deprox™ can be operated by any regular hospital cleaning staff and we provide in-depth training and certification to all hospital operators.
Once you understand how to use Deprox™ you have a full control of your cleaning schedule and activities.
You’ll never need to worry about preparing the right disinfectant concentrations or being exposed to cleaning products.
Deprox™ technology is safe to use. With standard treatment cycles, it ensures stability in all situations.
Watch our Deprox™ training video
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Product name
External remote process monitor
Validated Reporting
Power sockets needed
Average time to decon single bedroom
Infection log reduction
Consumables used
Transports as single unit
Deactivation required
Safety sensors
Safe system access
Validated efficacy
Process validation
Deproxin solution 5% H2O2
Attached process analyser
Proxcin solution 7. 5% H2O2
Approved user card
Built in Process Analyser with SmartCycle A
30 mins
10 UV lamps
Spectrome technology
Fully Installed
3 UV lamps
Fixed unit
Calibration using Spectrome technology
Efficacy of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (Deprox ... - PubMed

Efficacy of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (Deprox … – PubMed

2021 Aug;26(3):161-165.
doi: 10. 1016/
Epub 2021 Feb 10.
10. 1016/
Genevieve McKew et al.
Infect Dis Health.
2021 Aug.
The performance of Deprox aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (aHP) has not been extensively studied in real-world clinical settings. A comparative study of aHP terminal disinfection was conducted in a Burns Unit and its performance compared to physical cleaning alone.
Environmental surfaces were sampled pre-cleaning, post-cleaning and post-aHP disinfection. Samples were cultured for MRSA, VRE, Gram-negative multi-resistant organisms and other Gram-negative bacilli.
310 sites were sampled. There was a reduction in the rates of contaminated surfaces post-aHP, though pathogens were still recoverable in most cases, except for VRE. There was a marked reduction in MRSA contamination of soft surfaces (12% post-clean vs 6% post-aHP), and patient room surfaces (8. 3% post-clean vs 2. 8% post-aHP). It does not work as well for MRSA in bathrooms: 7% of surfaces were positive post-clean, and 9% post-aHP. There was a reduction in multiresistant Gram-negative bacteria (7%-3%), mostly due to drains (33%-13%).
aHP is a useful method of environmental disinfection, especially for Gram-negative pathogens in drains and MRSA on hard and soft surfaces. Where ongoing acquisition of MRSA is a problem, an adjunctive method of terminal disinfection in bathrooms could be considered.
Aerosolized hydrogen peroxide; Deprox; Environmental cleaning; Environmental contamination.
Crown Copyright © 2021. Published by Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.
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