How Does Netflix Know I Am Using A Vpn

Best Ways to Bypass the Netflix Block With A VPN (Tested 2021)

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It is possible to bypass Netflix regional blocks in order to watch your favorite international TV shows and movies. Here’s how:
Choose a VPN provider and sign up for a plan.
Download and install the VPN software.
Run your VPN software, choose a server from a country where you want to watch Netflix from, and connect to it.
Open your browser and go to. You should see the version of the site that corresponds to the location of your VPN server.
Log in and you can use the site as usual, but now you get to see all the content from the international location instead of your home country’s content.
Netflix has been so successful banning VPNs and proxies, you might think it’s impossible to unblock your favorite streams from abroad. Don’t be fooled–there are still some top-tier VPNs with networks powerful enough to bypass the Netflix block. We’ve tested them out, and below we provide our recommendations on which providers to use and explain how to watch Netflix with a VPN.
It is Possible to Watch Netflix from a Region Different Than Your Own…It Just Takes a Little Work
Here’s a preview of the best VPNs to unblock Netflix anywhere:
NordVPN – Best Netflix Unblocker – NordVPN’s server network is among the most expansive in the business, making its heavily encrypted VPN connections the perfect way to unblock Netflix around the world.
Surfshark – Surfshark “just works” when it comes to streaming Netflix from another country. Any one of their servers will work, coming pre-configured for optimally streaming geoblocked content.
ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN’s fast speeds and powerful encryption have a great track record unblocking Netflix US, UK, Japan, and more.
CyberGhost – A well-respected major VPN provider with numerous servers tooled for getting past Netflix blocks. Simple interface.
PrivateVPN – This lightweight-yet-powerful VPN features Netflix-specific servers, optimized for speed and security.
StrongVPN – Limited to just Netflix US, but it’s a great VPN with access to the most popular Netflix library, so we’re recommending it.
Nearly 100 million people from all over the world use Netflix to watch TV shows and movies. However, you might have heard that Netflix offers different content in different countries. Even though all users go through the same website,, the content which they have access to varies depending on their ’ll have noticed this if you have been traveling abroad and tried to watch something on Netflix – you might not be able to load the video you want because it isn’t available in the region you are. In places like Germany, Spain, and Hong Kong, Netflix users can’t see the original Netflix programs (like House of Cards, for example), many Netflix users turned to a VPN to access content from other countries. If you lived in Germany but wanted to watch a Netflix show that was only available in the US, you just had to fire up your VPN software, connect to a US server, then head to and watch without problems.
Recently, though, this has stopped working for many.
So now, if you’re stuck looking for ways to bypass the Netflix VPN ban, we’ve done the research for you. We start by explaining how Netflix blocks VPNs and then show you our top choices to beat the geo-location ban from anywhere in the world.
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The problem with using a VPN to unblock Netflix streaming
Netflix cracked down on the use of VPNs. Netflix decided to block attempts to bypass their region-locked content using VPN services, making it more difficult to access Netflix content from other countries. Netflix was pressured into this action by movie copyright holders, as the pricey streaming rights for big movies are sold separately in different countries.
Netflix VPN & catalog access
When Netflix customers use a VPN to watch a movie that is not licensed in their country, copyright holders do not receive payment for their viewing. So there has been pressure on Netflix to prevent users from getting around region locks and making it difficult to change the location on netflix.
There is also the factor of Netflix becoming a content creator as well as a content distributor — now their shows like The Irishman and El Camino or Orange is the New Black are so successful.
A few years ago, Netflix took a more tolerant stance towards privacy and copyright law, but with the rise in importance of its own content, it is becoming stricter around potential piracy issues.
Eventually, Netflix has stated that they want to provide global access to content, so that you can watch all of the content wherever you are in the world.
But achieving this will be a long process of negotiations with copyright holders, so we’re unlikely to see Netflix global any time soon. For now, it is highly likely that Netflix content will remain region locked for the near future.
VPN detection, explained
When users have a VPN enabled and visit the Netflix site, they can browse the content as usual, using the VPN location.
For example, if you connect to a VPN server in the UK and go to, you’ll see the UK version of the site and everything appears to be working. But when you select a video to play, you may get a proxy error saying “Whoops, something went wrong… Stream Error”.
Beneath this is a warning that Netflix has detected that you are using an unblocker or a proxy, and you will not be able to play the video. If you see this warning, it means that Netflix has blocked your VPN and you won’t be able to watch your content.
This problem is caused by the sophisticated VPN detection which Netflix uses. At first, the VPN works as the Netflix website sees an IP address in UK, and so it serves the UK version of the site (it reads the country code of the incoming IP address and serves up the relevant version of the site).
However, the Netflix server which hosts the actual video content, rather than the website, uses much stricter detection methods to determine whether a VPN is being used. This prevents you from watching the video, even if you can navigate the site.
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Best VPN options for Netflix
Here’s our list of the best services VPNs that allow you to watch Netflix from anywhere:
1. NordVPN
Another VPN option for Netflix users is NordVPN. This service is perfect for highly privacy-minded users, thanks to its strong encryption and no-logging policy. NordVPN specializes in getting around region locks, so it has one of the biggest networks of servers with more than 5, 580 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN, in fact, has Netflix-optimised servers that don’t require extra configuration to work.
