Disney Heroes Battle Mode Tips

10 Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode | Official Launch TrailerBe a hero. No cape required. Download & Play now:
Disney and Pixar fanatics…prepare to have your mind blown. A new mobile RPG delivers those fans the ultimate crossover. Animated and live-action film icons such as Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, Wreck-It Ralph, Buzz Lightyear and more band together to save the digital city. Corrupted versions of Disney and Pixar characters are running rampant thanks to the presence of a threatening virus. And it’s up to you and your army to clear out all those errors. This guide is set to put you on the path towards saving a troubled world, building a powerful party, and getting all the goodies you deserve! Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode:Download the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode APK here. 1. The Best Method Towards Finishing Campaign BattlesPerBlue Entertainment
• Handling the more-action packed portions of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is pretty simple – your maximum party of five fights on their own. The only thing you have to do is activate their Skills (you’ll know when it’s ready when a character’s icon starts glowing). • The only time you should activate a character’s Skills is when you’re on the last part of a campaign battle. You’ll usually run into the toughest enemies during the final part of a mission, so that’s the perfect time to unleash your most powerful Skills. Now when you’re competing in Coliseum, Trials, Arena, and other battle themed modes, it’s best to unleash those Skills as soon as they become available. Make sure you upgrade the best Skills of your favorite characters, too. You’ll amass a ton of gold as you play, so you should have enough to accomplish that task. Also be sure to Promote your favorite heroes so you can unlock new Skills for them. PerBlue Entertainment, Inc
• Note that all heroes are capable of dishing out Basic Damage. But there are also heroes who can deal Fantastic Damage that’s dished out via Skills. You’ll eventually run into enemy types that are resistant to Basic Damage. Always keep a hero or two within your squad that can dish out Fantastic Damage so you won’t have any issue completing certain missions and battles at The Port. 2. Get Familiar With Each Character’s Role & PositionPerBlue Entertainment
• There’s a bunch of different character roles you need to become familiar with – Tank, Damage, Control, and Support. Characters are usually placed in a certain position in battle according to their role. Tank heroes tend to be placed at the front of the party, while the other character roles are tied to a mixture of front, mid, and back positioning. When you put your party together before a battle, the game automatically places each character in the spot they belong in. Be mindful of their overall power level, especially when you’re heading into a tough mission. • Check out the list posted below to see the full character list, plus their roles and battle positions:– Mr. Incredible: Tank, Front
– Elastigirl: Damage, Mid
– Violet: Support, Mid
– Dash: Damage, Mid
– Jack-Jack: Damage, Back
– Frozone: Control, Back
– Ralph: Tank, Front
– Vanellope: Damage, Back
– Felix: Tank, Front
– Calhoun: Damage, Back
– Judy Hopps: Support, Mid
– Nick: Damage, Back
– Bogo: Tank, Front
– Yax: Support, Back
– Finnick: Control, Mid
– Woody: Support, Mid
– Buzz: Damage, Back
– Jessie: Damage, Front
– Zurg: Damage, Mid
– Sulley: Tank, Front
– Mike: Damage, Back
– WALL-E: Control, Mid
– Jack Sparrow: Damage, Front3. Upgrade Your Heroes Through Battling, XP Drinks, Badges, and Hero ChipsPerBlue Entertainment
• Making your heroes stronger is done via a few simple methods – putting them into battle, increasing their XP without battling via XP Drinks, promoting them to a new Hero Rank via Badges, and increasing a character’s Hero Stars value with Hero Chips. It’s easy to collect all the aforementioned items just by completing all types of missions – Campaign, Elite, and Friend Campaign. You’ll also get access to these items just by tackling all the other modes and the challenges they present to you. • If you complete a campaign mission with a 3-star rating, you’ll unlock the option to Raid that level. You’ll need Raid Tickets to do a single raid, but you’ll need to reach VIP Level 4 in order to knock out 10 Raids at once or use all your Raid tickets on a single mission. Always check out a completed campaign mission’s loot before you decide to raid it – click on the type of loot it offers so you know if it’s worth spending a Raid ticket on. Tapping on an item will clue you in to which heroes need it and for what task they need it for. You should only spend your Raid tickets on campaign missions that gift you with the upgrade materials you really need. 4. Keep an Eye Out for Completed Quests to Upgrade Your Team Level Much Faster• You can see what your current Team Level is just by tapping on the Quests tab. By completing Quests, you’ll acquire the Team XP needed to increase that stat. Not only does fulfilling Quests increase your Team Level, they also award you with various goodies. Stay on top of the Quests you’ve completed and which ones you need to check off the list. Once your Team Level increases, your max stamina increases and you’ll gain some extra stamina too! 5. Medals are Pretty Much AchievementsPerBlue Entertainment, Inc
