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Since 1995 Qbik has developed capable & user friendly software specialising in Internet connectivity and security. Our products allow users to manage their Internet connections (WinGate), connect remote offices together (WinGate VPN), and combat malware (Kaspersky AV for WinGate).
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Our flagship advanced caching HTTP proxy, SOCKS server and multi-protocol proxy server, email server and internet gateway system for Windows.
Intercept, cache and scan web content.
Scan traffic also, with inspection.
Restrict and log user web access.
Solve headaches with legacy TLS versions
And a whole lot more….
New version: 9. 4. 1 (1 February 2020) FREE for 10 users
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Lumen for WinGate is a web content classification plugin for WinGate. It allows administrators to set access policy based on the classification of a site, rather than having to set policy on a site-by-site basis.
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Best free Proxy software for Windows 10

Best free Proxy software for Windows 10

Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automaticallyInternet Censorship is common these days. It could be your employer who doesn’t want you to access some websites. Or maybe your college authorities or it may be the government. Proxy software has already made it easier for people to overcome censorship. Also, proxies can make you anonymous on the internet, making the connections more secure and private. But proxy software is not just about some software that routes your internet connection through an external server. Let us take a look at some of the free proxy software available for Windows software for Windows PCHere is a list of some of the best free Proxy software for Windows 10/8/7:UltraSurfCCProxyuProxyAcrylic DNS ProxykProxyPsiphonTor us take a look at them in detail. 1] UltraSurfUltraSurf is a popular proxy software available that lets you access blocked content. It was intended for countries like China, where the internet is heavily censored. The tool can completely hide your identity and protect your privacy on the internet. And using this tool, you can access any blocked or inaccessible content. 2] CCProxyUnlike the conventional proxy service providers, CCProxy lets you create your own proxy server. It lets you share the internet over LAN and that too in a controlled way. CCProxy can work with DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN, and DDN connections. It features an account management system that lets you create accounts and groups for different users on your LAN. 3] uProxyuProxy is a web browser extension available for Google Chrome and Firefox. uProxy lets you share your internet with someone and creates a VPN tunnel between both the computers. It lets you create your own VPN service where your computer acts as the service provider. All you need to do is connect your computer to an uncensored and reliable internet connection and then you can connect to the internet anywhere freely. 4] Acrylic DNS ProxyAcrylic DNS Proxy is a free proxy software that can be potentially used to speed-up your internet connection. What this tool basically does is, it creates a virtual DNS server on a local machine and uses it to resolve website names. By doing this, time taken to resolve domain names is significantly reduced and web page loading speed is increased. 5] kProxykProxy is an anonymous proxy service available online. You can directly access blocked content using the kProxy web application, or you can download Windows agent as well. The best part about kProxy is that it doesn’t require any installation. It is a portable application that can be executed anywhere, anytime. 6] PsiphonPsiphon is another popular proxy service that lets you browse the internet freely. It is easy to install and setup and it provides unlimited internet access to users. The tool can be used to bypass all kinds of internet blocks in place. 7] Tor BrowserTor Browser is not a proxy service as such, but a web browser that can work like an anonymous proxy service. The browser is privacy and security centered. It is so secure and private that even criminals consider using it for accessing the dark web. Tor is very common and widely used these days to bypass internet censorship. 8] SafeIPSafeIP is a freeware tool intended to hide your computer’s IP address and replace it with a fake one. The tool also offers Cookies, Referer, Browser ID, Wi-Fi and DNS protection and also keeps you protected from malicious websites. It is a perfect tool to hide your online identity and browse with confidence. 9] is a Peer to Peer (P2P) network that can hide your IP address when connecting to any these were some free proxy software available for Windows. Did we miss out on any, reach out to us in the comment This post on free VPN software for Windows may also interest some of Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.
[SOLVED] Looking for an HTTP proxy program on Windows as ...

