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Unhappy with the results of your GSA Search Engine Ranker software? Then listen to this … Finally: ‘New Game-Changing Add-On to GSA SER Gives You Millions of Fresh, Verified, Tier 1Grade Targets Per Month on Auto Pilot! ”Pre – Sorted Auto-SYNC GSA Search Engine Ranker Verified Targets System Do you feel like something’s missing from your GSA Search Engine Ranker software? Getting the quality, verified backlinks you want takes time and money. You want links with AUTHORITY. You want your projects to stand out on a list of search results, not fade into the background. Sure, GSA SER can scrape search engines to find targets to post… BUTIt takes WAY too much time to set up and manage campaigns – Scrape – Identify links – Run them through GSA SER to verify…It costs WAY too much for GOOGLE-PASSED proxies on dedicated servers… If you want a massive list, you may need to buy a separate scraper and that ends up costing more than other software such as Gscaper and ScrapeBox…And it often gives you low-quality results that lack contextuals, have low links per minute (LPMs), and VERY low verifications per minute (VPMs)… No matter WHAT you try you always end with TONS of duplicated targets every day and no NEW, UNIQUE targets…If you buy a verified list, you almost ALWAYS get a dead list full of SPAMMED targets… And it DOESN’T give you what you REALLY want: GSA Search engine ranker verified, high-quality backlinks that will INSTANTLY boost your project rankings. So what gives? Now There’s a Faster, Simpler, and More Effective Way to Put Your GSA Search Engine Ranker to Work for You So That It Boosts Your SEO Better than Ever! INTRODUCINGThe new, hassle-free GSA SER Verified Target System, The cloud-based solution that can send MILLIONS of GSA SER PRE-VERIFIED live targets DIRECTLY into the GSA Search engine ranker… boosting your GSA SER and rankings INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY! This is it … the GSA SER Verified Target System you’ve been waiting for! Do You Want To See SER Verified Lists In Action? Above GSA SER project has been done by 8GB simple VPS* / 50 Semi dedicated proxies* /GSA captcha breaker and SER Verified ListsWe’ve Been Processing Billions Of Targets Each Month Since 2013 & What’ve Got Is Satisfied GSA SER Power Users! Recent Stats From 2017 – 2021Pre-Filtered, GSA SER Verified TargetsAutomatically sorting MILLIONS of SER-verified targets to contextual-only targets, high MOZ PA/DA targets, and low-OBL targets. Our system even sorts for GSA Captcha breaker-only support targets. 24-Hour Real-Time Synchronization Adding thousands of fresh, HIGH-QUALITY targets each day so you will never run out of targets to post! Removes Dead and Spammed TargetsOur Cloud-based service filters out poor-quality targets that can actually hurt your rankings … so you get ONLY low-OBL, high domain authority targets that will INSTANTLY boost your rankings! Solution for Beast LPM and VPM The Best Upgrade for Improving LPM and VPM — Just plug it in, turn it on, and watch as our innovative GSA SER Verified Target System starts to BOOST GSA SER and improve your SER LPM, VPM, and positive ranking on your campaigns week after week, and month after month! Now you can FINALLY stop wasting your time and money spinning your wheels with over-spammed GSA SER lists that don’t produce the results you need. Boost your GSA search engine ranker performance and SKYROCKET your rankings. Our new, groundbreaking GSA SER Verified Target System is going to CHANGE EVERYTHING! Trust me, I know what it’s like to spend a TON of time and money trying to get GSA SER to work for you…It’s a GREAT system, but even a great system needs the right tools to make it work… GSA SER verified lists don’t deliver on their promises. They simply can’t deliver the high-quality backlinks YOU DESERVE, and that means you have to spend your valuable time reviewing everything…You NEED a tool that will send your LPMs and VPMs through the ROOF… one that will let you sit back and relax while new, VERIFIED and UNIQUE targets roll in all day long…The fact is that MY SYSTEM is the only one that can deliver on that promise. My competitors can’t do it because they do all of the things that I don’t… they OVERSELL, they don’t sort targets, and they just don’t have the resources that I do…My system makes building GSA SER verified backlinks EASY and FAST – And That’s What You Want! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a lot like you: I’ve been an Internet marketer since 2007 and was an early adopter of GSA SER software. I truly believed it would transform my campaigns by giving me the high-quality links that would jettison my projects to the top of the rankings… I was surprised by how much WORK I had to do to get GSA SER to perform the way I wanted it to… Sure, it brought me targets … but my LPMs were low, the targets lacked contextuals, and more often than not, they FAILED to improve my overall rankings… Still, I believed … in theory, at least … that GSA SER should work. I could have scrapped the system and posted it as a loss… but I didn’t WANT to do that. I still believed in GSA SER… Instead, I got together with my team of top developers and figured out a way to force the GSA SER software to work the way it was supposed to in the first result? Our innovative, ground-breaking GSA SER Verified Target add-on that turbocharges GSA SER so that it FINALLY works to its FULL POTENTIAL! Monthly Over 2 Million Fresh GSA Search Engine Ranker Verified LinksAutomatically connects you with more than 400, 000 pre-verified unique domains every 7-8 days… That’s more than 2 MILLION verified URLs per MONTH! Pre – Sorted For Tier 1 Link BuildingAutomatically filters out spammed targets and pre-sorts targets for high PA/DA and contextuals… so it’s ALWAYS safe to use for ALL your Tier 1 Captcha Breaker CompatibleUses the GSA Captcha Breaker … the BEST Captcha solver in the industry! 