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FIX: reCAPTCHA not working in Chrome, Firefox, or any browser

reCAPTCHA is a free Google service to confirm that a system is being used by a human being and not a robot or bot. It helps websites secure themselves against malicious automated tools and spam attacks. It is similar to Captcha, the only difference is that Captcha asks you to solve some puzzles to make sure you are not a robot. And, reCAPTCHA asks you to tick an I’m not a Robot button to confirm your, multiple users have reported that reCAPTCHA is not working in their web browser. Many of them have told that it appears initially and then fades away when you click on it. And when you refresh the web page, it shows you a warning message such as verification failed, your computer is sending automated queries, you are also encountering the same issue in your web browser, check out this article. Here, I am going to mention solutions to fix the reCAPTCHA not working in the browser issue. But before that, let us try to understand what causes this asons that cause reCAPTCHA not working issue in browserIf reCAPTCHA is not working in your browser, then this issue may arise due to several reasons that include:You are using an older version of your web or proxy service is interrupting with browser is infected with malware like a browser hijacker, trojan, adware tool, may be triggered due to the browser profile; consider creating a new browser may experience this error if your IP address is detected as can try fixing the reCAPTCHA not working issue using various methods that I am going to share in this article. Let’s get straight to the solutions are the ways to resolve reCAPTCHA not working error in your browser. But before you begin, you might want to clear your browser cache first and your web browser to its latest versionDisable your VPN or Proxy ServiceReset IP for malware on your PCReset your browser1] Update your web browser to its latest versionAs one of the most common reasons that lead to the “reCAPTCHA not working” issue is outdated browser version, you should get it updated. Here, I am going to mention steps to update two widely used web browsers that include Google Chrome and Mozilla Google ChromeLaunch Google Chrome and go to the three-dot, click on the Help > About Chrome will now search for the latest update automatically and install updating Chrome, restart it and go to the reCAPTCHA site to see if it is working fine Mozilla FirefoxOpen Firefox, go to its three-bar menu and click on the Help, tap on the About Firefox option. It will check and download updates which you can install by clicking the Update launch Firefox and open the reCAPTCHA window and check if the issue is gone. 2] Disable your VPN or Proxy ServiceA VPN service might be causing the reCAPTCHA not working error in your browser. Hence, try disabling the VPN application you use for some time and check if reCAPTCHA starts working in your browser. If it does, your VPN was the one causing the a similar way, disable proxy service if you use one and see if the reCAPTCHA not working problem still persists. 3] Reset IP addressIn an unfortunate case where your IP address has a negative reputation and is detected as suspicious, resetting your IP address may help you resolve this issue. This solution seems to work when reCAPTCHA is not working in any of your web browsers. Here are the steps to reset the IP address on your Windows 10 PC:Firstly, open CMD with administrator privilege; for that, search for CMD and open the app using the Run as administrator, enter the following commands one by one in CMD:netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
When all the above commands are completely executed, restart your web browser and visit the reCAPTCHA page to see if it is working fine now. 4] Check for malware on your PCYou might be facing this issue if your browser is infected with some kind of malware like trojan, adware, browser hijacker, etc. So, scan your PC for malware and remove it from your PC. You can use free Antivirus Software that provides you protection against doing so, uninstall your web browser completely using a free uninstaller program. Then, download the installer for your web browser from the web and reinstall it on your your browser and check if reCAPTCHA is working properly. 5] Reset your browserIf nothing works, you may need to reset your Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browser to its original default settings. Hopefully, this guide helps you fix the reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA work on all browsers? ReCaptcha will actively look at the browser version before allowing you access. This is applicable to all browser versions, not just Chrome, Edge, you bypass CAPTCHA? In some cases, simple CAPTCHAs can be bypassed using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that recognizes the text inside images, such as scanned documents and photographs. This technology converts images containing written text into machine-readable text read: Browser extensions to Bypass or Automatically fill CAPTCHA.
Unable to connect to reCAPTCHA | Firefox Support Forum

