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Is your access to Facebook blocked by your work, school or government? We’ll help you get your social media fix by looking at the best VPNs you can use to unblock Facebook from anywhere.
@osman_husain UPDATED: April 6, 2021
It’s hard to imagine life without Facebook. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the social media app but also admit that it occupies a central role in our lives.
Unfortunately many schools, colleges, and workplaces block Facebook in an effort to limit bandwidth use as well as to make sure people concentrate on their core tasks and remain undistracted. Some countries like China and North Korea have banned the service completely. Others, like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar restrict the use of Facebook Messenger in order to prevent residents from accessing the voice and video chat features. Further, for purely financial reasons, Facebook recently decided to block Australian news organizations from posting at all.
The only way to get around this is kinds of censorship is by installing a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN masks your true location by encrypting all the traffic flowing to and from your device and tunneling it via an intermediary server. Network administrators will be unable to see your online browsing activity. Hence even if you’re logged on to your college or work wifi, using a VPN will help you unblock Facebook messenger and the Facebook app.
This article gets into plenty of detail on each of the providers we feature below, but in case you only have time for a quick summary, below is our list of the best VPNs for unblocking Facebook.
Best VPNs for Facebook:
NordVPN Out first choice for unblocking Facebook. A veteran low-cost provider that makes no compromises on speed or privacy. Thousands of servers around the globe are great at unblocking sites and services. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Surfshark Best budget VPN. A solid all-around performer that puts major emphasis on user security. Keeps no logs and allows any number of simultaneous connections.
ExpressVPN With a vast network of speedy servers in over 90 countries, this provider excels in unblocking geo-restricted sites and censored services.
CyberGhost Another good value option with easy to use apps that are great for VPN first-timers. Some of the fastest servers we’ve tested.
IPVanish Speedy and secure service you can rely on. Apps have good privacy features and are remote-control friendly.
VyprVPN Impressive unblocking capabilities with good server speeds and easy to use apps, but cheaper providers are higher on the list.
ZenMate Made this list as it can unblock most restricted services including Facebook, but speeds can be inconsistent.
How to unblock Facebook with a VPN
Once you’ve chosen a suitable VPN unblocking Facebook couldn’t be simpler. Follow the steps below to set-up your VPN and gain access to your social media, wherever you are.
Here’s how to unblock Facebook with a VPN (from anywhere):
Pick a VPN that’s best suited for you. We recommend NordVPN.
Navigate through the options and select a plan.
Download the companion apps.
Open the VPN app, login, and select a server preferably outside your country of residence.
Once the connection is established, open Facebook and use it like you normally would.
Facebook not working with your VPN? Clear your browser’s cache and try again.
If you’re still having problems accessing Facebook check out our VPN Common Problems Troubleshooting guide.
WANT TO TRY THE TOP VPN RISK FREE? NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for Facebook without any restrictions for a full month—great if you want to stay in touch while traveling in countries with strict online censorship.
There are no hidden terms—just contact support within 30 days if you decide not to continue with NordVPN to receive a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.
The best VPNs for Facebook
To help you out we’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs that work with Facebook flawlessly. They’re ranked on the following factors:
Speed and stability of service
Large number of server locations across the world
Strong encryption parameters so your location remains hidden
Apps for Android and iOS
Provision for simultaneous connections
Ease of use
1. NordVPN
Oct 2021
Apps Available:
NordVPN is our first choice for Facebook. It’s among the fastest VPNs we’ve tested and has lots of option for power users who want an enhanced browsing experience. NordVPN can be categorized as a logless VPN service. User data simply isn’t stored at all. The policy has served it well in the past — authorities have sent it multiple requests for data but there wasn’t anything on internal servers that could identify users.
All internet traffic is encrypted via 256-bit AES and 2, 048-bit DH keys. DNS leak protection is enabled by default. A single subscription grants access to six devices which is among the highest we’ve seen in paid VPN packages.
There’s a wide list of servers to choose from with more than 5, 500 spread across 59 countries. You can pick one based on what you’d like to do on the web, such as torrenting, anti-DDoS, video streaming, or ultra-secure privacy.
Apps for both Android and iOS are available as well as a desktop client for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Extremely fast and reliable downloading and streaming speeds
Easily bypasses restrictions on major geo-locked platforms