• Another main menu tab you need to check in on regularly is Medals. Medals are pretty much set up to be Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’s version of Achievements. One of the easiest ones you need to complete ASAP is giving the game a quick like on Facebook. You’ll be rewarded with 50 Diamonds, which can be put towards purchasing a whole lot of items. Completing Medals usually means you’ll walk away with extra Diamonds, Gold, and Badges. 6. Unlock Everything by Upgrading Your Team Level & Hero Friendship• The fractured city of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is jam packed with a bunch of locations to unlock. Completing Chapter 2, getting to a max Team Level of 41, and increasing your Hero Friendship level to five will make all of those playable modes available to you. Just tap on each of the locked locations on the main map to see what it takes to unlock it. You’ll really come to appreciate the Market, which lets you purchase and sell off Hero Badges, Hero Chips, and numerous other items. 7. Focus on Completing the Normal Campaign First, Then Take on the Elite Campaign and Friend CampaignPerBlue Entertainment
• Follow the Campaign structure that’s presented to you from the start – complete every chapter of the Normal Campaign. Raid the 3-star completed rating missions as much as you can to get upgrade materials. After you’re done with all the Normal Campaign missions, take your powered up party members into the Elite Campaign. These missions award you with Hero Chips, which can be used to raise each hero’s stats even higher. • Once you unlock the Friend Campaign (which unlocks after hitting Team Level 30 and progressing a friendship level to three), complete those missions to gain Memory Disks. Your heroes and your party will reach new levels of power by the time you complete each Campaign type. You’ll need them to be as formidable as possible if you want to excel in the Arena, Coliseum, The Port, and other battle modes. 8. Hook Up With an Active Guild• Once you reach Team Level 15, you’ll unlock the option to align yourself with a Guild. Hook up with one immediately, but make sure you’re aware of how active they really are. If they don’t seem to be doing much of anything, leave ’em, join another one, and repeat the process. An active Guild is a supremely helpful one that’ll get you all the benefits that comes with being associated with one. Simply coming back to your Guild on a daily basis means you’ll gain all types of free rewards, extra Market benefits, and access to the all the other perks of being in a Guild. 9. Check Out the Events Tab RegularlyPerBlue Entertainment, Inc
• On the main map, there’s a calendar icon on the bottom right corner. That’s the Events tab, which makes you aware of all the timed opportunities occurring in the game. Those Events are usually tied to special store deals and certain challenges you need to complete in order to gain new goodies. By the way, be sure to log-in at certain times of the day/evening. • For example, you’ll get a free Stamina Boost and be able to buy new items if you hop into the game between 9pm and 11pm. Checking into the game at 12pm, 6pm, and/or 9pm can get you all those good benefits! 10. Your First Seven Days Spent With the Game are Plentiful…PerBlue Entertainment
• Make sure you show some love to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and it’ll show that same appreciation towards you. The best way to do that is by playing the game for seven days straight. That way, you’ll be gifted with a bunch of helpful items that’ll speed up your party progression efforts. You’ll also get a single reward for your daily log-in for 13 consecutive days (even more rewards come your way at the beginning of each month! ). • The other types of goodies you need to be aware of are Crates. Gold and Diamond Crates can be opened for free after a certain time limit’s been reached, while Guild Crates require you to be in a Guild to unlock. You need to reach VIP Level 11 in order to claim VIP Crates. You’ll have a certain amount of daily chances allotted to you in order to crack open both Gold and Diamond Crates. • If you have enough of a certain currency type, spend it on a few Crate types. Sometimes, that method is preferable over waiting for new Gold and Diamond Crates to become available. Plus you’ll increase the odds of getting the best types of items you require. See Also
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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List – The Best Characters for Every Role

