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Picking the Best Proxy Server for Gaming

Are you a gamer looking forward to unlocking IP related restrictions to enjoy a seemingly online gaming experience? Then come in now and discover the best proxy servers for gaming in the market right aying online games is fun, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing a lot, especially if you are a gamer. Depending on the game you’re interested in, you can play with an AI agent or another player from a different part of the world. From my observations, the online gaming market comes with a lot of restrictions. The most common of such restrictions are preventing users from certain locations around the world from playing certain games or not having many people in your regions wanting to play the game you’re interested in – and you won’t be allowed to play with others from another only geo-targeted gaming problems, but you can also get hit with the problem of IP blocking whereby your access to a gaming website is blocked. When this happens, you won’t be able to play games on such a website with that particular device with a blacklisted IP. However, there are techniques you can use. The two most popular methods are to use either proxies or VPN. The focus of this article is on proxies. I will be making recommendations on the best proxies for that, let take a look at the differences between gaming proxies and gaming Use Proxies for Gaming? I don’t know if you have asked yourself why would an online gamer needs to make use of a proxy server? When it comes to online gaming, the below reasons are why you need proxies for Geo-Targeted GamesThe number one reason why people make use of gaming proxies is to play games not available in their location. Gaming sites are notorious for preventing users from certain locations from playing their games while allowing others. With a gaming proxy, you unblock this restriction and play that game you had wanted to Fast Speed and Reduce Lag TimeLag is a noticeable delay experienced in online gaming caused by network. One of the importance of using proxies for playing games online is that it provides a connection bridge between your computer and the gaming server. With this in place, the connection becomes faster, more stable, and the latency and ping are reduced. Unblock Gaming SiteGaming sites won’t hesitate to block you if you go against their terms and conditions. And if they block you – they keep a record of your device’s IP address so that you won’t be able to access their site. with a proxy server, you are assigned a different IP address to Proxies Vs. Gaming VPNBoth VPN and proxies carry out the same task when it comes to online gaming. They both replace your IP address with another, which can then be used to circumvent some restrictions. However, how they do that and some peculiarities make them different. The important difference is speed. VPNs encrypt your traffic while proxies do not. The time taken for the encryption makes them slow when compared to proxies. This then means that you will enjoy more speed when using proxies for gaming than a VPN. Another very important difference is that proxies reduce lag time by reducing latency and ping. With a reduced lag, you enjoy a better user experience. Experiencing lag is common when using VPNs. Looking at these two reasons, there’s no doubt saying proxies are the best for gaming. Let take a look at some of more, What’s The Difference Between a Proxy and a VPN? Best Gaming Proxies in the marketThere are many proxies in the market that you can use for online gaming that cut across residential, mobile, and even the datacenter category. If you’re not careful, you might end up paying more when you can pay less – and still get non-performing proxies. Gaming sites are not that strict, and as such, datacenter proxies work. The advantage of datacenter proxies over residential proxies is that they are cheaper, faster, and reduces lag. Some of them that work perfectly for gaming are discussed Before buying gaming proxies, you need to find out the required protocol as some games only support SOCKS proxies. Take for example, Diablo works only with SOCKS proxies. There are only two providers on the list that provides SOCKS more, What is the Difference Between HTTP and SOCKS Proxies? MyPrivateProxyLocations: US and EU region onlyConcurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threadsBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPSCost: $1. 49 per proxy for a monthWhen it comes to datacenter proxies, MyPrivateProxy is king, and it is not without reason. It has some of the most reliable datacenter proxies you can lay your hands on in the market. MyPrivateProxy datacenter proxies aren’t only good for Internet marketing tasks but also perfect for are built on top Intel Xeon servers with 32GB RAM, running on enterprise-grade Linux distribution, and as such, you are assured of utmost performance and security. One thing you will come to like about MyPrivateProxy is that unlike most other datacenter proxy providers, it has proxies in many oxyrackLocations: US with other undisclosed locationsConcurrency Allowed: N/ABandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5Cost: Starts from $120 monthlyProxyrack is known for the provision of premium datacenter proxies, and you can choose between using their rotating datacenter proxies or stick to their static datacenter proxies. Since this article is focused on gaming proxies, you are better off with their static datacenter proxies as using rotating proxies for gaming is a bad proxies are very fast, have a reduced latency, and an impressive uptime. They have over 20K datacenter IP addresses, with many of these IPs coming from data centers from the United States. Aside from the US, they have support for other countries, but there’s no geo-targeting option for them – only the US is supported in this regard. Blazing ProxiesLocations:9 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKSCost: $1. 20 per proxy for a monthBlazing Proxies has support for 9 different countries located in both North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. What this means is that hardly would you weed it out when making a selection based on geo-targeting capabilities. Blazing Proxies are the brainchildren of Blazing SEO LLC, a popular web service provider in the market with interest in proxies, servers, and hosting. You can make use of their pool of datacenter proxies for playing your games effortlessly at a reasonable pricing. Blazing Proxies have proven to be very fast, reliable, and undetectable. HighproxiesLocations:the US onlyConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPSCost: $1. 60 per proxy for a monthHighproxies are known for their premium proxies, and no, that does not mean it is expensive. Just like MyPrivateProxy, Highproxies are built with high-quality hardware and have been engineered not to fail. Highproxies is a datacenter proxy provider, and its proxies have been tested on a good number of gaming sites without any serious issues faced. They are quite reliable, and you are sure to enjoy a fluid experience because of the speed at which your requests pass through them. They sell both private and shared proxies – go for their private proxies for the maximum LPrivateProxyLocations:the US and EUConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKSCost: $1. 75 per proxy for a monthFrom the name of this provider, you can tell that it is security-focused – every other one on the list are, too. SSLPrivateProxyis not only powerful and scalable, but they are also secure, reliable, and undetectable. With them, you can afford to access gaming sites from 34 North American cities and 5 other locations in LPrivateProxy has gaming as one of its focuses, and as such, their proxies have been engineered to make sure you do not face any major problem while surfing the gaming websites. In terms of pricing, they can be termed ormproxiesLocations:the US and EUConcurrency Allowed: Starts at 40Bandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Protocol: HTTP/HTTPSCost: Starts at $39 per monthMake no mistake about it, Stormproxiesproxy servers provide some of the best proxies for gaming. If you are conversant with the proxy market, you will know that Stormproxiesis not a regular proxy provider with proxies that easily get detected. Their proxies have proven to work even on strict websites like Instagram. They work on a good number of gaming are fast and easy to use. One thing you’ll appreciate in Stormproxies, which the above lack is that it proxy servers rotate the IP address it assigns to you after every 5 minutes. This means that you will not have to deal with IP rotation nclusionPlaying game is a lifestyle to some people, and they will go any length just to have access and play the game of their choice. However, game developers and game websites sometimes place restrictions, preventing game lovers from playing their favorite you are denied access and your IP address is what’s holding you back, then choose any of the above proxies and circumvent the restrictions put in place by game developers and game Minecraft Proxy Server to Reduce Lag Time! How to Set up a Proxy Server on PS4Diablo Proxies for Diablo 2 Bot & Diablo 3 Bot
How to Play Online Games using Proxies - ProxyRack

