Free Proxies 2021

10 Best (100% FREE) Proxy Sites for Private Browsing in 2021

Free proxy sites are temping when you need to get around firewalls, but it’s hard to tell which proxy is actually safe and works. To save you time, I tested 20+ free proxies and ranked the 10 best options.
While free proxies still need to make money, I was concerned to find even some of the best free proxy sites log your activities and sell it to advertisers. For this reason, I don’t recommend using a free proxy for sensitive activities like torrenting, banking, or watching adult content — there’s a high chance that you’re being secretly watched.
If you want online anonymity and security, you may want to consider a VPN. A premium provider like ExpressVPN offers anonymity, fast speeds, and military-grade security that no free proxy can match. ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so it’s easy to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with its performance.
Try ExpressVPN risk-free
CyberGhost — Free proxy plugin for Chrome and Firefox with unlimited bandwidth, leak protection, and traffic encryption.
HMA — Connect to free servers in 5 locations (including the US), but requires an email address at signup.
ZenMate — Encrypted proxy servers in 4 countries, but comes with a speed limit.
Hotspot Shield — Advanced security features but only 1 server.
— Free webform proxy and browser extensions available, but only 3 servers available.
Hidester — Zero-logs policy and you don’t need to create an account, but only has basic encryption.
KProxy — Reliable service with a good reputation, but limits your data in a single browsing session.
VPNBook — Impressive 256-bit encryption, but logs your data.
4everproxy — Variety of servers and IP locations, but stores your data for 7 days.
ProxySite — Unblocks popular websites, but doesn’t let you choose specific server locations.
Privacy Tip: If you need to browse the web without worrying about your activity being logged, jump to see the best free VPNs. The best services use military-grade encryption and even have an audited no-logs policy.
1. CyberGhost Free Proxy Plugin
CyberGhost has a free proxy extension that requires no signup. The proxy plugin is currently available for Chrome and Firefox, and allows access to 8 servers in 4 countries (Germany, Romania, Netherlands, and the US).
I only had to click the Power button, and CyberGhost instantly connected me to its server. I was able to select a server location of my choice and change my IP address within seconds. I was especially impressed when I had no trouble watching movies on Netflix and didn’t encounter any buffering during my streams.
I performed several DNS leak tests with the CyberGhost proxy plugin enabled, and it passed every time, meaning my IP address didn’t become exposed during DNS requests. CyberGhost offers a VPN service in addition to its proxy plugin.
2. HMA Free Web Proxy
HMA has a Chrome and Firefox browser extension with 5 server locations (the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France). When I tested its “Quick Connect” feature, it automatically connected me to the fastest server based on my location.
HMA’s free proxy server has 2 useful extra features: Auto Hide and Tab Killer. Auto Hide automatically hides your location when you visit specified websites, so I set it up to always connect to the US server when I visited YouTube. Tab Killer hides every open browser tab when you press a keyboard shortcut, so you can browser at school or work without getting caught.
Although HMA recently updated its privacy policy and has a guaranteed no-logging policy, you’ll need to sign up for an account using a valid email address for verification. If you like the plugin’s performance, you can try the HMA VPN for more server options.
3. ZenMate Free Proxy Extension
ZenMate has a free proxy that comes as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. There are 4 servers in Germany, Romania, Singapore, and the US.
You’re protected by AES 128-bit encryption — while it’s not as powerful as the AES 256-bit offered by ZenMate’s VPN service, AES 128 does have faster speeds and strong security. The extension also has a built-in WebRTC Protect and Malware/Tracking Blocker features, which further helps you stay anonymous when browsing online.
Unfortunately, ZenMate restricts the maximum speed to 2 MB/s, so it’s not the best choice for data-intensive activities like downloading or streaming. Unlimited bandwidth is reserved for VPN users — the ZenMate VPN has optimized servers for streaming and torrenting.