7/365 Friendly Customer SupportLive support from experienced technicians 7 / 365 … so you ALWAYS have help standing by for optimizing your GSA SER ™ GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER VERIFIED TARGETSDon’t trash your GSA SER software… Force it to work the way it’s supposed to with our new, game-changing GSA SER Verified Target System add-on! Special Bonus OfferFor a limited time only, when you purchase our GSA SER Verified Target System, you will also receive — at no additional charge — these FOUR exclusive bonuses:GSA SER Tutorials and Guides – Get the most out of your GSA SER software with these helpful, step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of optimizing your system. (In fact, we add NEW GUIDES all the time in our special members’ area – and you’ll get access to those as they are added! )GSA SER Templates – Instantly improve the rankings of your YouTube videos and Facebook Fan Pages with these proven, ready-to-go templates that provide results right away! (And there are new GSA SER templates being added all the time! )Port Scan Public Proxies – Our powerful servers scan proxis which passed with automatically added new proxies on the Tech Support – Choose from live chat, email or text message support from our experienced technicians any time of the day or night. We are ALWAYS on call to help you with ALL of your GSA SER optimization all these exclusive FREE BONUSES … There has NEVER been a better time to upgrade your GSA SER software with the GSA SER Verified Target System than RIGHT NOW! Three Convenient Auto-Sync Packages to Choose From
Realtime Sync™ Monthly Access
Unlimited Verified Targets Per MonthWe serve least 2million GSA SER Verified targets per month
Over 80% Contextuals
Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Page Authority
Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Domain Authority
Sorted For Below 100 OBL Targets
GSA Search Engine Ranker Templates & Addons
Email Support For Technical Issues
Team Viewer Support For Technical Issues
Realtime Sync™ 6 Months Access
Realtime Sync™ Yearly Access
Payments process by PayPal via warriorplus. If you are experiencing issues with PayPal, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for an alternative payment solutions. (You also can get help from our live chat agents) Simplify Your GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign Today! If you’re sick and tired of being frustrated with the results you are getting from your GSA SER… NOW is the time to FINALLY do something about it! Real Testimonials from Actual GSA SER Verified Target System UsersGet the GSA SER Verified Target System that will FINALLY bring you the results your business needs to SUCCEED! But don’t just take my word for it… Listen to what some of these satisfied clients are saying about the game-changing GSA SER Verified Target System! Herby at GSA Forum”I am very satisfied with the LPM. Good part is that they are trying to improve the lists further with various types of lists. They have also got PA/DA sorted lists. Cool. ” – Herby @ GSA ForumCommercialAware At Best Black Hat Forum”Your list was good and I got a good number of verified links. Subbed for 6 months. ” – CommercialAware | BBHF MemberHerby at GSA Forum”I am very satisfied with the LPM. ” – Herby @ GSA Forum At this point, there’s just ONE QUESTION you should be asking yourself … ‘What the #&* Am I Waiting For?!! ’If you are FINALLY ready to put your GSA SER to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you, then you need this exclusive ADD-ON that is going to change your online marketing campaigns FOREVER! Don’t wait! Get your GSA SER Verified Target System — along with your FOUR FREE BONUSES — TODAY! Wishing you the best as always, B. Nawshale Live Chat Assistant Available Mon – Sat GMT +5. 30 10. 00am to 9. 00pm for technical customer supportMuad NoaSoftware developer | Advanced Tech supportAvailability on Helpdesk 365 * 7 Response under 24H. (Except weekends)Keith Luke GSA SER Tech Specialist for Team Viewer SupportAvailable Weekdays GMT +5. 00am to 7. 00pm for customer supportVisal PereraAdvanced Tech supportAvailability on Helpdesk & Emails 365 * 7 Response under 24H. (Except weekends)
How much links do you provide per month? How much links do you provide per month? You will receive millions of links per month. Our scrapers scrape 24/7 Google. Then it goes through our identifiers with different filters (reserve T1 quality links & remove spam URLs etc. ) and then we verify the list with GSA search engine ranker. It’s an automated process, and everything depends on our server performances.