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List – The Best Characters for Every Role

There are over a hundred different characters to collect in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, all of which come from your favorite Disney/Pixar shows and movies. And the best part is that, while every character is different and brings unique elements to the mix, there’s no real “meta” in this game in the sense that you can freely choose your favorite characters, and still get good results in battle.
However, when it comes to choosing a good team in Disney Heroes, there IS one thing you need to keep in mind, the character’s roles. This is because, while all characters are definitely viable, their roles will limit what they can do at any given situation. For example, you can’t really win battles if you’re running with a team of 5 support characters. Similarly, running with all DPS and no tanks is a recipe to get demolished by someone running with a balanced lineup. Take a look at our combat tips to learn a few pointers for winning all your battles in this game.
Moreover, despite all characters being viable, there are some that are better than others at specific roles. For this reason, we decided to create our very own tier list with the best Disney Heroes characters for every role, in case you have no favorites and are simply looking to create the best teams.
Keep in mind that we’ll be dividing our tiers in B through S tiers, with each tier meaning the following:
S Tier: The best heroes for nearly every occasion.
A Tier: Good heroes that function well with the proper setup.
B Tier: Average heroes that can get you far into the game, but that should be replaced later on.
C Tier: Sub-par or weak heroes that shouldn’t be used.
Disney Heroes DPS Tier List
The DPS role in Disney Heroes is simple and straightforward: deal as much damage to the enemy in the shortest time possible. In this aspect, there are many heroes that can fulfill this criteria, but the best ones are the following:
S Tier: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker; Mulan; Shan Yu.
A Tier: Mushu; Megavolt; Elastigirl.
B Tier: Moana; Vanellope; Peter Pan.
C Tier: Merida; Barbossa; Aladdin.
When it comes to dealing damage, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker is hands-down one of the best, not only because of his sheer damage output, but also because he can cripple the enemy with the “blind” effect. Moreover, he can also apply the “studied” condition, increasing not only the damage he inflicts, but also that of his team.
However, our honorable mention in this tier is Elastigirl, especially since you unlock her for free from the very beginning. If you upgrade her, she can easily carry you through the entire game.
Disney Heroes Tank Tier List
Tanks are a bit more complex than DPS characters as they need to strike a balance between absorbing damage and protecting their team, while also dishing out their own brand of hurt. Regardless, the most important part about tanking is being able to take more than a few hits, and these are the best characters who can do so:
S Tier: Maximus; Slinky Dog; Baymax.
A Tier: Clawhauser; Mr. Incredible; Hades.
B Tier: Eeyore; Gonzo; Chief Bogo.
C Tier: Ralph; Baloo; Rex.
Sadly, when it comes to tanks, the character you get from the very beginning, Ralph, isn’t very good and you’ll want to replace him as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many viable alternatives such as Baymax, who can not only tank a few good hits himself, but can also guard his teammates with a series of shields and barriers.
Disney Heroes Support Tier List
The support role is one of the most varied as these heroes are about aiding their allies with a variety of beneficial effects. They’re also the most niche as they’re not as necessary in every formation as, say, DPS heroes, but they are required for some of the best setups.
S Tier: Joy; Kristoff & Sven; Tron.
A Tier: Animal; Kevin Flynn; Rapunzel.
B Tier: Mickey, Rafiki; Launchpad McQuack.
C Tier: Violet; Woody; Gizmoduck
The good thing about support characters in Disney Heroes is that there are only a few of these that are unviable or, in other words, not recommended for use. Most of these heroes are useful in their own way, with the challenge being finding four other characters that could greatly benefit from the positive effects that they can grant.
For instance, Tron is a character that revolves generally around providing the Hardy effect, preventing debuffs from affecting his allies, and allowing you to roll with an offense-oriented team without fear of getting charmed or stunned to death. And just like Tron, all support characters in the game have their own niche.
Disney Heroes Control Tier List
Unlike the rest of the crew, control heroes are neither about dealing damage nor supporting their crews; they’re all about inflicting negative status effects and crippling the enemy. However, some control characters are strong enough to actually defeat the enemy by themselves if the conditions are right.
S Tier: Jafar; Tia Dalma; Honey Lemon.
A Tier: Flynn Rider; Jasmine; Angel.
B Tier: Hiro Hamada; Gaston; Huey, Dewey & Louie.
C Tier: Basil; Finnick; Frozone.
Just like support characters, control heroes in this game are all about finding the perfect setup. For instance, while Frozone is in C Tier, he can definitely excel if you’re rocking a Freeze build alongside Elsa since he can contribute to inflicting the freeze debuff that significantly increases Elsa’s damage output. However, other control characters, like Jafar, are more generalized and can fit better in most formations since the debuffs they inflict are often more useful.
And that’s it for our Disney Heroes Tier List. What did you think of our picks? Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the section below!
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Released globally in 2018, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has become one of the best gacha RPG games centered around Disney’s most popular characters and franchises, all within the same world and packed together with a pretty interesting story. And if you don’t really care about the reasons why Rex from Toy Story or Miss Piggy are fighting against Elsa from Frozen or Clawhauser from Zootopia, then at least you’ll be glad to know that the gameplay elements themselves are pretty solid, featuring exciting real-time combat, and vast character variety to keep things fresh as you continue to unlock more heroes.