Unable to connect to reCAPTCHA | Firefox Support Forum

Hi, since today I’ve been unable to connect to reCAPTCHA. At first the reCAPTCHA boxes didn’t show up at all and Firefox prevented me from connecting with Google because of an error with the certificate. I was able to fix that by allowing Firefox to trust root authorities (solution #6 on this list:)
While the reCAPTCHA boxes are showing up again, I still can’t connect with it. When checking the box, it starts loading for a while and I get an error message saying that there’s no contact with reCAPTCHA and that I should check my connection and try again. I included a screenshot.
I went to topics of people who had the same problem and tried everything. Disabling protection against tracking, disabling Adblock, starting Firefox in safe mode, refreshing Firefox, loading another Firefox profile, restarting Firefox, uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, restarting my pc. I’m desperate.
I’m only having this problem in Firefox, not in any other browser.
captcha doesn't appear at all? | Firefox Support Forum

captcha doesn’t appear at all? | Firefox Support Forum

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When i go to a website i have previously gone too before without problem the captcha doesn’t appear at all anymore. I tried browsing the net for answers but found little help. I recently tried going through my browser settings and trying different things and apparently got it to work again after installing the new java but it didn’t completely fix the problem. After closing the browser and reopening it, the captcha was no where to be found again? Help please!?
Chosen solution
Do you have the problem at other sites?
Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache.
Clear the Cache and
Remove Cookies Warning!! This will log you out of sites you’re logged in to.
Type about:preferences in the address bar.
Cookies; Select Privacy. Under History, select Firefox will Use Custom Settings. Press the button on the right side called Show Cookies. Use the search bar to look for the site. Note; There may be more than one entry. Remove All of them.
Cache; Select Advanced > Network. Across from Cached Web Content, Press Clear Now.
If there is still a problem,
Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}
A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh).
While you are in safe mode;
Type about:preferences#advanced in the address bar.
Under Advanced, Select General.
Look for and turn off Use Hardware Acceleration.
Poke around safe websites. Are there any problems?
Then restart.
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My Java is up to date and still doesn’t work
Chosen Solution
I did everything above and nothing worked. I’ve even tried other internet browsers to see if it would work and it still doesn’t even show up in the browser. I did try and use a different computer to see if it would work on there and it did no problem. I’m pretty sure it was a Recaptcha on the website that doesn’t work. I don’t know any other sites that use captcha’s but i did some research on websites that use captcha’s and couldn’t find a single captcha any where on any sites?
My bad, i forgot to restart browser and apparently it works now. Thank you very much. 🙂
Glad to help. Safe Surfing.
When installing / updating some software, you need to close the browser first.
Also, a few programs do require a re-boot. You will be told this.
okay im having the same problem again and this time i did all the above and still doesn’t work? This time where the captcha is supposed to appear, all it says is recaptcha status in black bold letters and below it is more writting half cut off in black text?
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I’ve called for more help on this.
Apparently its working again but i didn’t do anything so im assuming that its a glitch or bug from the website. Thanks anyways for trying to help me.
Here’s hoping.
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Frequently Asked Questions about firefox recaptcha not working

How do I enable CAPTCHA in Firefox?

Type about:preferences<Enter> in the address bar. Cookies; Select Privacy. Under History, select Firefox will Use Custom Settings.Aug 11, 2016

Why is the reCAPTCHA not working?

Chrome is not updated to the latest version – One of the most common reasons why this error occurs is that of an outdated Chrome version. ReCaptcha will actively look at the browser version before allowing you access. … In this case, the solution is to update Google Chrome to the latest version.

What to do if reCAPTCHA is not working?

Help for reCAPTCHA users Make sure your browser is fully updated (see minimum browser requirements) Check that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. Try disabling plugins that might conflict with reCAPTCHA.

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