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How to Change your Instagram IP Address – Anonymous Proxies

For the vast majority of people, such questions are pretty much irrelevant. Even if you know what it means – why would anyone need to learn how to change your Instagram IP address? Yet increasingly it’s a crucial factor for many who use social media to promote products, run online businesses or simply wish to extend their online influence. At the core of what you can and can’t do on Instagram is your IP address.
Your IP Address Defines you Online
Each time a device of any kind connects to the internet it is assigned an IP address. It could be a phone, a laptop or even a Smart TV it doesn’t matter without an IP address there will be no internet connectivity possible. The address is the single unique identifier for every single internet device on the internet and as such is crucial aspect of being online.
Your IP address may looks like a randomly generated number yet it actually contains a lot of information about you and the device you’re using. It can be used to determine your exact location for example. The other important factor to remember is that it is impossible to completely hide this IP address as it’s used as part of the internet connection.
There is nothing else that defines you online like this simple numerical address and it’s used as a basis for a multi billion pound industry that tracks, monitors and logs people’s activity online.
Instagram is no different, indeed as a platform it carefully monitors the addresses of it’s users for a variety of commercial reasons.
When Instagram bans an IP address, any connection from that address will be refused. The ban is complete and would effect any device which attempted to access the site through that address.
If you have a valid internet connection and try to use a banned IP address then you won’t be able to use your Instagram account in any way. IT’s worth double checking it is your IP address though – can other access the site? Try clearing your cookies to see if it’s a problem or accessing via another account – Instagram can ban accounts too!
There are actually quite a few reasons that an IP address will get banned from the Instagram platform. If an IP address is used to send spam it could get onto a global blacklist which Instagram would implement. If the same IP address is used to manage and control multiple Instagram accounts in breach of their terms of service then this could lead to a ban also.
Here’s a quick summary of some possible activities which could lead to an Instagram IP address ban –
IP address used for sending spam (and appears on a blacklist)
Instagram detects IP address used to control multiple accounts.
IP address used for promotional techniques e. g bots
An IP address ban won’t always occur straight away but could well be proceeded by blocks or restrictions if behavior triggers it’s automatic Spam detection algorithm. An ordinary user would rarely be affected by these sorts of bans but there are many of us who use Instagram as a powerful marketing or research tool who have lots of accounts. Indeed many agencies and marketers use powerful automation tools to manage and promote hundreds of Instagram accounts from the same location.
As mentioned previously it is almost impossible to hide your IP address from any computer when you connect to it. Which is why it’s not a simple method to change your Instagram IP address as it’s linked to the device you use to connect to the internet. Yet if you do want to promote or manage a few accounts at the same time then it’s vital you don’t use the same IP address.
Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts from the Same IP address will Get your Accounts deleted!
So for example a promotional firm who manages a number of accounts for clients will get into serious trouble if they switch from one Instagram account to another. Instagram is designed and setup for individuals to manage their own accounts, if you tread off this limited scenario then you need to be very careful.
You can’t change your actual IP address but you can change the IP address that Instagram sees when you connect. This can be achieved by using an intermediary server like a proxy to hide your actual address. The concept is simple instead of connecting directly to Instagram then you first connect to a proxy server which forwards your request for you. Instagram then only sees the IP address of the proxy and not your own.
Of course, this won’t help much if the proxy address actually gets blocked too which is why it’s important that you don’t use the same proxy address all the time. Connecting to different proxies though could be a bit of an effort, so there’s some sophisticated proxies which can manage this automatically.
Some proxy companies have set up configurations which allow a single proxy server to automatically (or on demand) these have a variety of names but are generally referred to as rotating or backconnect proxies. You make a single connection to a rotating proxy which will then switch IP address as per your specifications automatically. Using such a setup, anyone can control or promote multiple Instagram accounts from a single location or device.
Need multiple accounts – try these guys, some amazing rotating proxies at very decent prices.
Don’t Choose the Wrong IP address
You’ll notice from the above graphic that they advertise their proxies as being ‘residential proxies’ which is actually a crucial factor. The reason is that as well as location information, IP addresses carry another vital piece of information – whether they’re commercial or from ordinary home users (known as residential). Instagram is designed of course for ordinary people to share and post photos and stories, so they expect these connections to come from ‘residential IP addresses’.
Commercial IP addresses are registered by datacentres and companies, which would not be allocated to normal home internet connections. They are also a dead giveaway for ordinary proxy servers which is a drawback when you’re trying to stay under the radar. Instagram won’t block these IP addresses automatically but they’re instantly flagged as suspicious. Commercial IP address ranges are considered ‘untrustworthy’ by many social media platforms and are much more likely to get blocked than the residential ones assigned to home users.
There is big money to be made by Instagram marketers using the right proxies
It sounds a lot of trouble to go to – automated software, rotating residential proxies but there’s a reason why this is worth it. There’s an awful lot of money than can be made by pretty much anyone who can figure out how to promote and manage multiple Instagram accounts. With a company like Smart Proxies you can even change IP address to another country to target multiple markets across the world.
Imagine sitting down and getting paid thousands of dollars for simply posting up photos and clips onto a social media platform like Instagram. Yet that’s exactly what thousands of people do every day, some of them becoming very rich in the process. Loads of them don’t work in the traditional sense, freeing up their lives for more leisure and travel.
Proxies allow you to operate completely independently online from your single restrictive IP address. Instead of one user you can be one hundred users all with earning potential pointing back to your bank account. Popular Instagram accounts are always in demand for promoting products and so ‘shout outs’ can be sold relatively easily and often for an awful lot of money. Alternatively products can be promoted directly, earning commission through an affiliate scheme which rewards sales. The possibilities are endless even with a single platform like Instagram, I can hide my IP and run multiple accounts from the same computer as long as I have proxies rotating my address and you can too!
How To Change Your IP Address in 2021 -

