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Proxy server for social media
I purchased proxy server for social media platform. I was constantly experiencing connection disruption, finally Instagram have blocked my account. I canceled service and requested an refund, however nobody ever came back to me with this request. I think its a scam site.
Worst support on earth!
Worst support on earth that accuses you of not reading their answers when, in fact, you took time to explain why the solution they propose does not work. We paid two months of services for nothing… I would definitively not recommend this service.
Support is terrible
I have purchased 1 service from this company and their works seem good, that why i need more. Unfortunately, i take the new one but the wrong service and request a refund. After that, they refund and block me. Terrible customer support – Paul, your attitude so rude.
Good proxy quality
Good proxy quality. I tested it for some automation and it works very well for now.
still trying to take money after a year
I have already left a previous review regarding the poor service but i feel the need to update again. A year after cancelling the service money was still taken from my account for a renewal. I am waiting on a refund confirmation. I am now still continuing to receive invoices from them for cancelled service after twice asking for them to remove my account and all details from their system. I have just tried for the third time…. hopefully they finally do waste your time with this copany.
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highproxies review avoid highproxies
Yesterday, I made an 8 hours my account continued to say ‘pending’ for the order, so I wrote to them asking when they would be delivering the proxies. I got no, 12 hours later, I still did not have my proxies, and wrote to say I was hoping to use them today, could they tell me when they would deliver. A few hours later, I decided to try and make an order at [another proxy provider] (who I had used before, with no issues). They took my order and delivered my proxies within 30 minutes. I finally wrote to again to tell them I no longer wanted or needed their proxies and to please cancel and refund me as I believed 14+ hours (by that time) was unacceptably long time to wait without even the courtesy of an refunded me. No apology. No explanation. Nothing from except a waste of 15 hours of my this is how their ticket system works, and if this is how they treat new customers, I would not trust them with further orders and would not want to be reliant on them for any kind of service.
Terrible customer support
Terrible customer support. They don’t have neither live chat nor phone support even though they flame they have it. Customer support “Paul” is just soo baaad. I got into the affiliate program, got over 20 referrals, over 100$ worth of commissions and this dude comes saying I o my referred one active sign up so he wouldn’t give me the payout, all he replied throughout 7 tickets is please read our affiliate information, he didn’t give me any explanation. Even though if it had been one single referral they shouldn’t have any problem giving me the payout, there is no policy where it says I can’t get the comission of single referrals however this isn’t also true as I mentioned it was 20 sign ups referred. Anyways, don’t recommend this at all, at least the affiliate.
Scam. You purchase a proxy and they don’t even activate it for you. Customer service doesn’t readily reply. HORRIBLE website, AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE.
One of my instagram accounts got shut…
One of my instagram accounts got shut down (Just sitting there) while using High Proxies, and the other one both on a different Proxies server, started having problems as soon as i switched to them.
I paid a monthly fee and never received the proxies
Actually the service is not that bad as…
Actually the service is not that bad as you can think. First of all, I always read reviews before buying, but this time, the reviews were crappy. I have purchased an 11, 50$ plan, cause there was multiple cities and subnets feature. Since the proxies are purchased I have like ~20 MB/s speed connection on them, so it is quite satisfying for my scrapping business. I had a lot of captchas but solved this by using another captcha solving service. I think it happened cause of 50 threads of scrapping per one proxy. And everything is quite OK. Why did I put only 4 stars:1. The website is quite bad, the design that can give you some thoughts about the scam. 2. Inconvenient buying form. 3. Few counties are available. Would like to get more. 4. Captcha, so you will spend extra money to solve it.
Terrible customer service. Terrible business. Would never recommend to anyone. I asked for a refund within the second day of using their service and the account representative ignored my request and kept changing the subject to avoid giving me my refund. He even sent me the refund policy which clearly I had submitted the ticket for a refund within the required circumstances. All together very very disappointed with this business. They are a bunch of scammers, good luck!
I am by far satisfied with the overall…
I am by far satisfied with the overall experience. The proxies work well and there aren’t any network issues. Will continue with High Proxies further. Thank you so much!
Brilliant customer support as usual!
Brilliant customer support as usual! Delighted to be able to use your services again. I have used other proxy service providers and their performance is light years behind your standard. Highly Recommended!
The best proxy provider…
They are the best proxy provider you can find! Their proxies work pretty well for everything and are very fast. I would recommend them to everyone.
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Highproxies Review & Rating 2021 - Why 4.8 Stars?

Highproxies Review & Rating 2021 – Why 4.8 Stars?