[SOLVED] Looking for an HTTP proxy program on Windows as …

[SOLVED] Looking for an HTTP proxy program on Windows as a replacement to FreeProxy – Networking – Spiceworks
General Networking
So far we’ve used FreeProxy (), but it is turning out to be very unstable lately. Hence we would like to move to different proxy software. Moreso since FreeProxy is ancient, and isn’t further developed 2008R2 server with an internet connection, and three internal LANs. One LAN must never be allowed to get to the internet, while the other two can access the internet. I am NOT allowed to directly connect the internet capable LANs to the Internet. Some control there is present we use IP filtering within the proxy-software on those two LANs (enforcing what device gets what IP address, and if that device can access the internet or not), aswell as time restrictions preventing the use of internet outside certain sically I’m looking for any candidates that could fill the role here. Any additional features within the software (site filtering, logging) are a plus. While FreeProxy is a freeware program, limiting myself to freeware isn’t yielding much results, so I’m opening up to the fact that the ones using the software are going to have to pay for it. Of what I found so far:*AnalogX – Basic proxy, looks like few options to limit access or prevent LAN networks from using it. * 3Proxy – GUI-less program. The ones that sometimes verify the proxy need a GUI. * EaseGate – Haven’t gotten that one to run yet. Apache is used to configure it, and my test server (bare-bones 2008R2 install) refuses to start Apache. * ProxyDE – GUI-less program. * CCProxy – Looks promising. But haven’t delved deeply into that one yet. Besides the above, I ran across some InternetCafe-software packages, but all of those do not run a proxy, but merely allow for certain internal clients (who all need an install of the client-side software of the package) to either access or not access the internet directly. * CCAutoSoft* CyberCafePro* HandyCafe* PanCafeProAnyone have any ideas what other proxy-software I can look at to get the required functionality?
I’m can’t think of a reason what you are saying cannot be accomplished with VLANs, a router and a firewall. You don’t need a proxy to segment network traffic or deny certain outbound traffic. You only need to use a proxy if you want to filter certain internet sites out.
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Jeremy R – SPS
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Feb 15, 2017 at 14:00 UTC
I have never used it in production but I do use it for software development when we have to test that our software works through proxy servers. Wingate It is very easy to setup and configure and free for 10 users
Stop using proxy is the real solution, this is antiquated technology. It’s also pretty easy for users to a DNS filter instead (DNS Redirector is one example) and filter/log all you want, without slowing down the Internet connection.
Feb 15, 2017 at 14:30 UTC
LegoMan wrote:
Stop using proxy is the real solution, this is antiquated technology. It’s also pretty easy for users to bypass.
Use a DNS filter instead (DNS Redirector is one example) and filter/log all you want, without slowing down the Internet connection.
How can users bypass the proxy if the firewall is only configured to let the proxy make outbound connections? While I am not a huge fan of proxy servers, there are still many valid reasons to continue using them.
Feb 15, 2017 at 14:48 UTC
@Jeremy R – SPSThanks… I recall playing with WinGate a looooooooooong time ago. Wasn’t aware it was still around. Going to have a look at that too! @LegoManBasically, the LAN connects to the server, allowing local access to the server for file/print actions. All LANs need to access the server like a regular Windows machine, they do not allow bleed-over between the LANs, and only specific IP addresses on a specific LAN are allowed to connect to the internet. If the client is on a non-allowed LAN, has a wrong IP address on the allowed LAN, doesn’t have a proxy filled in, or uses the computer ouside the designated timeslot, the proxy will deny internet traffic. So while it may be antiquated technology, I do not know of any alternative that will allow me to do what the current setup can do. I’d be willing to look into something else that can do what we need tho, so feel free to toss up an idea.
Feb 15, 2017 at 16:06 UTC
Background info which may make the request more convoluted than it needs to be:Basically the majority of users on those networks you could consider inmates. Some people are not allowed to be on the internet while others are, and all computers that allow internet are monitored in their use by the people on the floor. Social-verification and all there are 4 VLANs on the network and each connected to a separate NIC in the server. – VLAN1 doesn’t allow people to connect to the internet. So it’s connected to the server (so people can get at their login and files), but there is no communication between VLAN1 and VLAN4. These computers are not that closely monitored for their use, tho they do receive checks now and then. – Then we have VLAN2 which have the aforementioned machines on it that are publically controlled by people on the floor. These machines get specific IP addresses from the reservation eeProxy listens on VLAN2 on a specific port, and ports the traffic on that port through to VLAN4. That’s the