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19 Feb
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Nowadays, the Internet is an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is simply an extension of our physical world and as such, it brings responsibilities that we might not always be aware of.
One of the most important things that we rarely consider is that our online existence presupposes our online identity. Therefore, nothing that we do online is without certain consequences. And those consequences are associated with our online identity, or in other words, our IP address.
When we post, like, comment and share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all this becomes a part of our online ‘record’. Most of us do this transparently, but there are also people who do this anonymously.
However, you can’t really stay anonymous, not even online.
Now, let’s go back and ask this simple but essential question ‒ Why would you want to know how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram in the first place?
There are many reasons for this, such as experiencing online harassment, fraud and other malicious behavior. On the other hand, there are some situations when someone creates a fake profile just to make a transaction, buy limited-edition sneakers and so on.
So, in these and similar cases, it is very useful to know the real IP behind the Instagram profile. It can help you detect numerous things and plan your next steps accordingly.
How to Find IP Address Instagram
You would be amazed if you knew what you could find out about people when you find their IP address. With some simple skills, you can learn how to find other people’s IP address on Instagram.
When you know their IP, you’re just a step away from being able to find out their location, name and other personal information.
And when you know all this information about someone, you can block someone’s access to your chat room, your content, your website, etc.
Finding out someone’s IP is much easier than it seems at first. In fact, there are several websites, such as IP Logger and Grabify IP Logger, that can help you do this quickly and easily.
Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to know how to get IP address from Instagram account.
Go to the profile of the person whose IP you want to know.
Click on the three dots next to their username.
Copy their profile URL.
Go to Grabify IP Logger, IP Logger or similar websites.
Paste the link into the bar and click on ‘Create URL’. When the results page opens, you will see a new link generated.
Optional: If the new link is too long, make sure you shorten it with Google URL Shortener.
Chat with the person for some time and send them (the shortened) link. It would be wise to tell them that you want them to see a great picture or read a wonderful story on this link.
When they click on it, refresh the page in the logger website you used and you will get the person’s IP address at the bottom of the page.
If you use Facebook or Instagram to chat with the person, you might need to switch on the ‘Hide Bots’ option in order to get their genuine IP.
If all you needed to know was the person’s IP address, you’re good to go. However, if you want to know more details about the person, you will need to take a few more steps.
Go to IP Tracker or other similar websites.
Click on the IP Tracker option.
Paste the IP that you got from one of the IP logger sites and trace it.
Voila! What you got is the name, location, area code, ISP and other detailed information about the person.
With these thirteen simple steps, you know how to get IP address from Instagram account. At first, it might seem like spying on people. But sometimes, that is the only option you have if someone is harassing you on Instagram.
It is obvious that there is no way to really prevent someone from discovering your IP. However, there is a way to mask your real IP.
If you want your own server to remain invisible to people on the web, the best thing you can do is get residential IPs. With residential proxies, you will get a stable, secure and fast connection, as well as be untouchable for anyone who tries to identify your IP.
When you use residential proxies, nobody will know how to find IP address from Instagram profile you are using. Instead, they will only be able to detect the residential IP and its location.
Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should use proxies for malicious activities on Instagram or any other website. Proxies are there to offer you anonymity when you want to hide your true geolocation or in similar situations.
Instagram IP Address Finder - Find IP Address from Instagram

Instagram IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from Instagram

We live in a world where a majority of people (even introverts) are on Instagram and other social media platforms. Big companies and business owners use it to promote their brand across a wider audience, while others tap into Instagram to connect with their friends and family to share interesting stuff. When you get connected to the social world, your identity is exposed online. Even if you do not submit your personal information, there are many ways for a tech expert to know about your identity, where you live, and what you do by tracking your IP (Internet Protocol) address.
Basically, an IP address is used to identify the particular computer or smartphone attached to the network. Specifically, it’s used to track down someone’s identity and their current location. In this way, you can easily find out who created an Instagram account.
Many websites and online portals are looking for an Instagram user’s IP address for advertising and brand promotion. At the same time, others use the IP address to track location of someone’s Instagram account. It also helps to fetch personal and confidential information about a particular user such as their Instagram registered email address, country name, other social media accounts, and much more.