4. Hotspot Shield Free Proxy
Hotspot Shield is known as a free VPN service, but it also has a free proxy. You can connect to 4 servers — Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, or the Russian Federation. While this is a little limited compared to some other free proxies, the servers are fast and truly anonymous. After just 1 click, I could open Netflix Germany and start streaming! I didn’t even need to register for an account.
Its free proxy browser extension has a comprehensive set of security settings including a malware blocker, ad blocker, and cookie blocker. I found all of these features easily in the “Configuration” menu at the top right of the extension. Disappointingly, during my tests the ad blocker couldn’t stop annoying YouTube ads from playing.
5. Free Proxy Browser
only has proxy servers in 3 countries (Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada) but it gives you several customization options. You have the option of disabling cookies, scripts, and objects (like images and plug-ins) while you’re browsing. I wanted as much privacy as possible, so I encrypted the URL of the page I was browsing on. It’s super easy — just click “More options” and choose “Encrypt URL” from the menu.
The webform proxy server is fast at connecting you to your chosen web address. You can also download a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox to protect every page you visit. Best of all, ’s free proxy server doesn’t keep logs of IP addresses or online activity at all.
Remember that only your browser traffic is protected. If you want your entire internet connection to be encrypted, you can try ’s free VPN service.
6. Hidester
Hidester is an impressive free web proxy (with servers in the US and Europe) that gives you more security options than most. You can easily choose to encrypt your URL, block cookies, and remove scripts to block annoying ads. There’s no account signup necessary and Hidester keeps zero logs — no IP addresses, user browsing activity, or any identifying information is stored. This really impressed me as most free web proxies keep at least some logs for a period of time.
Alongside its free web proxy, Hidester offers several other tools I found helpful for maintaining good online security. I especially like the secure password generator, which recommends passwords proven to be difficult to crack.
As impressive as Hidester is, its basic encryption doesn’t measure up with the AES 256-bit encryption used by premium VPNs. Plus, a VPN will protect your whole device rather than just a single webpage.
7. KProxy
KProxy has a proxy webform, as well as a Chrome and Firefox extension. I like the Chrome extension as it gave me 2 precise locations to choose from — Canada and France, which both connected to websites quickly. On the webform, you get 10 different servers to choose from, but you can’t see the location of the servers so browsing and unblocking sites is less precise.
Unfortunately, KProxy limits your browsing in a single session to either 3 hours or when you’ve hit the 300MB data cap. At this point, you’ll be prompted to upgrade the service or wait 30 minutes to resume using the proxy. While it’s not a huge problem, I found it annoying to have to wait to start using the service again.
Most importantly, KProxy keeps some user data (notably, IP addresses) and will give it to the authorities if you abuse the system or engage in illegal activities — including torrenting.
8. VPNBook
VPNBook is another VPN service that also provides a free web proxy. It’s straightforward and simple to use if you need quick access to a blocked website. You can choose from 4 different servers (2 in Europe, 2 in North America) or VPNBook will assign you a proxy server randomly. While I prefer to choose a server that’s close to me (for faster connections), I found that the random proxy server was fast (around 25Mbps on average) when browsing and streaming.
VPNBook is the only web proxy with 256-bit SSL-encryption — a level of encryption that you usually only get from premium VPNs. This means you can be sure that no matter which server you use, your connection is secure and protected from prying eyes.
Despite its high-level encryption and security, VPNBook keeps logs. Although these logs are deleted after a week and are only used to report illegal activity, I’m disappointed that my activity isn’t totally anonymous.
9. 4everproxy
4everproxy gives you 11 servers and 24 IP locations to choose from when you use its free web proxy. I chose the closest server (UK – London) for the fastest speed and an IP address in another country. You don’t have to select a server and IP from the same location, so you can maximize your anonymity!
I tested 4everproxy’s claims that every server is super fast (with 1Gbps connections) and was impressed by the speed. I streamed YouTube with just a couple of seconds of buffering, although I did also get an ad for 4everproxy before my video started.