How to Play Online Games using Proxies – ProxyRack

Are you an avid internet gamer with the need for privacy and security? In this post, we’ll show you how to play online games using proxies.
According to Statista, more than 56 million online gamers are from the United States as of 2019. Some of these game categories include Board games, Arcade games, Casino, games, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), Action and Adventure games, and more.
On the other hand, several online games are banned in some regions, schools, offices, and even countries. For instance, PUGB which is one of the most popular online games on the internet is reportedly banned in some regions such as India, Iraq, Nepal, China, etc. This could be a debacle for online gamers who enjoy playing the action-packed online game.
Nevertheless, online gamers can bypass such restrictions by making use of proxies while playing online games. Besides, proxies not only allow users to bypass internet restrictions but also offer loads of benefits which for enjoying their online gaming experience.
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What is a game proxy?
A proxy is an intermediary between your computer and the website you are visiting. It is more or less a pseudo-server that replaces your computer on the internet to protect your online identity. In the same vein, a game proxy is a proxy that replaces your computer’s IP address thereby providing you with online anonymity when connecting to game servers.
Online gamers who have been restricted from playing certain games or been blocked by their IP addresses can make use of IP addresses allocated to them by their proxy service providers to play such online games. For instance, an online gamer from China can now enjoy playing PUGB by using proxies that can allocate US-based IP addresses to connect to the internet.
Besides, online games require fast and smooth connections to prevent game lagging issues most especially while playing multiplayer gameplay sessions. Nevertheless, the benefits of playing online games using proxies cannot be over-emphasized.
On the other hand, gaming proxies can be generally classified into two types, which are:
1. Public Proxies
Just as its name implies, these are free-for-all kind of proxies which can be used by online gamers. They are free to use; however, users face several problems such as frequent game lags, security issues, or even IP address ban among many other shortcomings.
2. Premium Proxies
This is a user-friendly proxy that can successfully hide IP addresses without hassles. This is the recommended proxies for professional online games with the need for speed, security, and secrecy.
Top Reasons to play online games with proxies
Here are some of the reasons to play online games using proxies’ i. e. game proxies.
To prevent game lags: Frequent game lags occur most especially on local ISP connections or when connected to a bad gamer server. One of the perks of being an online gamer is to enjoy lag-free gameplay. To achieve this, game proxies are required.
To connect with other regional players: Game serves are usually divided across geographical locations while people whose IP addresses fall within such region can connect to that particular game server. In the same vein, gamers can connect with other players located in other regions for connectivity or to makes friends.
For fast Game Speeds: Due to perks such as P2P Sharing, data caching, 99. 9% server uptime which game proxy servers offer; online gamers can enjoy fast internet speed when playing online games. This is particularly helpful when playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as PUGB which requires fast response when cornered by attackers in-game’ battlefield.
Access to geo-restricted online services: With proxies, users can change their location on the internet to any supported region in the world. In the same vein, region-banned games such as PUGB, Battlefield 4, Pokemon Go, Manhunt 2, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, etc. can be accessed by games residing in such regions. Also, gamers can access specific in-game features within the game platform which are restricted by regions.
To protect your online identity: Hackers and other cybercriminals can use critical information such as users’ IP addresses to find out their real-life information such as real name, bank account details, social media information, phone number, and more. However, game proxies prevent such intrusion by masking users’ IP information and providing the Proxy-provided IP address.
On the other hand, while there are lots of proxy service providers on the internet, ProxyRack has continually garnered positive reviews and comments across the world. With over 2 million unique IP addresses, ProxyRack is the definition of an excellent proxy service provider in the world.
Besides, ProxyRack provides proxies for a series of services such as Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail, ICQ, Pokemon Go, Facebook, and more as well as game proxies.
Recommended ProxyRack Proxies for Online Gaming
ProxyRack is an Australian company launched in the year 2012 to provide proxies and VPN services to users across the globe.
Besides, ProxyRack is a reputable proxy service provider when it comes to opting for a game proxy. It is highly recommended for the following features:
Access to over 2 million proxies (ever-increasing)
Fast connectivity speeds
Stable and reliable proxy services
ProxyRack Servers located in more than 40 countries of the world (US, Europe, Russia, Australia, and other countries. )
100% support for HTTP, HTTPS, and the SOCKS5 protocols
On the other hand, ProxyRack offers four different pricing packages of its proxy services, all of which are ideal for proxy gaming. Moreover, you are free to either upgrade or downgrade from any of its pricing package based on preference.
