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How do I unblock someone? – Reddit Help

Unblocking someone you’ve blocked in the past, is slightly different depending on what platform you’re on.
On the iOS or Android app, visit your Settings then tap on your username under Account Settings. Under Blocking and Permissions, tap Manage blocked accounts. From there, find the username of the person you want to unblock and tap Unblock.
On the web, visit Safety & Privacy in your User Settings. From there, find the username of the person you want to unblock and tap Remove.
If you have more questions that aren’t covered in these FAQs, check out r/help. Someone may have had the same question, or you can ask a new one and a Reddit administrator or one of your fellow redditors will help you out.
How do I unblock a user through the app? - Reddit

How do I unblock a user through the app? – Reddit

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How to unblock Reddit in 2021 | Unblock on school or work WiFi

How to unblock Reddit in 2021 | Unblock on school or work WiFi

Using a VPN is the best way to unblock Reddit. Reddit is blocked in some countries due to the subject matter it contains, while others target specific subreddits that promote psychedelics, gambling, or contain nudity. Reddit is also blocked by many schools, workplaces, and even on public WiFi hotspots. With a VPN, you can unblock the Reddit and other platforms and access it in private from anywhere. In this article, we have pinpointed the best VPNs for unblocking Reddit so you can get the perfect service for your needs. How to unblock Reddit subreddits Using a VPN to access Reddit is very easy. No matter why Reddit is blocked, you can follow the steps below to unblock the platform: If you don’t already have a VPN, then you will need to subscribe to one. We recommend the best VPNs for unblocking Reddit in the next section. Download the VPN software onto your devices. Install the VPN software and log in using your credentials. Connect to a server in a country where Reddit (or the blocked subreddit) is available. Enjoy Reddit thanks to your new VPN! Unblock Reddit with these VPNs A VPN must-have servers that can unblock Reddit from anywhere and these must be fast so you can easily stream posted videos. The VPN also needs several privacy features to be able to keep you safe when browsing Reddit in countries where it is banned. Below, we have listed the best VPNs to unblock Reddit. For more information about these recommended VPNs, check out our VPN review linked below each provider. ExpressVPN is a lightning fast VPN ideal for unblocking Reddit and anything else around the world. Pricing 12 month: $6. 67/mth 48% OFF 6 month: $9. 99/mth 1 month: $12. 95/mth Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu ExpressVPN is a provider based in the British Virgin Islands that many consumers come back to year after year. It has servers in 94 countries, which means it always has a server in a country where you might need it. Plus, ExpressVPN can help you access Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, torrenting sites, as well as Reddit and anything else you can think of. We love this VPNs 24/7 live chat support, which can always help you get the VPN up and running how you need it. And, when it comes to privacy, this VPN has you covered thanks to its no logs policy, OpenVPN encryption, and strong privacy features. With ExpressVPN you get a kill-switch to ensure you never accidentally leak data to your ISP. And, because this VPN has obfuscation, you can get around firewalls in countries like China and Iran. Finally, this VPN lets you use its apps on 5 simultaneous devices. This VPN is a superb all-rounder and you can test it risk-free thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. CyberGhost is an easy to use VPN that provides excellent fully featured apps. Pricing 36 month: $2. 25/mth 82% OFF 24 month: $3. 49/mth 73% OFF 12 month: $3. 99/mth 69% OFF 1 month: $12. 99/mth Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu CyberGhost is a VPN provider from Romania that has a watertight no logs policy and OpenVPN encryption. This ensures that you can never be tracked by your ISP or the government when using your VPN – leaving you free to use Reddit without being monitored. With CyberGhost VPN you can access Reddit in college, university, or at work in absolute privacy. Plus, CyberGhost VPN has servers in over 90 countries which means you can always unblock any censored or geo-restricted content from around the world. When it comes to speeds, CyberGhost competes with the very best VPNs on the market, and can easily be used for streaming content on Reddit, Netflix US, or other restricted websites or services. CyberGhost VPN has a kill-switch, which means it is great for accessing Reddit or doing sensitive tasks like torrenting. We love that this provider lets users install the VPN on up to 7 devices simultaneously. And, we are always impressed that CyberGhost lets people trial the service for up to 45-days. An easy-to-use VPN that is perfect for beginners and is extremely cheap for what you get. Private Internet Access is a secure US based VPN provider that has proven its no-logs claim in court. Pricing 38 month special + Antivirus: $2/mth 83% OFF 38 month: $2. 