Around-the-clock live chat available
Strict no-logs policy ideal for privacy-conscious users
Apps for all major mobile and desktop platforms
Desktop app can take some getting used to
BEST VPN FOR UNBLOCKING FACEBOOK:NordVPN is our first choice. Impeccable speeds and works well with Facebook wherever it is blocked. Strong security features and allows up to 6 devices to be used simultaneously from one account. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee making it risk-free.
Read our full review of NordVPN.
NordVPN CouponSAVE 72% + 3 months freeGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
2. Surfshark
Surfshark is a great budget choice for anyone looking to unblock Facebook abroad. This VPN has 3, 200+ servers spread across 60+ countries and provides generally decent speeds. It’s capable of unblocking all but the most stubborn platforms, and in fact, allows you to use services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. There’s no connection limit, allowing you to protect all of your devices at once.
This VPN keeps your traffic safe from snoopers using 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and protection against WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks. It can also block ads and malware automatically, and bypass the strict internet restrictions used in countries like China. Surfshark doesn’t log any data that could be used to identify you but if you’re worried about privacy, you can sign up almost completely anonymously by paying in cryptocurrency. 24/7 support is available over email and live chat, should you have any issues.
Surfshark provides apps for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It also works with supported internet routers but must be configured manually,
Excellent unblocking ability
Connect as many devices as you like
Strong security and privacy credentials
24/7 live chat
Customer support could be better
BEST BUDGET PROVIDER:Surfshark uses a wide range of security features and a no-logs policy to keep you safe online. It’s versatile, too, with strong unblocking ability and reasonably fast speeds. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.
Read our full review of Surfshark here.
Surfshark CouponSAVE 81% on a 2-year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
3. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is a favorite with online privacy enthusiasts because it seamlessly combines military-grade encryption protocols with a fast, efficient product. Which makes unblocking Facebook Messenger at school, work or while abroad a very easy task. There’s a robust selection of servers to choose from – with over 3, 000 servers spread across 94 countries.
Encryption standards are hardy – the company leverages OpenVPN with 256-bit AES as default. 4, 096-bit DHE-RSA keys are identified by an SHA-512 hashing algorithm. In layman’s terms, these are designed to keep your data secure.
There’s minimal retention of user data. The only threadbare data logging are the servers people connect to and the dates they log on. Individual IP addresses are not recorded. Embedded within the product is a ‘network lock, ’ which acts as a kill switch to temporarily block internet access if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly, thereby adding an additional layer of security.
A single subscription grants access to five devices simultaneously – making it a handy option to split the overall bill with friends. Apps for both Android and iOS are available as well as desktop clients for Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
Exceptional speeds for downloading and streaming
Comprehensive security and privacy features
Unblocks a large range of geo-locked sites and services
Operates a network of more than 3, 000 servers spanning 94 countries
Priced a bit higher than rivals
Power-users may find advanced features to be limited
PRIVACY-FIRST VPN:ExpressVPN performs well when it comes to unblocking restricted content and sites. It has a vast server network that is optimized for fast connections. User-friendly apps for all operating systems. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Here’s our review of ExpressVPN.
ExpressVPN CouponSPECIAL OFFER: 49% off plus 3 months Free! Get Deal >Coupon applied automatically
4. CyberGhost
CyberGhost is a no-frills VPN service that’s one of the cheaper providers in this list so it might appeal to users who want a quick social media fix. The product isn’t equipped with a plethora of options but the core standards of speed and encryption are more than adequate to use this as a Facebook VPN.
The firm is registered in Romania and has an internal policy of not storing any user data. Romanian law doesn’t impose any kind of mandatory data retention either, so it seems like the provider is covered on the privacy front. But there was a bit of a management shuffle recently – CyberGhost was acquired by an Israeli firm a few months ago–that might change the scenario. We’ll update this article if we notice anything.
For a relatively inexpensive VPN, CyberGhost has solid encryption standards. It uses 256-bit AES encryption on the OpenVPN protocol which is considered robust. There are more than 5, 700 servers spread across 90 countries. Unblocking Facebook shouldn’t pose a challenge.
Simultaneous access to seven devices on a single plan. The company supports both Android and iOS and there’s native software for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Operates a network of more than 5, 700 server locations in 90 countries