These are particular numbered servers that have been set up specifically to be used for watching Netflix. You can see the exact instructions for watching Netflix on the NordVPN website. According to NordVPN’s information, the servers are currently working with Netflix in the US as well as France, India, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and Australia.
Read our full NordVPN review.
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Most VPN servers with different IP addresses
Zero leaks: IP/DNS/WebRTC
“Double” data protection
Great customer service via chat.
Very little
Sometimes slow in procesing refunds (but always do).
2. Surfshark
Surfshark has quickly established itself as a major player on the VPN market. And, their runaway success is in large part due to the exceptionally reliable access to Netflix anywhere in the world. Indeed, you can connect to any one of their 800+ servers to unblock 14 different Netflix libraries. There are no special settings to apply, no fishing around for streaming-compatible servers; just click connect and you’re ready to binge!
With powerful 256-AES-GCM encryption, there’s no way even the most restrictive government or ISP restrictions will keep you from watching what you want, when you want. And, to keep anyone from watching you, rest easier knowing Surfshark has a litany of privacy provisions, including a sterling no-logging policy, diskless server structure, and protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
For an extra push through heavy censorship, just toggle Surfshark’s NoBorders mode on. And, enjoy ad-free streaming with their CleanWeb switch.
Read our full Surfshark review.
Reliably unblocks Netflix US, UK, Japan, and more
Over 800 servers in 50 countries worldwide, and constantly growing
Wide app availability on desktop, mobile, consoles, smart TVs and more
Based in the British Virgin Islands, where there are no data retention laws
Helpful 24/7 live chat with an actual human being.
Server network is not nearly as expansive as major competitors
Power users may wish for more settings to fiddle with.
3. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN has extremely fast servers that are ideal for streaming netflix, making it one of the most reliable VPN providers for accessing Netflix. With its huge network of 3, 000+ servers in 94 countries worldwide, you’ll easily be able to use ExpressVPN to spoof your location to watch Netflix from places like the US, Canada, and Germany.
You might find that not all servers work with Netflix when you use ExpressVPN, as the VPN detection evolves over time. If you’ve tried a few servers and not found one which is working, you can contact ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer service and ask them for a recommendation of which server to connect to. They should be able to point you to the server that you need.
ExpressVPN supports plenty of different platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Chromebook, Kindle Fire and Firestick, Nook, and many more. The strong 256-bit AES encryption keeps your data safe and the no-logging policy ensures your privacy with ExpressVPN.
Read our full ExpressVPN review.
Unblocking Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime
Super fast servers (minimal speed loss)
AES-256 encryption
No personal information logs kept
Live Chat Support.
Expensive month-to-month plan.
4. CyberGhost
Cyberghost managed to reinvent themselves under new ownership. They’ve improved operations greatly by adding a deluge of new servers and location, improved speeds by a long shot and upped the security for all their infrastructure.
The good thing about advertising some 6, 300 servers in 89 countries worldwide is that some of these are specifically meant for Netflix streaming — just open up the app and select your preferred server from the streaming menu.
That means you won’t have to contact customer support for working servers or just try random ones every time you bump into a problem.
On top of that, there’s a review feature that allows you to thumb up or down on a server’s IP address which pings the support team if a server has been blocked or not.
From a privacy standpoint, Cyberghost is based in Romania — a country that has no data retention laws, which means you can stream totally private; no logs and no data usage is being leaked.
Read our full CyberGhost review.
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P2P allowed on any server except in US and Russia
Jurisdiction in Romania
Strict no logging
24/7 Live Chat Support.
Can’t unblock some other streaming sites.
5. PrivateVPN
PrivateVPN is another great solution for unblocking Netflix. They focus strongly on privacy and usability which means it will allow you the comfort of accessing content safe and secure.
PrivateVPN has apps for smartphones, computers and even the firestick — it comes with a super light and quite sleek interface so that everyone can use it no matter how tech-literate they are. Just choose a server and connect. There aren’t a ton of these by the standards of this list of top VPNs, but you still get a generous 150 servers in 60+ countries to choose from.
The service comes with a unique feature that will make watching Netflix extremely easy. By that we mean confirmed servers that work with the service — simply browse the server listing and you’ll see some odd labels saying? Netflix?,? Hulu?,? BBC? and others; voila you’re no more random luck trying to find servers that work with Netflix.
Read our full PrivateVPN review.
6. StrongVPN
Some users complain about StrongVPN not working with Netflix. Our testing revealed that they have specific servers in the US to unblock Netflix US — Miami and Atlanta worked great, but if you encounter issues just email the support team and they will help out with working servers. Their network is indeed robust, numbering more than 650 servers in 20+ countries in total.
The only drawbacks are that we couldn’t use the OpenVPN protocol which is more secure than PPTP (Note: SSTP also worked at the time of writing) and that you cannot unblock Netflix from the app.
Netflix and shared IP addresses
The first issue that VPN detection investigates is shared IP addresses. Many VPN providers will use shared IP addresses, so you could be on the same IP address as dozens or even hundreds of other users.
This is advantageous for anonymity, but it is easy for Netflix to see which IP addresses are accessing huge amounts of data, suggesting that they are a VPN shared IP, and to block them.
