Insane Google Ranker

Datacenter proxies

  • Price $1.3/IP
  • Locations: DE, RU, US
  • 5% OFF coupon: APFkysWLpG


Insane Google Ranker | BlackHatWorld

Insane Google Ranker | BlackHatWorld
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Mar 11, 2015
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May 26, 2013
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Good communication throughout.
May 21, 2009
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Thanks for let us notice it
Yes, we are asking the moderator to remove it.
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Sep 20, 2008
Amazing product!!! I was able to take a site for a term that was ranking 30+ and move it to 18-20 just running this software a little over two weeks. This is a must have if you are serious about your rankings without jeopardizing it with other techniques.
Would love the beta tester coupon please!
Looks like a good product, will wait for some reviews and some case studies.
Aug 9, 2010
Hi Yenerich
I was a beta tester. Please send the coupon as promised.
Sep 25, 2012
ordered paypal xxxxxxx1TT353003W
look forward to receiving the software etc
full review to follow
Last edited: Mar 12, 2015
Apr 13, 2013
I’d like to receive a beta testing coupon too. (I was a beta tester)
Thanks for your review
Look in your PM
Its on your email
Look in your PM.
BETA tester coupon is only for the people that participate as a BETA tester.
We start with very good sales rate, im glad that many people find it usefull, also its cheap
We will raise the price soon.
Download link supplied is a dead link 404 resend please
Fixed. It should be working right now.
Yes got it tks. Meantime, Any tutorial for it? tips etc
In the software you can find a button to the help file that have a video tutorial. At the right of that button you can find another buttopn for support.
The Help button is marked with a red outline in the next image:
Here is some tutorial video:
The *only* thing outdated in the video is the need to add wildcard. Now the software does it automatically for you.
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So got it working on a site: Question:
– if your program can get proxies are they secure
Let me know please
Jan 8, 2013
3, 492
2, 040
Have used this soft for ORM and it worked. I am not sure about it’s seo value for hard niches. but, it’s definitely worth in ORM.
The software harvest automatuically proxies, but many can be burned. You will get better results using HMA or privated proxies, this applys to every software in the earth. But if you dont want to invest in HMA oir private proxies, use the harvested ones, many will fail but many will work. You can get hundreds of daily clicks using harvested proxies.
Going to try a VPN, need my key resetting one as its not going to work on Laptop
Need confirmation of key reset
So on HMA are you adding IGR as an application or not?
awaiting a reply to ticket
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Insane Google Ranker - Organic Search Bot for $40 - SEOClerks

Datacenter proxies

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Price starting from $0.08/IP
  • Locations: EU, America, Asia


Insane Google Ranker – Organic Search Bot for $40 – SEOClerks

Insane Google Ranker – Organic Search Bot
Insane Google Ranker is a software that does organic searches in Google (using the main user-agents for desktop, mobile and tablets) and click in your results and then navigates inside your site, to boost your CTR with a good bounce rate, improving your ranking.
»»»»You just need to find the backconnect (rotating IP) proxies that fits for you and it will work 100%««««95% POSITIVE RANKING
Watch this, see the increment of 1325% and 1978% in impressions and clicks, and then the CTR goes to 90% and 92%
Thats Amazing!!
Video Tutorial:
Some testimonials of our customers:

We offer Help Desk support and if needed, Team Viewer or Remote Desktop support too.
Do not add in this thread support messages since we do not monitor it.
This software can work also with Youtube Videos.
We are the developers, we update the software very often, adding and/or fixing things and new features.
Remember that you must use our HelpDesk for support
we don’t monitor the comments in this page for support
Recommended to run it in a VPS (you can find cheap and stable VPS that runs W7, ask us in PM)
Also you may need Bakconnect proxies and maybe a Captcha service.
None of this things are essential, but usually you will get better results using it.
99. 999999% Of the SEO Tools need exactly this same things.
HMA has being deactivated in IGR because Google has detected most HMA proxies.
[GET] Insane Google Ranker Organic Search ==> Rank ... - WSO

[GET] Insane Google Ranker Organic Search ==> Rank … – WSO

Insane Google Ranker is a windows software (a very advanced bot) that does organic searches in Google (using the main user-agents for desktop, mobile and tablets) on its own internal browser, and click in your results and then navigates inside your site, to boost your CTR with a good bounce rate, improving your ranking.
It searches for your site in Google using the keyword that you want and click on your Google thinks that your site is popular for that keyword.
Its uses different IPs (using backconnect proxies), different browsers:(it makes Google thinks that its using mobile, tablet, desktop browsers, mozilla, chrome, IE, android, etc).
Watch this, see the increment of 1325% and 1978% in impressions and clicks, and then the CTR goes to 90% and 92%Thats Amazing!!
Using Google Webmaster Tools to check the CTR and Ranking over the time, we can see that it really works:
Think it for a moment, Google will never IGNORE what people does in the search pages, wich results they they, with a lof of effort, measure the number of backlinks, the anchor, etc.
Will they ignore one of the most important factors that shows WITHOUT ANY QUESTION which sites the users likes most from a search result for some keyword?
Some people from Google has directly talked about this:
Insane Google Ranker mimics human behavior, using Proxies (the software offers more than 100k free public proxies database and you can also use other proxies) using different durations at each visit, randomly browsing within your site during random periods of time, etc. All to mimic the behavior of a person.
You can even choose which countries you want the “visitors” to be, to do the search in Google, then click on your result and visit your site.
See Insane Google Ranker working tutorial:
Insane Google Ranker can also do searches for Youtube videos, visit them and “watch” them. This will make yourt videos ranks better in Google Ranker could rank your website or your Youtube video in Google.
You can use backconnects (rotating IP proxies), its recommended (HMA its not working fine since Google alsmost detect all HMA proxies! )
But we offer a 100k Public Proxies Database
About our free public database:
This is a image from the first page of our 100k database, you can see how we count every success and every failure. When a proxy gets 5 failures we take it off the database.
You can select from which countries did you want to receive the clicks and then you just use those proxies.
In our software you find a detailed country selection area with all the countries, you just exclude the countries that you don’t want to receive clicks from, per example some one can exclude, lets say, ALL Africa and ALL Asia, or just exclude some specific countries, lets say, China, etc. :
First results from 100k in our database:

Frequently Asked Questions about insane google ranker

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