Decent, reliable speeds
Keeps no logs
Use up to seven devices simultaneously
Low-cost option with beginner-friendly apps
Doesn’t work in China
BEST FOR NOVICE USERS:CyberGhost has a simple set up and has no issues unblocking Facebook. Great privacy, zero logs and DNS leak protection. 45-day money back guarantee.
Read our full review of CyberGhost.
CyberGhost CouponSAVE 83% and Get 2 Months FREE on the 2 year planGet Deal > Discount applied automatically
5. IPVanish
IPVanish checks all the boxes when it comes to a fast VPN that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is equipped with rigid encryption standards. It’ll do its job quietly and efficiently with little to no interruption during your Facebook newsfeed scrolling.
The company is an example of a completely logless VPN. This means it’s almost impossible for your activity to be traced back to you because IPVanish simply refrains from storing any user data at all. Its own employees won’t be able to see what you’re doing on the web.
Like ExpressVPN, there’s an internet kill switch included too – meaning web traffic will never slide back to a decrypted status even if the connection drops.
As for encryption standards, IPVanish uses 256-bit encryption on the OpenVPN protocol by default, SHA512 authentication, and a DHE-RSA 2, 048-bit key exchange with perfect forward secrecy. The latter feature means that even if your account is compromised, all past web sessions will remain encrypted and secure.
There’s an option to choose between 1, 300 servers spread across 75 locations worldwide.
IPVanish allows unlimited simultaneous connections, which is very generous and breaks down the cost per user to an extremely manageable sum. Cash-strapped students looking to unblock Facebook through a VPN should be pleased.
Furthermore, there are apps for both Android and iOS as well as desktop support for Windows and MacOS.
Many users find it an excellent option for Kodi because it allows them to download the Android APK directly to their device. The interface is also remote control friendly for Kodi devices that lack a keyboard and mouse.
Operates a network of more than 1, 300 servers from 75 city locations around the globe
Impressive 4K streaming speeds achieved during testing
Strong encryption makes apps secure
Works well with Kodi devices
Doesn’t offer a cryptocurrency payment method
Claims 24/7 support, but tickets can take one or two days
FAST AND RELIABLE:IPVanish has a large network of servers. Uncongested network achieves good speeds. Strong security and privacy features. Could do with having live customer support. 30-day money back guarantee.
Read our full review of IPVanish.
IPVanish CouponSAVE 70% on the annual or two-year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
6. VyprVPN
VyprVPN has a legion of loyal fans around the world due to the fact that it has some of the most impressive encryption standards in the business. The service complements this approach with 24/7 online customer support, free 3-day trial, and a large server network. You should have no issues unblocking Facebook Messenger at school or work with this VPN.
There is a bit of a logging policy, however. Specifically, VyprVPN will store “the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, connection start and stop time and total number of bytes used. ”
But we haven’t come across any instances of data leakage from the firm’s end. At the same time, VyprVPN claims the content of communications, i. e. the site’s users visit, won’t be recorded.
The company is very popular with users in China where it easily unblocks the Great Firewall. It physically owns and manages entire data centers – as opposed to other providers that opt for a combination of renting and outsourcing servers – helping it control and stabilize traffic.
All traffic is encrypted via the OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption, 2, 048-bit RSA keys without perfect forward secrecy, and SHA256 authentication. An internet kill switch is included.
Over 700 servers are spread across the world and a subscription to a VyprVPN Pro account allows up to three devices to connect at the same time.
Apps are available for both Android and iOS as well as a desktop client for Windows and MacOS.
Speeds are fast and stable
Provides a secure, encrypted connection
Keeps no identifying logs
A little pricey
Other VPNs have more options for advanced configuration
EASY TO USE APP:VyprVPN is user friendly. Speeds were surprisingly good at this end of the market. Could do with having more servers and lacks 24/7 support. 30-day money back guarantee.
Read our full review of VyprVPN.
VyprVPN CouponSAVE 87% on the three year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
7. ZenMate
ZenMate is best known for its free VPN extension for Chrome, useful for anyone browsing Facebook on the web, but it also offers a paid product that has a larger selection of servers and better encryption standards.
In our review we found the service to be somewhat mixed. Browsing speeds and video streaming was decent but, alarmingly, there were a bunch of DNS leaks. Some users may find that disconcerting. There is an initial 14-day free trial though so you can test the service safely and make a decision whether you would like to stick with it.
If you subscribe to a premium package, you’ll notice that there are over 1, 000 servers available.
