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How to Use a Fake IP Address and Mask Yourself Online

As the notion of privacy gets trampled on with each passing year, online privacy only becomes even more important.
That’s why many people use fake IP addresses. To be clear, “fake IP address” is a bit of a misnomer that implies creating a new one out of thin air. That’s not possible. The best you can do is hide your IP address behind someone else’s already-existing IP address. This is called IP masking. So how do you spoof your IP address?
1. Use a VPN
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, but is much simpler than it sounds. Basically, you can connect your computer or device to someone else’s network, then browse the web through it. Whatever activity you’re doing looks like it’s coming from them, not from you.
When you connect to a VPN, you’re masking your IP address with one of the IP addresses on that network. To trace the traffic back to you, the VPN would have to give you up (or your IP address would have to be revealed via DNS leak).
For best results, use a paid VPN service because free VPNs come with too many risks and downsides. The most important one is that you can never quite trust a free service. Are they selling your data? If asked, would they give up your true IP address? It does happen.
As such, we only recommend using a logless VPN. Such VPNs don’t keep activity logs, so they can’t give up your IP address even if requested. Plus, most logless VPNs encrypt all of your traffic to and from the network, preventing any snooping by ISPs or governments.
VPNs are useful in so many circumstances, but there are too many myths about them that might put you off; you should dispense with misinformation and use a VPN for secure searching.
Which Is the Best VPN For You?
ExpressVPN and CyberGhost are both excellent options. If neither suits you, have a look at our overview of best VPN services. Long story short: whichever service you pick, you just download the app, run it, and use it to connect to the VPN on demand. It’s really that simple.
Use this link for up to 49% off ExpressVPN plans!
2. Use a Web Proxy
A web proxy works in much the same way as a VPN. You connect to the proxy server, then all your web traffic flows through the proxy server. As such, your IP address gets hidden by the proxy server’s IP address.
But there are two major differences between proxy and VPN.
Firstly, web proxies are typically unencrypted. Even if your IP address is masked by a proxy, the traffic itself can still be sniffed by ISPs and governments. Not only that, but some websites may still be able to see your real IP address using JavaScript and the now largely-defunct Flash, which are another set of threats to your online security.
Secondly, some browsers let you route only browser traffic. To use a web proxy, you go into your web browser’s settings and manually input the proxy server’s IP address. This allows applications and devices outside the web browser, like Skype, to still use your actual IP address.
Find a free web proxy using a site like PremProxy or Proxy List. Using a proxy server in your country will keep it fast, but using a proxy server in another country can be useful for bypassing region-blocked content and adding a tiny layer of extra obscurity.
How to Set Up a Web Proxy in Firefox
In the browser, select Preferences from the dropdown menu in the top-left corner.
In the General section, scroll down to Network Settings.
Click on Settings.
Select Manual proxy configuration, then type in the proxy’s address and port in the HTTP Proxy field.
How to Set Up a Web Proxy in Microsoft Edge
On the homepage, click on three dots from the top-left corner.
Select Settings.
Search for proxy in search settings, and selectOpen your computer’s proxy settings.
In the Settings window, toggle the Use a proxy server option, and type in the proxy’s address and port in the Address field.
Click on Save to finalize your proxy setup.
How to Set Up a Web Proxy in Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi
In the main menu, select Settings.
Under Network, click Change proxy settings…
In the Connections tab, click LAN settings.
Enable Use a proxy server for your LAN, then type in the proxy’s address and port in the Address field.
Note: Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and other Chromium-based browsers do not have a built-in browser-specific proxy feature. Instead, they only use system-wide proxy settings. However, you can use an extension like Proxy Switcher & Manager to use web proxies that only affect browser traffic.
3. Use Public Wi-Fi
Instead of routing your traffic through another person’s network, you can opt to connect directly to their network—and the easiest way to do this is to hop onto public Wi-Fi.
The funny thing is that this is really the only way to hide your home IP address. When you’re on public Wi-Fi, there’s no way for someone to trace it back to your home. And if it’s a popular hotspot (e. g. Starbucks), your activity will be obscured by dozens of other users at any time.
But remember that public Wi-Fi has its risks.
By default, most public Wi-Fi hotspots are unencrypted. All your activities while connected can be seen by anyone else on the network (if they’re sniffing it out), which includes login details for websites like banks and e-commerce shopping. Public Wi-Fi hotspots can also spread malware infections to your device.
On top of this, there are several other ways for hackers to steal your identity on public Wi-Fi. So while you might be hiding your IP address, you’re still opening yourself up to a whole host of other privacy and security risks.
4. Use Tor Browser
Tor browser, sometimes also called the Onion router, is a free browser that hides your IP address every time you connect to the internet. It does this by connecting you with the Tor network at the start, which transmits your data through random relay servers hosted by worldwide volunteers.
For most people not living in authoritarian countries like China, Venezuela, etc. (where Tor is banned), it’s a handy tool to have in your arsenal of privacy solutions.
To get started, go to the official Tor website and install the browser from there. When the setup is complete, click on Connect. The Tor browser will then link up to the Tor network. This could take a few minutes, so you’ll have to wait a short time.
When it’s done, you’re free to browse the internet anonymously. If you’re using Tor for the first time, though, make sure that you read up on all the online security tips about using Tor efficiently. They are given on the homepage itself!
And That’s How You Can Hide Your IP Address!
Now you know all the different ways you can mask your IP address. If you’re like us, and just can’t accept that “big brother” is prying on you all the time, these tricks will be enough to get started with securing your online anonymity.
Privacy vs. Anonymity vs. Security: Why They Don’t All Mean the Same ThingWhat’s the difference between security, anonymity, and privacy? And when should you prioritize one over another?
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List of fake crawlers IP address – udger.com