How To Change Your IP Address in 2021 –

How to Change
What is an IP Address
Where to Find It
Pros & Cons
Even though you may be in cyberspace, you’re still in a specific, virtual location, and that location is defined by your IP address. But for those of us that want to stay private, get around government restrictions, and the like, changing your IP address is a simple first step. In this article, we’ll tell you how to change your IP address, step-by-step, along with providing you with more information about the types of IP addresses, the pros and cons of changing them, and more. Get your invisibility cloak ready because we’re about to go private, or at least as private as you can be online.
ExpressVPN is the #1 Way to Change Your IP Address
See the exact steps to changing your IP address on an iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows computer. Also, learn why you would want to change your IP address in the first place.
How To Change Your IP Address
There are a few different ways to change your IP address, and the most straightforward ways simply involve adjusting your device’s settings. If you already have a replacement IP address, then you can enter it in the settings section of your device. Here are more detailed instructions for how to change your IP addresses manually on different types of devices.
How to Change Your IP Address on Mac Manually
Go to System Preferences.
Click Network.
Click Network Connection.
Click Configure IPv4.
Select Manually.
Type in your IP address.
Changing You IP – Command Prompt on Windows
How to Change Your IP Address on Windows Manually
Click Administrator Account.
Click Start.
Click Control Panel.
Select Local Area Connection.
Click Properties.
Select TCP/IP.
Type in the IP address.
How to Change Your IP Address on Android Manually
Go to your Android Settings.
Navigate to Wireless & Networks.
Click on your Wi-Fi network.
Click Modify Network.
Select Advanced Options.
Change the IP address.
Changing You IP – On Android, Scroll to IP address to see your IP address.
How to Change Your IP Address on iOS Manually
Go to your iOS device’s Settings.
Click Wi-Fi.
Select IPv4 Address.
Click Configure IP.
Enter your IP address.
How to Change Your IP Address on Router Manually
Turn off your router.
Turn it back on a day later.
Go to your administrative interface and reconnect to your ISP.
If you want your device to pick a new IP address for you automatically, here’s what to do.
How to Change Your IP Address on Mac Automatically
Go to your Mac’s System Preferences app.
Select Network Connection.
Click Configure iPv4.
Select Using DHCP.
How to Change Your IP Address on Windows Automatically
Enter your Administrator Account.
Go to Network Connections.
Click Location Area Connection.
Click Obtain An IP Address Automatically1
How to Change Your IP Address on Android Automatically
Click Settings.
Select Connections.
Select the network you’re on currently.
Click Advanced.
Select either DHCP or Static.
How to Change Your IP Address on iOS Automatically
Go to your iPhone or iPad’s Settings.
Select Network.
Select your network.
Click IPv4 Address.
Choose Automatic.
If you don’t already have a new IP address or you don’t want one the automatic address from your device, then you can connect to a Virtual Private Network or VPN. VPNs will replace your IP address and encrypt all of your web activity. You may get the same IP address every time you connect (static), or a different one each time (dynamic). Some VPNs also offer dedicated IP addresses, if you want to be the only one with that address. With any VPN:
How to Change Your IP Address with a VPN
Download the VPN app.
Create an account.
Click Connect.
To learn more, read about the best VPN for every occasion or our comprehensive VPN guide.
A sister to VPNs is proxy servers, intermediary devices that hide IP addresses. 2 Here’s how to connect to a proxy server on your Mac, Windows, Android or iOS device.
Ivacy VPN iPhone Screenshot
How to Connect to Proxy Server on Mac
Open Safari, Macs’ default browser.
Click Preferences.
Select Change Settings.
Update the Settings with the information that the network administrator provided in the System Preferences pop-up.
How to Connect to Proxy Server on Windows
Go to your Administrative Templates.
Select Windows Components.
Click Data Collection and Preview Builds.
Click Configure Authenticated Proxy Usage.
Select Disable Authenticated Proxy Usage.
Hit Apply.
How to Connect to Proxy Server on Android
Go to your Android’s Settings.
Select Wi-Fi.
Select your networks’ name.
Hit Modify Network.
Select Manual.
