How To Get Someones Ip With Phone Number

How to Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number

An IP Address, or Internet Protocol address, is a unique numerical label that helps to connect and identify your computer, smartphone, and other devices on the internet or a local network. You can use it to get lots of information, including the device’s location, where your data’s really going, and a route on how to get there. If you know the IP addresses, you can easily find the location where your information is sent.
IP address not only helps you to find where your data is going but also find the current location of another user on the Internet. That’s why most people use an IP address to track someone’s location and find where they are currently.
However, you may also hide your IP address using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that no one can know your location, and you can browse different sites and apps anonymously.
There are several reasons why people would want to find someone’s IP address.
Many eCommerce websites and other platforms might track your IP address to know your location and provide better product recommendations. An online forum and subscription service could block you from accessing their content with the help of an IP address.
Sometimes people may receive spam or inappropriate messages and calls from an unknown phone number and want to track their location.
The question is “is it possible for a user to trace someone’s IP address through their phone number”? or “is it possible to find someone’s IP address by phone number” Well, unfortunately, you cannot find the IP address of a user using the phone number.
The reason is pretty simple. The 10-digit phone number is assigned by a network service provider. There is no connection between your IP address and the phone number, which means there is no way you could use someone’s phone number to trace their IP address.
But don’t worry anymore!
There are nearly a dozen of alternative ways available that help you to find someone’s IP address through phone number for free.
Sound’s good? Let’s get started.
How to Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number
Unfortunately, you cannot find someone’s IP address by phone number as there is no connection between the device’s IP address and phone number. IP addresses are generally not static and may change very often, where a phone number is a kind of fixed assignment that the network service provider gives.
Your Internet service provider (ISP), a company that provides you Internet connections, will keep a log of IP addresses assigned to you, and they can easily find an IP address from the phone number.
Also, when you visit some websites on the Internet, and if the site collects the IP address with the exact timestamp, the police can ultimately find the IP address and track your location easily.
It is possible for the ISP, government, police, or other legal bodies if there is a probe or investigation assigned to a particular case.
Also, the IP address changes too dynamically when you turn on and off mobile data.
If you are connected to the data network of your service provider, you might have a fixed IP. This is because service providers now use a Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) which gives a particular IP address to your device for a specific amount of time and it may change anytime. But usually what happens is, when that time expires, they renew the same IP, and hence it might be fixed.
But again, many service providers may allot different IP addresses to your device each time you connect to the internet. When you connect to the internet, a cell tower assigns you an IP address from the list of available IPs which might change very often. So it is completely dependent on your network service provider.
If you are connected to a WiFi connection then it depends on the WiFi network as each WiFi network can choose its own specific addressing plan. While connecting to the same WiFi network at different times, you might again be assigned different IPs.
Alternative Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address
Now that we know that it is not possible to get someone’s IP address using his mobile number, let us look at the ways by which we can get someone’s IP address:
Borrowing Someone’s Phone: Well this might not be very helpful, but you can get someone’s IP by taking his cell phone and navigating to Settings, then About Phone, then Status, and then IP address. The path could vary depending on your phone’s brand. Or there are many online sites, that show your IP directly and you can browse one of them to get the IP.
Knowing Someone’s WiFi Password: If you get to know someone’s WiFi password, you can log in to the service providers’ portal and see the IP addresses of the devices connected to that particular network.
Email HTML Bug: This is done by embedding a code in an image that is sent through an email. If you read the email, which means you see the image, the piece of code could capture your IP address and location and the sender could get access to your location and IP.
Web Server Logs: This is similar to the case that we discussed above as to how you can extract someone’s mobile number from the IP.
Through Social Media: Social media sites’ administrators do know your IP and apart from that your IP could be accessed easily if you click on an advertisement or any other link on the site.
So these were some ways of tracking someone’s IP address. But coming back to the question that led to the discussion, there is no way one can someone’s IP address by his phone number until and unless the person verbally tells his own IP address.
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3 Ways to Get Someone's IP from Phone Number - Free PC ...