What’s the update frequency?
It may be every few seconds, sometimes a few hours. You don’t have to wait for a long period to get fresh verified URLs though. It’s a real-time system. Updates will be auto-synced, and you can relax while GSA does the job.
What is the DA & PA value I will get from your lists? You will get DA 14+ PA 15+ through our links. You will never have to worry about spam or dead links because they all will be deleted instantly through our cloud based system. (You don’t need MOZ account to use our service)
Is this service only for GSA Search Engine Ranker users? The short answer is YES. This add-on lists and verifies targets, and it’s fully compatible with GSA Search Engine Ranker. While the lists and targets can be used with other SEO posting tools such as Senuke /Scrapebox/Xrummer etc., this service was designed explicitly for GSA SER users.
Why am i having low VPM? Low LPM and VPM cause lots of factors. From email to content to approval time. If you are a long term user here, then you would already know that most Moz passed links come with either manual approvals or after going through various spam-free processes; this includes contextual campaigns but not limited to. To boost LPM and VPM there are resources inside our member’s area: always make sure to read our best practice guide, documentation’s section on avoiding the problem causes. Note: If you are building LOW OBL – High PA / DA links it’s known to experience more approval time (VPM) than other projects. LOW OBL campaigns are highly effective when it uses with legit campaign data (Clean Ips / Unique readable content / Emails)
Do you give support after the purchase? We have 365 days fully backed up the support team. So the answer is definitely YES. We will set up your GSA SER and sync it with our lists through Team Viewer if you need help with that. If you wish to get help from our tech support, please open a ticket at Note: We don’t provide support for how to use GSA SER or how to set it up. We provide support for list related issues. For essential GSA SER support, please contact GSA SER official forum.
Why can’t I download lists directly from the member’s area sometimes?
Our member’s area allows you to download lists directly. But sometimes it may not be possible to download all the lists at once because these files are being continuously updated. We highly recommend you to request access for Dropbox, and you will be able to download all the lists through Dropbox folder with live sync.
Can I rank my sites by using these GSA SER verified targets? Of course… are tons of success stories out there. You can build backlinks directly to your money sites and you can use these targets as Tier 1. Our targets are non-spammy. We scrape fresh targets 24/7 while removing spam targets (OBL 50+). So they are totally safe to use for your money sites. All you have to do is set up your GSA SER campaigns with optimized settings. We also provide guides, tips, and time-tested GSA Search engine ranker templates in our membership area.
Is this service compatible with GSA Captcha Breaker? As an OCR, we use only GSA Captcha Breaker. It’s a one-time fee GSA-made product. That means our targets are 100% compatible and made with GSA Captcha Breaker. You can get great results with combining other paid 3rd party ocrs too. (2captcha etc) too.
Why can I not access your templates? We have to modify and update templates and sometimes take down templates due to Google Updates in order to avoid bad SEO effects to our members websites. We are working on some brand new templates and the moment. You will be notified when we release them.
What if I have a different tool but not GSA SER?