There are no sign ups or logins required — I typed in my web address and connected in less than 5 seconds. There are also no use limits, as long as you aren’t using the proxy for illegal activity like excessive downloads. The service does log some user data (but it’s deleted after 7 days).
10. ProxySite
ProxySite has 17 US servers and 18 EU servers to make your connection. Server locations aren’t specific, but choosing a server in a nearby region will provide a faster experience. I connected to several EU and US servers — it took me several seconds longer to connect to sites through the US servers.
ProxySite does log your data to monitor for abuse of the service (like excessive downloading or collecting data from other sites) but deletes the logs after 14 days. If you’d rather avoid leaving your private information in the hands of third parties, I recommend you download a VPN instead.
The reality is that proxy sites only provide a basic level of protection. Most proxies don’t use advanced encryption protocols, but even those that do only secure the browser connection — not the entire network. This means that proxies won’t protect other apps on your device, like those you use for banking, social media, and messaging.
Most free proxies also cap your data and have a limited number of IP addresses, which usually get blocked by streaming sites once they’re identified as proxies. Some of the worst free proxies can even log your traffic and steal your bandwidth.
I only recommend proxies for specific activities, like browsing the internet. If you need to do anything else, it’s much safer to check out the best VPN services in 2021. Quality VPNs encrypt every connection using the AES 256-bit cipher, which is the same standard used by militaries and governments worldwide. Better yet, you have access to unlimited bandwidth and servers around the world.
Reputation — If a proxy site has been operating for years, it’s likely a safe option for you. See if you can check its user reputation by looking for a comments section or social media page.
Fast servers — A proxy site with a larger number of servers means the risk of you disconnecting is lower. If the proxy has servers close to your geographic location, you’ll also experience faster connection speeds.
Servers locations — Some free proxies don’t give you any server details. You might not even be able to choose a server, which could be dangerous if you don’t know the local internet laws.
Privacy policies — Some free proxy sites save your connection details, like your IP address or browsing activity. Some even encrypt URLs and page content, block scripts to lower the risk of malware, and stop annoying ads.
Webform or browser extension — Most free proxies offer extensions for browsers or apps that support major operating systems.
If you want the best protection for your whole device (not just your browser), a safer alternative is a VPN. Unlike free proxies, a VPN doesn’t log any of your activities — what you do online remains your business. For example, ExpressVPN applies military-grade encryption to every connection, from web searches to streaming and online banking.
Stay anonymous online with a VPN
1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN for Privacy, Security and Speed in 2021
Key Features:
Over 3000 servers in 94+ countries
AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and Network Lock kill switch hides your location at all times
5 simultaneous device connections
24/7 customer support with live chat
30-day money-back guarantee
While it’s not free upfront, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee you can use to try every feature before committing to a subscription. You can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the performance — it’s a “no questions asked” refund policy. This is a great way to see how well a premium VPN compares to a free proxy server at keeping your data and online activity secure.
ExpressVPN is one of the best services available for getting around content blocks. During tests, I easily streamed Netflix without a single instance of buffering, lag, or pixelation. I could even access Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and DAZN.
I had impeccable image quality while watching Netflix with ExpressVPN
Unlike most free proxies with shady privacy practices, ExpressVPN has an audited no-logs policy that was even confirmed in a real-life case. In addition, the company is based in the British Virgin Islands, which has strong privacy and data protection laws.
You can try ExpressVPN’s full range of features risk-free as it’s backed by a money-back guarantee for 30 days. I tested ExpressVPN for 25 days before asking for a refund through live chat. The agent didn’t ask why I was canceling and processed my request in less than 5 minutes. My money returned to my account after only 4 business days.
November 2021 Update! ExpressVPN has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $6. 67 per month for the 1-year plan (you can save up to 49%) + 3 months free! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it’s gone. See more information on this offer here.
