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[BETA] Instagram Automation Bot | GMT2 | BlackHatWorld

[BETA] Instagram Automation Bot | GMT2 | BlackHatWorld
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May 21, 2016
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Hey guys,
I am glad to announce the Beta release of Gram Multitool 2. With the beta release of GMT2, I hope to gather feedback and mainly reports of any issues you may encounter (bugs, crashes, spelling mistakes)
One of the main advantages of GMT2 over GMT is that when I started developing GMT I didn’t have as much experience as I have now and didn’t design with modularity in mind. What this means is it’s extremely easy to add new features (picture upload, DM support, etc. ) Also thanks to the design, GMT2 will be easily modified as Instagram introduces new changes.
Another big advantages of GMT2 is, that the GUI is much more friendly than the previous version, allowing beginners to easily start working without and headaches.
I really hope you guys enjoy the tool as much as I enjoyed developing it, and inform me on how I can improve the tool.
Current major features:
Follow users (this is currently the only module available, I will not add new modules till the foundation for future modules is 100% stable and without and bugs)
Generate various graphs about your followers like gender distribution, follower engagement, posts per week and much more.
View how you can optimize your posts based on tags used which result highest engagement.
Determine the best time to post based on engagement of your pictures.
Lot’s of filters for scraping users (and when I say a lot, I mean every filter I could think off)
Schedule by day and by hour. (So you can say e. g. to only follow users on Monday between 5-6 and 8-9)
And lot’s of smaller hidden stuff that I left for you guys to discover
Track users you interacted with, so you can see exactly who followed you back and what the reason was (e. filter uses was #love)
Currently the max allowed accounts is 10
Accounts support proxies, but this hasn’t been tested thoroughly.
Some buttons are disables, these have not been implemented yet.
You can only run one instance of GMT2, if you wish to run multiple instances simply run the tool with the argument “-mull”
I can’t stress enough how important it is to receive feedback, I can’t improve the tool if I don’t receive any.
EXPECT CRASHES, this bot is still in beta, so it is expected. I will do my best to hunt down any bugs and resolve them.
If you want to contact me simply reply to this thread, send me a PM or add me on Skype (fagenorn)
Also if you are interested in the development of GMT2 I can send you my Telegram so we can stay in contact.
Windows machine with 4. 5 or later installed.
An Internet connection
Instagram account
Download the latest version of GMT2 here:
It appears there is one false positive caught by
Once downloaded, all you have to do is run and the installer will create a shortcut on your Desktop and launch the tool straight away.
If any updates are released the tool will automatically update itself silently, so you can focus on more important stuff
Technical Info:
The bot was developed using C# using WPF framework.
Last edited by a moderator: Sep 10, 2017
I put the tool up on an approved DL site as well as added the image of the virustotal issues.
Feb 28, 2015
Recently, many services related to IG automation have closed down. What´s your position regarding this? If IG asks you, are you going to shut down your service?
Aug 8, 2013
2, 306
Thnxx – looks promising tool, ill download it, test it and will surely drop a feedback.
Feb 14, 2017
Might GMT 1 and GMT 2 running at the same time at the same PC cause a problem?
I have indeed noticed Instagram closing down services one by one (Instagress. Massplanner, Instaplus, etc. ) I honestly think Instagram relies on scare tactics to shut down most of these services and the ones that don’t comply are very few but will be sued to the ground by Facebook (No matter their location, unless they are located in North Korea maybe).
If I were to receive a cease and desist letter, I would most probably simply privatize the bot. So in other words, all public pages will be revoked so there is no access to the bot through the wild web. I hope this way, existing customers won’t be affected, and I can keep rolling out updates.
But still, we will need to wait and see what comes from recent events (Will mp rebrand? Will ig keep going after services? Will ig simply shut down their public api? ) Also, take everything I said with a grain of salt, I will need to do more research on what basis IG can sue these services (Also note, my service is not located in the US)
In the end, I still highly doubt IG will start going after each and every IG third-party service since there are 1000’s (if not 10 000’s) and they will likely come up with a different (and more effective) approach as to handling spammers/botters.
The two tools can be running at the same time, but be careful they are not both performing actions at the same time (e. One is following users and the other is unfollowing users)
Also, minor thing to keep note of is that the bot generates a random user agent when adding a new account (which will differ from gmt1), which will make it seem you are using two different mobile devices at the same time, but I have never heard anyone having issues because of this.
Jan 30, 2009
Your software looks really good. Will try it and let you know if there are any bugs/crashes during my testing.
Feb 27, 2012
1, 785
Jul 11, 2016
1, 703
1, 236
Already a lifetime customer of GMT, will be trying this one for sure.
Just a heads up that Unfollow module has been implemented (v0. 0. 9), to update simply restart the application. Sadly previous settings will be lost. If you encounter any bugs/crashes please do let me know.
Nov 23, 2012
Thanks for your beta bot! I met a problem, I have clicked a lot of filters but..
Error in follow module.
Last error: you need to have at least one filter type to follow users.
When you want to follow users, you need to specify a following source (e. users followers, or users that recently intetacted with the posts of a user)
To add following sources open the follow settings and scroll to the bottom to add or import them.
Jul 26, 2014
It just stops working and I get this, any solutions?
Nov 22, 2016
Hey, this might be the noobiest question I’m gonna ask, but it’s my first time using this tool. So I have managed to put the settings to my liking on the account, but where can I start those settings (I want to follow certain users that have liked a certain picture)?
Btw, amazing GUI and user-friendly interface makes it the easiest one to scroll through.
Sent you a pm
To start a module you simply have to click on the “Enable Module” button located next to the module. Once it has been enabled, the following will automatically start.
Okay, thank you for your reply, and I hope you this tool will bring good to the BHW members, aswell as to you too
Sep 25, 2016
Is it free or it will be free from now on?
Jan 23, 2017
Is ther any way to get a users follower list in a cvs or txt file?
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Gram MultiTool 2 v0.9.21 (GMT2) Cracked - seomuda