We are specialized and built our system exclusively for GSA search engine ranker. But you still can use it with other tools such as Senuke / Scrapebox / Xrummer etc.
Are proxies important to the GSA SER?
Yes. It’s going to be very useful when using SER to gain backlinks from thousands of websites. Plus it’s not practical to use GSA SER without proxies and getting not ban!
What if I don’t have GSA Captcha Breaker?
You can use Captcha sniper just in case if you own that. If you don’t have anything, still You will be able to use some of our links in the list but you won’t be able to make the most out of it. Our recommendation is to use a Captcha breaker in order to get the best results.
Do you guarantee to make it ranked? That depends on the user. We process high PA/DA targets for tier 1 We are not highly focused on SEO. We only provide fully verified URLs for GSA SER. It all depends on the user and the niche market. Tip: membership is one of the best services which helps users to find easy to rank Niches and keywords.
does your list also have and list?
Short answer, YES! We scrape every platform which can post with GSA SER. If our scrapers detect GSA SER supported platform, it will available for you(of course after verification process).
What is your success ratio?
Well it depends on a lot of factors. How quality proxies/content you are using, How you set it up etc. Our links 100% verified with GSA SER.
I purchased your product. But I didn’t get any emails from you. It is an automated system. You should be getting an email within a few minutes. But if you still haven’t received your email, please visit this link to open a ticket. Don’t forget to attach a screenshot of your transaction. It would make the tech team solve the issue faster. Our tech support will contact you and resolve the issue shortly.
Can I choose the sites which need to be used on my project? (to avoid foreign sites and spam) –
We scrape globally, and it’s not necessary to filter out as GSA users build general links. However, you can do it inside GSA SER. Plus we have high-quality MOZ PA / DA authority links which safe to use for higher tiers.
How helpful can your templates be to my project? We only publish time tested proven templates here. If the templates got detect to search engines (ex: Google) we take them down to avoid any after effects in SEO. Therefore we only publish 100% proven templates. But still, the user has to customize according to their niche and preferences. Our team SEO experts collaborating different SEO strategies with GSA Search engine ranker and publish. We provide these templates as 100% free bonuses.
GSA ser lists: GSA SER verified lists

GSA ser lists: GSA SER verified lists

Powered by MOZ DA
High Quality pre-sorted & auto-sync GSA Search Engine Ranker link listsReal-time updates directly through your SER software using Dropbox View plans and pricing
GSA SER lists empowers your GSA search engine ranker and increases your SER’s LPM and VPM
Real-Time UpdatesConstant fresh links directly into your GSA SER softwarePre-Sorted Site ListsURLs are categorized based on their enginesFast De-dupe on DomainsDuplicate domains are removed each 2 minutesWe just scrape from GoogleScraping over 10 Million URLs per day
Powered By
What do we use for making GSA SER lists? Two AMD Ryzen9 dedicated servers(200T) ★ GSA SER ★ GSA CB ★ GSA PI ★ Scrapebox ★ XEvil ★ MOZ DA ★ 100 dedicated proxies ★ Unlimited bandwidth backconnect proxies ★ Catchall emailsLPM & VPM highly depends on your setup and server/VPS configuration. You should get over 400 LPM/VPM and constant 100+ LPM with 600-800 threads and using dedicated proxies.
How many users can access your site lists? We don’t sell our site lists to more than 100 customers. In this way, we will ensure our site lists quality won’t Us a QuestionIf you have any questions, don’t hesitate to you know scraping setup costs around $1000/month? You don’t need to pay for scraping URLs anymore. We will send fresh links directly to your GSA search engine ranker every hour. All URLs are pre-sorted (categorized) based on their bscribe Rated 5 of 5Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About UsTop notch GSA list provider. Running at 40-45 Lpm with low OBL filters etc. I highly recommend this service! Been testing it for a month with tier 2s and tier 1s and they all got a pretty healthy boost.
All I can say is well done and keep up the good work! Takeoff Digitalfrom GSA forumThis list is great. All unique domain 0 duplicate URL/Domain and VPM is perfect. Highly Recommended! iamsrilankanfrom GSA forumI am using this list for 2 months now and I’m very satisfied. The support is great, even helped me with the settings via remote, to get really good LPM.
can recommend this service very much! The lists and the price are very satisfactory. It’s definitely the best! I am running 1 project.