Here you can find a complete guide on how to find the IP address of an Instagram account/profile for free.
In fact, these are the same strategies you can use to track the IP address of the Instagram profile on Google Map in real-time.
Sound’s good? Let’s get started.
Why Should You Find Someone’s IP Address From Instagram?
First, let us answer why you need to find anyone’s IP address on Instagram. There are five major reasons:
Reason 1: Suppose somebody has opened a fake Instagram account and that is being used to blackmail or harass you by sending direct messages to your private Instagram account then the only way out is to track the culprit. The IP address of the accused can be used as proof against defaming or blackmail. Even, you can decide to drag the fraud and the matter entirely to the court.
Reason 2: If you are trying to identify any fraudulent activity or any suspicious login attempt on your Instagram account, then IP tracking is necessary. Suppose your account is suffering from identity theft, then the only way to reduce the risk of spreading rumors is through tracking the IP address.
Reason 3: Are you running an online business or have started as an entrepreneur on Instagram? Then, you must be advertising your goods and for that, you need to keep a track of your customers. So, the only way to proceed is to find the IP address. If you get to know the location of your customers or clients, then it makes marketing the products easier. You can also identify the nature and taste of the clients to target your products by sending direct messages to all Instagram followers.
Reason 4: Without just firing bullets in the open air, you can customize your products by using Direct Messages as a call to action option. And, thus making it way easier to convince your clients and promote your services.
Reason 5: To expose the accounts that comment bad reviews about your products and create a misleading formation, IP tracking is a convincing process. These are nothing, but strategies by competitors to slow down your business. So, by tracking their account location, you can stop these people from damaging your reputation on online platforms.
Important Note: Before you begin, let us warn you that social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook do not permit any third-party application or website to track the IP address. If you are using any such applications, then we urge you to see their license, determine if it is legal. The tools mentioned here are only for entertainment purposes.
How to Find IP Address from Instagram
1. Instagram IP Address Finder by iStaunch
To find someone’s IP address from Instagram, open the profile of the person whose IP you want to know. Copy their username and enter it in the given box. Tap on the Find IP button and you will see the IP address of the entered username profile.
Instagram IP Address Finder
You need to wait for a couple of minutes till on the right-hand side of the search form, you get to see the IP address, highlighted in bold letters.
We must notify you that this might not be the real-time address. But, the time when you last copied the URL or username from the Instagram account. If this doesn’t sound beneficial, then move to the next method.
2. Instagram Location Tracker by iStaunch
To find someone’s IP address on Instagram, open the Instagram Location Tracker and enter the username of the person to get their IP address. Next tap on the track button to check the location in real-time.
Here’s how you can:
Open Instagram Location Tracker.
Type Username whose IP you want to find.
Enter captcha for verification.
After that tap on the submit button.
Next you will see IP address of Instagram account.
3. Grabify IP Logger
This is basically the IP address tracker used on various social media to track the profiles. Have you heard about Grabify or IP Logger? It is from the same house that had developed these sites and their sole purpose is to trace the Instagram account holder’s IP address.
To start with, you need to persuade the person, whose IP address you want to track, to click a picture or any video on any meme that you would send. By doing this, you need to gain that person’s trust and as soon as he or she clicks on the post, the IP Grabber starts its work.
We understand that this is time-consuming, but to get what you actually need requires a little bit of patience. Now, head to the steps, and implement them accurately, so that you do not fail on your mission. After using IP Grabber, the results will show you a real-time IP address.
Open the Instagram app.
Copy Instagram profile link.
Visit the Grabify IP Logger website.
Paste the link and click on create URL.
You will get a new IP tracking link.
Initiate a conversation with the target user, chat for some time and send them an IP tracking link.
Ask them to open the link for some exciting content.
When they click on it, the Logger website will track their profile IP address.
All you got to do is refresh the page, and IP will be displayed.
Note: Don’t forget to enable the Hide Bots option to display only genuine IP and hide bots.
