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Free Pokemon Go Bot GoBot APK Download For Android

Pokemon Go Bot GoBot
– Autowalk ( through predefined routes or random walking arround point you set on map)
– Catching pokemons ( You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value)
– Looting pokestops
– Transfering pokemons ( You choose whats max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind)
– Evolving pokemons ( You choose min CP to evolve)
– Hatch eggs
– 4 speed options ( Slow, Medium, High, Super fast)
– Clean potions and revives ( to make space for pokeballs)
How to use:
1. Visit settings page and set ur bot up.
2. Go Back to main screen, press start button.
3. Watch your bot on map or go in background mode
Known issues:
1. When looting pokestop result award is 0, bot tend to stop ( I’m working on this)
2. When in background a while, Unknown error appears
Downloads: 559, 085+ (for Android)
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[APK] The first Pokemon Go bot that is controlled ... - Androidsis


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  • Kill Switch
  • 6 devices
  • Monthly price: $4.92


[APK] The first Pokemon Go bot that is controlled … – Androidsis

Today I bring you, to fulfill the wishes of many Androidsis readers, the first Pokemon Go bot that is controlled from our mobiles with Android operating system. A bot that is installed like any external application to the Google Play Store, that is, with the download of a simple apk and without having the device Rooted or anything like that.
As always, the merit of this bot or application for Android, we owe it to the independent developers of the best Android forum of all time, the forum is none other than that of XDA Developers where from this same link you will have access to the thread specially created for this sensational Pokemon Go bot.
Table of Contents1 What does this first Pokemon Go bot for Android offer us? 2 But, from where can I download this first Pokemon Go bot for Android? 3 And how do I install this new Pokemon Go bot on my Android?
What does this first Pokemon Go bot for Android offer us?
Like all the Pokemon Go bots that I have presented to you so far, specifically Pokefarmer y Pokemon go botThey are automated programs that will make our Pokemon Go character or avatar travel through a specific geographical area, collecting all the pokeparadas that it finds in its path, hunting the Pokemons that it finds and even carrying out actions such as transferring Pokemons, evolving them or hatching eggs and transferring the Pokemons that do not reach a certain combat level.
This bot, unlike the previous two that I presented to you that we need to have a computer with Windows operating system to be able to run them, has the honor of being the first Pokemon Go bot created and designed to be installed and run only on Android terminals.
But, from where can I download this first Pokemon Go bot for Android?
La download this first Pokemon Go bot for Android, we have it available from this link that takes us to the official XDA Developers thread, a link that how it has cost me a lot to download it personally, I have decided to upload it to my personal MEGA account so you don’t have too much trouble getting it.
And how do I install this new Pokemon Go bot on my Android?
For, install this first Pokemon Go bot for Android, once the necessary apk file has been downloaded, before proceeding with its installation, we must enable the options that allow us to install applications from unknown sources or applications from unknown sources, you will find this directly in the security option of your settings Android terminal.
Once this is done, we will only have that click on the downloaded apk file, by clicking on the notification of the successfully downloaded file that will appear in the Android notification bar or, failing that, by navigating to the download folder of our Android terminal, a folder that is normally that of Download, although in this case being a file hosted in MEGA it could also be saved in the MEGA folder.
Once you have clicked on the apk and selected the option to Install application, the Android package auto-installer will open and the application will automatically install, once finished we will be given the option to open the application directly from the installer.
Once the application is open, that is, this first Pokemon Go bot for Android that responds to the name of Bot Simulator, we will have to click in the upper right part of the screen, on the three dots, select Settings and then enter the option Login Info First of all add our Google account used to play Pokemon Go or, failing that, our Pokemon trainer account.
Once this is done, we will only have to go back once, click on the option Bot Settings and configure the application according to our personal interests. To finish, it will be enough to click twice on the back button of our Android to return to the main page of the bot, first of all select location to which we want to teleport and secondly click on the Start Bot button so that the Pokemon Go bot for Android begins to work and carry out the work entrusted.
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Pokemon Go Bot For Android Devices APK - AndroPalace

Pokemon Go Bot For Android Devices APK – AndroPalace

Pokemon Go Bot For Android Devices. Recently i have posted a bot about Pokemon Go Bot for PC and got quite downloads because its a viral game. and now i am going to post about new bot. bot which you can use easily on your android devices, this does not needs Root access at all. no additional settings are required. its fast easy and almost ban free. Do not jump from one location to another. keep it simple and you are ready to go. i have heard that niantic started banning all the players permanently but i am still using bots since 2 days and its working fine for me. you should try it but use new account instead so if you get something bad you can revert it easily with a new account. my new account is now on level 30 and still bot is doing its work on my Android device. this bot is same as pc version bot it has same features as last one and its quite simple to use as quirements:
An Android Devices Running Android 4. 0 or Up
Pokemon Go Bot for AndroidInstructions:
Download Pokemon Go Bot for Android from here
Install the file using file manager of your choice
Open the bot and go to login settings. Write down your PTC/GOOGLE login ID and PASSWORD that’s it
now TAP ON START BUTTON and you are ready to go. bot will run and you could see that bot is farming for you. P. S:- If you get login errors then uninstall the BOT and install again and use PTC LOGIN DETAILS to login. it would work fine. if login error happens again repeat uninstall process again. S:- Yes i agree that niantic is banning people and its permanent. i would suggest to use it using your secondary account. its fine. some people comments whats the purpose of using bots? well if you run out of paitence in grinding things and you have to nothing to do but pay for the IAPs. or if you are run out of fun things from the game then what to do? use bots, its another type of fun. well its just me thinking like you gotta decide what to do with it. enjoy the bot while this thing lasts.
NEXT PROJECT is for clash royale bot. ill post it soon. till then enjoy.

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