2. CyberGhost — Fast Servers for Anonymous Browsing, Streaming and Torrenting
6900+ servers in over 90 countries, including optimized servers for most major streaming sites
Top-tier encryption and NoSpy servers keep you safe and anonymous online
7 simultaneous device connections
45-day money-back guarantee
CyberGhost no longer has a free plan, but you can use it for 45 days and get your money back, no questions asked. That’s plenty of time to take full advantage of CyberGhost’s optimized streaming servers and watch shows and movies on all your favorite platforms. While testing the VPN, it took me 2 seconds to connect to the BBC iPlayer server and watch an entire season of Peaky Blinders beginning to end without lag or pixelation.
CyberGhost’s BBC iPlayer server helped me watch Peaky Blinders in HD
You can even connect to a selection of highly secure NoSpy servers. These servers are all located in Romania, a country that doesn’t engage in online surveillance and isn’t party to the 5/9/14 Eyes intelligence-sharing alliances. Furthermore, CyberGhost manages its NoSpy servers exclusively, without any third-party interference, so you can rest assured that no one will tamper with your private information.
Best of all, you can try CyberGhost for free for 45 days by taking advantage of the money-back guarantee — ideal if you only need a VPN for a few weeks. I asked for my refund over live chat and had my money back in the account only 4 days later.
Try CyberGhost for free
November 2021 Update: CyberGhost has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $2. 25 per month for the 2-year plan (you can save up to 83%)! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it’s gone. See more information on this offer here.
3. Hotspot Shield — 500MB of Free Daily Data and Access to 1 US Server
1800+ servers available in over 80 countries
Military-grade encryption
24/7 live support via chat
45-day money-back guarantee on all paid plans
Hotspot Shield has free and paid plans. The free plan works similar to the Hotspot Shield proxy but provides the added security of a VPN. You have 500MB of free data per day (total of 1. 5GB each month). You also have access to only 1 server in the US, which usually offers lower speeds than the premium version due to high server traffic.
Its 1 US server even works with YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. I could watch content seamlessly with Hotspot Shield’s proprietary Catapult Hydra — a tunneling protocol optimized for high speed and low latency.
You can try Hotspot Shield for free and see if it meets your needs.
Try Hotspot Shield for free
4. TunnelBear — 500MB of Free Monthly Data for Secure Connections in 20+ Countries
Servers located in 41+ countries, including the UK, USA, and Canada
AES 256-bit encryption secures your entire internet connection
500MB data limit with the free plan
Up to 5 device connections at the same time
Email support
TunnelBear is a fast, secure free VPN with a low data limit. At only 500MB of data allowance per month, it isn’t suited to streaming or torrenting. However, with server locations in over 20 countries, I found that TunnelBear is excellent at getting around content restrictions with just 1 click. TunnelBear connects quickly, too, taking less than 5 seconds to connect to a server when I tested it. These speedy connections make it a great choice if you want to unblock a website or service quickly.
It’s owned by McAfee (the security giant) and uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data protected. It also uses a Vigilant Mode that blocks unsecured traffic in case your VPN connection gets disrupted. There’s even a free ad blocker — I was impressed to find that it blocked all ads when I streamed YouTube.
You can try these features out and download TunnelBear for free. You don’t even need to create an account to get started.
Get TunnelBear for free
5. — 10GB of Free Monthly Data With No Bandwidth Throttling
5 servers in 5 countries with the free plan
Industry-standard, AES 256-bit encryption cipher
10GB monthly data cap with the free subscription, but no bandwidth limits
1 device connection per each free account
Customer support is available to free users
offers an impressive free VPN with no ads or speed limits — you get the same speeds as paid users. The service also offers strong security features that ensure safe browsing and streaming, and a zero-logs policy. You can connect to 5 servers in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, US East, and US West. uses AES 256-bit encryption and offers a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It only keeps non-persistent logs and erases them every few hours.
Unfortunately, you’re limited to only 10GB per month. Once you exceed the maximum data usage limit, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan to continue using the service.
It’s easy to try for free — you don’t even have to provide your email address or create an account.
Try for free
What’s better: a VPN or proxy?