Gram MultiTool 2 v0.9.21 (GMT2) Cracked – seomuda

Skip to contentHome » Social Media Marketing ToolsGram MultiTool 2 v0. 9. 21 Cracked | Best Instagram Bot 2019 (GMT2)
Name: GRAM MULTITOOL GMT2 CRACKED | INSTAGRAM BOTVersion: 2. 21OS: WindowsType: Instagram Marketing Tools | Gram Multitool 2 Instagram Automation SoftwarePrice: $120/yHomepage: SalePage
Gram MultiTool Complete automation for Instagram BotGram MultiTool (or GMT) is a tool to fulfill all of your Instagram needs. It everything you could think off, ranging from interacting with followers to scheduling GMT you will be able to grow your follower base and engagement in a matter of weeks, without having to lift a finger! FeaturesAuto-FollowFollow users based on various filters like: gender, minimum follow ration, vanced Analytics Instagram
Display advanced analytics abount your followers, top tags, engagement and much more! User Tracking Instagram
Track all users you have interacted with a view when they follow back. This way you can view what settings result best heduling Instagram
Schedule per day and per hour when the bot should be performing what action. Undetectable Gmt2 mimics the Instagram app exactly, so it is completely undetectable by Instagram. The bot has plenty of tricks to also reduce any stagram Marketing Bot
​Gram MultiTool (or GMT) is a tool to fulfill all of your Instagram needs. It everything you could think off, ranging from interacting with followers to scheduling posts.
With GMT you will be able to grow your follower base and engagement in a matter of weeks, without having to lift a finger!
The best Instagram automation bot – Gram Multitool 2 – GMT2 Features:Instagram Follow ModuleInstagram Unfollow ModuleInstagram Like ModuleComment ModuleAll Instagram modules have advansed filtering ranging from follow ratio to gender​Batch PublisherQuick-PublisherAdvanced analytics (for everything you could think of)User tracking (View when users follow you back, and perform actions based on that)Unlimted Instagram accountsAnd much, much more…Get Gram MultiTool 2 v0. 21 Cracked | Best Instagram Bot 2019 (GMT2) Free Download
The 3 best Instagram automation tools - BestTechie