With the new setup now I have VpM 57 and LpM 163 with 300 threads. Jonas RaskauskasOur happy memberWe provide
Identified Contextual Submitted Verified MOZ DA sorted
We offer High-quality GSA SER verified site lists
Basic$24. 99Monthly1 Month Access Full access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
Recommended$69. 993 months AccessFull access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
Save $$139. 996 months AccessFull access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
Secure Payments Powered by Paypal & Stripe
SER Power Lists

SER Power Lists

Are you looking to Increase traffic using GSA SER and get higher rankings for your Have you recently lost your Great Ranking due to a Search Engine Update or due to SPAM links? Finally! you’ll be able to run GSA SER like a master while building top tier quality backlinks with this “secret” list solution you can’t live without95000+ Daily update GSA SER Verified URLS30000+ Daily Top Tier Quality Links – (DA+OBL+Contex)1000, 000, 0+ Identified List Weekly73%+ GSA Captcha Breaker Success Plug & Play and Set & Forget SystemDe-Dupe Targets Every 10mins – Unique Domains Every-time 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeSecure CheckoutWe know that you have bought GSR SER software that you thought would easily and quickly get your site ranked! But you are still struggling and wondering if you will ever get the rankings that you is as long as your website remains not ranked on the front page of Google your competitors will continue to dominate! Anyone who has tried to run GSA SER like a master while building top quality backlinks has run into one problem after anotherIt’s no secret. Trying to run GSA ser like a master while building top quality backlinks is extremely you struggle to overcome the issue, you’re often met with headaches and closed nding a solution seems know you are feeling Overwhelmed/Exhausted/Broke/FrustratedPurchased various kind of so called premium list services which ended up in spending more than $800 worth money with ZERO Scrapebox, GScraper, GSA SER scraper iteself which only resulted in very little amount of verified links and tons of money waste on resources. Tried to run it on high end dedicated server(VPS)with all the software and hardware that needs which led to Less ROI due to lots of money wasting on resources of Contextuals, Dofollows, T1 quality links, Low LPM, Low VPMI couldn’t get enough gsa ser verified links each dayI couldn’t find enough unique domains I tried to copy footprints on selected engines/contextual engines to scrape better but no luckI removed duplicates and eliminated 90% of a massive listI got tired custom ‘modded’ engine scripts (premium/coded myself)I was scraping while using many of the same targets each day I couldn’t get a single link which I rated it’s a good backlink (No authority power) Getting Your Website Ranked Using GSA Search Engine Ranker Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare! SER Power Lists Is A Unique Verified Lists Solution For GSA Search Engine Ranker 95000+ Daily update GSA SER Verified URLS30000+ Daily Top Tier Quality Links – (DA+OBL+Contex)1000, 000, 0+ Identified List Weekly73%+ GSA Captcha Breaker Success Plug & Play and Set & Forget SystemDe-Dupe Targets Every 10mins – Unique Domains Every-time Here is What You Can Expect when you Choose SER Power ListsFresh Daily UpdatesIncredible numbers of 95, 000+ unique verified links 24 x 7 daily directly into GSA Search engine ranker. Your hungry GSA SER never runs out targets to post100% Fresh Clean List ForeverWe don’t just scrape and process links straight away as other services. Our monitors scan for duplicates over spam or dead targets and remove them immediately to make sure our customer’s GSA SER don’t catch dead once! GSA Captcha Breaker ReadyEvery single link build by only using GSA CB. Experience up to 73% success rate along with GSA SER. Using an additional OCR will increase success rate up to 97%Contextual and Top Tier Link ListsWe provide separate Contextual link lists & T1 safe quality link lists filter BEST LINKS(SAFE) within Multiple Metrics – Including, OBL And the Special mix of filters we’ve prove LpM & VpMThanks to our real-time monitoring script GSA SER will never sync with dead targets. Periode! You will see instant big numbers jump on LpM & VpM* while outranking your indexing RatioYou will be able to experience dramatical improvement in backlinks ratio. Search engine loves our link lists because we specifically scrape from Google. More indexed backlinks mean more Out The Results That We Have Achieved With Our ListsAs you can see we deliver results and your website can have the same results as well! SER Power Lists Will Also Save You Heaps of Money Compared to Scraping for Links Yourself Stop wasting your money and time scraping for backlinks yourself. This is what it costs to properly scrape for enough backlinks to get your site ranked eckout What It Costs To Do A Decent Scrape Setup! 