Encryption standards are decent. ZenMate uses 128-bit AES encryption in conjunction with 2, 048-bit RSA keys and SHA 256 for authentication. An internet kill switch is included. It also has a policy of not storing any user data.
Strong security features, including automatic kill-switch
Plenty of reliable streaming optimized servers in the US
Apps for both iOS and Android
Not the quickest servers on this list
Email-only support
Some DNS leaks during our testing
EASY SET UP:ZenMate is easy to install. Great for Facebook and even works with Netflix in most regions. Not the fastest choice on this list. 30-day money-back guarantee
Read our full review of ZenMate.
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Free VPNs that can unblock Facebook
Over two billion users log in to Facebook at least once a month. Frightening statistics aside, some users may not want to splurge for a paid VPN especially because they’re not forking over any cash to use Facebook itself.
But you should reconsider that line of thought. Free VPNs are vastly inferior to paid options. If you’re trying to unblock Facebook at your workplace or school you’ll need to use a VPN that has robust encryption and doesn’t impose things like bandwidth throttling or data caps. The last thing you need is for your network administrator to find out that you’re accessing restricted sites – this scenario is far more plausible when you sign up for a random free VPN that you found online.
It’s also important to remember that free VPNs aren’t exactly free. They monetize by making you the product – inundating you with advertisements and, in some cases, inserting tracking cookies in your browser to mine browsing data and sell it to third-party sites.
At Comparitech, we believe it’s in your best interest to stay clear of free VPNs when trying to access Facebook.
Facebook VPN FAQs
Should I use Facebook via a VPN? It’s easy to dismiss Facebook as just another social media tool where users waste their time scrolling through pictures or watching cat videos. That negates the fact that many users depend on Facebook for their daily media consumption and to search for vital information on businesses, hospitals, restaurants, and cinemas.
Facebook Messenger is also a powerful tool to make free audio and video calls as well as to stay in touch with friends and family. Some parents may think it’s necessary to communicate with their kids – after all, over two billion people are regular users.
When institutions block access to Facebook, the only possible course of action is to use a VPN. We don’t think you should go crazy and spend your entire day on the social media site, but there’s nothing wrong in accessing it for a specific I use a VPN can I be hidden when on Facebook? Here’s the thing: everything you do on Facebook is tied to your user account. This means that you can still be identified by your actions, even if a VPN is connected. Additionally, many websites use something called the Facebook Pixel to link your activities on other sites to your Facebook account for analytics purposes.
In short, a VPN won’t stop Facebook from tracking you and keeping tabs on what you get up to online. However, as they route your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, they can stop your employer, network admin, or government from seeing that you’re on my account get banned for using a VPN on Facebook? You shouldn’t have any problems logging in or using Facebook while connected to a VPN. There is a small chance that your chosen server is blacklisted by the service (for instance, if it’s been used to harass someone in the past), but luckily, this is an easy issue to fix: just try a different server. If you’re struggling to access Facebook with a VPN, it’s best to ask your VPN provider for help; they may even have specific servers specially designed to bypass the platform’s VPN-detection I use a mobile VPN can Facebook still track me? The simple answer is that as long as you use Facebook, it can and will continue to track you. Whether you’re using a VPN to browse the site doesn’t matter, since you’re logged in, which means everything you do can be traced back to your personal account. That said, a VPN can help hide your activities from snoopers, so at the very least, you’ll be able to use Facebook without worrying about anyone intercepting your do I do if Facebook is blocked in my country? Countries like China and North Korea block Facebook outright. Some other places, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar stop users from engaging in Facebook’s VoIP (voice and video chat) features. If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, then follow the steps given above and Facebook should work normally. Facebook is censoring posts in my country. What do I do? In some cases, Facebook has been accused of quietly acquiescing to government demands to block access to sensitive content. In others, it outright announces that it’s censoring posts, such as when it attempted to play hardball with the Australian government by blocking all Australian news outlets from posting.
We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re denied access to information and prevented from uncovering the truth. The best way to overcome this problem is to spoof your location via a next time you feel that your government, Facebook, or both are working together to restrict content, then we believe it’s time to sign up for a VPN. Follow the steps in the previous section to make it appear you’re accessing the social media site from a country outside your current location. That should do the trick.
The Best VPN for Facebook