Anonymity vs sacrificing privacy
One solution to this is to use an individual IP address, which some VPN providers do offer, but this loses the advantage of anonymity offered by a shared IP.
Another problem is that VPN providers will typically buy up IP addresses in large bulk, so they will have a whole lot of servers under similar IP addresses. Once Netflix has discovered that a particular IP address is used by a VPN, it sometimes bulk blocks a whole range of addresses.
This means that users who aren’t even running VPNs can be affected by this issue, as their IP address happens to fall close to a range of VPN IP addresses.
The rules which Netflix uses to detect VPNs are not fully understood, and their VPN detection continues to evolve over time. This has created a situation where many if not most VPNs will no longer work with Netflix.
Even if you are a Netflix customer who only wants to access streaming content from your own country, you still won’t be able to use the service without turning off your VPN and sacrificing your privacy.
Using Netflix’s app vs browser (tested)
A separate complication with watching with a VPN is the two different ways in which you access the Netflix service. As well as banning IP addresses, Netflix also detects VPNs by looking at whether the location of your IP address and your DNS server matches.
If you use your web browser to watch Netflix and you have a VPN installed, then the VPN provider will be able to route your traffic via a DNS server that they have provided. This way, your traffic and your DNS server match and you do not trigger the proxy error.
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When you use Netflix in an app for your Android or iOS device, however, this does not always work. Apps can override the DNS settings on your device and force your device to use the default ISP name server.
This means that when your VPN service is turned on, the location of the traffic passing through the server does not match the DNS server, and so the Netflix streaming app can detect VPN use.
In this case, you’ll trigger the proxy error.
Many VPN providers have not yet been able to resolve this issue to allow users to watch Netflix through an app. However, the VPNs that we have selected below have found a way around this issue to make it work.
Install a VPN on your router to access unlimited US Netflix streaming
An alternative strategy to manage this problem is to install your VPN software directly onto your router rather than onto your individual devices. This way, any traffic which is sent through your router (i. e. any traffic originating from your home network) will be automatically encrypted.
Once you have installed your VPN software onto your router, you’ll need to configure your settings to forward DNS queries to the DNS servers provided by your VPN. Now, you can watch Netflix on any device – even through an app – without triggering the proxy error.
You can find instructions on how to install VPN software onto your router and how to configure your DNS settings on your VPN provider’s website.
How do you use Netflix with a VPN?
Once you’ve chosen a VPN provider and signed up for a plan, then using your VPN with Netflix is simple. Start off by downloading and installing the VPN software from your chosen provider.
When you run the software for the first time, you’ll see a list of servers in different countries that you can connect to. Find one that is in the country where you want to watch Netflix from and connect to it.
Is my VPN working?
You can check whether your VPN is working by going to. This site will tell you your current IP address, and show the location of that address on a map. Make sure that the IP address matches with the location that you wish to access Netflix from.
Now you can open up your browser and go to. You should see the version of the site that corresponds to the location of your VPN server. So, if you picked a server in the UK, you should see the UK version of Netflix. Log in and you can use the site as usual, but now you get to see all the UK content instead of your home country’s content.
You can use this method to access Netflix from all over the world. Some of the most popular versions of Netflix are those in the US, Canada, and the UK, as these have lots of content that is missing from other countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, and Turkey.
Bypass Netflix region locks with a VPN
Netflix has set out on a mission to make bypassing their region locks on content more and more difficult over the last year or two, and they’ve succeeded in locking out many VPN users.
Whilst it may be understandable that they need to enforce strict rules about region locking from the copyright holders who provide their content, it is highly controversial that they are also blocking access to those customers who want to use a VPN in order to protect their privacy.
Parting words – The future of VPN use and Netflix
Eventually, Netflix aims to make all of its content available globally, but for now, we are stuck with region locking for the Netflix subscriber.
If you want to access Netflix content from other countries, however, this is still possible. You can use either of the two VPN providers that we recommended here – NordVPN and ExpressVPN – to bypass Netflix region locks.
Using VPNs is your best option to access Netflix for now
VPN detection will continue to grow more sophisticated, so you might need to ask for guidance to find the specific servers to which you can connect to in order to access Netflix, but as things stand these two are the most reliable options for VPNs to access Netflix.
Have you tried to get around the Netflix region locks? Do you use either of the VPNs which we recommended, or is there another which you prefer? Let us know your tips in the comments below!
Netflix Unblocking: Quick FAQ On How To Unblock The Content
Which VPNs work with Netflix?
We’ve done more than 5, 000 tests on 45+ VPNs and came up with those that WORK and are able to unblock Netflix. They are: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, and StrongVPN.
Is using a VPN with Netflix, illegal?
Since Netflix doesn’t know if a VPN is “being used for legitimate purposes”, they block VPN usage for their users. But that doesn’t mean you will be doing anything illegal by using one. There is no law against using a VPN to watch Netflix.
Why do I need a VPN with Netflix?
A VPN is more than a tool to fool apps and websites into thinking your location is somewhere else than it is. We recommend using a VPN, because it’s in your best interest when it comes to privacy.
Why Netflix doesn’t work with a VPN?