(4. 8 / 5)
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HighProxies is one of the best private proxies provider, offering datacenter proxies which located in US, CA, UK, NL, Germany, France, and Italy. The Customer support is very responsive and fast, HP’s Private Proxies are really fast and stability, Support both user/password and IP-Auth.
Recommended for: Social media automation Tools & Instagram Marketing
Types and Pricing
Server Locations
Proxy Speed Tested
Geo-location / ISP Test
Proxy Features
How to Auth/Use
Our Verdict
In recent years, there’s been an uprising of many proxy providers. But very few providers have been able to garner customer satisfaction along the way by providing top class service. Highproxies is undoubtedly one of them with their highly anonymous dedicated HTTP/HTTPS proxies that come with fast connection speed and ensure a hassle-free setup.
Headquartered in a small African island country Seychelles, Highproxies has been around for over four years and in this time they have gained much recognition for their service. We have recently reviewed their proxies thoroughly and can safely say they are one of our top three most favorite proxy providers. Let’s look at some of their positive and negative issues.
Fast and dedicated HTTP/HTTPS datacenter proxies.
Up to 100 concurrent connections at a time.
Instant delivery of proxies after payment.
Diverse packages to accommodate your needs for different websites.
3-Days money-back guarantee.
Customer support is very responsive and fast.
A new IP can be requested every month.
Large collection of datacenters scattered across the USA and Europe that ensures high speed and low ping.
Does not offer SOCKS proxies.
Credit Card payment is not accepted.
Does not offer sneakers proxies.
Need Proxies for sneaker websites? Visit Here to find out.
One of the best things about Highproxies is that they offer a variety of proxy packages for the need of their customers. Whether for maintaining multiple Instagram profiles or for postings ads on Craigslist or simply for bypassing restrictions, Highproxies offer a range of packages.
Interested in Instagram marketing? You maybe like to Read: Are proxies essential for Instagram automation tool?
All the specialized proxies are dedicated and private proxies so there’s no risk of getting banned due to the behavior of other users. They also offer shared proxies that come at a much cheaper price tag. But shared proxies come with some negative sides too, such as being shared across multiple users and limited server locations (only Buffalo, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Dallas servers are available for shared proxies).
Types of Proxies offered by Highproxies:
The shared proxies start as low as $10. 90 per month for 10 IPs. You can also buy a single private proxy IP for only USD 2. 30 per month. You have the option to buy upwards of 1000 private proxies for USD 1400 per month or up to 2000 shared proxies for USD 1280 per month.
Can you not afford it? I suggest you use Instant Proxies.
Highproxies also offer custom packages according to the customers’ needs which can be availed by issuing a support ticket. The specialized proxies are a bit expensive as they come with added features such as Monthly Randomized IPs, Multiple subnets, etc. Although the proxies are priced at a decent tag, Highproxies do not offer test proxies. However, the user has 3 days to claim for a full refund after their purchase. All packages offered by Highproxies can be found below.
Private proxy plansShared proxy plansInstagram proxy plansCraigslist proxy plansTicketmaster proxy plansVPN plans
No. of IPsShared between number of usersProtocolPrice (USD) (Billed monthly)
11HTTP/HTTPS$2. 30
51HTTP/HTTPS$11. 50
101HTTP/HTTPS$22. 00
201HTTP/HTTPS$42. 00
501HTTP/HTTPS$85. 00
1001HTTP/HTTPS$168. 00
2001HTTP/HTTPS$329. 00
5001HTTP/HTTPS$745. 00
10001HTTP/HTTPS$1, 400. 00
10MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$10. 90
50MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$48. 00
100MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$90. 00
250MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$213. 00
500MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$400. 00
1000MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$700. 00
2000MultipleHTTP/HTTPS$1, 280. 00
11HTTP/HTTPS$3. 20
51HTTP/HTTPS$15. 00
101HTTP/HTTPS$28. 00
251HTTP/HTTPS$70. 00
501HTTP/HTTPS$135. 00
1001HTTP/HTTPS$260. 00
11HTTP/HTTPS$2. 95
51HTTP/HTTPS$14. 50
251HTTP/HTTPS$68. 00
501HTTP/HTTPS$125. 00
1001HTTP/HTTPS$245. 00
Guide to Buying the Best VPN Service According to the Need of the User
Locations of proxy servers
A very positive thing about Highproxies is, they let the users know about their proxy server locations by marking them on a digital map on their website. This is open and visible to the public so that a potential customer can understand whether there is a proxy server nearby and if it would serve the user well. With over 50000 proxy IPs in over 50 servers at 30 locations and 7 countries, Highproxies has a diverse collection of proxy servers scattered across the USA and Europe to meet the demand of the customers. Apart from the USA, Highproxies has servers in Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy.