Enter in your proxy port and hostname.
Click Save.
How to Connect to Proxy Server on iOS
Enter your phone or tablet’s Settings.
Click on the “I” button next to username.
Click HTTP Proxy.
Select Edit Proxy Settings.
Turn on Authentication.
Return to the previous window.
Tor is a secure browser that, along with hiding your IP address, will also prevent tracking and targeted ads. Once you’re off a website, its cookies will clear as will your browsing history. Both your IP address and your web activity will be encrypted not once, not twice but three times. 3 Just download the browser from Tor’s website to hide your IP address when browsing online!
Note: Although the websites you visit won’t be able to see your private IP address, Tor will log it themselves, according to their Privacy Notice. If you don’t want your IP address logged, choose a VPN with a strict privacy policy.
What Is An IP Address?
Of course, some people may not be totally clear on what an IP address actually is; no shame here! An IP address, which standards for an internet protocol address, is a device’s identifying number associated with a specific computer or network of computers. Basically, IP addresses let computers send and receive information, but they can also be used to track the physical locations of users, 4 a nightmare for those concerned with privacy. And according to our VPN usage research, that accounts for 40 percent of VPN-users.
Get Started with ExpressVPN and Change Your IP
Types of IP Addresses
Not all IP addresses are created equal! Rather, they can be divided into a few different categories, some of which have certain advantages over others.
Public: Each and every internet-connected device has a public IP address, distributed by the Internet Service Providers vis-à-vis the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. What, you haven’t heard of ICANN? Nevertheless, these public IP addresses are searchable on the web, which is why we can find our printer simply by Googling its IP address.
Private/ local: In contrast to public IP addresses, private IP addresses aren’t searchable on the web. Rather, they’re numbers that routers assign the devices on their networks so that they can communicate with each other.
Dynamic: Dynamic IP addresses, as we mentioned before, are any type of IP address that change every time you connect, usually through a VPN. This makes users hard to track online, as their literal address keeps changing.
Static: Static means that the IP addresses do not change. With VPNs, static IP addresses are usually shared with thousands of users in order to obscure their identities. However, some websites block these shared IP addresses, which necessitates users getting dedicated IP addresses. What a convenient transition!
Dedicated: Dedicated IP addresses are assigned to only one user rather than being shared by several. They usually cost a different fee on top of the regular VPN subscription.
Changing You IP – On Windows, Turn on IPv4 and fill out the fields IP address, Subnet prefix length, and Gateway. Hit Save when you’re done
IPv4: Internet Protocol version 4 is used by 99 percent of networks, but since it can only store 4. 3 billion addresses, it’s being replaced by IPv6, which we’ll get to in a second. Unlike IPv6, IPv4 addresses are four one bite numbers separated by dots like 555. 555. 1. 1.
IPv6: While they’re only used by less than 1 percent of networks, IPv6 has its advantages over IPv4, namely that it can provide an infinite number of addresses. It also allows for larger payloads and is compatible with a greater number of mobile networks. Although they’re starting small, eventually, IPv6 will replace IPv4. 5
Where To Find Your IP Address
Feeling lost in the sauce? Finding your IP address isn’t that complicated, even if you’re not a tech expert like us.
Where to Find Your IP Address on Mac
Enter your Mac’s System Preferences.
Select your Wi-Fi network.
Look where it says IPv4 Address.
Changing You IP – Advanced Settings on Mac
Where to Find Your IP Address on Windows
Enter your TaskBar.
Click on Wi-Fi Network.
Look under IPv4 Address.
Where to Find Your IP Address on Android
Enter your phone’s Settings.
Click About.
Click Status.
Look at the IP Address.
Where to Find Your IP Address on iOS
Click on the “I” button next to Network.
ILook under IPv4 Address.
Changing You IP – Proxy Settings on iPhone
Pros and Cons of Changing Addresses
