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Are you an artist, producer or DJ looking for some free SoundCloud promotion? Well if you’ve found this webpage, you’re in luck – I’m gonna hook you up with 500 real SoundCloud plays for FREE! We will be sending 500 users to a SoundCloud song of your choice using CPV advertising.
Please note this traffic is “cold” (ie. not targeted). If you want to receive traffic with a MUCH higher engagement (more likes, reposts, comments & followers) then try one of our targeted SoundCloud promotion packages.
We also have a resource for free beats that you can check out!
Free SoundCloud Promotion
This freebie is sponsored by SC SuperFans, a promotion service specializing in real SoundCloud plays, likes, reposts and followers. With over 700+ positive reviews on Fiverr, we are dedicated to bringing our clients quality service and customer support.
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About Our Promotion Service
With our network of websites, blogs, social media accounts and web 2. 0 profiles, as well as optimized CPV advertising campaigns, we build your fanbase organically with inexpensive yet targeted traffic. Our SoundCloud promotion is 100% safe and effective, with a 99% positive feedback rating.
With other so-called promotion services, all they’re doing is inflating your stats with bogus accounts. We understand why people buy these fake packages – social proof and all – but without real traffic to convert actual users into followers, social proof and fake SoundCloud plays are useless. You still need to direct real users to the page somehow. That’s where our promo packages shine.
Our promotion packages are not just for music professionals – musicians of all levels will benefit from our service. By exposing your music to a wider audience, you will be getting invaluable insight and feedback into your music. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments to your song, your marketing strategies, etc. For example, if a song you release gets poor feedback, consider tweaking the song – re-recording some of it or creating a new hook for it. Or maybe release it as-is but don’t sink too much money into promoting it. On the flip-side, if your song gets great feedback, you know you’ve got a HIT record – you could send it to get professionally mixed/mastered, slate it as your next single, shoot a music video for it, etc.
We also offer a monthly service in which we promote every song you upload. If you’re creating and uploading more than 2 songs per month, this service is for you! Just send us the URL of your song using our submission form and promotion will begin within 24hrs – thousands of SoundCloud plays, hundreds of likes and reposts, followers and comments too!
Get Your Free SoundCloud Plays - No Strings Attached

Get Your Free SoundCloud Plays – No Strings Attached

You can try our free SoundCloud plays without having to commit. Once you’ve submitted details and verified your e-mail address, we start processing 250 plays without charge. This service is limited to one submission for each artist only. You can obtain more SoundCloud plays when you are happy with the results.
500 Plays
$6. 95
Key features
USA & European plays
Submit multiple tracks
Fully customizable
Get Started
1000 Plays
$11. 95
Most Popular
2500 Plays
$17. 95
Want to see more varieties?
We have a lot more to offer.
See All Options
Get Free SoundCloud Plays - LikiGram

Get Free SoundCloud Plays – LikiGram

The Reviews For SoundCloud PlaysAverage raiting of 4. 85 is based on 8 our customer’s opinions of our real SoundCloud Plays below551I ordered a package of Soundcloud Plays and I was really impressed with the delivery tasha551My tracks look so much better with added plays on them! Ahmed551This service helped me to gain a huge audience for my music, Thanks! Free SoundCloud playsThere are different types of social content, and each of them has its specific features. For example, good photos get Instagram likes quite easily – you don’t need to stop for a long time to make that double-tap. Videos are time demanding. People prefer to start watching only those videos that already have many YouTube views. Music tracks differ even from videos. You also need time to listen to SoundCloud tracks and you can’t really skip something to jump to an interesting part. That’s why the initial number of plays on SC is super significant! Users of this platform often ignore tracks with no plays – they don’t want to waste time on something no one listens here, right now, you can easily get 50 free SoundCloud plays for your tracks. You only need to accept this offer from Likigram! How can I get more free SoundCloud plays? Create your music without really thinking about commerce and social success. Let it be your pure creativity, and only when the tracks are ready, start taking steps for delivering them to a big increase the number of SC plays, you should work on your personal brand. Allow people to find you on various social platforms. When your posts have many likes on Twitter and when your page has many Facebook followers, you get much better chances to share links to your music and see how people actually follow them and listen to the tracks. Look for your audience in all sorts of online places – and of course, on SoundCloud as well. Stay active here, like and comment on others’ tracks, follow their your activity doesn’t make the initial number of plays less significant. Without it, your tracks may be ignored by people and the algorithms of CS. Get free plays on SoundCloud through Likigram:Paste the link to your SoundCloud track in the field on this page and press the Select buttonEnter your email address and press the button Get 50 Free SoundCloud Plays5 benefits of having more SoundCloud playsWhy do creators need those plays? Without plays, the whole SoundCloud creativity is rather pointless. In most cases, musicians publish their tracks for other people to listen to. It’s like posting short videos and then enjoying many TikTok views – the first has no sense without the plays build the basis for your popularity on this platform. Even those people who accidentally find your tracks may get interested (thanks to many plays) and then decide to like your SoundCloud music and follow you. An analog is Instagram views that indicate your success on that platform and at the same time allow becoming even more on SoundCloud open the door to the Premier Program. Only popular SC accounts are eligible for getting a revenue share from the company. It’s like having many Twitch followers to become a partner on that streaming platform. Popular SoundCloud creators have more chances to build their professional career. The world of music is much bigger than SC. Allow producers to find you through your music! Free Spotify plays give the same undCloud plays lead your music to new dimensions. What about becoming an author of an indie game soundtrack? What about partnering with a popular YouTube influencer? To let this happen, make sure people can notice your creativity. In the same way, you need many TikTok fans to get interesting offers from other online are glad to give more info about these free plays on SoundCloud! Is it safe for my account and my reputation? Yes. The techniques of Likigram work in accordance with the terms of this social platform. Your existing audience will feel this increase of plays as an organic process of high interest in your do you give this for free? We offer this promo to let our potential customers try out the power of Likigram services. We know that many who use it then decide to buy SoundCloud plays to not miss this momentum? Free SC plays open various opportunities and you should be ready to use them. Keep creating and sharing your music. Stay active on SoundCloud and other platforms. Communicate with people in many ways to keep growing as a out other SoundCloud services of LikigramThrough our site for social media marketing, you also can:We would also recommend taking a proper look at our offers for other types of social media – your audience is everywhere on the Internet, so let them find you. For example, improve your Reddit karma and get free Spotify followers.

Frequently Asked Questions about free soundcloud plays free trial

How can I get more plays on SoundCloud for free?

Apart from that, here are 5 strategies that will get you more plays on Soundcloud:Make great music first.Leverage existing audiences on the platform.Use email for networking and promotion.Get into repost chains.Make your music discoverable.Sep 14, 2021

Can you fake SoundCloud plays?

The SoundCloud user who played the track is a real person, who chose to listen to your music of his or her own accord. That person might make music, or they might not. A fake SoundCloud play, on the other hand, is one that you buy. They come from bots, or fake profiles whose only purpose is to provide that service.Feb 14, 2017

What happens when you get 1000 plays on SoundCloud?

An expected payout can range from $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream. So for every 1000 plays, you’d receive between $2.50–$4.00.Apr 2, 2020

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