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IGERSLIKE: Top Reviews and Better Alternatives - AiGrow

IGERSLIKE: Top Reviews and Better Alternatives – AiGrow

There are lots of Instagram automation tools you can use for marketing your businesses and scheduling on Instagram. No one says It’s all easy and you feel free through using Instagram automation tools. But, you will surely get your relative advantages. However, there are some fake and deceitful sites and apps that can lead you into trouble. So safety is the necessary quality we seek for every app we are going to use. Thus, we won’t introduce such sites/apps in this article. There are two tools on the table we would like to discuss in detail which are IGERSLIKE and AiGrow. After digging into their features and functions, we’ll come up with the advantages and disadvantages. Then, we can compare them finally. IGERSLIKEIGERSLIKE: Promotion and GrowthIGERSLIKE: SchedulingIGERSLIKE: PricingAiGrowAiGrow: PricingSocialCaptainIconosquareChoose IGERSLIKE or Not? IGERSLIKE IGERSLIKE is an Instagram automation tool that helps in different aspects of your Instagram account(s). You can consider this app/site concentrating on the promotions and the growth of your Instagram account(s). IGERSLIKE: Promotion and Growth This app lets you add Instagram accounts as many as you want. There are several activities in this app you can automate them such as likes, comments, follow, DMs, DM replies. You can switch them on and off in any period for each account. As shown in the above picture, you can see the activities within your accounts. The numbers of likes, followers, and DMs are just some examples of the activities you can check. You can also see your follower growth and your targets based on the business you have. IGERSLIKE: Scheduling IGERSLIKE scheduling is completely different than the other familiar Instagram content automation. You cannot schedule your posts using this app. You can only manage the promotion activities by turning them on and off at the selected hours of the days. The overview calendar shows the marked activities of hours during a week. IGERSLIKE: Pricing To get started with this app, you should sign up for an account, and purchasing shall begin. Adding your Instagram accounts means you can use the trial mode only for 3 days. You should pay for two major products to make your accounts run: time (days) and proxies. To activate your accounts, you need to purchase time in the format of days. Note the pricing of time is only for one account. However, after purchasing, you can transfer the purchased time to your other accounts. In the picture below, you can see the time pricing, and also you can use the latter image to see it yourself. To see how to transfer your time from one account to another, see this. As IGERSLIKE focuses on promotion avoiding Instagram blockings methods, it needs to change the proxies you use. Your account is along with a free proxy provided with the app. They state it can have different impacts, so you’d better consider buying one. In the image below, you can see how much they can cost. If you want to take a look at it yourself, use the following image as a guide. Then, after buying time and proxy, you can begin to buy the real products. These products include Instagram likes, followers, comments, and impressions with different qualities. There is a store with the pricing and the limits which you can see in the following picture. To experience a personal touch, this image helps you find the store. AiGrow AiGrow is one of the best Instagram growth tools available nowadays. This tool can help you handle some aspects of Instagram automated. Generally, there are two ways this app can help you with: marketing and scheduling. What do we mean by them specifically? When you want to sell your products, you must have customers, and consequently, you must have more active followers. Such a wish happens on Instagram with more likes, DMs, followers, comments, and stories. Besides, you can unfollow whoever doesn’t follow you anymore. You can manage all these activities automatically for several Instagram accounts. AiGrow also enriches you to see your followers’ growth and your accounts activities with a strong AI analysis module. You can also see how to work with active growth features in this video. Time is everything. It is so important to know when and what time exactly you set your posts or stories to gain the most view. Furthermore, posting and working with your device every time and everywhere is the last thing you want. So with this app, you can set a date and time for each post, story, live, and so on. Having the option of previewing your posts and stories saves your time and energy with a comfort state of mind. All your preset activities will be placed in a calendar for easily managing. Further features of AiGrow are: You can download the posts, stories, and the lives videos on Instagram You will be able to have the feature of scheduling hashtags and the first comment Submitting your location to AiGrow helps you find real and sound follower targets You can run giveaway posts on Instagram with a delicate guide from AiGrow AiGrow: Pricing You may wonder if you sign up for AiGrow and add your Instagram accounts to see the free plan. Don’t worry about the money you want to spend over scheduling features because it’s all free. However, you can go beyond restrictions by upgrading your time plans. The picture below shows some