Highproxies also boasts the specifications of their highly configured and up-to-date hardware and software configuration to ensure 99% uptime with high anonymity. They also have very high-speed connections and Squid software so that the network does not create any bottleneck issues. The customers can ask for specific locations during registration as well.
Another interesting aspect of Highproxies is that they also have a dedicated page on their website that shows the status of their servers in real-time. This is very useful for the users to check whether the IP he/she’s using got banned or if the server is actually down. However, during the test period, we encountered no such issue of their servers being down and which once again proved their great service.
To carry out an unbiased review, we purchased dedicated Private Proxies from Highproxies. By using, we then performed tests on the proxy IPs provided by Highproxies to determine the network ping in different locations. All of the IPs were had pretty good ping time especially in Georgia, USA although the IPs were generated from all across the USA.
IPServer Location (Server number)Ping from Georgia, USAPing from London, UKPing from Quebec, CA
204. 77. 12. 32Las Vegas (01)8. 6140. 677
143. 191. 13. 245Los Angeles (05)1. 1141. 470. 4
139. 81. 9. 207Portland (01)1140. 970. 4
104. 247. 153. 151Oklahoma (05)49. 210443. 7
216. 74. 80. 100Philadelphia (01)60. 871. 526. 8
172. 93. 200. 37Chicago (05)57. 3139. 8111. 7
204. 50Las Vegas (01)9. 5143. 477. 2
143. 200Los Angeles (05)0. 713570. 68Portland (01)0. 6143. 670. 7
104. 134Oklahoma (05)48. 8104. 644. 2
The ping duration is very important while considering proxy IPs. And Highproxies has definitely impressed us with their very good ping. Since all of the proxy IPs we tested were of the USA, the intercontinental ping duration was bound to be longer. Still, the ping to the servers from the UK was still relatively acceptable.
Geo-Location Test / ISP Test
Highproxies lets users choose proxy server locations from either the USA or Europe. For review purposes, we chose the USA proxy servers and performed geolocation tests. While providing the IPs, Highproxies also lets the user know where the server is located. By performing the tests, we verified whether the locations are actually what another website sees and sure enough, they are!
Here is our IPs test, you can check ISP of Highproxies’ Proxy servers.
IPs from HighProxies
Test from IP2Location
Test from
204. 32
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
ISP: Vegasnap LLC
143. 245
Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA
ISP: Telebit Corporation
ISP: Colocation America Corporation
139. 207
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
ISP: Stellaractive
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
104. 151
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
216. 100
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
ISP: Aventice
ISP: Database by Design, LLC
172. 37
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
ISP: Nexeon Technologies Inc.
Location: West Chicago, Illinois, USA
ISP: Nexeon Technologies, Inc.
204. 50
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
143. 200
ISP: Telebit Corporation
139. 68
104. 134
Features of
Although Highproxies does not offer new proxy IPs every month by default, they provide new proxies should you need them. But the downside is, the proxies can be renewed only once per month. Ticketmaster proxies offered by Highproxies do not support randomized proxies.
All packages of Highproxies come with unlimited bandwidth facilities. But as the shared proxies are shared across multiple users, they do not guarantee very high-speed connections and warns about the possibility of getting banned due to other miscreant users.
Highproxies guarantees 99% uptime of their servers and shows their server status in real-time. During our test period, we also found this to be true.
After completion of payment, the proxy IPs are distributed automatically. So you don’t have to wait after the registration process is complete and can apply the proxy IPs instantly using the given username and password.
3-days money-back guarantee
Highproxies has a 3-days money-back policy. Due to their lack of a trial period before buying proxies, customers often hesitate before investing. The 3-days money back policy will come in hand to many customers to determine if the proxies are suitable for their needs.
Try other private proxies providers that offer money-back guarantee, such as, Buyproxies, Squidproxies, and Myprivateproxy.
Highly active customer support
One of the most important things in any business is customer retention. It is often the case that the customer does not get proper support after buying the service. Highproxies ensures this is not the case with them with 24/7 available customer support center. They are very cooperative and replies fast too.
Customized and tailored proxy IPs for specific usage
Highproxies offers specific packages of proxies to be used in specific websites such as Instagram or Craigslist. Since many websites require virgin proxy IPs that were not used for any other accounts previously, Highproxies carefully distributes their proxies across the customers. These proxies let customers browse those websites with peace of mind. However, Highproxies does not offer sneakers proxies which are of very high demand lately.
