How To Buy Supreme Without A Bot

The Undefeated Supreme Copping Guide – AIO bot

If you could get your hands on Supreme items in the same way you buy things from Amazon, wouldn’t you do it? With the hectic lifestyle we lead, shopping online is a much more convenient way to buy items without leaving the comfort of our homes. Why not cop Supreme from home, when you otherwise would have to fly to the nearest location only for a fraction of the chance you’d have copping Supreme with a Supreme bot?
Supreme New York
Supreme was founded in 1994 by James Jebbia. Jebbia is a peculiar character, especially when he speaks, because although he was born in America, he opens his mouth and becomes an English man. Well, to be fair, his nationality is British. When he turned 20, he moved to New York City. And you know what is often said about New York, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. ” That’s exactly what he did!
25 years later, his Supreme brand is as strong as ever. It’s one of the most influential and controversial brands of today, that goes beyond skate and streetwear culture and seeps into the mainstream. Supreme attracts the likes of many big names from Travis Scott and the Beibz to Celine Dion and Victoria Beckham. It has collaborated with the huge fashion house, Louis Vuitton, and often drops collections with Vans, Nike, The North Face, Champion, and a lot more.
Next Supreme Drop
Every new season bestows upon us a new Supreme collection. A collection comprised of clothing items and accessories of all kinds that share one common price-defining element: the Supreme tag. Time has proven that every Supreme drop brings a valuable investment. For instance, the FW18 Supreme bogo crewneck, which retails for $158, is selling for over $600 USD on average (via StockX). However, time has also taught us that the only way to cop Supreme online is by using a Supreme bot. And we’re not just saying that because we work here. We actually tried the manual life. It never worked with Supreme!
Copping Supreme Manually
If you want to cop the next Supreme drop in an unblemished manner, manual copping is the worst idea. The only time you should manually cop Supreme is if you actually fly out and stand in line outside of a Supreme store. Even then, your chances are not extremely high. You’d have better luck trying to cop using a Supreme bot. At least you’d be in the comfort of your home, rather than camping out in all kinds of weather, with all kinds of people. Personally, we see the excitement of camping out, but when you don’t make it in-store, it can strip you of your dignity.
How bad is it?
When the next Supreme drop is here, you’ll have so much to deal with. Too much actually! In addition to the crazy merciless, highly-competitive Supreme-heads, you’ll find a bunch of obstacles standing between you and your precious tees:
This one you can’t beat. You gotta work around it. Supreme items are very limited. Only a handful of every item drops every week. And since you really can’t do anything to increase the stock level, you need to get your hands on as many items as possible. As quickly as possible.
Sellout Times
It’s not really the sellout times, as much as it’s the speed of your competitors. That hoodie didn’t sell itself in 3 seconds, someone, NOT YOU, bought it in 3 seconds. And as surreal as this sounds, it’s possible using a Supreme bot.
Resale prices
I see you! Going through some resellers IG accounts and scraping eBay and StockX for a better price. But it doesn’t get better than retail. Paying Supreme resale prices should never be a part of your plan. No matter how desperate you are. Supreme should make you richer. Stop wasting money you could invest in more items at retail.
Proxies, Servers, and a Supreme Bot!
You know the WHATs; now you need the HOWs.
Supreme Bot
Copping sneakers manually is possible, sometimes. This depends on the shoes, the websites they’re releasing on, and the stock number. And some sneakerheads manage to get away with copping manually. But with Supreme, this is not possible. Not now, not ever!
Supreme is always limited, and always in demand. So botting is your only way to that Supreme Bogo. Everyone else is doing it. Do you really believe anyone can purchase anything in 3 seconds? It takes me 3 seconds just to locate the Add-to-Cart button! So stop taking the high-road of the poor and broke, and use a Supreme bot.
Bots are made to give you a better chance at copping. And though all bots, theoretically, work the same way, some are clearly more powerful. And can you please not freak out about it. Supreme and sneaker bots are easier to use than you thought.
Proxies & Servers
If you’re lucky enough, you could get away with two pairs of sneakers on a limited release. However, the same happening on a Supreme drop is as impossible as licking your own elbow. But with Supreme Bogos dropping this season, we’re all planning on mass-copping. So how can we do that? The answer is Proxies!
Assigning a unique proxy for every task you run is the key to copping Supreme. Multiple items too! And we’re saying “tasks” because we assume you’ll be using a bot. Especially since we’ve already agreed that copping without a Supreme bot is super unlikely.
So first, make a personal note that every week you have to buy a whole bunch of proxies. To be specific, you should get Supreme proxies. They will help you appear as though you’re in the most optimal location and provide you with the best specs you need to cop Supreme!
The second is to make sure you use them with a ratio of 1 to 1. Meaning, use 1 proxy per task. This part is extremely vital! Don’t worry about the price. If you’re looking at Supreme as an investment, so you need to put in cash to make cash.
As for servers, there’s an ongoing debate on whether or not we should use them. But the bottom line is: their advantages are countless, and using them will only boost your chances. So why not?
Sneaker or Supreme servers give you access to high-end technologies and specs that would cost you thousands to add to your own device. Meanwhile, servers are more cost efficient to rent. We can’t tell you what to do with your money, but we can only advise you and wish you luck!
Now besides the “Tools”, you need to use (Supreme bot, proxies, and a server) there’s a list of Supreme Do’s and Don’ts you need to refer to before the next Supreme drop.
If a Supreme bot is out of your budget, you may opt for an extension. They’re more affordable and even easier to use at times. And you never know, it could work for you!
If you wish to be part of this culture, cop some Supreme (or sneakers), flex on your friends or create a collection, we’re here to tell you it’s possible. You don’t have to pay high resale prices or even leave the comfort of your home. You only need the right information.
Literally, the only thing standing between you and success is a Supreme bot, which you can find here. It’s the only difference between you and the others who have already copped! It may look impossible, but it’s feasible- trust us. Everyone does it, and with the right tools, you can too.
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Here's Why Supreme Bots Are Still the Best Way to Cop - Highsnobiety