A proxy server offers a basic level of security by masking your IP address, but only the best proxy sites have advanced privacy features. However, you should use a VPN instead of a proxy when you’re:
Browsing the internet through apps instead of a browser.
Connected to public WiFi and want to protect your data.
Performing a personal task online (like banking)
Downloading and seeding torrents
Living in or visiting a country with strict internet restrictions.
If you’re looking for total security and privacy, a free proxy server isn’t the best choice. It will only protect your information for the websites you visit using it — outside of your browser, other apps (like banking, social media, and messaging) won’t be protected. Proxy servers also send all of your data requests as plain text. Anyone watching can see your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information transported to the site — which is great for hackers and cybercriminals, but not for your data security.
Using a quality VPN means you don’t have to worry about your data or browsing security. It encrypts every connection so no one can access your information or web activity.
Can I use a free VPN instead of a proxy?
Both free proxy servers and free VPNs have pros and cons — but the most significant difference is how much security they provide while you’re connected. I tested the best free VPNs in 2021 and free proxies to see how they compare to each other. On average, here are the results:
Free Proxy Sites
Free VPNs
Hides IP Address

Encrypts Connection
✔ Browser only
No-Logs Policy
No Email Required
Unblocks Content
Extra Security Features
If you want more security but aren’t sure about the cost, you should try a premium VPN with a money-back guarantee. For example, CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you have up to 45 days to try CyberGhost risk-free. If you’re not happy, you can get a full refund — no questions asked.
I used CyberGhost for free by taking advantage of the money-back guarantee
Do proxy sites work on any device?
You can access the best free proxy sites via a browser. The majority of free proxies are available on Chrome, although many also work on Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari.
However, keep in mind that a proxy only encrypts the browser’s web traffic. The rest of your device won’t be protected — so if you regularly use apps or programs outside the browser, you might want to consider a VPN. The best VPNs have dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and even Linux.
What are the best proxy sites for video streaming?
It’s tricky to find a a good proxy site for streaming. Unfortunately, most free proxies limit your data usage, so you won’t be able to watch videos in high-quality definition.
It’s even more difficult if you want to access subscription-based services like Netflix. As soon as you try to access these sites using a free proxy, it doesn’t take the streaming platform long to figure out that you’re spoofing your real IP address. In my experience, only the best VPNs have the technology and resources to unblock streaming sites (like Netflix US).
What are the different types of proxy servers?
There are several different kinds of proxy servers and they can operate using different protocols. Proxy server protocols consist of:
HTTP — This proxy uses a remote server to “grab” a webpage when you make a request and send it to you through an unencrypted connection. It’s almost like interacting directly with the webpage, but the owner of the server can change the data you receive. They could add pop-up ads or even malware to the data.
HTTPS/SSL — This proxy is a secure extension of the HTTP proxy. It works in the same way, only it’s encrypted with TLS encryption. Your ISP or anyone else looking at your activity can see the domains you access but not specific URLs.
SOCKS/SOCKS5 — These proxies are considerably more flexible and secure, able to send and receive data through different sources. They’re often used for torrenting and can be set up to need username and password authentication. You can find random SOCKS5 proxies online, but IPVanish has a free and fast SOCKS5 proxy included with its VPN service.
Transparent — These proxies tell the website you’re visiting that it is a proxy server and it will forward your true IP address to the site. Transparent proxies are mostly used to filter content from networks (like in schools or government buildings) and monitor activity.
Different proxy configurations include:
Private proxy — This kind of proxy can be used by only one person at a time and is designed to hide your personal IP address. A dedicated private proxy has a static IP address (it doesn’t change) and are usually paid services.
Shared/public proxy — Shared proxies consist of multiple IP addresses that can be used by a group of paying members. Public proxies are free to use for anyone who accesses them. These are the riskiest options as you don’t know what other users are doing (like downloading illegal material) and the proxy owner could potentially mishandle your data.
Web proxy — This is a proxy like Hidester, which is great for getting around a content block through a web page or browser extension.