only difference between VLAN1 and VLAN2. Both VLAN1 and VLAN2 are NOT allowed to have direct access to the internet. VLAN2 also connects to the server for file/printer access, so people can download something when they are at an internet allowed computer, place it in their homedirectory, go to a NON-Internet allowed computer on VLAN1, and retrieve their data from that point to further read/work on it. – VLAN3 hands out IP addresses to any device that’s on there, and allows any device to utilize the proxy to gain access to the internet. Basically that’s for internal VLAN has it’s own IP range (private). Using it in this way allows us to push anivirus software/updates and Windows Updates through the server, and reach all the machines on the three VLANs. – VLAN4 connects to the internet router, allowing traffic to the internet. We implemented this at a minimum of cost (which was a prerequisite back then, and still holds true today), hence no additional hardware beyond the servermachine was used. The server does the job of routing by using the FreeProxy software but FreeProxy now seemingly is causing more and more issues. I’m now looking into replacing it (again at no/minimum/reasonable cost) leaving the server capable of playing why I’m looking for a proxy solution that one can enable/disable on specific NICs and allow only routing to one specific NIC (keeping the VLANs separate), filtering on IP addresses, and a possibility for limiting, if the cost is acceptable, I’d be prone to possibly look into a hardware solution that allows me to connect 4 different VLANs, put that in charge of routing, and pull the whole functionality off the server. The issue is, I don’t know of a solution that does that, while remaining price-acceptable and somewhat easily maintainable (I’m sure there are some expensive as hell things out there that can do the job). Mostly since I will have to run the cost by the department for them to decide if it’s worth it. Hope that clarifies my reasons for doing it this way a bit.
Proxies can be problematic whenever bandwidth demands start to ramp up. While VLANs are great for partitioning a physical switch into logical groups, it doesn’t really do much for caching or filtering. Both, strengths of a proxy server.
Seems overly complicated to be using Proxy to me… And a server as a router, yuck. I’d have all the VLANs end up at a typical firewall/router with VLAN support, for example Zywall USG series, or Peplink, or Cisco ASA – any of them can do this. Each VLAN can have a separate IP range too. The firewall can be the DHCP server if you must, or just let the router do make ACLs between VLANs so whatever needs to can connect to the server, or WSUS, or whatever needs to can go out the WAN, or not at you need filtering, then set certain networks to use the DNS server on the server, and filter with DNS Redirector.
Feb 15, 2017 at 19:55 UTC
In our case as stated, this was done on a budget. We had a server. We had free software that could do the job. I agree it’s not the most efficient or best way to do things, but not having any firewall or router hardware available for this, this was the chosen solution.
Feb 15, 2017 at 20:34 UTC
That said… if I want to move away from the software, and do go for a hardware solution, I might aswell have a look with our vendor on the possibilities Fortinet might be able to provide in this.
Squid could do it. I think there is a windows port of I read everything right, nearly any firewall could too.
So from your list, you have VLANs already and some of them aren’t allowed to access the internet, others are wide open and another you need to allow specific devices to access the internet. You can do this with a firewall and router (you can get this in an all-in-one application or device) and some ACLs on the firewall to allow/disallow your traffic. I think a product like Smoothwall will do everything you are looking for and should run on your server unless it’s OMG old. It even has a proxy built in should you decide to keep going that route.
Feb 17, 2017 at 18:59 UTC
Seeing the cost for implementation back then was minimal, I’m trying to see about getting them to switch to a hardware appliance (firewall) that can do the job. If that works, the question for a piece of software becomes obsolete. Seeing not much else came out of this thread for software I’m deeming it solved.
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How do I set HTTP proxy on Windows?

Here’s how to set a proxy manually in Windows 10:Open Settings.Click Network & Internet. … Click Proxy. … In the Manual Proxy Setup section, set the Use a Proxy Server switch to On.In the Address field, type the IP address.In the Port field, type the port.Click Save; then close the Settings window.

Which is the best free proxy server for Windows?

Best Free Proxy ServersKProxy. This seems to be the single most frequently recommended free proxy server. … ProxySite. This free web proxy also gives you the opportunity to manually switch between servers. … … HMA. … Hidester. … Anonymouse. … Megaproxy. … NewIPNow.More items…•5 days ago

Which is the best proxy server for Windows?

List of Best Proxy Servers for Windows 10, 8 and It is one of the best proxy server websites if you want to browse blocked websites while keeping your identity private. … Tor Project. … … GappProxy. … … … Spotflux. … Ultrasurf.More items…•Dec 11, 2020

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