Here’s Why Supreme Bots Are Still the Best Way to Cop – Highsnobiety

If you’re an avid reader of Highsnobiety, then you’re already aware of Supreme’s presence in the fashion industry. Since its emergence in 1994, and now labeled as a fashion superpower, the brand has created a community of countless die-hard fans worldwide, where its policy of enforced scarcity defines a frenzied secondary in point, online releases for highly-covetable Supreme products from recent seasons have been a failure for many who can’t access the limited number of flagship locations worldwide due to the dominance of internet bots, which can be purchased for either $10 USD to around $100 USD. Examined in a new video by BBC, those who use these so-called bots — which run automated tasks (scripts, and/or clicks) at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone — essentially strip the chances from the traditional online buyer and inevitably allow those with access to said bots the opportunity to accumulate a fortune thanks to Supreme’s resale you’re curious to know how much resale prices go for, here are the most expensive Supreme x Louis Vuitton pieces.
Is it even possible to get a bogo without a bot?: supremeclothing

Is it even possible to get a bogo without a bot?: supremeclothing

I’m my years I’ve gotten pretty damn good at checking out, like really really fast. But for the box logos can you even do it, real thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1you can do it – def some luck tholevel 1I’ve gotten the last two from fw15 and fw14 without a bot both medium and pretty popular cws, honestly I just practiced a bit then refreshed on the sweatshirt tab when it was go time, also I look at the placements and shit on UK drop before just to save some fill also 2See I got the 14 one no problem but missed last year and looking at sellout times from the spring it just seems impossible because so many people have jumped on the preme 1Yes it is. I’ve done it before. Just have your auto fill 1Comment deleted by user · 5ylevel 1Well with this new line system, they are being proactive with the drops somewhat, soooo hopefully they do something about online drops, or certain drops at least. :/level 1ive done it before but its getting toughlevel 1if ya gotta ask, definitely not 1I got a Yankees bogo without a bot if that helpslevel 1speaking of hype color ways, how hyped is the white cw? haven’t seen anyone really talk about it, everyone’s trippin on peach/green/etclevel 2White is usually the least favoritelevel 1Yeah, it’s possible. Just have your autofill ready and your CC information ready as well. Make sure to check all the boxes that need to be checked too. It’s fast, but you can do 1I got a winter camo bogo in FW2014 sans bot… Because cheating at online shopping is a little grim, in my view. But this was before the site’s constant crashing/rebooting/sending you over to the Japanese website on drop day, so it might be harder 1Ive gotten multiple bogos per drop manuallylevel 1Yea just go for the unwanted colors like white and red or that cow camo u have a better chance then going straight for peachlevel 1Very Possible they sellout in 10-15 seconds (at least in past seasons) if your fast enough then you’ll get 1HiIf i wanted to order 2 of the same items, Can I just use my other card and get it shipped to my mates or does the it have to be there card? level 2I’m pretty sure you can do that but I don’t know because the only other card I’ve used is my brothers and shipped it to him so I would make a post asking so other people will see 1Hi I cant submit a new text postI am looking to buy a new surpeme bot, Easycop or Supreme Slayer Can anyone give me any advice or give me a link to a already existing postlevel 2Supreme Saint is one of the bestlevel 112. 53% probability without a bot if you know how to exploit autofilllevel 2Use the autofill chrome extension instead of Chrome’s default one since it won’t fill in all of the information.

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Is it possible to buy Supreme without a bot?

Not now, not ever! Supreme is always limited, and always in demand. So botting is your only way to that Supreme Bogo. … Supreme and sneaker bots are easier to use than you thought.

How do I manually buy Supreme?

Case in point, online releases for highly-covetable Supreme products from recent seasons have been a failure for many who can’t access the limited number of flagship locations worldwide due to the dominance of internet bots, which can be purchased for either $10 USD to around $100 USD.May 13, 2021

How much is a bot for Supreme?

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