Residential/data center proxy — A residential proxy is one that is supplied by your ISP and behaves just like a regular IP address. Websites won’t know you’re using a proxy. Data center proxies come from a third-party supplier and are easier to get. Many of the IP addresses are very similar so they’re prone to being blocked by sites and services as it can be obvious that they are proxy connections.
What should I do if the proxy site stops responding?
If the web proxy you’re using stops responding or freezes, you can refresh your browser page or close it. Then, open a new tab and head back to the proxy site. This usually fixes the issue and you can resume your anonymous browsing.
For a proxy browser extension, you have a few more options to try:
Restart your device and make sure you’re connected to the internet before turning on the extension.
Make sure your firewall isn’t preventing the server connection — if you can, pause your firewall while you try to connect.
Remove and re-add the extension to your browser.
Unfortunately, most free proxy servers don’t have a support site or live chat to help resolve any problems you may encounter. I recommend you use a quality VPN service like CyberGhost, which offers troubleshooting guides, a comprehensive support site, and a 24/7 live chat option to resolve your issues. It has a free proxy plugin, but you can try CyberGhost VPN for free for 45 days with the money-back guarantee.
Get CyberGhost for free!
A free web proxy provides a basic level of online security and gives you freedom to enjoy content you can’t normally see — but it comes with limitations. For the best possible security, with encrypted connections, zero logs, and absolute privacy, you should use a VPN.
Even a free VPN would do a better job than one of these proxies. However, if you’re not willing to waste your time and risk your privacy, I recommend you use a trusted name like ExpressVPN instead. It uses military-grade encryption and TrustedServer technology to protect your data. It also offers unlimited data, lightning-fast speeds and has a proven zero-log policy. You can try ExpressVPN on any device. If you’re not satisfied, you have up to 30 days to claim a refund.
Top VPNs That Work Better Than Proxy Sites in 2021
Top Choice
$6. 67 / month
Save 48%
$2. 25 / month
Save 83%
$2. 08 / month
$2. 79 / month
Save 36%
$3. 75 / month
Save 66%
10+ Free Proxy List – IP:PORT Public Proxy Servers

10+ Free Proxy List – IP:PORT Public Proxy Servers

Are you looking for a website where you can have access to free proxies? Come in now and discover some of the websites that update their proxy list regularly – their proxies are easy to use and might work for your use you have been going through many of our articles on this blog, you will discover that we do not advise our readers to make use of free proxies. And this is not without reason – if you aren’t paying for a product, you are probably the product. Free proxies are slow, unreliable, and mostly not secure – for this reason, we avoid recommending them to our readers. However, we are aware that some of our readers are working on projects that free proxies will still work for them. If you are one of these readers, then you are welcome on this article, we are going to be making recommendations for you on free proxies and where you can get a free proxy list from. It might interest you to know that there are even free proxy APIs in you can use. However, just like the websites themselves, we also do not provide you any form of guarantee that their proxies will work for your use case – you have to give them a trial on your own. Before going into the proxy list recommendation proper, let take a look at an overview of free are Free Proxy Lists? Free proxies are proxy servers that do not have a price tag on them. That is, they are free to use. In most cases, free proxies come no need of authentication – all that you require to use them is the IP and port pair. They are also known as open proxies because of their lack of authentication – and the fact that you will be sharing them with maybe, a large number of ends up affecting its speed. It also what leads to reliability issues as you can’t be so sure if a previous user of a particular proxy has not got them blacklisted on the websites you require them proxies are almost always got by hacking and some forms of manipulation without the knowledge of the real owners of the devices their IPs are being used. For this reason, they are usually not active for long. Most free proxy list websites regularly update their pool for this reason. There are a good number of websites on the Internet that keeps a list of free proxies. You can get working proxies from them, but you will have to constantly check to see if the proxies on your list are still lated, Top 20 Free Web Proxy Server to surf website anonymouslyTop Free Proxy List WebsitesNow to the proxy list proper. Below are some of the popular websites that keep a list of free – Fastest Free Proxy ListSPYS is one of the free proxy websites on the Internet that keeps a list of updated proxies. One feature that makes this website