The following are pricing packages offered by ProxyRack:
1. Residential Rotating Proxies (RRP)
With the Residential Rotating Proxies (Unmetered Residential, gamers have access to more than 1. 25 million proxies within a month located at various data centers spread across 40+ countries. Besides, this proxy package works with all types of internet protocols e. g. HTTP, HTTPS, as well as SOCKS protocols. Also, online gamers have access to new proxies as well as good connectivity speeds.
On the other hand, RRP package is further subdivided based on the number of simultaneous proxy connections you can connect to, which includes:
Standard package: when subscribed to this package, gamers can make a maximum of only 50 simultaneous connections per month for $40/month.
Elite package: when subscribed, gamers are provided with access to a maximum of 100 proxy connections simultaneously for $60 monthly.
Guru Package: Subscribers of the Guru package can access a maximum of 200 simultaneous connections for $120 per month.
Note: Subscriber of the RRP packages can access up to 1. 25 million unique IP addresses on the stable of ProxyRack after subscription.
2. USA Rotating Proxies
Just as its name implies, USA Rotating proxies are proxy services that originate only from the USA data centers. Subscribers of this package are guaranteed of faster speed and more stable proxies. Although these proxies work only on HTTP and HTTPS protocols online, gamers can still enjoy their gameplay with faster speeds, and complete security.
Unlike RRP package, USA Rotating Proxies package comes in two basic plan, which includes:
USA Rotating Proxies (Recurring): By subscribing to this plan, gamers are provided with access to 250 simultaneous proxy connections from more than 10, 000 unique and private IP addresses for only $120 per month.
USA Rotating HTTPS Proxies (non-recurring): Subscribers have access to 250 simultaneous proxy connections as well as unmetered bandwidth. Also, subscribers can access more than 10, 000 unique private IP addresses at one time for $120.
3. Mixed Rotating Proxies
Mixed Rotating Proxies is a proxy package which offers proxies from data centers around the world, with a majority of the proxies emanating from Europe. Unlike Residential Rotating Proxies, Mixed Rotating Proxies also work only on HTTP and HTTPS although they are faster in speed than RRP.
Also, Mixed Rotating Proxies provides gamers with more than 20, 000 unique IP addresses and a maximum of 1, 000 simultaneous proxy connections for only $120 per month.
4. Private Proxies
Designed with private users in mind, this proxy package is ideal for proxy gamers who cherish privacy. It is meant for personal use with a maximum of 3 users with access to 20 unique proxies at $0. 50 per proxy, which amounts to $5 per month. Besides, subscribers can select any proxy location of their choice.
How to set up your Computer with proxy information
By subscribing to any of the ProxyRack’s pricing packages for your proxy gaming purpose, you will be provided with your proxy information. This contains your unique IP address (es) as well as Port number. This information will be required to configure your device for proxy gaming.
How to setup game proxy on Mac OS X:
To set up your Mac with proxy information, follow these steps:
Click on the Apple icon i. e the Home menu.
Click on System PreferencesThen select “Network”.
Select your preferred internet connection network.
Click on “Advanced” and then select Proxies.
Select Proxy Server and then enter ProxyRack’s IP address and port details in the designated areas.
Check the “Proxy server requires password” box.
Enter your username and password.
Now, initiate an internet connection.
Exit window.
Afterward, access your preferred online games and enjoy the gameplay.
How to Set up Game Proxy on Windows PC:
To setup game proxy on your Windows 10 PC, follow these steps:
Go to Settings > Network & Internet.
Click on “Proxy” and then “Manual setup” menu.
Toggle the “Use Proxy Server” menu.
Enter your IP address and port number in the designated fields.
Now, enter your username and password, if required.
Click the “Save” option to apply the newly configured settings.
How to use Steam on a proxy network
Steam is a digital platform owned by Valve which distributes digital games. Also, it offers basic digital rights management (DRM) for games, as well as other loads and features for gamers. However, some online games are available via Steam. Therefore, for this tutorial, we will show you how to use Steam on a proxy network i. ProxyRack.
Here are 2 ways to utilize Steam on a Proxy Network:
1. Use Proxifier: Proxifier is one of the advanced proxy clients which allow network applications like Steam to operate through an HTTPS or SOCKS protocols. It is highly recommended for proxy gaming most especially Steam-powered games such as Grand Theft Auto V, PUGB, Path of Exile, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more. Also, it comes in supported Windows, Mac OS X versions as well as Windows Portable version.
oxyCap: Similar to Proxifier, this proxy client manager allows you to redirect your internet connections through proxy servers. Also, you can select applications such as Steam or even game apps to connect to the internet through proxy connections. With support for SSH, HTTP, HTTPS as well as SOCKS protocols, you can access your Steam games via proxy without hassles. Also, it is supported on both Mac and Windows versions.
Playing online games using proxies offers gamers unlimited benefits with additional perks such as fast speeds, secrecy, as well as complete security. ProxyRack, on the other hand, facilitates proxy gaming through its provision of excellent proxies for gamers across the world.
Enjoy gaming!
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Proxy Gaming - Gaming Labs International