Highproxies has a very intuitive and easy registration process. The landing page of their website has the packages offered by Highproxies from which the users can directly go to the buying page.
The users can also check out the detailed packages and price listings from the navigation menu. The customer can also select the server locations (the USA or Europe) during registration. The customer also has the option to add the desired usage for the proxy IPs.
After completing the payment via Paypal or Payza or via Coingate, the customer is instantly presented with the desired IPs.
How to install/use the High Proxies
Highproxies has some video tutorials on their website showing how to configure the browsers or applications to use their proxies properly. You can configure proxies for each application on PC individually, the process can vary from one application to another.
You can usually find the option to add a proxy in the settings section of an application. Sometimes this can also be under the Network settings. When you buy a package from Highproxies, you are given a username and a password. You’ll have to enter the username and password when you connect to the proxy.
This process also varies from one application to another. Sometimes the username and password have to be entered alongside the proxy settings, while in other applications, mostly in browsers, there is a pop-up window asking for username and password.
To use the same proxy settings across all applications, it is better to configure the system proxy settings. You can find this by searching for Network Proxy Settings in the Windows start menu.
You can also use proxies in smartphones. Unfortunately, smartphone apps still cannot be configured individually for each application. Instead, you can add a system proxy from the settings. To add a proxy on Android or iOS devices, go to WiFi or WLAN from the Settings app and then click on the connected WiFi.
You can add the proxy IP and Port address by scrolling down from there. As Highproxies offer username and password-based authentication, a browser pop-up will appear when you save the settings and start using the internet with the proxy.
Editor’s Rating
Easy to Use
When we first started reviewing the Highproxies, we immediately had a feeling they really care about their customers as they had a very attractive and informative website that is also very intuitive. They also have very positive user feedbacks in elite forums such as Blackhatworld etc.
With passing time and rigorous review, we have concluded that Highproxies is undoubtedly one of the best dedicated proxy services. When you invest in something, you want to gain something in return.
For the case of Highproxies, you get top of the class service and absolute satisfaction. While they have some areas to improve such as auto randomization, diverse server locations, etc.
They already have established themselves as one of the topmost proxy services. Highproxies is ranked at #3 in our expert review, and we hope it will soon reach the number one position.
[Updated on Apr 11, 2019]
User’s Reviews & Rating
Submit your reviewName: Email: Rating: 12345Review: Check this box to confirm you are mAverage rating: 1 reviewsOct 2, 2018 I would recommend you use the Highproxies also, though I just buy 1 IG proxy for the, I use HP for nearly one years, no any iusses! The Proxy get almost 100% uptime.
Why We Recommend Using HighProxies (Updated 2021)

Why We Recommend Using HighProxies (Updated 2021)

HighProxies is yet another great US private proxies provider that offers stable, dedicated static IP Proxies for social network commend their US Proxies for InstagramDatacenters across 22 US Cities with 50K dedicated IPsFriendly customer support – Helpful and QuickNow 10% OFF – Recommend to useOur RatingRead User ReviewsHigh Proxies is an excellent proxy service that formed in the summer of 2015 on the small African island-country of Seychelles. They offer fast and secure dedicated proxies, both private and shared, with more than 68, 000 IP addresses located in the US, UK, and also offer PPTP VPN, as well as special proxies for Ticketing, Instagram, and Craigslist, making them a substantial service. Their secure and highly anonymous network is used by hundreds of SEO agencies and corporations that depend on High Proxies’ reliability. All of this has earned them a reputation as one of the best proxy services around. 10 private proxies cost $22Proxies Pricing & PackagesThe High Proxies service provides private proxies that work with several popular sites, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, eBay, PayPal, Tumblr, and more. These proxies are hosted on fast, dedicated servers with speeds up to 1Gbps and 16GB of RAM. The proxies also support HTTP/HTTPS protocols and offer both IP whitelist and username/password oxies Packages and PlanPrice/MonthGood for10 private proxies $22. 00Google, Facebook, Twitter and more10 shared proxies $10. 90SEO Tools, WebScraping10 Instagram Proxies $28. 00Guarantee to working on Instagram10 Craigslist Proxies $28. 00Guarantee to working on Craigslist125 Ticketing Proxies $325. 