unique is that you can get free proxies from about 170 countries. They even allow you to filter proxies based on the country of IP address. You can also filter the proxy list based on the level of does not make it open the source of its proxies and does not provide a lot of information about itself (the SPYS website). However, we do know that it makes its own money through Google Ads and probably public proxy list is slow? Need fast proxies? Vist Here! – Freshest proxy list is an online database of free proxy lists. From the website design and monetization method, you can tell that is a little bit polished compared to SPYS. has support for about 95 countries and even provide information on the speed of the proxies using the ping measurement. Aside from the free plan, they have a paid plan that comes with some of their premium features, including provision for API access. You can also export the proxies in Excel – Best Free HTTP proxy listFrom the name, you can tell that this website provides free proxy services. However, just like the others above, they did not own the proxies and did not reveal the source of the proxies. They have support for a good number of countries and provide you with some important information about each proxy on their list, including country, region, city, anonymity, speed, uptime, response, and even the last time the proxy was checked to know if it is still – Best Free Socks5 proxy listSock-proxy, unlike the websites described above, has support for fewer countries. However, it has support for diverse types of proxies. From Idcloak, you can get HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS5, and SOCKS4 and proxies with different levels of Sister sites, good thing about Idcloak is that you can even use their proxies on Google services, including YouTube. Just like many other proxy accumulator websites, Idcloak provides proxy speed-related information. I will advise you to avoid proxies that are more, What is the Difference Between HTTP and SOCKS Proxies? Proxynova – Best US proxy listAnother proxy list website you can get working proxies from is Proxynova. There are a good number of proxies on the list provided. I will advise you to look well. Many of the proxies on their list are transparent proxies. Transparent proxies reveal themselves as proxies – and equally reveal your own IP choosing a proxy to use, make sure the anonymity is elite. While anonymous proxies can work, they reveal themselves as proxies and won’t work on some websites. Proxynova makes money through Google AdSense, and you’ll have to deal with advertisements. HidesterHidester is one of the most popular proxy list sites on the Internet. Unlike other sites, Hidester makes public the number of IPs in their list. One thing you will come to like about Hidester is that they have special support for Google proxies. They test their proxies and make sure that they are compatible with Google – for proxies that work with Google, they indicate. Another thing you need to know about Hidester is that they have a cheap premium service. With their premium plan, only tested premium proxies are sold to oxies for Preventing Bans and Captchas When Scraping GooglePremproxyOne thing I like about Premproxy is that it has got a good proxy list with many elite proxies. For that do not know what elite proxies, also known as high anonymous proxies, are the proxies that keep your IP address and does not identify itself as a proxy server. Premproxy keep an updated proxy list – for each proxy, you will get to know about when last it was checked. Other information that comes together with each of the proxies is their country, city, and oxyScrapeFrom the name of this website, you can tell that the proxies they list on their websites are scraped proxies, collected by using proxy scrapers to extract public proxies details from websites on the proxies are classified according to the protocol type – HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This makes it easier for you to locate the proxies you require. Interestingly, ProxyScrape allows its users, to download the list of proxies on its website as a txt file or via its API access. ProxyScrape has a premium plan for faster and more reliable It Possible to Find Reliable and Working Public Proxies? What is Public Proxy Pool: How to Build a Free Proxy Pool by Yourself? Open ProxyAnother website you can tell what it offers from its name is Open Proxy – that’s the proxies listed on the website are not private but public. For this reason, they are free and do not require any form of payment. Open Proxy uploads its list of proxies daily. You can filter the proxies based on countries and protocol – if you like, you can also download the list of proxies in text format. Open Proxy proxies are best used for brute force, spamming, and account oxyDBProxyDB is an online database of free proxies. One thing I discover from going through their proxy list is that their proxies are datacenter proxies – that’s, the IP addresses are owned by data centers such as Digital center proxies have got a bad reputation, and as such, you might not be