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Forward (Game Jam version) by Christophe Coyard

Move forward and survive.
How to play:Just drag and drop your hero card onto one of the three card cards in front of him. Your hero can only move on the cards with which he is in game is lost if your hero’s health is reduced to 0.
There are different types of cards:
Monster: inflicts damage on you. A monster will attack you if you are in front of him at the end of the gives you a shield. Be careful, shield cards replace your current shield if you have heals you get the gold back at the end of the items have passive effects when they are added to your inventory. They cannot be removed from it. Be careful, not all the effects are positive! Chest: Allows you to choose special rewards.
Notes:Notes: The game is available in English and French.
Credits:Awesome pixel art by DGHZ: emote by Kicked-in-Teeth Sounds from - free port forwarding solution – free port forwarding solution

Port forwarding becomes easier
Make your home PC available from Internet without real IP address
Web and mobile development
Show your work to the clients
System administration
Access any device behind firewall
Remote support
Provide remote tech support via VNC or RDP
Video surveillance
Connect to CCTV cameras without real IP address
You create VPN tunnel from your PC to our server using free OpenVPN software and define port forwading rule to forward requests
from Internet through our server to your local machine. It works even you do not have real IP address or your incoming traffic is blocked.
You can forward HTTP traffic to your local web-server as well as any TCP or UDP traffic. If your web-server has virtual hosts configured,
you can specify which one you are connecting to.
Use any application you need
Limit access to certain IP/networks
Unlimited bandwidth
Traffic never ends
All OS support
Windows, Linux, MacOS, dd-wrt
Custom domain name
Use or redirect your own domain
Host headers
Specify which virtual host to connect
Basic functions
One configuration setting
One forwarding rule
Random external port
Auto-generated domain name
Monthly Plan
$3. 99
100 configurations
Unlimited rules
Custom external ports
Custom and own domain names
SSL certificates
Regional servers for low latency
Yearly Plan
$29. 99
Step 1
Register and get personal OpenVPN configuration file
Step 2
Download, install and run OpenVPN client with generated config file
Step 3
Create a rule to forward traffic from to your local PC
wayForward: Home

wayForward: Home

Home – wayForward
Best-in-ClassMental Health Care
Outcome focused care for every employee
Request Demo
Mental Health Support for Every Employee
At wayForward, we know that every employee is essential to their business. That’s why our platform optimizes mental health care for employers and institutions – so you can improve your employees’ emotional wellness and achieve your organization’s objectives.
The Essential Mental Health Journey
Our comprehensive platform combines the core principles of identification, navigation, and delivery to ensure each employee and their family has access to clinically relevant care.
Most employees aren’t clinical experts. Our clinically trained algorithm helps identify their needs, then directs them to recommended solutions.
Typically, accessing emotional wellness care is time-consuming, stressful, and complex. We let our platform do the heavy-lifting by instantly connecting your employees with the right care.
We work with employers to curate a set of solutions that is the best fit for their employees, then deliver them seamlessly through our platform.
Supported by Research | Validated by Results
We work with leading health plans, EAPs, and employers to provide outcome-driven mental health support to 500K members.
Best-in-class outcomes
Real ResultsThanks to wayForward app, I was able to go out and attend public functions. I used to be so nervous and nervous about stepping out of the house and talking to strangers.
-wayForward User
Filling the GapswayForward has a unique and innovative approach to solving gaps in behavioral healthcare, which is why we are bringing this to our clients and prospects. This aligns with our goal of providing the best solutions to our clients.
John Levy-President, CCA
Innovative SolutionsBecause of wayForward, current customers and prospects see us as cutting edge. They appreciate that we are bringing a solution to their concerns about mental health in the workplace.
Anthony Brown-VP, Cascade Centers
Meaningful DirectionI enjoyed the wayForward program very much! It gave me a new sense of understanding and new ways to cope with anxiety. Thank you!
Tim-wayForward User
About wayForward
Emotional and mental health care is on a spectrum and not everyone needs the same care. wayForward untangles access to emotional wellness and mental health care for employees and members. We identify member needs, and deliver personalized care, both digital and traditional.
We encourage you to reach out and learn more about our esteemed clinical team of professors, researchers, and highly-educated experts.
With the right science and solutions, we can make mental health accessible for everyone.
Our founder Dr. Navya Singh brought together a team of passionate, like-minded experts to fulfill wayForward’s mission.

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