Here, we would advise you to disable the bot toggle button on the application page, or else you might get confused. So, you are not only able to view the IP address, but along with that, you get additional details also, like the location, area, pin code, and from which device the person is accessing the Instagram account.
Now, if you are interested to know more about this person, then navigate to Grabify’s home page. Paste this URL in the dialogue, but this time instead of clicking on create URL select the Tracking Code button. To your surprise, you can now access more details of the person through the result box.
Also, keep in mind that the process doesn’t work for users who have residential proxies.
However, there is a catch point to your disappointment, if the person does not click on the URL then all your hard work goes in vain. So, if you’re looking for an alternative way, then we have another hack up our sleeves.
4. Command Prompt
Before you start with this method you need to ensure that you keep on chatting with the person whose IP address you want to track. Keep him or her engaged with your conversation. If there are a few more chat boxes open, then close them to ensure that the only running program is your conversation with this targeted person.
Furthermore, there are also background applications that keep on running without your permission. So, don’t forget to close them as well. You can use the Task Manager to close such redundant apps on your computer.
Now, coming back to your conversation with the person, you can also try to initiate a video call or a voice call rather than choosing to chat. Because this helps the person to gain trust.
Let’s proceed with the actual steps:
Initiate a chat with the target user on Instagram Direct Message and make sure you do it while the user is online. Keep the message window open and launch the Command Prompt simultaneously. Type ‘netstat –an’ and hit Enter to execute the command. You will get a list of IP address and look for the Instagram user’s IP address.
However, your work is not done yet, you need to trace the person and get the details from the IP address. So, head towards the website As an alternative, you can also use the website Opentracker.
Now, as soon as you go to the home page, you will get a dialogue box that says IP address tracker, paste this address, and hit Enter or Search button. In the result section, you will get information about the account holder.
Moreover, You get to know about the location that includes geological location, latitude, longitude, country and even subcontinent, and the connection that the person is using, etc.
Final Words:
I hope guys now you can easily find the IP address of someone’s Instagram account after reading this article. If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment below.
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3 Tricks to Find Someone's IP Address on Instagram

3 Tricks to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Is somebody using an anonymous account to blackmail, insult or hack your Instagram account? Or are you a salesperson and wish to trade with your Instagram followers in a personalized way? Then discover one secret that you can track the targeted person’s IP and the Internet platforms are developing, hackers or fraudsters are upgrading their cybercrime too. Reports of now and then are about people complaining of someone hacking their accounts on social media. Still, companies are tracing their Instagram followers’ IPs to contact the customers and advertise their to know how to trace such individuals on Instagram? We’ve your back! Use the IP GrabberThere have developed sites like Grabify or IP logger in tracing their target’s IP address. You need to trick that person into a picture, a video, or a fun post. But you have to wait for that person to respond which is time-taking. Once the person clicks, you are ready to, please read the following steps to know your target 1: Identify the link of the site you want to invite the target to click. It may be a video or an Instagram post. Note that you should have a link that is clickable in this 2: When you are using an Instagram link, go to that post or video and copy its 3: Paste that URL into the ‘create URL’ icon on Instagram. First, you will have to confirm that you are not a robot and accept the terms of service. After you do this, the system will generate a link for 4: Choose to shorten the URL because the person may suspect an URL with an Instagram domain. You can select the Grabify site or the IP 5: (Assuming that you are using Grabify) switch to your browser and search the Grabify website and click to 6: Scroll downwards on the Grabify IP Logger site and locate the dialog box that says ‘Enter a valid URL or tracking code. ‘Step 7: Paste the initially copied Instagram URL on that dialog 8: Below that dialog box, you will find two options: ‘ create the URL’ and ‘tracking the code. ‘ Click on the ‘create the URL tab, and wait for the system to loadStep 9: The Grabify IP logger will load your requested URL and configure it to its generated Grabify IP logger 10: You can also customize your generated tracing link, depending on what you wish. Therefore, on that platform click the’ other links icon’ where you will open many different domains like,,,, and others. Or else, open the ‘custom link maker selection’ and select the domain as ‘grabify