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The EZTV site is the best source where you can download TV torrents. If your ISP blocks eztv or for some reason cannot access it, just go to one of the EZTV proxy sites article. You will get instant access through the EZTV mirror so that you can download all the multimedia content you need.
EZTV Proxies¶
Perhaps the easiest way to access the site is through EZTV proxies. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients looking for resources from other servers. When accessing EZTV through a proxy server, external observers only see that you are connected to the proxy server and do not see that the proxy server is transmitting EZTV data to you.
EZTV proxies are sometimes mistaken for EZTV mirrors. Mirror 1337x is just a clone of the source site with a different domain name and servers. The EZTV proxy server, on the other hand, is a separate site that makes it easy to connect to the original EZTV, as well as often to other websites.
In practice, it doesn’t matter if you connect to EZTV through a proxy server or use an EZTV mirror, as they both provide about the same degree of privacy.
Is EZTV blocked in my country? ¶
Many countries continue to try to restrict access to EZTV for many reasons. But sometimes the tracker becomes unavailable for a while. However, they always advertise on their site when internal problems arise. However, these internal issues have been successfully resolved by mirrored websites that allow you to access EZTV even if it has been blocked.
EZTV’s mirror sites make it easy for users to view their favorite content. If you receive a Cloudflare 522 error notification every time you want to access EZTV, it means that there is a problem with the hosting.
How to unblock EZTV¶
Torrent tracking sites are generally blocked in two ways:
DNS blocking (easy to defeat):
ISPs use DNS hijacking to forward your DNS requests to their servers (when you type a domain name in your browser’s URL bar). You can easily bypass DNS blocking by forcing your own DNS servers on your device. Most ISPs use a more extensive domain and IP lock.
Comprehensive blocking of domains and IP addresses:
The websites are accessible through a specific domain name (such as) and are hosted under a specific IP address. ISPs blacklist blocked websites and prevent you from accessing them by domain name or IP address. The best way to avoid these blocks is to use a virtual private network (VPN).
However, some ISPs also (or alternatively) block the BitTorrent protocol itself.
3 free methods to unblock torrent websites:
Tor Browser or Web Proxy (free) – This method is effective for unblocking torrent websites (assuming the proxy website is not blocked by your ISP). Disadvantages include: slow connections, frequent captchas, no download encryption.
Manual DNS configuration (free) – This is the least effective solution and only works for a small percentage of ISP blocks (lazy). It doesn’t encrypt your browsing traffic or torrent traffic.
Method 1: Use a web proxy
There are a number of free HTTPS (encrypted) web proxies that will load a website for you. This sometimes helps avoid network blocks (as long as the proxy site is not blocked as well).
Unfortunately, many of these sites (like) block torrent sites themselves. Another problem is that a proxy site can still use your ISP’s DNS servers (leaving you vulnerable to DNS-based blocking).
So the best option is to use a torrent unblocking proxy site:
There are several of these websites. Most are versatile and allow you to unblock a number of commonly blocked categories such as YouTube, social media, and torrent websites.
Method 2: use the Tor browser
Tor Browser Bundle is a free web browser that allows you to easily route your browser traffic through multiple encrypted proxies. This not only bypasses the ISP’s ban on torrent sites, but also hides your IP address from the websites you visit.
It’s free
It is quite easy to configure
The browser is functional and intuitive (based on the Firefox platform).
Speeds are usually painfully slow
You will get tired of solving captchas on conventional websites. Some websites (like news sites) block Tor entirely.
It doesn’t anonymize your torrent downloads, only your internet browsing.
Step 1: download and install the Tor browser
You can download Tor Browser Bundle for Windows, Mac Linux, or Android from
Step 2: navigate to your favorite torrent site
Using the Tor browser is very simple, and your traffic is automatically routed through the encrypted Tor network. All you need to do is enter the URL of your preferred torrent site in the browser bar (you may need to capture a captcha on some sites that treat Tor traffic as “suspicious”).
Method 3: Change the DNS server
Often times, the only blocking implemented by ISPs is only at the DNS level. DNS, or Domain Name System, which translates IP addresses into website names, is widely used to restrict access to torrent sites. Because, by default, users use DNS servers that are regulated by ISPs. Therefore, making it a public DNS can solve the problem of difficult torrent site access.
The following public DNS servers are then used:
Google DNS: 8. 8. 8 | 8. 4. 4
OpenDNS: 208. 67. 222. 222 | 208, 67, 220, 220
Comodo DNS: 8. 26. 56. 26 | 8. 20. 247. 20
We can change the DNS server through the network settings and soon we will be able to access all the websites that are blocked by all the ISPs.
To change the DNS server:
In Windows: Enter the network device and right click> Click Properties> Ipv4 Properties. Then change the DNS server and click OK.
For Mac OS: go to System Preferences> Network> Advanced> DNS, add a new DNS server, and click OK.
On Linux: Click the Network applet> Edit Connections> Edit> Configuration for IPv> Automatic Addresses Only (DHCP)> DNS Server and add each new address separated by a comma.
EZTV Proxy List 2021 [Working EZTV Proxy Sites & Mirrors]