Because you’re not using the right VPN. Our research on 45+ VPNs reveals that only a select few services are able to actually unblock Netflix viewing.
How to use a VPN to unblock Netflix?
Using a VPN with Netflix is easy. Just sign up for a recommended VPN service from our list and then follow their instructions for setting everything up.
Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix? | Will you get banned? - ProPrivacy

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix? | Will you get banned? – ProPrivacy

Before you unblock Netflix it can help to understand where you stand legally. This guide takes a look at using Netflix VPNs to access additional content both in the eyes of Netflix and the law. Will I get in trouble if use a VPN with Netflix? Legally, no. People commonly mistake using a VPN with Netflix as a form of piracy, but accessing the provider’s international catalogs is quite different from torrenting copyrighted material. It is not illegal in any way, shape or form, and will not currently result in a criminal or civil lawsuit anywhere in the world. Technically, it is against the platform’s terms of service and Netflix does retain the right to cut access at any point, but it has not once enforced these rules. Let’s look at the Terms of Use The relevant sections of Netflix’s Terms of Use are: You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time. Netflix ToS 4. 3 You also agree not to circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade or thwart any of the content protections in the Netflix service; use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Netflix service… We may terminate or restrict your use of our service if you violate these Terms of Use or are engaged in illegal or fraudulent use of the service. 6 This means that, technically, Netflix can terminate your contract for using a VPN to circumvent its geographic restrictions on content. But it has never done this and has shown no interest whatsoever in doing so. The following tidbit from Netflix’s help section may also be of interest: Do you use a VPN or proxy for other reasons, such as for work or for privacy? Because there is no reliable way for us to determine if a VPN or proxy is being used for legitimate purposes, any VPN or proxy use will prevent you from streaming Netflix. Please disable any VPN or proxy and try Netflix again. Netflix Help What happens if I get caught? If you are “caught” using a VPN, Netflix will show a streaming error message and refuse to play titles. But if you simply disconnect the VPN, the error message will disappear and you will regain full access to your regular Netflix library. If you are seeing this message we offer some tips on resolving the issue in our Netflix VPN not working guide. In other words, Netflix does not punish you in any way for trying to watch its content using a VPN. It certainly won’t suspend your account or anything like that! If Netflix was serious about preventing people from using a VPN to access its regional catalogs, then it would do what services such as Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, and most others do – lock access to where your account is registered and /or use geolocation from your device to determine if you are where your IP address says you are. But it doesn’t. Why does Netflix ban subscribers from using a VPN? In short, Netflix doesn’t own all the content on its platform. As such, it is beholden to certain stipulations put in place by the owners of the shows that it licenses and often this will include geo-graphical restrictions. Think of it like this, Netflix content can be divided into two types: Netflix original content This is Netflix’s own intellectual property (IP) that the company has complete control over and can do what it likes with. Nowadays, Netflix Originals are made available to all customers at the same time, no matter where they are, meaning a VPN is not needed to watch them. There are a few exceptions with earlier Netflix Originals, however, which were released before Netflix was available in as many countries as it currently is. Rights to shows like Orange is the New Black were sold to third party networks in Tanzania, Indonesia, and other countries, making them unavailable to Netflix users in those territories without a VPN. Netflix has zero interest in enforcing restrictions based on the geographic location of its customers. If it was just up to Netflix, it would be a global platform that transcends license agreements with no need to use a VPN. Unfortunately, it is not. Licensed content Most content on the Netflix platform is licensed from third party creators who maintain ownership over their intellectual property. These content creators typically strike lucrative deals with regional broadcasters and streaming services around the world, who tend to insist on the exclusive right to broadcast that content in their country. If a US production company sells the BBC exclusive rights to broadcast its TV show in the UK, then part of the deal will be that no other UK broadcaster can make that show available in the UK. Including Netflix. It is up to third party distributors how and when they license their product, not Netflix, as the streaming service is simply another one of their customers. As part of its contractual obligations to the third party creators it licenses content from, Netflix has agreed to take measures preventing people using from VPNs to watch content on its platform that it is not licensed to show in their country. A reluctant policeman It should be noted that Netflix has always been notoriously unenthusiastic about enforcing regional restrictions. As it said in January 2016: We are making progress in licensing content across the world and, as of last week…, but we have a ways to go before we can offer people the same films and TV series everywhere. Over time, we anticipate being able to do so… We look forward to offering all of our content everywhere and to consumers being able to enjoy all of Netflix without using a proxy. That’s the goal we will keep pushing towards. Netflix As a result, it was relatively late in the game, and it was only under considerable pressure from its licensed content creators that it started blocking VPN users in 2016: For now, given the historic practice of licensing content by geographic territories, the TV shows and movies we offer differ, to varying degrees, by territory. In the meantime, we will continue to respect and enforce content licensing by geographic location. Some members use proxies or “unblockers” to access titles available outside their territory. To address this, we employ the same or similar measures other firms do… That means in the coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are. Netflix How does Netflix detect VPNs? Netflix maintains a blocklist of IP addresses that are known to belong to VPN providers. If the IP address of the