00 Ticketmaster & Ticket sitesNote:You may like, Our recommended Sneaker Proxy ProvidersAlso, They are Offering the VPN Package also, The VPN Package is a great option for anonymous surfing because it encrypts your online data. It can also be used on your iOS or Android devices, thus making it even more PaymentIt should be noted that they do not currently accept credit cards. The only payment methods they are currently accepting are PayPal, Payza (formerly Alertpay), and CoinGate. Fortunately, these alternatives are relatively popular and simple to use. You also must purchase a package with a monthly subscription to the service, and provide the information about what you are going to be using the proxy server for. back to menu ↑DataCenter & StatusOverAllUSA LocationInternational LocationNetwork offers proxy server locations across 22 major US cities! They also have data centers located in other countries. Most significantly, you can get a private UK IP address from their subscription service. Some other countries that they have data centers located in include Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Spain. They are continuing to add new locations as well, making them a very flexible and useful fact that they give users and potential buyers access to a map of their server locations is very commendable. It helps a user decide more strategically and appropriately which server they should purchase. One thing High Proxies is proud of is how well their servers are mapped out; not only do they have many locations across the world, they are located in all of the necessary places and spaced out so that there is no wasted coverage. This makes it even better for a potential buyer to plan out how and where they will use their server(s) extensive coverage means that High Proxies is able to meet the needs of a diverse and expansive customer base, and their dedication to expanding should give customer peace of mind that they will continue to get a standout lantaGAUSABendORUSABostonMAUSABuffaloNYUSACharlotteNCUSAChicagoILUSADallasTXUSADenverCOUSALas VegasNVUSALos AngelesCAUSAMiamiFLUSAMonticelloIAUSANew JerseyNJUSANew YorkNYUSAOklahoma CityOKUSAPhiladelphiaPAUSAPhoenixAZUSAPortlandORUSASan FranciscoCAUSASan JoseCAUSASeattleWAUSAWashingtonDCUSACitesCountriesTorontoCAAmsterdamNLLondonUKFrankfurtDEParisFRMilanoITRomeITSydneyAUSMadridESHigh Proxies offers superb network specifications! With highly configured networks, they offer the latest in hardware and software backing their servers. This helps them reach an astonishing 99% ongside these speedy connections, They use Squid software. Squid software helps to reduce bottlenecking, which makes the service that much more reliable and desirable. All of this is offered while still maintaining their high anonymity you can check their most recently 7 days server status on,. back to menu ↑Authentication & UseTheir proxies are immediately active after payment. You will receive the proxies from email or you can login your client area to download the proxies. High Proxies supports:Username/ password authorizeIP proxies are immediately active after payment. back to menu ↑Our TestingHigh Proxies is a fast-growing proxy service. Generally speaking, their premium proxies come with fresh IPs, with the option to refresh an IP every month. This helps maintain privacy and prevent your proxy from being blacklisted. I have just ordered their service and tested their 1o Instagram Proxies, all the 10 proxies work well on IG. I also tested on “Big G”, Youtube, Facebook, and Craigslist haven’t been blacklisted or blocked by any sites yet, so you are much less likely to encounter these stumbling blocks with High Proxies, for is also necessary to mention that they do not offer sneaker proxies. So if you are looking for a service that will help you cop sneakers early, then High Proxies will not – 2019. 01. 01 I have just tested their 10 Craigslist Proxies, all 10 proxies work well on Craigslist and 9/10 pass the IG, So If you want to post Local Ads on Craigslist, definitely the HighProxies is a good choice for stomer SupportHigh Proxies does not just offer quality private proxies, but an excellent customer service! I got a quick response after only 10 minutes. While that may be a coincidence, I would still like to give a positive rating on set up process is super simple, and if you encounter any difficulties, their customer service is incredibly helpful. They have representatives available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It’s one of the reasons they have become such a stand out among all of the competition to arise in the recent years. 10% Recurring discount, Use Promo Code: 10OFFPrivate Proxies PlanPriceFeatures1 Proxy $2. 30High Anonymous Proxies5 Proxies $11. 50Multiple Cities/Subnets10 Proxies$22. 00Monthly Fresh the Proxies50 Proxies $85Dedicated Proxies100 Proxies $16899% UP TIME: YES200 Proxies $329GDPR-Privacy-Policy500 Proxies$745No Setup Fee1000 Proxies$1400Unlimited Bandwidth10% OFFNow get 10% recurring discount all plan! Use Promo Code: 10OFF. back to menu ↑Our VerdictHigh Proxies Highlights Speedy and secure HTTP/HTTPS proxies Fresh IPs that can be updated monthly A quick activation time of 20 minutes to 2 hoursA possible 100 concurrent connections at a time Unlimited bandwidth with fast serversA vast array of data centers located all over the USA, Europe, and moreA large selection of packages to meet any needs A full refund within 3 days of purchasingAmazing customer support that can be reached at any time

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