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If you have an Internet Protocol address, you can find some information about what internet provider it’s associated with and roughly where the user is located. In some cases, this information may be misleading if a connection is being routed through multiple computers or a virtual private network. You generally can’t get information precise enough to trace an IP to a home address without working with the internet service provider in question.
How IP Addresses Work
IP addresses are numerical codes that are used to route traffic across the internet, somewhat similar to phone numbers. Computers use what’s called the Domain Name System to translate human-readable addresses, like, to machine-readable IP addresses like as it’s often possible to tell roughly where someone is located based on a landline phone number, it’s often possible to tell someone’s rough location using an IP address, since they’re divided into groups to make it easy for computers to know where to send particular traffic.
IP Geolocation Services
You can find various IP location services online that will tell you roughly what city an IP address is located in and what internet service provider it’s associated with. In some cases, the provider may be an organization with a well-known site, such as a large employer or a nerally, you can’t get an address from an IP, since the publicly available data simply isn’t precise enough. There’s also always a possibility that the information you get will be wrong, if databases of IP addresses become out of date or a connection is routed through multiple computers in multiple places, such as when someone uses a VPN.
Getting Address Information From ISPs
Internet service providers generally do store what IP addresses were assigned to which subscribers at what time, but they usually won’t hand out this information without a court some cases, if you’re suing someone for defaming you, infringing on your copyright or otherwise violating your rights, you may be able to get this information through legal channels. Police can also get IP address information if a crime is you think a crime was committed and an IP address you know is relevant, contact the police. Consider contacting a lawyer if you think you have a civil case against someone and know his or her IP that ISPs will know what subscriber was assigned to an IP address, but that won’t tell you who is actually personally responsible for any online activity. Wi-Fi connections can be hacked or used by neighbors without permission, and houseguests or workers might have access to a Wi-Fi password without the constant supervision of whoever pays the internet bill.
IP Address Lookup - Melissa

IP Address Lookup – Melissa

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* Your IP Address is 64. 235. 38. 185
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Enter an IP Address
Use the IP Address lookup to check an IP and display details related to an IP address. Search information like geolocation, city, state, ISP finder, domain name and more.
Enter an IP address that looks like: 10. 11. 12. 13 (four numbers separated by periods – each number should be between 0-255).
Supports an IP v6 like 2001:19f0:8001:1975:5400:1ff:fefd:a973
Developers Guide to IP Locator.
World Encyclopedia of Address Formats
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Free IP Address & Geolocation Lookup Tool - Neustar

Free IP Address & Geolocation Lookup Tool – Neustar

What is an IP Address?
An Internet Protocol (IP) address is the unique number that gets assigned to your connected device. Every mobile phone, laptop, cable box, tablet, server along with thousands of other types of devices (IoT) that are connected to a computer network has one.
What is IP Geolocation?
IP geolocation is the science of determining the physical location and Internet connection characteristics of a web visitor. Much like how a street address identifies where you live, an IP address functions as the identifying “street address” of the device and allows companies to see where the device is located and route traffic to the nearest server for faster connections and lower latency. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is required, and our data is fully compliant with all privacy mandates including GDPR and CCPA.
IP Geolocation Data We Provide
This free tool uses UltraGeoPoint data to provide you with insights including: state and/or city, postal code, country, continent, latitude and longitude, registering organization, phone number prefix, time zone, DMA and MSA. Contact us if you would like to learn about how to access the over 40 decisioning fields available for IPv4 and IPv6 from UltraGeoPoint.
Make the Switch
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