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You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in ardsFinal Fantasy Record Keeper5* mote farmingGlaringBadger 2 years ago#1When do we get this in Global? I just finished 4* moting my last character. Honestly, I don’t really need to fully dive that many more characters, but having those dives completed can help as new SBs are lm_Arrowny_87 2 years ago#2We’re probably looking at about October or November. (Along with other stuff like the Record Lab’s 2nd batch, Dark Odin’s 6-8 rewards, and 6* magicites. )Unless it comes early. The mote dungeon renewal a month or two ago was pretty a fuddy aringBadger (Topic Creator)2 years ago#3Thanks, Relm. Man, that’s entirely too far away. I finally can beat some Odins, I want those rewards! BobbySura 2 years ago#4I dont understand how you finished all the characters. Ive cleared most content since motes came out except for a few breaks and I’m nowhere close. I am constantly out of wisdom, spirit, and TRIPLE DOUBLE BOBBY SURAGlaringBadger (Topic Creator)2 years ago#5I’ve farmed the motes, @BobbySura. For awhile I was bored with grinding crystals – and before AASBs, I was not finishing all the torments to get the rubies to get the abilities – so I just did the mote dungeons with daily stamina. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad, since 3x 60-stamina dungeons covered my three dungeons mission for the ardsFinal Fantasy Record Keeper5* mote farming
Why you shouldn't farm 4   motes: FFRecordKeeper - Reddit

Why you shouldn’t farm 4 motes: FFRecordKeeper – Reddit

Hear ye! Hear ye! I didn’t think it was that serious, but apparently, the mote fever/panic is so widespread that it warrants a post. I would write this sooner, but it’s been only recently that I realized just how many people are being trapped in this bubble. My message is clear:Don’t farm 4★ motes, it’s a waste of main argument is quite simple and it has to do with the big picture:The demand for orbs and crystals keeps growing constantly, since DeNa keeps adding new 5★ and 6★ abilities to the game and there’s no reason to think they’ll stop doing that. Meanwhile, the character roster is all but frozen in place, which means that motes will inevitebly go the way of growth eggs in time — useless vestiges of times long past, forever staining reward pools with their presence. This will happen whether you farm them or not and since there’s no reason to speed up the process, farming 4★ motes is therefore completely I’m going to answer some counterarguments I’ve seen floating around:”New Torments require 4★ dives! I need to stock up NOW! “Correction: the D??? difficulty requires 4★ dives. In fact, it requires 5★ dives. Which are limited by much rarer 5★ motes, so stocking up on 4★s won’t addition, the dungeons won’t be released all at once, so there’s time in between releases to get more motes, even 5★ dives won’t carry you on their own. If your relics in a given realm are shit, you’re fucked no matter how big your mote stash to that the fact that the dungeons will stay open constantly after they’re introduced and there is absolutely no need to hoard 4★ motes, of the above also applies to 5★ magicites, by the way. “Wait, why did you skip the lower difficulties like that? “Because you most certainly don’t need fully 4★ dived party to beat them. D280 is numerically harder than 3★ magicite, yes, but you have synergy, you have auto-Wall, you have a realm chain as RW, breaks actually work and the boss is omni-weak. Plus, if you absolutely have to, using one out-of-realm character (say, OK for pUSB) if perfectly doable, as the penalties for doing that are nowhere on the level of D???. A 4★ dive is a drop in the ocean amongst all that. D240 is all that, but easier. “4★ dive is a significant power boost! “On average, a 4★ dive grants about 6-9% damage increase and +500-600 HP. While not insignificant, it pales in comparison with all the things mentioned above. “You don’t need that many crystals to R3 a 6★ ability, so farming crystals is useless! “One, new abilities are being added to the game constantly. Two, for the best and most coveted SBs in the game (ability doublers like Vivi, TGC or Celes USBs), R3 is not enough. “Dailies will get better rewards soon and motes are half-price right now! “As I’ve explained above, farming motes is a short-sighted hype that has zero value in the long run — you’ll get there eventually anyway and even if you farm crystals like crazy, you still won’t be done honing when you 4★ dive the last character you need. Zero benefit at half price is still zero benefit. Since farming dailies is the only other option for spending excess stamina, the choice is you think I missed something important that negates any of my points, or if something is unclear, do let me know and I’ll update this post this post changed your mind and now you feel bad about farming motes during the fest, again, I’m sorry for writing so late, I just didn’t realize the scope of the bubble in time. I wish you all fruitful farming and plenty a Magic Pot on your, out.
Mote (Record Keeper) | Final Fantasy Wiki

Mote (Record Keeper) | Final Fantasy Wiki

Motes are a special item in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Motes are used to activate a character’s Record Spheres, granting them stat bonuses and new ability sets.
There are two types of motes; Stat Motes, and Job Motes. Stat Motes are used to activate the main type of Record Sphere, the six being based around Job Classes. Rarity 3 Motes are used to activate nodes in the base three jobs, while Rarity 4 are used to activate notes in their additional three jobs. For Legend Spheres, which not all characters possess, the character needs Rarity 5 Motes. The amount of Motes needed to master a Record Sphere varies.
Job Motes are used to activate Empowered Spheres, which exist separately from the standard Record Spheres. Using Job Motes on these Empowered Spheres will first unlock the character’s ability to use Rarity 6 abilities of a certain ability type, then a Rarity 6 ability of the same type, and finally a small boost to the character’s damage output when using abilities of the same type. For example, a Thief Empowered Sphere first lets the user use Rarity 6 Thief abilities, then grants the Mug Bloodlust ability, then raises Thief ability damage by 3%. The amount of Motes needed to master an Empowered Sphere is always the same, thirty in total; one to open the Sphere, 4-10-15 Motes for each Sphere level.
There are also special kinds of Mote. The Onion Motes are only used for Onion Knight, and one each is needed to activate the first level of each of his Record Spheres. Whereas other Motes are acquired as dungeon rewards or item exchanges, Onion Motes are randomly dropped by certain enemies in certain Final Fantasy III event dungeons. The Eiko Motes are used for Eiko Carol and Marcus, in reference to the Marcus/Eiko stat bug; as the player completes Record Spheres for Marcus, they will earn Eiko Motes, used to activate a unique Job Sphere “Record Link” in Eiko’s Record Spheres to afford her additional stat boosts.
Rarity 3 Dexterity MoteRarity 4 Dexterity MoteRarity 5 Dexterity MoteRarity 3 Vitality MoteRarity 4 Vitality MoteRarity 5 Vitality MoteRarity 3 Spirit MoteRarity 4 Spirit MoteRarity 5 Spirit MoteRarity 3 Bravery MoteRarity 4 Bravery MoteRarity 5 Bravery MoteRarity 3 Wisdom MoteRarity 4 Wisdom MoteRarity 5 Wisdom MoteMachinist MoteBard MoteMinja MoteSamurai MoteKnight MoteThief MoteMonk MoteDragoon MoteSpellblade MoteEiko MoteOnion Mote

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