of them. You can purchase the growth and promotion packages from 99$ to 250$ monthly. Here you can see them for yourself in the following image. SocialCaptain SocialCaptain is one of the strong Instagram automation tools with advanced and fine features. Some of them are: You can track your followers’ activities live. Its fresh and attractive dashboard enables you to handle your activities in real-time. SocialCaptain gives you the advantage to schedule most of your content along with DMs to new followers or a selection of followers. The artificial intelligence integrated with SocialCaptain is capable of improving with every single action. The pricing starts at 15$ per week to 99$ monthly. Iconosquare Among other Instagram automation tools, Iconosquare is certainly a beautiful and powerful one. Some of the features it provides you with are: Iconosquare lets you schedule your posts and stories and stock them in a year-based social calendar. With Iconosquare, you can view the graphs of your followers’ evolution. Since Iconosquare demonstrates the engagement rate per post by your followers, you can suitably change your strategy. Iconosquare has 3 general plans with different prices caused by the parameters like team members, social profiles, and month/year modes. You can have a closer look by clicking this. Choose IGERSLIKE or Not? After all these straightforward analyses, you must make your decision about the features this tool can provide. No one can tell you what to use, but you can decide regarding the numerical comparisons brought in this article. IGERSLIKE lacks many significant features of the mentioned alternatives. So, the real competition is among the alternatives. The simplest but effective way is to go for the cheapest one with the least amount of money at stake. So AiGrow would be the best choice here. And if you seek something else, you can try using the suggestions respectively by the flow of this article. This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 8:59 am
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What is the best Instagram bot? (instagram purge/ update)
Hi Guys,
Which instagram bot do you think is the best?
I have always been using Follow Liker, but as of late I am not sure if that’s still safe.
Instagram has deleted many accounts and has started to track quite a lot of phone activity.
I don’t think Follow Liker emulates any of that activity…
Sep 19, 2016
follow liker
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Igerslike selling followers and likes only two sales?
Hi, So i wanted to start reselling social media likes and follower, and I’m using igerslike with 5 account
Liking and following users from popular tags, My landing page is really good made it with wordpress
and i used a popular theme, so two weeks until Now and only two costumers have ordered…
Sep 16, 2016
making money
selling followers
selling social media
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Forum: Making Money
My bot license your proxies both provide accounts
i have a couple extra igers logins, with about 300 paid account slots open on each. Just lack proxies and only have maybe 30 accts on each but all have about 2k followers. I can monetize or you can, but we use my method of linking, trust me youll be glad you did.
Skype is I, anaesthetized
Jul 30, 2016
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Igerslike real faceook likes
does anyone have any experience with them. they have real likes and fake likes. real likes are 12 per 1000, if anyone has tried it and they are truly real and active let me know please.
Mar 6, 2016
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Forum: FaceBook
invite to igerslike
can someone please send me an invite to igerslike. not sure if they allow this still, but that would be great. Or if you know another instagram account generator i can purchase please message me. I don’t have the budget to pay a coder to build one from scratch.
Feb 12, 2016
Steps to starting my journey.
Jan 6, 2016
instagram accounts
journey thread
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Igers like service question.
I want to buy custom @ mentions from igerslike for istagram with my scraped list.
Should I buy mentions (custom list)? I know I put my post in order link.
I’m a little confused here Custom Users ( 1 per line, custom users to get target 1 per line)
Do I just copy and paste my list here? please…
Aug 17, 2015
ASK ME anything about Instagram
Hi everyone.. I’ve been in Instagram marketing for 5 years….
and have a decent experience and understanding of how to minimalise bann, few insta algorithm pattern and how things work on instagram.
I also know a few supplier that could provide every thing needed for insta marketing.
Aug 3, 2015
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IGerslike Uploading Not Working?
I scheduled an upload on one of my accounts in IGerslike, and it says it successfully uploaded and even gave me a link to the image on instagram, but the link just directs to a broken page, and the post never made it to my IG account?
Any ideas?
Jul 18, 2015
Need help from IGERSLIKE Users
Those of you that are using IGERSLIKE what are you settings? I am hitting this new limit on instagram and am not able to like photos. I had mine set to 15min delay on my last run, but eventually got my liking abilities disabled. Pls help.
Oct 10, 2013
bot help
Forum: General Social Chat
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