The Best VPN for Facebook

Use a Facebook VPN to securely connect with your friends online anytime, anywhere! With IPVanish, you’ll enjoy the fastest VPN for accessing your Facebook account privately on all of your favorite devices.
Browse with lightning-fast speeds
Encrypt connections at work and school
Secure your devices with our free apps
How to Use a Facebook VPN
Within minutes of setting up your VPN connection with IPVanish, you’ll be browsing Facebook with ease and privacy. Using IPVanish, the best VPN for Facebook, is simple:
1. Create your free Facebook account and sign in to begin adding friends.
2. Sign up for IPVanish, the world’s fastest VPN, and connect to one of our 1, 900+ global servers.
3. Enjoy our Facebook VPN with end-to-end encryption!
What is a VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network — a private connection that allows you to use a public network safely. When you’re connected to our VPN, everything you search for and access online is shielded from prying eyes, allowing you to be completely anonymous. Your activity is passed through an encrypted tunnel, which secures your data, identity, and access to Facebook! Use IPVanish to begin securing your connection to Facebook and other websites.
How To Use Facebook
Don’t have a Facebook account? No problem — it’s easy to get started, and even easier to use a Facebook VPN. All you have to do is create a FREE Facebook account to start connecting with millions of people around the world.
Use Facebook for:
Connecting with friends & family
Event planning
Reading daily news
How Does a VPN for Facebook Work?
Using IPVanish VPN for Facebook is easy. The Facebook VPN allows you to encrypt your activity and hide your location for ultimate online privacy. No matter where you are, IPVanish lets you to use Facebook without fear of your network activity being traced.
Privately access Facebookat work or school
Maximize your connection speed
Browse on public Wi-Fiwithout being hacked or spied on
Use a VPN for Facebook on Any Device
Enjoy the freedom to browse Facebook from anywhere! IPVanish is available for download on a variety of devices and platforms, and couldn’t be simpler to set up. Connect to one of our global servers before you access your Facebook account on any of the platforms below:
Access Facebook Securely and AnonymouslyMany business, universities, and other institutions block the use of Facebook with corporate firewalls and other forms of censorship. Use IPVanish to make your online activity completely invisible in any location! Encrypting your connection with a VPN while masking your IP address is an easy way to continue using Facebook without the fear of being monitored. We never keep logs of your activity either, so your IPVanish connection is always 100% private.
Hide your activity and enjoy total anonymity with a Facebook VPN!
Browse With the Fastest VPN for FacebookBy connecting to IPVanish, you can skip the pain of throttling and pesky video lags from getting in your way. Our Facebook VPN offers lightning-fast connection speeds that allow you to browse your News Feed without interference. Unlike other services, IPVanish offers the fastest VPN for Facebook.
Achieve lightning-fast speeds from unthrottled VPN connections with IPVanish for Facebook!
Use a VPN for Facebook AnywhereDon’t let your physical location stop you from staying connected to your Facebook friends around the world. With IPVanish, you can access Facebook securely and privately from anywhere — even regions where Facebook is blocked. Take back your freedom to stay connected online with the privacy of an IPVanish connection. We offer over 40, 000+ shared IPs for you to choose from, ensuring your Facebook VPN connection is private and your location is anonymous.
Connect to one of our 1, 900+ global servers in over 75+ available locations to start using Facebook anonymously!
Facebook and VPN: What Else Should You Know?
Is it safe to use a VPN for Facebook? Yes, it’s perfectly safe! Millions of people all over the world use VPNs to secure their internet connection while they use Facebook. Even businesses and other private institutions use corporate VPNs to create private networks for their employees to ensure secure browsing..
Can I use IPVanish to access Facebook on multiple devices? Absolutely — in fact, IPVanish doesn’t meter your VPN connections, so you can protect a variety of devices simultaneously. Connect to Facebook with our VPN at home or on-the-go with no hassle. We even offer free, user-friendly mobile apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and many more.
Does IPVanish record or store my activity when I use Facebook? IPVanish keeps zero logs of your activity while you browse with our VPN. As we promise in our Privacy Policy, we only keep the information necessary for your account’s creation, such as your email address and billing info. We would never record activity or store any activity or connection logs while you use our VPN to access Facebook and other websites.
Why Choose IPVanish VPN for Facebook?
IPVanish, the best VPN for Facebook, offers anonymity, security, and the freedom to browse anywhere on any device. You’ll give yourself complete peace of mind when you connect to one of global servers with ease.
Enjoy this list of exclusive features and more with every IPVanish account:
Browse Facebook with IPVanish now!
Accessing Facebook while protecting your privacy doesn’t have to be difficult — that’s why IPVanish promises to make it easy for you. Start browsing anonymously, surf with high-speed connections, and access Facebook from anywhere with IPVanish!
How to use Facebook through a proxy