VPN server you are using to access Netflix is on that list, then Netflix will allow you to sign in to your account but will block content from actually playing (you will see the dreaded “Streaming Error” warning instead). If your VPN servers’ IP address is not on that list, then Netflix will take your apparent IP address at face value and stream content based on the location of your VPN server. It does not use the country your account was registered in or your device information, such as Device ID or geolocation data, to verify your real location. The one exception to this rule that we have found is when Chromecasting videos to a large screen TV. If the VPN’s IP address is not blocked, then Netflix will happily play the content on your casting device, and will even cast Netflix Originals content your TV. If you try Casting content that is restricted in your country, then the Chromecast will return a streaming error message on your TV screen. Netflix does not divulge where it obtains the VPN IPs for its blocklist, but it probably purchases them from companies that specialize in this area. These may use multiple sources to identify VPN server IP address, but the simplest way is just to sign up for a bunch of VPN services, and then log IP addresses used by their servers. How do VPNs evade the ban? Not all do. Many VPN services have decided that the cat-and-mouse game they need to play in order to stay one step ahead of the Netflix ban is simply not worth the effort. So, if you plan to use a VPN to watch Netflix, then please do make sure your chosen service promises it can unblock Netflix before you sign up for it. Many VPN services, however, make a profit from reliably unblocking Netflix. Most concentrate on unblocking the US version of Netflix, since this offers the largest regional catalog of titles by far, and is, therefore, the location in greatest demand by customers. But some also unblock other regional catalogs. So how do they do this? VPN providers can be understandably cagey about the tactics they use, but tried-and-true methods include: Refreshing their IP pools If a VPN service’s IP addresses are blocked by Netflix, then it can simply lease out new IP addresses, whether it’s from the data centers that host its servers, or from the internet service providers (ISPs) and backbone providers that issue said data centers with their IP addresses. Many VPN services now offer special “Netflix servers, ” so that only the IPs for those servers need to be refreshed on a routine basis. Offering dedicated IPs Another option is to offer customers unique dedicated IP addresses, which are purely for their own use. All the better if these are true residential IPs – real IPs issued by ISPs, instead of by data centers whose entire IP ranges may be known and blacklisted. Such dedicated IPs haven’t been used by anyone else and are unlikely to be on Netfix’s blocklist. Final Thoughts The bottom line is that Netflix may block you when using a VPN, but you will not get into any trouble for trying, you will not get your Netflix account canceled, and it is most certainly not in any way illegal! A lot of VPN services fail to unblock Netflix, so it’s important to choose the right service. We recommend the following services because the offer fast services, great features, and they’re reliable.
Netflix VPN Ban 2021: Beat the Netflix-VPN-Not-Working Issue

Netflix VPN Ban 2021: Beat the Netflix-VPN-Not-Working Issue

Table of ContentsNetflix VPN Ban: Which VPN Services Beat the Ban in 2021? How to Solve Netflix Blocking VPN Services: Bypass the Netflix VPN BlockThe 5 Best Netflix VPN Options1. ExpressVPN2. NordVPN3. CyberGhost4. Surfshark5. WindscribeHow VPNs Get Around the Ban to Access NetflixCan a Free VPN Unblock Netflix or Another Streaming Service? Why Is Netflix Blocking VPN Services? Final Thoughts
Netflix has a different selection of TV shows and movies in each Netflix library due to regional content agreements. If you want to access these different libraries, you’ll need a VPN — but Netflix doesn’t want that to happen. In this article, we’ll make sure you’re wise to all the facts surrounding the Netflix VPN ban, as well as provide step-by-step instructions on how to beat the ban by using the top Netflix VPNs.
Key Takeaways:
A good VPN for Netflix needs to stay ahead of the streaming service’s VPN ban and offer servers in a lot of VPN is the best VPN for Netflix, though NordVPN and CyberGhost are more budget-friendly dscribe that Netflix can’t detect: is the best VPN to stream Netflix for free, though you’ll need more bandwidth if you watch more than occasionally.
If Netflix detects VPN IP addresses, it will throw up the streaming error code m7111-1331-5059 and temporarily block you from the Netflix servers. This type of ban isn’t unusual — other streaming services (like Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and more) also have VPN bans in place. That’s why you need a VPN that unblocks Netflix reliably.
If you’re looking for a quick answer about how to get around the Netflix VPN ban, we suggest you invest in a good VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. However, stick around for more VPN options, plus instructions on how to get around the VPN ban and other nitty-gritty details about the Netflix service agreement, copyright law and other weird lawyerly tricks.
Cloudwards updated the list of VPN suggestions to beat the Netflix ban.
No, it will not. We’ve been messing around with many Netflix VPN providers to get around the Netflix VPN block for years now and never received a single warning or demand to cease. If you get some kind of email threatening to ban your account, chances are it’s a scammer trying to get something out of you and has nothing to do with Though it’s officially against the Netflix service agreement (you know, that thing you didn’t read when you set up your Netflix account), nobody seems too intent on catching perpetrators. This may change in the future, but we doubt it, so you can keep using your VPN for watching Netflix content from anywhere there’s a for maybe Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, the Netflix VPN detection system is the best in the business. In fact, only a handful of the best VPNs can get past the infamous streaming error. Despite this, sometimes even those VPNs fail to get past the Netflix VPN block when their servers get detected by Netflix. In this case, it’s best to switch to a different server or wait until the VPN fixes the best VPNs are those that Netflix can’t detect: ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost to name three, though there are plenty of others that do the trick. Even then, though, the whole process can be kind of few free VPNs can unblock Netflix, and we’ve tried out pretty much all of them. One exception is Windscribe, which has an excellent free plan and a paid plan that usually cracks the Netflix block.