Udger database includes categorized (udger detected/tested) IP addresses
More than 731, 000 of categorized IP addressesList type: Crawlers | Public proxies | Public cgi proxies | VPN services | Tor exit nodes | Fake crawlers | Web scrapers | Known attack source”IP addresses that do not belong to the robots of major search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex.. ), but they send the useragent strings of these robots. “showing first 30 records of 94, 737 total
Last seenIP addressIP nameDC Country
2021-10-22 16:54:4145. 153. 240. 106? DE
2021-10-22 IT
2021-10-22 16:54:33141. 98. 116. 120? TR
2021-10-22 16:54:2352. 162. 161. 148? US
2021-10-22 16:54:2165. 52. 23. 20? US
2021-10-22 16:54:0640. 76. 18. 24? US
2021-10-22 16:53:4940. 112. 251. 126? US
2021-10-22 CO
2021-10-22 16:53:2940. 86. 253. 105? CA
2021-10-22 08:11:035. 183. 209. 217? SC
2021-10-22 08:11:0323. 129. 64. 226??
2021-10-22 05:50:1731. 13. 115. 3? IE
2021-10-22 05:49:3531. 15? IE
2021-10-22 05:49:2869. 171. 11? US
2021-10-22 05:48:4366. 220. 149. 3? US
2021-10-22 05:41:37188. 68. 29. 240? RU
2021-10-22 01:04:1445. 56. 200? DK
2021-10-21 20:49:0123. 150? US
2021-10-21.. and more.. (All IP Addresses available to users with subscription…. Learn More)
How to Get Fake IP Address? 100% working solutions added!

How to Get Fake IP Address? 100% working solutions added!