The 3 best Instagram automation tools – BestTechie

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has
become a huge marketplace — it’s the place to be and the place to be seen. The
platform offers numerous possibilities for business growth, and social media
automation tools can help us with all of them.
However, the trick is knowing which tools to use and how. Social media marketing is a must for business these days, and social media automation tools make it easy for us to manage our online presence across multiple accounts.
We will be taking a look at some of the most
popular Instagram automation tools. By the end, anyone will be able to make an
informed decision and buy just the right tool.
A typical social media automation setup
In order to successfully set up social media
automation, we first need to be familiar with concepts like VPS, Instagram bots,
Instagram proxies, etc.
Instagram bots are the ones doing all the work
for us. They are out there liking, following, commenting, and doing everything
we need them to do. Still, for them to work, they need a VPS or a proxy.
Instagram proxies are used to disguise our presence. These proxies can work from our computers, but Instagram will see our accounts as connecting from different IP address. Also, we can use a VPS and have our Instagram bot working 24/7 without having to keep our personal computer on.
GMT2 (Grammultitool)
GMT2(Grammultitool) is a tool dedicated solely to
Instagram. It uses software that mimics the Instagram app perfectly, which,
according to their website, makes it impossible to detect our Instagram bot.
However, it runs on Windows only. For other operating systems, we would need a
virtual machine or a VPS that runs Windows.
GMT2 doesn’t offer Instagram proxies through
their software. Instead, they refer us to StormProxies. They do recommend using proxies, but we can
opt out of doing so.
As far as the prices go — it’s one of the cheaper options. We can get a
free trial period for one week and then pay $10 a month, which will give us
premium support and unlimited account support. Additionally, the tool is beginner-friendly
but offers features for more advanced users too.
GMT2 Features:
Auto-followAuto-unfollowAuto-likeAuto-commentDirect MessageDelete PostsRepostPost SchedulingLive StreamStatsTemplatesHashtag GenerationUser TrackingAnalyticsSpintax & EmojiEmbed BrowserVerificationFilters
Jarvee uses Instagram bots and recommends using
residential proxies to help us with all of our automation needs. It runs each
Instagram account with its own Instagram proxy to increase privacy and
security. As a result, it lowers the chance of our account getting banned.
Jarvee runs on Windows only, so in order to
use it with a different operating system, we will need a virtual machine or a
VPS that runs Windows.
As far as the features go, it has all of the
tools that a small or startup business needs. However, even though Jarvee has
more options, these can make it a bit overwhelming for beginners. Still,
advanced users could set up Jarvee for multiple accounts, which will further
automate growth and help them engage their audiences.
Jarvee Features:
Posts SchedulingAuto-RepostAuto-FollowFollow-BackUnfollowAuto-LikeAuto-CommentDelete PostsDelete commentsContact ProspectsManage Your Direct MessagesHashtag ResearchBlock FollowersFind and Extract Targeted UsersManage CommentsDelete CommentsLike CommentsSave PostsProxy SupportImport Data from Other ToolsSpin syntax
Followliker has all the features we’ve already
mentioned, and then some. We can get this Instagram add-on with a one-time
payment of $100, plus a $7 monthly fee after the first month. Additionally,
unlike some other Instagram automation tools, it can run on both Windows and
Mac. Still, we do recommend buying a VPS nonetheless.
Followliker is a somewhat straightforward
program, so there’s just a small learning curve to it. What’s more, it is
cheaper in the long run, especially if we need to manage a lot of accounts. It
even has a tool for assigning proxies, so we can use public or private proxies
as we deem fit with each of our accounts.
Followliker Features:
Follow usersUnfollow usersUpload photosLike photosUnlike photosComment on Direct MessagesUser SearchPhoto SearchBlacklist UsersWhite-list UsersAssign ProxiesRun Multiple AccountsSchedule TasksView Account Details
Why do these tools need proxies for Instagram?
If we want to automate our Instagram accounts
and use Instagram automation tools, we need an Instagram proxy.
To prevent our accounts from getting blocked,
we need Instagram proxies to act as intermediaries between our computer and
Instagram proxies change our IP address and mask our identity and location. Even if we opt out of using a VPS, without a proxy, Instagram will be able to track multiple accounts connections back to a single user. Still, it goes without saying that if we want to make this work, we should opt for trusted proxy providers only.
The two most common types of proxies are
datacenter and residential proxies. Datacenter proxies hide our IP address
behind fixed (dedicated) IP addresses rented from datacenter or hosting
In contrast, residential proxies can connect
to an IP address from an actual home, which can be anywhere in the world —
making them almost impossible to detect as proxies.
Which one to choose?
We might feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing
the best social media automation tool. However, it’s important to consider our
budget, skill level, and our business and marketing priorities.
If we are just starting out and don’t want to
invest a lot of money in a social media automation tool right away — GMT2 might
be the best solution. It offers a free 7-day trial, so we can check if it fits
our needs.
Jarvee is one of the pricier automation tools
out there, but it has more options, and we can use it on a multitude of
platforms. However, the more options we have, the higher the learning curve is.
We would recommend it to more advanced users, rather than beginners.
Finally, Followliker is cheaper than other
tools, can be used with both Windows and Mac and is very user- and
beginner-friendly. It combines the best of both worlds, as it gives us
everything we need and makes it easy for us to automate our Instagram at a fair
price. Therefore, it might be the perfect solution for those who are just
starting to realize the value of Instagram and social media.
Final thoughts
Starting our Instagram business journey can be
a scary thing; however, it’s a must in the 21st century. Social media allows us
to connect and interact with our audiences, as well as sell our products fast
and with more ease than ever before. Hence, social media marketing comes with a
lot of responsibility.
Luckily, social media automation tools take
all of this pressure off and save us some valuable time. They act as a
dedicated team that only works on our page 24/7. Consequently, they allow us to
shut down our computers and leave our Instagram bots running and working for us
all day long. All we need to do is choose the tool that works best for us and
allows us to easily satisfy all of our social media needs.

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