08/mth 82% OFF 12 month: $3. 33/mth 72% OFF 1 month: $12/mth Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu Private Internet Access (PIA) is a US-based provider that is often praised by Reddit users. The VPN has been around for many years, and in that time it has gained a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy provider that keeps zero logs. In fact, it has proven its no-logs claims in court on numerous occasions. A few years back, PIA would get complaints because of its slightly slower speeds. However, that has all changed now because the VPN has speedy servers in 74 countries that are ideal for streaming in HD. PIA can help you access Reddit, Netflix US, and many other popular services around the world, and it will give you both privacy at home and while connected to public WiFi networks. With PIA, you get apps for all platforms that are extremely customizable. Users can choose stronger or weaker encryption depending on their needs, and can select advanced features including a kill-switch, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, port forwarding, and split tunneling. We think this VPN is pretty good value for money and is well worth testing using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Surfshark is a low-cost VPN that impresses due to its massive feature set and unblocking capabilities. Pricing 24 month: $2. 49/mth 80% OFF 6 month: $6. 49/mth 49% OFF 1 month: $12. 95/mth Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu Surfshark is a VPN provider that has gained an excellent reputation in just a few short years. The service can easily unblock Reddit thanks to its lightning fast servers in over 60 countries. Surfshark is also one of the few services that can unblock a choice of Netflix catalogs (including the US and Canada), BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, and anything else you can think of. Surfshark has a strong no logs policy, and it has apps for all platforms that are fully featured with a kill-switch, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and obfuscation. Considering the low cost of a subscription, this VPN is extremely capable. The fast connections are ideal for streaming, gaming, and other data intensive tasks. And this VPN permits torrenting right across its network. You can test it for unblocking Reddit or anything else thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. Amazingly, considering the price point, this VPN lets you install and use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices! An amazing deal for anybody who wants to access Reddit and gain complete digital privacy online. VyprVPN is a VPN provider from Switzerland that has received a full third-party audit of its apps and infrastructure. Pricing 36 month: $1. 67/mth 87% OFF 18 month: $2. 5/mth 80% OFF 2 month: $6. 47/mth 50% OFF Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu VyprVPN is a provider that offers a superb selection of VPN features at a reasonable price. Being based in Switzerland puts it well out of reach of invasive jurisdiction, such as the US and the UK. And, because this VPN has a no logs policy, you can always trust it to protect your privacy. VyprVPN has apps for all platforms that are fully featured with a kill-switch, OpenVPN encryption, DNS leak protection, and a proprietary obfuscation protocol called Chameleon (that works extremely well). What’s more, VyprVPN has undergone a full audit of its apps and infrastructure, which means you can trust the provider to do everything it claims. We love VyprVPN because it has servers in over 70 countries. And, although it is not as fast as the other VPNs in this guide – it is quick enough to stream content on Reddit or YouTube. It can also unblock Netflix US. This VPN offers an outstanding combination of strong privacy and freedom of access, and we think it is another excellent choice for anybody wanting to unblock Reddit. You can compare it to our other recommendations thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. How does a VPN unblock Reddit? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online service that allows you to bypass internet restrictions imposed by your internet service provider (ISP), the government, or a local network administrator. A VPN works by allowing you to connect to a VPN server in a remote location. As soon as the connection is established, you appear to be in a different physical location and you can use the internet as if you were actually there. This allows you to pretend to be in a different country to access subreddits that are blocked, or to access Reddit at work if it is blocked by your employer. A VPN also provides encryption for the data sent between your device and the VPN server. This encryption ensures that your web browsing habits are inaccessible to the local network administrator or your ISP. As a result, your ISP cannot track the websites you visit on behalf of the government. This ensures that you can access Reddit (or anything else) in complete privacy. What VPN features do I need to unblock Reddit? There are hundreds of consumer-facing VPNs on the market and not every VPN was created equal. Some VPNs are slow because they run on a second-rate network of servers. Others have inadequate