Netflix VPN Ban: Which VPN Services Beat the Ban in 2021?
When looking for the best VPN to get around the Netflix ban, there are a few things to consider. The most obvious is that it needs to be capable of spoofing your geographic location and hiding the fact that its IP address comes from a VPN. Here are the top VPNs that can consistently unblock Netflix.
ExpressVPN — Best Netflix VPN that unblocks streaming services reliablyNordVPN — Great Netflix VPN for the USACyberGhost — Best Netflix VPN to stream in EuropeSurfshark — Affordable VPN with unlimited simultaneous connectionsWindscribe — Best free VPN to beat the Netflix ban
Using a VPN with the Netflix service primarily revolves around gaining access to streaming content from other countries, so any suitable VPN should also have a large server list. Besides Netflix, it should prevent leaks during DNS requests, and a nice bonus is if the service is immune to VPN bans in general (like with Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and more).
Since you probably don’t want to break the bank just to use a VPN with Netflix, cheaper is better. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also suitable for testing purposes. If you plan to use a VPN to access Netflix libraries in specific geographic locations, such as UK Netflix or American Netflix, you should always look at the actual server lists to make sure your location of choice is well represented.
How to Solve Netflix Blocking VPN Services: Bypass the Netflix VPN Block
Here’s how to get past the Netflix VPN ban in three easy steps. ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix reliably, so we used that VPN service for our steps.
Download and Install a VPN AppThe first thing you want to do is sign up for a VPN, then download the VPN app for your device and install it. Most providers have apps for various devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV, desktops, mobile devices and gaming nnect to a VPN Server Open the VPN app and connect to a server in the preferred Netflix region. For example, if you want to watch Japanese Netflix, select a server in Japan and hit the “connect” Netflix AppOpen your Netflix app or open Netflix on your web browser. The VPN tricks Netflix into thinking you’re accessing the platform from your country of choice. As a result, it serves up movies and TV shows curated for that country’s residents.
Issue: Netflix VPN Not Working
If Netflix blocks VPN servers you are trying to use, you have two workarounds.
Switch server locations by going through the above steps again, but with a different location. You can buy a dedicated IP address, if that’s an option with your VPN provider. A dedicated IP is exclusively yours and comes with a clean reputation.
Now let’s take a look at each of the VPN providers that can unblock Netflix.
The 5 Best Netflix VPN Options
We tried out numerous VPNs and the following services proved to be capable of streaming Netflix consistently, despite the VPN ban. ExpressVPN is our top pick for streaming Netflix, so let’s dive straight into it.
1. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is the best Netflix VPN, thanks to its lightning-fast speed and unparalleled ability to bypass Netflix geoblocks.
More Details About ExpressVPN:
Pricing: $6. 67 per month, plus three months free on the one-year planWebsite:
Lightning-fast speedsOver 3, 000 servers to access all Netflix librariesUnmatched ability to unblock Netflix catalogsTop-notch security to bypass ISP throttlingMediaStreamer DNS for Apple TV30-day money-back guarantee
ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN that unblocks Netflix. We’ve been testing it for years now, and every time, it claims the top spot on our fastest VPN list due to its blazing-fast speeds and unmatched consistency. You can now use the Lightway protocol that’s two times faster than OpenVPN and secure enough to beat the dreaded Netflix geoblocking.
Servers With IP Addresses That Get Around the Netflix VPN Ban
ExpressVPN has over 3, 000 servers, which isn’t the most extensive compared to top competitors like NordVPN. However, it has the best geographical server spread. Plus, no other VPN has quite as many servers around the globe that can get into the streaming site while also maintaining fantastic speeds (read our how to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN piece).
ExpressVPN offers instant access to Netflix movies and TV shows.
The only real downside to ExpressVPN is its price, which is quite a bit steeper than the competition. It costs a little more than double its closest competitor, NordVPN, which claims the second position in this ranking.
ExpressVPN is pretty much impossible to beat as a package — that is, if you have a hundred bucks per year to spend on a VPN. It’s secure and easy to use, has an extensive server network and friendly live chat, and is the fastest VPN as well. You can try out ExpressVPN risk-free before deciding, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.
ExpressVPN Plans: Unlimited GB: 5:
2. NordVPN
NordVPN is one of the best VPN apps for unblocking Netflix U. S.
More Details About NordVPN:
Pricing: $3. 30 per month plus three months free on the two-year planWebsite:
Incredibly fast NordLynx protocolMore than 5, 200 servers to access Netflix locationsAdvanced SmartPlay technology to enhance Netflix streamingEasy to install & use30-day money-back guarantee
Speeds are a little inconsistent across locations
When it comes to Netflix, NordVPN is reliable (it’s no slouch, even if it does come in second), though not quite as reliably fast as ExpressVPN. The new NordLynx protocol (a version of WireGuard protocol) seems to have improved NordVPN’s ability to beat the Netflix geoblocking, and you’ll rarely have to switch servers to get into your favorite Netflix library.
