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App Reservation FAQ – Foot Locker

Are App reservations available everywhere?
App reservations are available for select product in the United States contiguous 48 states.
Who can make a reservation request?
Anyone with an account can request a reservation for a release shoe.
Do I need to be a FLX member to reserve a shoe?
No, but you will need to be signed into an online account and being an FLX member may increase your chances of winning a reservation.
Are all new releases available for App reservation?
No. Be sure to check the Apps Releases tab for details.
Can I reserve multiple releases?
Yes. If different releases have the App reservation procedure available, a reservation can be submitted for each release.
How do I reserve a release shoe?
Once you are in the App, tap on the Releases tab which will display all upcoming shoe releases and the method by which customers can procure a release shoe.
What are the methods by which a customer can procure an in-store release shoe?
Customers can obtain launch shoes through three possible methods; first come, first serve; sweepstakes; or through App reservation. click here for more details
What do the different methods of procuring an in-store release shoe mean?
First come, first serve means that the first people in the retail store will be able to purchase the launch shoes. Sweepstakes reservations require customers to go to a retail store and fill out an official entry form with their name, shoe size and telephone number, and if the customer’s ticket is selected, he/she will be contacted via phone.
For a sweepstakes launch, winning customers must be at the retail store at the time specified to purchase the shoe or they will forfeit their opportunity.
For release shoes that use the App reservation procedure, an entry must be submitted via the mobile App. Select the preferred shoe size and choose up to three stores where you could purchase the shoes.
Which retail stores require the App to make a reservation?
The App reservation procedure is available in select retail stores throughout the contiguous United States. To check which stores are participating in the App procedure, head to the Releases tab in the App which displays all upcoming shoe launches and the method by which a release shoe can be procured.
Do I need to enable push notifications to participate in the App reservation process?
We recommend enabling push notifications so you can receive updates on changes to the process and most importantly notify you if you have won the release shoes.
Do I need location services enabled?
No, but it can help when locating and selecting retail stores for App reservation submissions.
Release Submission Process
When can I submit a reservation for a release shoe?
App submissions open approximately six (6) days before the shoe releases. The date and time reservations are due is displayed by the shoe.
How many pairs am I allowed to reserve?
Only 1 pair of release shoes can be reserved per submission.
Can I submit a reservation in more than 1 retail store?
Yes. You can submit a reservation in up to three (3) retail stores. However, if your reservation submission is successful you can only purchase one (1) pair of launch shoes in the retail store at which you won.
You will not be awarded reservations at multiple retail stores for the same shoe.
Can I reserve more than one pair of release shoes using multiple accounts?
Only one submission can be entered per account. Multiple accounts used by an individual in an attempt to reserve more than the limited quantity per launch will not be considered.
What happens if my App crashes while I’m trying to reserve a shoe release?
You will be able to go through the process again while the release shoe is taking reservations.
Does the App reservation close at any point?
App submissions close one (1) hour before the initial winners are announced. Waitlist customers will be subsequently notified. The closing date will be noted during the reservation process.
Can I make a reservation submission after the submission deadline has passed?
No. Once the reservation submission window has closed, a new submission may not be created. The product may be available at other retail stores using Sweepstakes or First Come, First Served procedures or the product may be available online for purchase.
How long do I have to confirm my reservation after I won?
In most cases you will have sixty (60) minutes to confirm or refuse a reservation.
What happens to the shoes if a customer does not confirm or refuses a reservation?
If a customer does not confirm or refuses a reservation a customer on the wait list will be promoted and given the chance to claim a reservation.
When can I pick up my App reservation shoes?
Pick-up times will be noted on the confirmation screen in the App, typically 3 pm on weekends and 6 pm on weekdays.
FLX Membership – Head Starts
What is a Head Start?
Head Starts are a way to get an advantage over other users trying to get the same size release shoe at the same retail stores as you.
Are in-store check-ins an option to obtain Head Starts?
No, in-store check-ins are no longer an option.
How do I get Head Starts?
The only way to gain Head Starts is by signing up for the FLX program and earning XPoints. Head Starts are only available to FLX members.
What Head Start benefits do I receive by joining the FLX program?
FLX members will receive Head Starts on many App reservation products. Additionally, FLX members will have the opportunity to redeem XPoints for Head Starts on many App reservation products.
How do I earn X Points?
XPoints can be earned through completing online activities such as surveys, shopping preferences, connecting social media accounts and in-store and online purchases.
How do I redeem X Points for Head Starts?