privacy policies that allow them to profit from their users’ online habits. Some VPNs even fail to provide properly implemented encryption, or have concerning data leaks that result in the VPN being ineffective. To expertly curate this list of VPNs, we carefully considered the following criteria to ensure we pinpointed VPN providers ideally suited to unblocking Reddit: A strong privacy policy that ensures your web browsing habits are secured now and into the future. All the services above are no log VPNs meaning that they don’t track what you get up to online. Secure OpenVPN encryption to prevent your ISP or eavesdroppers from tracking you online. A kill switch to ensure you never leak unencrypted traffic outside of the VPN tunnel. DNS leak protection to guarantee that your ISP never knows you accessed Reddit. Plenty of server locations in countries where Reddit is freely available. A fast server network that is well-suited to enjoying the wide variety of content that is posted on Reddit. Obfuscation for getting around VPN firewalls in countries where VPN use is frowned upon. Where is Reddit blocked? Some countries in Asia and the Middle East block access to specific subreddits due to their inclusion of content that is deemed incompatible with local morals, customs, and religious beliefs. Most often this leads to censorship of subreddits that contain nudity-, alcohol-, or gambling-related content. Below is a list of the countries where some subreddits are known to be censored: China Russia India Indonesia Malaysia Iran UAE Saudi Arabia Kuwait Which countries search for ‘Unblock Reddit’ most? Although some countries block some subreddits for religious and geopolitical reasons, you may be surprised by the countries that are at the top of the list for the search term ‘unblock Reddit’. According to Google Trends, the top 6 countries currently searching to unblock Reddit are: Canada US Australia Indonesia UK India You may wonder why people living in some of the least censored countries in the world want to unblock Reddit. The answer is that many schools and workplaces block access to Reddit, and those people need a VPN to regain access to that content as much as people living elsewhere in the world. Why is Reddit blocked in schools? Schools and employers understand that Reddit is full of content and opinions that some people may find offensive or consider inappropriate. To stop people accessing inappropriate content that could cause issues, local network administrators block access to Reddit (and other things such as YouTube, Fortnite, etc). For anybody who requires access to Reddit to carry out important work or research, the option exists to securely bypass those restrictions using a VPN from this guide. Will the VPNs above let me access Reddit on work or in college WiFi? The VPNs we have recommended in this article are perfect for unblocking Reddit, both in countries where it is censored and on local networks such as schools or workplaces. That means you can feel free to pick any of the VPNs in this guide, and you can access the content you require. As the VPN provides encryption, you won’t have to explain why you are accessing Reddit on a restricted network – because nobody will know. Reddit has banned me, can a VPN help? Reddit is an online community that has very specific community guidelines. Comments or content that are considered abusive, discriminatory, prejudice, hateful, or that incite violence will result in you being banned. In addition, Reddit moderators have the power to block users from specific subreddits. If you have been banned from Reddit or a subreddit, you may only need to start a new account. However, depending on the type of ban you have received, your home’s IP address may also have been blacklisted. When using Reddit, it is imperative that you adhere to the community standards; and you deserve to be banned if you break the rules. However, if you have realised the error of your ways, or are unable to access Reddit due to the actions of someone else living in shared accommodation, luckily you can get around the ban with a VPN. Using a VPN service, you can conceal your real IP address to access Reddit. This will allow you to either create a new account, or keep using an account you already hold. Just remember to adhere to the community standards because toxicity towards others is unacceptable and will result in another ban.

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How do you unblock a school on Reddit?

How to unblock Reddit subredditsIf you don’t already have a VPN, then you will need to subscribe to one. … Download the VPN software onto your devices.Install the VPN software and log in using your credentials.Connect to a server in a country where Reddit (or the blocked subreddit) is available.More items…•Jun 28, 2020

How do I unblock comments on Reddit?

You can block users who message or comment on your posts by clicking a button in your inbox. If you change your mind, you can choose to unblock them from the “blocked” tab in your Reddit preferences.Apr 6, 2016

How can you unblock?

Unblock a numberOpen your Phone app .Tap More .Tap Settings. Blocked numbers.Next to the number you want to unblock, tap Clear. Unblock.

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