EZTV Proxy List 2021 [Working EZTV Proxy Sites & Mirrors]

EZTV is one of the most popular torrent sites for downloading TV shows. However, due to the circulation of copyrighted material, the government blocked various torrent sites like EZTV.
EZTV torrent website has also been blocked in several countries, and the list includes some other popular torrent sites like Rarbg, Kickass Torrents, 1337x, YTS and The Pirate Bay.
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Torrents are useful for sharing large files over the internet. It is very easy to download stuff using torrents. So if you want to browse the EZTV unblocked website, you can use one of the EZTV proxy sites mentioned below.
In any case, downloading copyrighted content through torrent sites is prohibited, and we don’t support it either. These links are only mentioned for informational purposes.
Here’s a list of working EZTV mirror and proxy sites to unblock EZTV torrent websites in any region. Most of these are working proxies, but if it doesn’t work for you, try using a different proxy site from the list below.
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EZTV Proxy List 2021 – Unblock EZTV in any region
EZTV Proxy 1EZTV Proxy 2EZTV Proxy 3EZTV Proxy 4EZTV Proxy 5EZTV Proxy 6EZTV Proxy 7EZTV Proxy 8EZTV Proxy 9EZTV Proxy 10
Proxy lists for other popular torrent sites
1337x Proxy ListRARBG Proxy ListYify Proxy ListExtraTorrents Proxy ListRuTracker Proxy ListPirate Bay Proxy ListKickAss Proxy ListZamunda Proxy List
So that’s the list of working EZTV proxy sites and mirrors. These EZTV mirrors and proxy servers will help you unblock and use the EZTV website in any region.
However, it cannot be guaranteed that these EZTV proxy sites will work for everyone. You can use a VPN like Surfshark if none of these proxies works for you.
Anyway, that’s all from us. Let us know if you encounter any problems. We will try to help you out.
5 Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites - 100% Working in 2020

5 Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites – 100% Working in 2020

This article has been just updated: May 23, 2020Fans of torrenting television shows should be familiar with the EZTV torrent site. From its start in 2005 until its demise in 2015, EZTV was one of the best sites for downloading torrents of newly released TV episodes. If you wanted the best variety of brand new TV shows, EZTV was the place to website suffered a hostile takeover in 2015, but re-emerged after its shutdown and still exists today, although there are definitely some issues that revolve around the operators of the site. It still delivers millions of torrents a month to adventuresome users who get their television fix from List of ExtraTorrent Proxies & OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnWhy Can’t I Reach EZTV? There are a few reasons why you may not be able to get to EZTV when you want to download some content. Since it is a website, there is always the potential that it is not operating when you are looking for it. Perhaps they are moving the servers to a new location or something like likely, your access is being blocked by your ISP due to your geographic location. Some jurisdictions have strict laws against copyright infringement, and when you are downloading your torrents from those countries you might be breaking these laws. Your ISP may also block you to conserve bandwidth as they are aware of the type of activity that you will be engaged in when connected to Can I Access the Site if it is Blocked? You can always take advantage of the many EZTV mirror and proxy sites that are available via a quick Google search of the web. These sites contain all of the content of the original site, and their IP addresses may not be geo-blocked or known to your ISP. Another way to get around being blocked is to use a VPN to spoof your location and access the site from a country that does not prohibit its use. You might want to consider using a VPN anytime you access torrent sites to mask your IP address and keep your activities anonymous. You may also find that using a VPN affords you greater speed when you are downloading content.

Frequently Asked Questions about eztv proxy server

Has EZTV been shut down?

EZTV was a TV torrent distribution group founded in May 2005 and dissolved in April 2015, after a hostile takeover of their domains and brand by “EZCLOUD LIMITED”.

Is EZTV re legit?

Additionally, you are also putting yourself at risk to various forms of cyber attacks. Nevertheless, EZTV has remained as one of the top torrent websites to download the latest TV shows to this day. Many members of the torrenting community consider it a reliable source for all their favorite television series.

What has happened to EZTV site?

EZTV, one of the world’s most popular torrent sites, appears to have lost control of its main domain after its registry marked it with a serverHold status code.Nov 5, 2020

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