Are you looking forward to faking your IP Address online? Then come in now and discover the best methods to use in other to provide arbitrary IP Addresses other than your device’s real device’s IP address is a form of identification for your device on the Internet. It can be used to detect your location and can also be used for tracking your activities online and used for depriving you of access to geo-targeting content you use your real IP address online, get ready to face some level of censorship and denial to access some content you have interest in simply because the content isn’t meant for people in your location. There’s a lot more one can do with your IP address that you will be surprised when you Does an IP Address Tell You? With the rising concern of data privacy online, privacy advocates online are increasingly raising the awareness of privacy and how it has been compromised largely by governmental bodies and websites on the Internet. With more and more people becoming aware of the risk involved in using their real IP addresses, the need to replace it with a fake one is on the a fake IP address, it becomes difficult if not impossible for your real identity to be discovered – and as such, the government, your ISP, and website won’t be able to track activities you are a private concerned individual, then keep reading to discuss the best methods and tools you can use to change your real IP address and present fake IP addresses. Overviews of Solutions for Fake IP addressPaid Solutions Safe VPN Service for Privacy: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, & SurfsharkPrivate Proxies for Fresh IPs: Myprivateproxy, InstantProxies & SSLPrivateProxyResidential IP Proxies for millions of IPs: Luminati, Smartproxy & GeoSurfFree Solutions Free Web Proxy solution: Proxysite, KProxy & HidesterFree P2P VPN : Tuxler VPN, Hola VPN & Betternet VPNOthers, Tor Network, Shadowsocks, Public Wifi…VPN Service to Get fake IP addressA VPN is a Virtual Private Network that you can connect to and use a different IP address to access the Internet. A VPN service makes your Internet connection more secure and anonymous by encrypting your traffic and replacing your IP address with a different is arguably the best method you can use to fake your IP address. With a VPN service, you can access geo-targeted as you can surf from a different country. There are many VPN software you can use in the market. Regardless of the one you just make sure it is paid and has advanced features such as a kill switch, no-log policy, leak protection, and private DNS pending on the source of the IP addresses used, there are two types of VPN services –Datacenter VPN and residential center VPNA datacenter VPN service is a VPN service that routes clients’ requests through IP addresses owned by data centers such as Amazon AWS. The IP addresses are cheap to obtain, and they are in abundant supply, and as such, it is cheaply ever, datacenter IPs are easily detectable and, as such, may not be used for accessing websites that have systems to detect and block proxy through traffic. Some of the best datacenter VPN include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PIA sidential VPNResidential VPN makes use of residential IP addresses gotten from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In most cases, residential IPs are gotten from peer to peer network, and users of the residential VPN have their traffic routed through the devices in the network. Because they are routed through regular devices with IPs from ISPs, they become undetectable and as difficult to are, however, expensive when compared to datacenter VPN. They are the best and used on websites that can’t be accessed using Datacenter VPN. Examples of Residential VPNs include VPNLand, NetflixVPN and TorGuard VPNThere are lots of Free VPN online, but trust me, There is no such thing as a free lunch! One type of those free VPNs offers a lot of restrictions, such as those VPN services limit to speed, bandwidth, or server to access, To unblock those limitations, you have to pay for that. Another type of Free VPNs are well known as “P2P VPNs”, such as Tuxler VPN, Hola and Betternet VPN and so on, Yes, you can 100% free to use those type of VPN, however, you have to allow their “dark agreement”, usually need to share your own internet connection to others! That leads your internet speed is slow, also your Privacy is also at risk also! Proxies to mask your IP addressProxies are more like a VPN, but unlike in the case of a VPN, you necessarily do not need to install any software. A proxy server, otherwise known as a proxy, is a server that sits between clients’ computers and websites on the Internet. When a user sends a web request and proxies are configured, the request goes through the proxy server, and the user’s IP address bundled with the request is changed with a different ually, unlike in the case of a VPN, proxies are meant for Internet marketing tasks that require IP to be faked. VPNs are meant for personal use. Below are the type of proxies in the center ProxiesDatacenter proxies are the most common types of proxies and the cheapest you can get in the market. Their IP addresses are sourced from datacenters just like in the case of Datacenter ever, you are sold the IPs with their ports, and if any of the IP gets blocked, there is nothing you can do. Datacenter proxies are usually static IPs. They easily get detected and aren’t suitable for use on strict websites that have the capabilities of detecting proxies. MyPrivateProxy, InstantProxies, and Blazing proxies are some of the best datacenter proxy providers in the sidential ProxiesResidential proxies are proxy servers that route client requests to websites through devices in a peer to peer network with their IPs being assigned by ISPs. Unlike in the case of datacenter proxies, most residential proxy providers do not offer static IPs but dynamically assign IPs to their clients from their IP pool. Residential proxies are the best when it comes to evading detection and enjoy some level of trust and aren’t easily detectable. Because of this, they are quite expensive when compared to datacenter proxies. Some of the best residential proxy providers include Luminati, Smartproxy, and ProxyA web proxy offers a free proxy service whereby you are not offered the IPs to use in the software you choose to. The web proxy is accessible from the browser environment. You have to visit the website of the web proxy and then surf the Internet from the web proxy is tab-specific, and as such, unlike the above that protects your privacy across tabs, web proxies will only keep your IP address is hidden for the tab you have the web proxy website open and surf the Internet through the interface it provides. It can be frustrating sometimes and filled with advertisements. Hidester, and Whoer Web Proxy are some of the popular web proxies in the Proxy ListA free proxy list is a list of free proxies you can use for surfing the Internet anonymously. They are last I will advise you to use as they are usually not reliable and generallyslow. It is common for a proxy that works a few minutes ago to stop working. They are usually less secure and will frustrate in the case of paid proxies that requires authentication in other for you to use them, free proxies do not require any form of authentication. Because of this, for every proxy is a free proxy list, just know that you will be sharing it with a good number of people you do not know. Most popular websites detect them easily. The most popular example of free proxy lists is the Free Proxy TorThe Onion Router (TOR) is an anonymity network that enables anonymous communication on the Internet by hiding the IP addresses of users and replacing it with a different one. It works more like a peer-to-peer network, but unlike other peer-to-peer networks, your requests go through a good number of nodes (servers) in the network to make sure there is no trace left are over 7, 000 nodes in which your requests can be routed through. The Tor network makes it difficult to trace one’s Internet activities. Tor is open-source software and requires you to make use of the Tor browser or its Firefox more, How to Use Proxies to Surf Tor AnonymouslyConclusionThe truth is, with your IP address online, you are never anonymous. However, by default, you must submit your IP address to the websites you visit. With this in mind, you just have to provide a different IP address. Use one of the methods described above to fake your IP to Find Someone IP Address on InstagramHow to Unblock Websites at School5 Ways to Detect if an IP Address is a ProxyTips to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely

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