32GB Dedicated Scraping Server- $220/mo12GB Dedicated Processing Server- $147/mo1000GB P2P Rotating Proxies – $500/mo 50 proxies for processing scrapes- $37. 50/moScrapebox- $97 – One timeAdditional GSA-SER for processing scrapes- $99Additional GSA-CB for processing scrapes- $147So instead of YOU SPENDING BIG money, why not let us take the risk, and then YOU CAN SAVE BIG $$$You save a Scrape Setup Expenses $1247. 50And every month you will save monthly fees of 904. 50You know how hard it is to get your site ranked… and to get it ranked quickly is a daunting task. No one has $904. 50 laying around to waste each month experimenting and trying to scrape links you can stop struggling to scrape backlinks yourself and buy our SER Power your SER Power list today by clicking on the download now button below
MonthlyIf you are looking for a monthly basis plan, this will be the best package for you.
100% Sync Verified With GSA SER 95000+ Sync Daily Verified Links 30000+ SyncTop Tier Link Lists 1000, 000, 0+ Identified List WeeklyGSA Captcha Breaker ReadyAuto-Removal DuplicatesFresh Daily Updates via SYNCLoads of Contextuals100% Unique Domains Massive LPM & VPMBetter indexing Ratio50 Limited Active Spots – Hurry!!
YEARLYThe best cost effective plan we got for you. You can use SERPL for 365 days. Best choice for a long run.
6 MonthsIf you are planning to run your projects for a while, but still want to save some $$ this is for you.
100% Sync Verified With GSA SER 95000+ Sync Daily Verified Links 30000+ SyncTop Tier Link Lists 1000, 000, 0+ Identified List WeeklyGSA Captcha Breaker ReadyAuto-Removal DuplicatesFresh Daily Updates via SYNCLoads of Contextuals100% Unique Domains Massive LPM & VPMBetter indexing Ratio50 Limited Active Spots – Hurry!! Instant Access After Payments100% 2 Days Try – MONEY BACK GUARANTEEYou have been offered 48 hours (2 days) to try out our service. If you don’t like our service, please send us an email to [email protected] with the reason you don’t like and your paid email address. Once you sent the email please be patient and allow us 24hours to review and refund your transaction. (Process may take extra hours on weekends. ) We will give you a full refund directly to your PayPal. Please note that we completely avoid scammers/ Abusers/ Link List leakers/ Group buyers etc. under any circumstances and by doing so partnership may lead to an immediate account termination without a money back guaranteeYou really only have two choices at this can continue struggling to build backlinks yourself and waste tons of your time and you can buy your very own SER Power List for just $34 today and start getting your site ranked quickly today! great? But what about other services? know that what you think is the comparison chart when we compare with other services:*Rating based on product featuresFew Happy Customers From GSA Forums ~ We Have Been Selling SER Power Lists Since 2015 Inside GSA Forum Market Place ~wow man thats OMG LPM:O… Can you give me a coupon for next month? I am really intrested in on yearly plan as well:). Guys this is real deal! Try this out.. ~ lukyjohn @ GSA Forum (Reviewed year 2015)”I would be lost without ser power lists. Just what I was looking for. Ser power lists has got everything for my GSA Arsenal. Ser power lists is great. “~ Munich @ GSA Forum (Reviewed year 2017)Try SER Power Lists Today We have iron-clad 48Hours Money Back you don’t like our service just send us an email or below form and we will process under ‘s that simple! Have questions? We will response under 24 hours:)95000+ Daily update GSA SER Verified URLS30000+ Daily Top Tier Quality Links – (Moz PA|DA+Tier 1 + Contexuals)1000, 000, 0+ Identified List Weekly73%+ GSA Captcha Breaker Success Plug & Play and Set & Forget SystemDe-Dupe Targets Every 10mins – Unique Domains Every-time

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