Of course, there’s always the debate of whether or not to change your IP address in the first place. While the angel on your shoulder tells you it’s a great way to increase your privacy and access other country’s servers, the devil tells you that it could be costly, that some websites won’t work and that your ISP will still be able to see your address. There’s truth to both of these sides, so we recommend making your decisions on a case-by-case basis. That being said, we broke down the main reasons why you should and shouldn’t change your IP address.
Why You Should Change Your IP Address
Avoid tracking: If you’ve ever searched for anything related to consumerism, then you probably already notice how your searches seem to follow you around the internet like you owe them money. This sort of tracking is made possible by cookies, which some antivirus software can disable.
Bypass government restrictions: Governments like China greatly restrict internet usage in their country, so if you want to bypass firewalls, changing your IP address is a must.
Access international servers: Maybe you simply want to see what’s on Netflix Canada from your apartment in California. By changing your IP address to a Canadian one, you can trick the streaming giant into showing you a whole lot of new content.
FYI: Not all VPNs are compatible with Netflix. To find one that’s right for you, read our review of the best VPNs for Netflix.
Gain privacy: Maybe you’re an activist, a journalist, or anyone else handling sensitive information, or maybe you just don’t want your Internet Service Provider to track your every move. If that’s the case, changing your IP address is a step in the right direction in terms of privacy.
Increase security: Most people think nothing of joining public Wi-Fi networks (and depending on your settings, this may even happen automatically). However, using public Wi-Fi opens up a slew of security risks, with hacking at the forefront. But by hiding your real IP address, you greatly lower your risk of hackings.
Why You Shouldn’t Change Your IP Address
Some websites won’t work: Some websites, like the aforementioned Netflix, won’t work with certain VPNs or proxies. So while they may be able to bypass government restrictions, that doesn’t stop individual websites from blocking certain IP addresses.
Not always legal: Depending on where you are, VPNs may not be legal; they’re banned in China, Belarus, Iran and a few other countries, so keep that in mind before you connect.
May slow down connection: Any added encryption will slow down your browsing speeds, although the exact slowdowns will differ from service to service. Still, if you’re performing tasks that require a lot of bandwidth like streaming video or video chatting, you might experience some frustrating lag.
VPN may log data: Again, depending on the service, your VPN company may be logging the very information you want to hide, like your IP address and web traffic. Our advice? Always read the VPN’s privacy policy, which we cover in our individual VPN reviews.
Could cost money: Not all VPNs are free (except of course, the ones that are; check out the best free VPN is to see what we’re talking about). Still, free VPNs typically have limits on time, data, or servers, so if you want full coverage, you might have to pony up some dough.
ISP will still be able to see IP: Even with a new IP address, your Internet Service Provider will be able to see it, so you’re never truly “private” when you’re online.
Overall, we’re of the faith that changing your IP address is a necessity at times, and we love that there’s more than one way to do it. We hope we answered all of your questions about changing your IP address, but if we didn’t, read on.
Being public digital security experts, we’re constantly inundated with a number of questions surrounding changing your IP address. Here are those questions, with, you guessed it, answers.
Is there a way to change your IP address?
You can change your IP address in your device settings or by using the Tor browser, a VPN or a proxy server.
Is changing your IP address illegal?
Changing your IP address may or may not be legal; it depends on how you do it and where you’re located. For example, using a VPN to change your IP address is legal in the U. S but illegal in China.
Why does my IP address show a different city?
Your IP address may show a different city if you’re connected to a VPN or proxy server with servers in that city. That may be the closest server to you, or simply the one that allows for the lowest bandwidth usage.
Does resetting my router change my IP address?
Resetting your router may or may not change your IP address, depending on how long you wait before you turn it back on. We recommend waiting for about a day in order to get a new IP address.
Does Instagram IP Ban? - Alphr