In the spirit of helping new peeps to get started in Disney Heroes, we decided to write a guide with the best beginner tips and tricks for this gacha RPG. If you’re just beginning in this game, keep these pointers in mind.
Stamina Refresh Vs Summoning Characters
One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when playing any gacha game revolves around the best way of spending your premium currency which, in the case of Disney Heroes, happens to be Diamonds. As its name suggests, this currency is pretty difficult to get as a f2p player since there are only a few limited methods in which to do so. In this sense, you need to decide how best to spend your hard-earned Diamonds whenever you manage to save up a bit.
The answer to the question above depends on one important factor: Your hero roster. If you’re just starting off and don’t have many heroes unlocked, then you stand to gain a lot from actually purchasing Diamonds Crates from the Crate menu. These items are the best way of unlocking new characters, especially if you purchase the 10x combo since it has a guaranteed chance to grant one of these. However, as you progress through the game and your roster grows, these Crates will lose their value since there will be high odds of receiving duplicates or unwanted items.
In this sense, if you’re satisfied with your current roster, then the best way to spend your Diamonds is by purchasing a few stamina refills every day, which will allow you to clear more levels and progress faster through the main campaign.
Powering Up Your Characters
Now, even if you do have some good characters on your team already, you’ll still need to work on their stats if you want to unleash their full potential in the field. After all, even the strongest, most meta heroes in the game are completely useless if you leave them at level 1 and without any gear.
Luckily, there are several ways to improve your characters in Disney Heroes, starting with their level. Every time you complete challenges and stages, your characters will get experience, which will help increase their level and boost their base stats. This is pretty straightforward and simple, and is one of the best ways to power up your characters.
Next up are the badges. Every character in the game can equip a number of badges that give them stat boosts and useful bonuses. In contrast to leveling up, however, badges give some of the most significant increases in the game, especially when you fully-equip a character and promote them. You can promote a character when you equip all six badges to their slots, which will consume all the items and give the hero a permanent stat boost. Every time you promote a character, their rank will increase, and they will require stronger badges to move onto the next rank, and so on.
Additional methods of improving your characters include using gold and skill points to upgrade their skills; using the memory disks received after completing the character’s friend campaign to unlock their special passive abilities, and using chips to improve a hero’s star level. However, these three are a bit more advanced and you won’t have to worry about them in the beginning.
Level Up Your Characters Evenly
Disney Heroes is not like regular gacha games where there is a single “meta” team. This is because your ideal formation will depend heavily on the level and challenge you’re trying to complete. Some of these levels will require a defensive formation, while others might need a more offense-oriented team in order to compete.
With that being said, one of the best tips we can give you is to level up your characters as evenly as you can, so that they’re always ready for when you need them.
Rush Through the Story
Now that we know a bit about how to use our resources and upgrade our characters, the primary aspect you should focus on if you’re just beginning in Disney Heroes is the main story missions. This is because these stages are not only good sources of rewards and materials, but also because they give valuable Team XP through which you will unlock other features of the game.
Your first priority after completing the tutorial in this game should be to rush through the story until you reach a difficulty wall. Afterward, you can use the resources received from completing the first stages to upgrade your characters, and then continue powering through the campaign. Remember to pick up your free 2* hero that you get after completing the tutorial. You can find this freebie in the main screen, on the bottom right corner. We chose Nick Wilde as our free character since we were a bit lacking in offense.
As long as you summon a few good characters, upgrade them, and clear the story missions at a good pace, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the endgame in Disney Heroes. Don’t worry too much about the meta for now and, most importantly, remember to have some fun with your favorite characters!

Frequently Asked Questions about disney heroes battle mode tips

Who is the best character in Disney heroes battle mode?

Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker is hands-down one of the best, not only because of his sheer damage output, but also because he can cripple the enemy with the “blind” effect. Moreover, he can also apply the “studied” condition, increasing not only the damage he inflicts, but also that of his team.Jan 20, 2021

How do you get good at Disney heroes?

Additional methods of improving your characters include using gold and skill points to upgrade their skills; using the memory disks received after completing the character’s friend campaign to unlock their special passive abilities, and using chips to improve a hero’s star level.Jan 19, 2021

How do you level up fast in Disney heroes?

They can be obtained as rewards from the Invasion. Each Hero can have up to four Mods equipped to them, and each Mod slot is unlocked at a specific rarity; the first slot is unlocked at Purple +1, the second slot at Purple +3, the third slot at Orange +0, and the fourth slot at Orange +2.

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