How to use Facebook through a proxy

You can visit Facebook anonymously using a proxy server. You can also use it to unblock access to this social network by changing your real IP address with other data. Facebook does not support the use of proxy servers, so you cannot connect an intermediary server on the site itself. You need to configure the whole thing in a browser, proxy, or computer system parameters. Below we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to configure the proxy setting for Facebook.
Connecting a proxy server for Facebook through computer settings
The peculiarity of this solution is that the proxy will be active not only when visiting Facebook, but also when performing any other network connections. Let’s consider the principle of proxy server activation based on the Windows 10 operating system.
To configure a proxy server through the system parameters, follow all the steps outlined in the instructions below:
In the search engine for the operating system, enter the word “Proxy”.
In the options that appear, select the action “Manually change proxy server settings”.
In the “Manual proxy settings” section, there is a toggle switch next to the “Use proxy server” parameter. Turn it to the “On” position.
In the “Address” and “Port” fields, enter the corresponding data of your proxy server.
In the free field located below, you can enter sites that will not use the specified proxy server.
Click “Save” to update the network connection settings.
The principle of connecting proxy servers on other versions of the Windows operating system will be approximately the same, but taking into account the individual characteristics of the interface.
Configuring a proxy for FB through a browser
For example, consider activating a proxy in Google Chrome. How to connect working proxy for Facebook through this browser:
Open Chrome settings (3 dots icon on top of each other).
Select the sub-item “Settings”.
In the line “Search in the settings, ” write “proxy”.
Select the point farthest from the bottom.
The browser will redirect you to the section of the system parameters of the computer, where you will need to select the proxy mode and specify the data of the new server.
On Windows 10, to do this, in the “Manual proxy settings” section, move the toggle switch next to the “Use a proxy server” item to the “On” position and enter the proxy data below: IP address and port. Then you need to click the “Save” button.
On other browsers, the proxy server is connected in approximately the same way, but with individual features of the interfaces.
Setting up a proxy for Facebook through a proxifier
Another way to unblock FB with proxy is to use a proxifier. With this unique program, you can set up a proxy server exclusively for Facebook.
There are different types of proxifiers. Let’s consider, for example, setting up a proxy for Facebook through the Proxifier program:
Download this program by finding its official website on the Internet.
Install Proxifier on your computer and launch it.
Go to the following path: “Profile” – “Proxy Servers… ” – “Add”.
Enter the IP address, the port of the proxy server.
Select a proxy protocol.
If you are using an intermediary server, access to which is limited by username and password, then check the box next to “Enable” and enter the requested data.
Click “Check” to test the added proxy.
If testing was successful, then click “OK”. In case of failure, the replacement of the proxy server will be required.
If you want this proxy to be used by default, select “Yes”.
Click “OK” twice.
Take the following step: “Profile” – “Proxification Rules… ” – “Add”.
Name the new rule with any suitable name in the “Name” field.
In the “Target Hosts” section, enter “* ” into the blank window. Please note that the “*” symbol must be placed in front of the site name.
Next to the “Action” parameter, select the previously added IP address and port from the drop-down list.
Click “OK” to save your changes.
Proxifier, which we used in this review for the example, is paid. It can only be used free for a limited trial period. It is possible to bypass these restrictions using reusable keys that users post on the Internet.
We recommend using a separate proxy server for each Facebook account. This will help avoid blocking by the social network.

Frequently Asked Questions about facebook vpn proxy

Does Facebook allow VPN?

Is it safe to use a VPN for Facebook? Yes, it’s perfectly safe! Millions of people all over the world use VPNs to secure their internet connection while they use Facebook. Even businesses and other private institutions use corporate VPNs to create private networks for their employees to ensure secure browsing. .

Does Facebook allow proxy?

You can visit Facebook anonymously using a proxy server. You can also use it to unblock access to this social network by changing your real IP address with other data. Facebook does not support the use of proxy servers, so you cannot connect an intermediary server on the site itself.Aug 27, 2020

How can I use Facebook with VPN?

Here’s how to unblock Facebook with a VPN (from anywhere): Navigate through the options and select a plan. Download the companion apps. Open the VPN app, login, and select a server preferably outside your country of residence. Once the connection is established, open Facebook and use it like you normally would.Apr 6, 2021

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