link. ‘Scroll to the ‘extension tab below’ to select the image format like CSV, HTML, and 11: Go back to your Instagram account and inbox that person. It would help if you hooked him or her with a simple chat that starts a conversation. The conversation should be persuasive and do not make you suspicious of your 12: In the conversion process, send and invite him to click on a video or a post embedded with the generated Grabify 13: Immediately that person taps on your link, go back to the Grabify link, and refresh it. You will find the target’s IP address at the bottom page of the ‘results’ sides knowing the target IP address, you can also use the following methods to identify other details like location, area code, phone or computer, and residence. On that note, go back to the Grabify home page and click on the IP Track code option. Paste the IP address results you got from Grabify and press enter. You will be surprised that the individual’s address and other details will appear. Note that you can use other IP logger sites to track the IP of the person. Also, activate the smart logger icon you find in the link information. Then refresh the page again. You will be surprised that more details of that person will keep on the Command PromptUse the above way to create the tracking link. You get nothing unless someone clicks on it. There’s a better way. Just make sure you’re chatting online with the person you ep1: Chat online with the person you want to ep2: Close other running programs to ensure that only the ones you want ep3: Press the’ Win+R’ key to open the command prompt ep4: Type ‘cmd’, and to ep5: Type the ‘netstat-an’ command and execute it, then you will see the IP ep6: Use for tracing, and you’ll find the person’s details IP address Track Other’s Instagram IP Address? Your account can be hacked and used to spread rumors, hatred, or con other people. Even some people can use a fake Instagram account to insult you, blackmail you or harass you. You could use authorities to capture the culprit through these tracking sites. This information can also be an asset to court when you sue the person against defamation, fraud, or sides that, you can confront the person directly and warn him not to interfere with your account. Your last option should be blocking or blacklisting the person’s access to your Instagram account and other accounts related to a positive account, you can trace your Instagram follower’s IP address to market your products to potential clients based on their locations. Typically, most companies use this strategy to identify a market niche and understand their online audience’s tastes and preferences. Furthermore, tracking Instagram IP addresses enables customized marketing of products. You can cold-pitch, text, or call your Instagram followers to convince them to buy your products. Additionally, visit their premises to promote your goods and services. 1. Is Grabify Legal? Yes, it is legal because they have a license on conducting IPs Tracking tasks. Even major companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other companies permit Grabify to use their clients’ URLs for IP tracking. Still, government authorities can use Grabify to trace and capture cyber violators and other criminals. 2. How to keep your IP address from being tracked? Even with Grabify and other IPs Tracking sites, you can use proxies and VPNs to hide your IP address from them. Most importantly, the rotating residential proxies mask your identity via a large stream of other proxies. You can switch as many proxies as possible and appear invisible and omnipresent from Instagram metimes leaks can happen, and the proxy cannot save you anymore. In that case, Tor and VPN encrypt your data, the leaks will come encoded, and none will understand your online activity. Tor is a unique browser with high encrypt technology and relays its signal through Tor’s servers, making it hard for online trackers to locate you. 3. Will Instagram ban me from using Grabify? No, Instagram cannot ban you since Grabify is licensed software, and they shorten their URLs in the appropriate ways. However, if your URL is faulty, Instagram can block it. These faulty URLs includes Spammer’s links URLs with an authorized content Optimized URLs with lengthy domains that make it unclear to who you are linking. Fake websites or misspelled URL domain4. Does the link created by Grabify have click restrictions? No, the link contains standardized domains that GDPR approves and licenses. Grabify also uses these links in authorized content and does not allow spam links or malicious URL domains. If Grabify had click restrictions, popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, or Instagram would not allow the generated Grabify link. I hope you have a hint of how you will uncover that person who is mocking you or violating your privacy through the Instagram account. Practice this exercise now! Just copy any urn of your follower like a friend and search it using the methods you have seen on Grabify. You will be amazed at the results you see. That is one way to say no to cyberbullying and those tracking IP addresses from their Instagram followers to generate business leads, they must be careful. It would help if you professionally carried this exercise unless you do not want someone suing you for violating their privacy.

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