able to use their proxies for what you will use other proxies for. Another dark side of ProxyDB is that their list is not updated Proxy API – Bonus! As a developer, you won’t find it easy scraping these sites as they put measured in place to mitigate scraping. This means that you will need to visit the sites manually to collect proxies. If you are looking for a way to retrieve free proxies programmatically, then using a free proxy API is your sure bet. Below are 3 popular free proxy APIs on the proxyPubproxy is one of the easiest proxy API to use. This proxy API does not require you to register for an API key in other to retrieve proxies programmatically. All that’s required is for you to send an HTTP request, and a random API will be returned to you as a response. You can add parameters to the API URL to filter the proxies returned. Parameters supported include level of anonymity, proxy protocol, referrer, country, speed, oxy11Unlike Pubproxy that does not require an API key, Proxy11 requires an API key – this means you will need to register and obtain an API key. With the Proxy11 API, you can retrieve all the proxies in their database. However, if you want to filter the list and retrieve specific proxies or proxies with certain properties, you can use parameters to filter the list. This proxy API is free and provides working List APIFrom the name, you can already guess what it is. It provides a list of proxies when you send it an HTTP request. This particular proxy API returned all proxies in its database at the time you send in your request. This proxy API requires you to define the proxy protocol type as a parameter – there are other optional parameters supported, including anonymity level and country. The response is in the txt you still want to use the free proxies, you can also rotate free proxies for scraping by lated, What is HTTP Header – How to Inspect HTTP Headers? The Most Common HTTP Proxy Error CodesProxy Buying Guide: How to Choose a Proxy Provider! ConclusionEven though the industry frown at free proxies and they have gotten a bad name because of their unreliable states and slow, they are still helpful in some scenario. If you are sure they will work for your use case, then you can make a choice(s) from the above list.
Free proxies list -

Free proxies list –

The following public proxies are available absolutely free for our visitors. Our system continuously scans and checks the availability of public proxies, i. e. the link below should always have working machines.
Please pay attention that these free proxies were taken from the net, they do not require authorization, and you can use them at your discretion.
However, they cannot compete with our paid proxies and if you want to buy proxies of the highest quality, pay attention here.
What is a free proxy?
Free proxies are usually public proxies or errors of system administrators who do not bother to change the default settings or set a password.
Proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary for data exchange between the user and Internet resources.
In other words, if a proxy server is used, any request to the web site first comes to the proxy, and then it transmits this request further to its destination. Then, the proxy server receives data from the requested site and transmits it to the client.
Thus, requests for remote Internet resources come not from the IP-address of the client (user), but from the proxy IP-address. In this case the proxy sends a remote resource some defined headers, the set and values of which determine the degree of anonymity of the proxy server. Free proxies are divided into 3 classes of anonymity: anonymous, elite, transparent.
Anonymous proxy does not transmit in the headers anything, which regards to the user’s IP-address. However headers contains information specific to the proxy server. So remote host sees that this IP address belongs to the proxy server, but the host cannot see the real IP-address of the person who uses the proxy.
Elite proxies don’t transmit any headers specific to the proxy server. And of course it doesn’t transmit the IP of the client. So the remote host does not see the user’s IP and that the proxy server is used.
Transparent proxy also requests data from a remote resource using its IP-addresses. But the user’s IP-address is visible in the analysis of the headers transmitted to the host. Thus, the host sees the IP of the proxy and the IP of the client, who uses it for Internet connection.
By the way, all our paid proxies are elite.
Pros of free proxy servers
They are absolutely free
There is no need to use the authorization
There are no restrictions on the use (including the quantity of traffic)
Cons of free proxy servers
Proxies may be overloaded, because anyone can use them
As a rule all free proxies are banned on most Internet services
Some functions are usually switched off in these proxies, such as sending e-mail, FTP, SSSH, etc.
To summarize the above: Free proxies are not suitable for serious work, but they can be used by beginners. Use them at your own risk.

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