3 Ways to Get Someone’s IP from Phone Number – Free PC …

Track IP from phone number easily! Grab someone’s IP using advice from the experts in this IP address is a certain numerical label that is assigned to a device and knowing it, you can get to know the location of a network. There are many ways to get the IP of a user. One of the easiest ways to grab it is the phone number. If you know the number, IP calculation is pretty easy, if you use specific programs or guidelines. In this article, we will tell you about several ways to calculate IP from a phone a Tracking LinkTracking links are a popular method to grab someone’s IP. The principle is very simple: you create a specific link, send it to the number, and once the user clicks it, you get their IP. Many apps allow you to both create a link and track information you of all, you can use IP Logger to track location, create a link of interest, track IP, and many more. There are other apps like Grabify that allow you to shorten links to videos or images. The user will click on them out of sheer interest, and you will get their 1. Find a Link of InterestFirst of all, you need to get the user interested in the link! You can lure them into clicking the link, otherwise, you won’t grab their IP. It can be an interesting video or a funny meme – ideally, it should be something that your user is interested 2. Create the LinkNow, it’s time to go to the Grabify website and paste the URL of your link into the spacebar. After this, click “Create URL, ” and the website will generate the link with specific info attached to 3. Copy the Tracking CodeWhen you generate the link, the website will also create a special tracking code. Using this code, you can later track the IP of the user once they click your link. So, be attentive not to lose your 4. Share the LinkWhen you have a link, share it with the user and make sure they click on it. Do not just send it without saying anything because it looks suspicious! Write something to entice them to click, like “LOL check this out! ” or “Look, is this your girlfriend with some guy? ” Be creative! Step 5. Track the IPOkay, so the person clicked your link. Congrats! Now, it’s time to go back to Grabify and find a section “Tracking & Logs. ” Enter your tracking code and refresh the page to see the IP Phone Reverse SearchPhone reverse search websites and programs allow you to find out the information using a phone number. For example, with Kiwi Searches, you can uncover the person’s identity, location, pics, or social media profiles. Such apps give you all possible information about the person’s online presence that is attached to their phone number, including their IP address and tool is pretty easy to use and intuitive: Enter the phone number in the special field on the website. Wait about 1 hour while the app is searching all the data. After the search finishes, click “See Results. ” Enter your information to get the results of your app is convenient and safe to use, as it doesn’t notify the person that you searched them. However, the search is pretty long, so you have to spend some time waiting. Some functions may require you to sign in to a premium account, which isn’t always method is pretty good to try. The app is accurate in terms of a person’s name or social networking, but it might not be accurate when it comes to location. So, you can’t be 100% sure that the app did track the correct IP address. Still, it is worth trying because you might find out a lot about the a Cell Phone Tracking AppYou might have heard about cell phone tracking apps that can help you find your phone or track it when it’s stolen. They are usually for the phone owners, but having some technical knowledge and a person’s phone number, you can fetch out data using the app. Today, such apps as Auto Forward Spy or Highster Mobile let you connect to the phone remotely and view the data, including the GPS, that method doesn’t work if you want to find out the IP of a stranger. The thing is, you need a phone owner’s permission to get the data. So, be as convincing as possible – for example, grant the permission to access your phone and ask the person’s permission in that the process of getting the GPS location of the phone will be different for all apps, so follow the guidelines. Before using apps, make sure that the person is at home because otherwise, you might get the wrong results. Here is what you should do:Step 1. Install the appMost of the time, you will need to install the app on your phone or computer. Many similar apps require you to pay, so be prepared to spend a certain sum of 2. Log inDepending on the platform, you need to login in different ways. Just follow the product description and make sure that you have the person’s access granted. Also, check if the person is at home at the 3. Start MonitoringDepending on the app, the monitoring process might take a different amount of time. Also, the data you get might differ, so make sure that you choose the app with maximum functionality. 1. Can you track the IP 100% accurately if you track by phone number? In short, yes. There is a chance that you get the correct address. But people carry their mobiles everywhere, so mobile IP addresses are highly dynamic! You should track at the right moment, for example, when the person is 100% at home. 2. Will I go to jail if I track someone’s phone number? It depends on where you live and whose number you track. For example, there’s nothing unusual in parents tracking their children. But the state law in some areas can strictly prohibit such actions, so do your research beforehand. 3. Can you hide your mobile IP address? This is possible. For example, it’s much harder to track mobile data than WiFi, so prefer the first. But if you have a limited data plan, you can use different WiFi networks to change your IP address. Also, using VPN might are many ways to find out the IP address using the mobile number. First of all, you can always send a tracking link and later track down the IP address using special websites or apps. If that didn’t work for you, try phone reverse search by apps like Kiwi searches. It might not be 100% accurate but is still a good method. Also, cell phone tracking apps work great – of course, if you manage to get the person’s permission to browse their data.
How to Find Out Someone's IP Address from Phone Number

How to Find Out Someone’s IP Address from Phone Number

Update on September 16, 2021 •
All smartphones have internet access and an IP address. Hence, you can track an IP address from the phone number. We will share with you ways you can find someone’s IP address from their phone number. If someone is trying to scam you, this is a good way to ascertain their motives.
In the same way, you can track someone’s IP address from a computer device, and it is also possible to find someone’s IP address from their phone number. However, you should only do this if someone is disturbing you or trying to scam you. This will help you know the real motive of the person.
It can also be used to solve criminal cases to get to the bottom of some bad deeds. Essentially, you need to know your phone’s IP to help you whenever you lose your mobile phone. This will help in tracking it.
1. Use a short link2. Through Social Media SitesIP is VariableConclusion
1. Use a short link
If you already have the specific phone number, you can use a short link to get the IP address of the person.
Step 1: Upload a file on Google drive or dropbox using a new email address that you don’t use. You can even create a blank word document. Copy the shareable link and open the IP logger website. Paste the shareable link there in the “URL and image shortener” field.
Step 2: You will be redirected to another page to get the IP logger code. Copy the IP logger “link for viewing statistics” that will help you track the IP addresses that have accessed your link.
Step 3: Take the “link for collecting statistics” and use bitly to create a short link. Make sure the link is admirable enough, and the person will be willing to click. Then, send the link to the other person by text message.
Step 4: When he/she opens the phone message inbox and clicks the link, you can easily get his IP address through the IP blogger link for viewing statistics.
Step 5: Use the open tracker online tool to get more details based on the IP address.
2. Through Social Media Sites
It is possible to look up someone’s social media accounts from their phone numbers. For example, in Facebook, you can easily search for someone’s phone number or email in the search box and find the account linked to it. This also goes for other social media sites that one used their phone number to register with or has publicly displayed.
Once you get someone’s social media site accounts, you can easily get information from what they have provided and getter a better overview of who they are. This also goes for social media accounts like Instagram, Linkedin, or Snapchat that recommend you to connect with people in your contacts or email list. Hence, you can use the short link method to get their IP address and learn more about them. You can also use the geo finder to find the specific location of the person.
IP is Variable
Your phone IP is different from your computer IP. It constantly changes, which means an IP address you get at a certain time may not be useful some minutes later. However, if the user does not use cellular data but instead opens your short link over Wi-Fi, then you can get the router’s IP address, which is stable. This can help you track where the person is.
Your mobile phone uses an IP address when you are conversing with someone through some messaging apps. These are like Whatsapp and Viber. If you want to track their IP address, you can use a short link like discussed above to access their IP address. Hence, while using your mobile phone, be cautious of links you click to prevent being tracked down.

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