Proxy Gaming – Gaming Labs International

Proxy Gaming This form of gaming allows a player to participate in a live table casino game without having to physically be present at the table. This is done by the use of a proxy, albeit personal representative or an agent of the casino. The player’s proxy sits at the live table game on the player’s behalf while the player views the game remotely via live feed through the internet on their desktop or mobile phone. The player then communicates with their proxy through the use of wireless medium (i. e. : phone) and instructs the proxy on what to wager on their behalf. Unlike other games online, in proxy betting, the player has no option to press a button and place a bet because all bets must be done live at the table in the casino premises. The player can only live stream the game while the proxy physically places the bet. The player watches the outcome and if it is a winning gamble, then the money is awarded to the proxy. All wagering and money exchanges are done at the casino. GLI invites you to discuss how we can provide assurances for fair, secure and auditable proxy gaming in regulated markets where it is legally permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions about free games proxy

Can I use proxy for gaming?

It is more or less a pseudo-server that replaces your computer on the internet to protect your online identity. In the same vein, a game proxy is a proxy that replaces your computer’s IP address thereby providing you with online anonymity when connecting to game servers.Oct 19, 2019

What is game proxy?

This form of gaming allows a player to participate in a live table casino game without having to physically be present at the table. … The player can only live stream the game while the proxy physically places the bet. The player watches the outcome and if it is a winning gamble, then the money is awarded to the proxy.

Is there a free VPN for gaming?

Free Gaming VPN In addition, Urban VPN allows playing multiplayer games in every region – it can connect to servers around the world to play with your friends, even if a title (such as PUBG or Fortnite) requires an IP address from a specific country to play.

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