Does Instagram IP Ban? – Alphr

In recent years, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has begun enhanced efforts at improving the culture of the app’s community. Instagram has taken steps to block bots, to reduce negativity, to purge fake accounts and to generally reduce the site’s sometimes high level of general toxicity. The main tool for doing this has been the ban. Where once the site’s administration would have thrown up its hands at some kinds of bad behavior, Instagram will now pursue certain kinds of bad actors with vigor. In fact, the feel in the Instagram community has been, sadly, to increase the level of paranoia among some users. In the wake of all these changes come a general question from our loyal readers: does Instagram IP ban? How do you know if you’re banned from Instagram? We know for certain that Instagram bans users, because people have seen direct messages from Instagram on their account explaining that they’ve been self-explanatoryA less obvious form of ban is known as a “ghost ban” or “shadowban”, a cool-sounding term for a very irritating practice. In a shadowban, you receive no message from the site saying that you’ve been banned and when you interact with the app, everything seems to be working fine – but none of your posts or comments are actually being published live on the server. You’re seeing your local copies, while nobody else sees your pots at ’s hard to be upset with Instagram, even if they’ve gone a bit ban-happy, given the difficult environment that social media networks are experiencing. However, the power has definitely shifted into the hands of the platforms and app providers; private citizens have very little recourse when it comes to appealing or reversing stagram IP bansInstagram has not made any formal statements about whether they ban on the basis of IP address, but it seems obvious that they do. However, it also seems clear that an IP ban is just one way that Instagram blocks access to their service for problematic users. Unlike some service providers (like Tinder) where the app company doesn’t actually want to ban users but must act as though they do in order to maintain trust in the platform, if Instagram decides to ban you they want you gone, kaput. And an IP ban can be one component of a genuine strategy to block someone from the service, but it is entirely ineffective on its reason for that is simple: IP addresses are one of the most trivially easy pieces of identifying information to change. When a user logs into a platform like Instagram, there are a number of pieces of unique information that accompany that visit, including:unique username and passwordIP address showing the network location of the user’s PC or deviceMAC address showing the hardware identifier of the user’s PC or deviceother device-based information for smartphone (IMEI)So if Instagram decides to block someone from their system, they are going to include all of these elements. You won’t be able to log on to your Instagram account with your old username and password, or from your old IT address, or with the same MAC address, or the same telephone or device-based information on your phone. Any one of those pieces of information, associated with a new logon attempt, will be enough to condemn the new attempt to the same ban status as you started do you get unbanned from Instagram? There are two basic ways to do it. One is to wait a while and to hope that your ban was a temporary thing and that Instagram will restore you to full access. Usually, if this is going to happen, you will know about it; your notice of violation of the terms and conditions of the site will provide a timeframe after which your ban will other way is to use create a new account, and then use software programs to modify your IP address, change your MAC address, and even disguise your IMEI on your a VPNIf you have been IP banned, the easiest way to overcome it is to use a VPN. Use a good quality one as Instagram is likely to blacklist the free or cheaper ones. Use a provider that offers a free trial or money back guarantee, try to log into your Instagram account using the VPN and see how you get on. You might want to check our guide to creating a VPN in Windows 10. You can use a VPN on mobile as well as desktop so if you purely use the phone