Dedicated IP Addresses
Netflix systems can detect and ban bundled IP addresses that route traffic through a single server. NordVPN’s dedicated IP is an ideal workaround. With it, you get an IP address that’s exclusively yours, allowing you to sidestep IPs that turn up on Netflix blocklists. This does come at a cost, however, and more than doubles the price of a one-year NordVPN plan.
NordVPN works seamlessly on all streaming devices, whether Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Windows or macOS devices.
NordVPN’s minor niggles are very easy to live with, considering its pricing. You get two years of VPN service for $89 plus three months free — the same price as one year with ExpressVPN — which is pretty cheap (though not as cheap as our next entry, CyberGhost). If you think that’s too much of an investment, though, you get a 30-day refund window to consider your purchase.
This VPN offers a massive, reliable server network, it gets into most streaming services (like BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video), and it’s our best VPN for torrenting. Plus, it has excellent multiyear deals that will save you heaps of money.
NordVPN: Unlimited GB: 6:
3. CyberGhost
Although CyberGhost doesn’t cut it for services like BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video, it’s one of the best Netflix VPNs.
More Details About CyberGhost:
Pricing: $2. 25 per month plus two months free on the two-year planWebsite:
Easy to usePocket-friendlyMore than 6, 900 servers to unblock Netflix librariesNetflix-optimized servers7 simultaneous connections45-day money-back guarantee on longer plans
Speeds can be slow over longer distancesCan’t control the kill switch
If NordVPN’s biggest draw for you is its discounted two-year plan, then CyberGhost may be an even better option. It’s one of the most affordable VPNs out there and packs quite a punch for the price, as you can read in our CyberGhost review. It offers decent speeds, an intuitive interface and gets into Netflix easily most of the time.
Dedicated Streaming Servers
CyberGhost comes with an array of streaming servers. In our testing, the servers didn’t cut it for BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, but they breezed through Netflix streaming. We tried various streaming servers like the UK and U. S. servers, and each time, they unblocked Netflix without a hitch.
CyberGhost is the best VPN for Netflix streamers on a tight budget.
Beyond the streaming-optimized servers, only a minority of CyberGhost’s servers will work for accessing streaming sites. It doesn’t have the server location spread of NordVPN, either, so it’s a teensy bit more hit and miss than our top two picks. We have a guide for how to watch Netflix with CyberGhost, though.
However, CyberGhost is among the cheapest VPNs out there, offering two years for just $58. 50. At that price, we figure it’s worth putting up with the very occasional annoyance. Plus, there’s a generous 45-day money-back guarantee on longer plans (14-day money-back guarantee on the monthly plan), so it’s easy to get a CyberGhost refund.
CyberGhost Plans: Unlimited GB: 7:
4. Surfshark
Whether you’re accessing Netflix on Apple TV or a mobile device, Surfshark allows you to enjoy lag-free HD streaming.
More details about Surfshark:
Pricing: $2. 49 per month on the two-year plan Provider website:
Unlimited simultaneous connectionsAffordable on extended plansEasy to useOver 3, 000 servers to access Netflix catalogsCleanWeb to block ads & malware30-day money-back guarantee
Can take several attempts to unblock Netflix libraries
Surfshark is a relatively new service working its way up to the top VPN echelon. It’s not there yet, but its excellent speeds and decent ability to bypass Netflix geoblocking earned it a spot on our best Netflix VPN list. It gets you into multiple Netflix libraries (including the UK and U. ones), although it sometimes takes several attempts to do so, as you can read in our Surfshark review.
Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
Surfshark unblocks Netflix and also offers unlimited simultaneous connections, ensuring every device in your home is covered. In other words, when you organize movie nights at home, you’ll protect all your friends’ devices simultaneously so they can browse social media as you enjoy Netflix movies on your smart TV.
Surfshark is one of the most affordable Netflix VPNs.
As is typical with VPNs, the month-to-month price is pretty hefty at $12. 95, more than double its other plans. However, Surfshark’s two-year plan is very affordable, costing only $59. 76. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case you change your mind.
Surfshark isn’t the fastest VPN we’ve tested, but it’s fast enough for HD streaming on any streaming device: smart TVs or mobile apps. Besides that, even though it sometimes takes several attempts to bypass Netflix geoblocking, it gets the job done. The minor frailties should be easy to put up with, considering you’re getting the service at nearly one-third of ExpressVPN’s price.
SurfShark Plans: Unlimited GB bandwidth,
Unlimited devices: Unlimited GB: Unlimited:
5. Windscribe
Windscribe has 10 free locations and is quite adept at unblocking Netflix or any other streaming service.
More details about Windscribe:
Pricing: Free plan; build-a-plan optionProvider website:
Generous free planCheap build-a-plan option10 free VPN servers to access NetflixUnlimited simultaneous connections
Inconsistent connection speedsThree-day money-back guarantee
Windscribe is a great VPN for Netflix, though you wouldn’t think it at first because it’s usually touted as the best free VPN. However, if you go a little further than the free plan, you’ll find a powerhouse VPN that will get you into Netflix U. without too many problems, and for a reasonable price, to boot.