After an App reservation request has been submitted Head Starts can be applied via the Submission Success screen, on the product page and the release calendar.
How many Head Starts can I apply to each release?
Available Head Starts may vary by release. Check the release calendar for specifics.
I added Head Starts, where do I see how many I have added?
Head Starts information is available on the submission screen, release calendar and product page.
I have already submitted my reservation request; how do I add Head Starts?
XPoints can be redeemed for Head Starts at any point while the submission window is open.
If I don’t win a launch reservation submission what happens to the XPoints I redeemed towards Head Starts?
XPoints redeemed for Head Starts are not refunded if a customer does not win their app reservation submission.
I used XPoints for a Head Start but now I want to cancel my reservation, can I get the XPoints back?
No. It is not possible to cancel a reservation once it is submitted, you should wait until the awarding is complete and simply decline your submission if you won. XPoints are not refunded if a submission is declined.
I used XPoints for a Head Start but now the release procedure has changed to first come first served, can I get the XPoints back?
Yes, XPoints will be refunded if the launch procedures change and Head Starts are no longer an option for that shoe. XPoints will be back in your account within minutes of procedures changing.
Can I use Head Starts on every shoe release?
Post Submission
Will I lose my reservation if I uninstall my App?
No. Your reservation is tied to your account and will be saved even if you uninstall and reinstall the App. Once you have reinstalled the App, log into your account and your submission will be visible.
What happens if something changes in the App reservation process?
We will notify you of any changes via push notifications, so don’t forget to opt in!
Can I change my name or email address during the reservation process?
No. When you submit the reservation the name on the account will be used by a store associate to validate that you are the pick-up person. If the ID presented to the store associate doesn’t match the pick-up person on the reservation, the shoes cannot be purchased.
Can I change the size selected?
Yes. You can change the size selected until 1 hour before winner announcements begin.
Can I cancel my reservation submission?
No. Reservations cannot be cancelled. If you are awarded the launch shoes you can decline the reservation.
Is there a place to see submitted reservations and their status’?
Yes. Navigate to the Releases tab at the bottom of the app screen and select My Releases from the top center section. This will display all shoes you have submitted a reservation for and the status of each reservation.
Store Pickup
Can I change my selected size if it doesn’t fit when I go to pick it up?
No. You may return the pair if it does not fit and exchange it for a different size if that size is available. If all pairs in the size desired have been reserved or already purchased the customer cannot get another pair in a different size.
What happens if I cannot pick up my reserved shoes?
Unfortunately, shoes that are not picked up within the specified time frame the reservation is forfeited.
Can I have someone else pick up my reservation?
No. You must present your valid ID and the QR code from the reservation confirmation page at the specified store location to pick up your shoes. The name on your ID must match the name of the pick-up person on the reservation.
When and how do I pay for the shoes?
You will be notified of the pick-up date and time window via the reservation confirmation page within the app. Once you are at the winning store during the pick-up window, present the QR code on the reservation confirmation page as well as a valid ID to a store associate. The store associate will retrieve your launch shoes and you can purchase them at the counter.
All store locations accept all major credit cards and cash.
Can I pay for the reservation online?
No. Shoes must be paid for in store upon pick up.
What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?
Under no circumstances will a retail store allow purchase of a reserved release shoe without a valid account and photo ID.
Can you use discount codes or coupons on new releases?
Post Purchase
What is the return policy?
Returns will be managed by the retail store where you purchased the shoe. Please direct inquiries about returns to a store associate at that retail store.
Python3.x Cannot add item to cart on footlocker - Stack Overflow


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Python3.x Cannot add item to cart on footlocker – Stack Overflow

I try to write a spider to buy shoes on When I added item to the cart, I posted the correct data to the server, but I received this:
“Item could not be added to cart: CloseX
You May Be Able To Snag A Pair If You Try Again. Due to high demand, release shoes filter on to the site to avoid any problems. ”
I carefully compared the request and data with the browser, and I didn’t find any difference.
Here is the code:
def __init__(self):
# Log in data
self. login_email = self. login_password = ”
ssion = ”
# Product data
oduct_url = ”
= = ”
questKey = ”
del_name = lectedPrice = = = ”
= {
‘Mozilla/5. 0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_1) AppleWebKit/537. 36 ‘
‘(KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57. 0. 2950. 4 Safari/537. 36’}
def set_info(self, login_email, login_password, product_url, qty, size):
self. login_email = login_email
self. login_password = login_password
oduct_url = product_url
= qty
= size
def login(self):
print(‘Log in… ‘)
# Open log in dialog and get request key
# ————————————————————————————————————–
login_page_url = ”
ssion = ssion()
response = (login_page_url)
request_key_pattern = mpile(‘id=\”requestKey\”” value=\””(\w{16})\””‘)

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