app, install the VPN software onto your phone and test for your IP address to changeUnless you’re paying for a static IP address from your broadband provider, you will be assigned a dynamic IP address. This is automatically assigned to you from a pool held by your ISP and will change regularly. Different ISPs have different ideas about the period which you hold an IP address but you can influence it. Make a note of your current external IP address. Turn off your ISP router overnight. Leave it off for as long as you can cope with, longer than 8 hours if possible. Check your new external IP address to see if it has changed when you turn your router on again. This is rather inexact but if you don’t want to pay for a VPN it is an option. The same holds true for your mobile phone. Each time you enable or disable 3G or 4G you will be assigned an IP address. Different carriers have different policies about how often they change but it is worth just turning your data connection on and off to see if your IP changes. Airplane mode can also force an IP your MAC addressThis is a bit outside the scope of this article, but of course we have some resources that can help. You can change the MAC address on your Android device, on the Mac OS, and of course on Windows anging your phone informationHere we begin to run into trouble. Creating a VPN is quite simple. Even modifying your devices’ MAC addresses is doable, albeit with a bit more gruntwork. But changing the IMEI or other identifying information in a smartphone, while achievable, is illegal in some jurisdictions and problematic in all of them (for example, when your phone stops working on the carrier. ) Realistically, the only choice here is to either use Instagram only on desktop (where changing username, IP address, and MAC address can all be achieved) or by just breaking down and buying another long is IP ban Instagram? Once you have recovered from your ban by taking on a new false account, you can, of course, recover from your Instagram ban and then go straight with your new account. However, in so doing, it would be wise to keep your progress back up through the ranks. Here are some suggestions for making your next account healthy and “all-American” and reduce the chance of the next complete your Instagram profile. The more points of trust you add the more likely it is that Instagram will unban ’t comment or Like for a little while. Add your own content for a week or so once you’re back into your adding images. It’s what the network is all about after ’t have follow sessions where you work your way through Instagram following people one after the ’t add duplicate or low-quality comments or reful with your emoji use. Use them sparingly and when ’t buy followers! See our guide to how Instagram can tell that you’re doing away from follow with the community guidelines as Instagram’s automated systems use these as seems Instagram does IP ban even if there is no official confirmation of it. If you find yourself on the wrong side of a ban, at least you now have a few ways to overcome it. Got any other ways to sidestep an Instagram IP ban or repair your reputation? Tell us about them below if you do! If you want the real in-depth dive into building Instagram influence, be sure to check out Instagram Power by Jason Miles.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to change ip address on instagram

How do you change your IP address on Instagram?

How To Change Your IP AddressGo to System Preferences.Click Network.Click Network Connection.Click Configure IPv4.Select Manually.Type in your IP address.Sep 9, 2021

How do you get your IP address unblocked on Instagram?

Use a VPN. If you have been IP banned, the easiest way to overcome it is to use a VPN. Use a good quality one as Instagram is likely to blacklist the free or cheaper ones. Use a provider that offers a free trial or money back guarantee, try to log into your Instagram account using the VPN and see how you get on.Oct 24, 2019

Can Instagram ban your IP?

IP bans typically happen if Instagram believes you’re a bot, based on your actions. This means if you can get a ban for behaving like a bot on the site and you aren’t one, using an actual bot will more likely lead to the same outcome.Aug 14, 2021

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