Streaming-Optimized Servers to Bypass the Netflix VPN Ban
When it comes to Netflix, Windscribe used to offer special “Windflix” servers that did a darn good job of getting past any VPN blocks and at a decent speed, too. Now their functionality has been extended to every server on its network, which means you can enjoy a great streaming experience even on Windscribe’s free plan.
Windscribe is undoubtedly the best free Netflix VPN.
There are 10 free server locations, which let you unblock popular libraries like Netflix UK and Netflix U. free of charge. However, some free locations are hit-or-miss, and you have to switch servers to beat Netflix’s VPN ban. The story is the same for the paid server options, as you can read in our Windscribe review.
Unlike most other VPNs, Windscribe has an extremely limited refund policy. Instead, it relies on its generous free plan to help people get acquainted with the service before they decide to purchase. Free is always nice, so we recommend you give it a spin (and you can read our guide on how to use Windscribe to get started).
Build a Plan: Per “Pro” server location: 10 GB: Unlimited: Pro Plan: Unlimited GB: Unlimited:
How VPNs Get Around the Ban to Access Netflix
As many companies have found out before, you can’t keep geeks down, and plenty of VPNs started quickly developing block-busting techniques. This whole thing has become a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, where VPNs figure out new ways to cycle IP addresses, and Netflix finds new ways to detect them.
Exactly how VPNs circumvent these blocks is a little unclear — it likely has to do with regularly cycling new IP addresses — but what is very obvious is that some VPN services are better at it than others.
How Does Netflix Know I Am Using a VPN?
Netflix has a security system that detects when multiple users log on from the same IP address, which indicates that the associated traffic is coming from a VPN server. If your Netflix VPN suddenly stops working, it means Netflix has blocklisted the IP address of the VPN server you’re connecting to.
Netflix originals (titles to which Netflix owns full rights) are available in nearly all countries worldwide.
What VPNs Are Blocked by Netflix?
Truth be told, Netflix blocks most VPNs. The number of VPNs that do get past the block are dwarfed by the massive majority of VPNs that get hit with a proxy error when connecting from abroad. The VPNs on our list should do the trick, though we place ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost (in that order) at the top of the pile.
Can a Free VPN Unblock Netflix or Another Streaming Service?
There are some VPNs you should avoid. For one, any VPN provider that advertises itself as free and able to get into Netflix is trying to sell your data (though it’s not only free services that do that, as you can read in this Avast SecureLine VPN review).
That said, some paid VPNs come with free plans capable of unblocking Netflix. Windscribe is a good case in point. The service offers 10 free server locations, including some popular Netflix hubs like the UK, U. and Germany, enabling you to enjoy favorite movies for free. Even so, you have to be content with a 10GB monthly data limit, which can be a hurdle for Netflix binge-watchers.
Also, be careful of any new services, as they generally lack the expertise necessary to become one of the best Netflix VPNs.
Why Is Netflix Blocking VPN Services?
In short, some shows are only available to watch in certain countries, because Netflix has the rights to stream those shows only in those countries. Since a VPN can make it seem like you’re in another country, this makes it hard for Netflix to uphold its licensing deals. We’ll explain how those deals work next.
Why Netflix and Other Streaming Services Use Geoblocks
When a network produces a show or a studio makes a movie, it makes deals that determine which distributors can show the content and where — and that’s not always necessarily the same company. For example, Showtime produced the hit show Homeland and, as such, it’s available in the U. on Showtime’s streaming site, and can’t be accessed from anywhere else.
Netflix may block a VPN if it notices streams of traffic emanating from a single VPN server.
However, Showtime has also made a deal with Netflix to make Homeland available for international users in countries other than the U. In Germany, you can watch it just fine on Netflix, while in the United States, Netflix users need to hook up to Showtime.
To keep its business model sailing along without breaching contractual agreements, Netflix deploys geoblocks to regulate the shows users can access based on their physical location. The system uses residential IP addresses to determine your location before serving up content specific to your country of residence.
Final Thoughts: VPN That Unblocks Netflix
There you have it: the skinny on the Netflix VPN ban and how to get around it to access titles. ExpressVPN is the ticket for anybody looking to thumb their nose at copyright restrictions, though plenty of other VPNs will do the deed as well.
Do you have any tips on how to watch Netflix in other countries? Or maybe some questions we haven’t answered? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions about how does netflix know i am using a vpn

What happens if Netflix catches you using a VPN?

If you are “caught” using a VPN, Netflix will show a streaming error message and refuse to play titles. But if you simply disconnect the VPN, the error message will disappear and you will regain full access to your regular Netflix library.

How does Netflix know if you’re using a VPN?

Netflix has a security system that detects when multiple users log on from the same IP address, which indicates that the associated traffic is coming from a VPN server. If your Netflix VPN suddenly stops working, it means Netflix has blocklisted the IP address of the VPN server you’re connecting to.Sep 27, 2021

How do you stop Netflix knowing you’re using a VPN?

So, how can you prevent Netflix from detecting a VPN and blocking you from viewing regional content? You can try three main things: using a dedicated IP address or server, installing a VPN on your router rather than your devices, and using a VPN that continually renews and updates IP addresses.Jun 17, 2021

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