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SimpleInstaBot – GitHub Pages

Use a robot to attract more followers. Now as a simple desktop app!
How does it work?
It runs as a desktop application on your computer and will every day follow up to 150 users (configurable). You choose a list of instagram users whose market you want to target. The bot navigates to each of these, finds the last people to have followed them and then follows each of them. Then after 5 days (also configurable), it will unfollow the users. Simple and effective.
The bot will remember every user it has followed, so if you quit the app and open it later, it will still clean up by unfollowing users that it previously followed.
You can find logs and data in your the “App Data” folder. See userData. For example on Mac OS:
Library/Application\ Support/SimpleInstaBot/
What makes it different from other bots?
Free and open source
No viruses or fishy business, guaranteed to not store your password! (See the code for yourself)
Simple, easy to use
Effective: Follow/unfollow is proven very effective. By only doing follow/unfollow, the bot avoids all those awkward situations where a bot comments “Awesome! ” on a post depicting a tragic events.
Secure: Never stores your username an password
Safe: Runs on your own computer, to reduce the risk of being banned. Instagram is known to crack down on paid Instagram bot services and cloud and VPN IPs
Automatic rate limiting
Uses a normal browser to mimic the behavior of a normal user (does not use private APIs easily detectable by Instagram)
Randomized timed behavior
Simulates human behavior of sleeping at night, and usage in the day time
Change browser signature to avoid being identified
Passes bot tests: and Built on instauto which has been proven to work for over 2 years
Runs on all major desktop platforms
Mac OS X
Linux (x64) AppImage
Linux (x64)
Linux (armv7l) (Raspberry Pi)
NOTE: After installing you may need to bypass “Untrusted app” dialogs. This is because Microsoft requires a costly certificate to remove this dialog (I’m not going to pay for that. ) Alternatively try to google windows run untrusted app.
A word of warning
Many people are getting Action Blocked message these days with this bot as well as other bots (it seems even people just manually following using the app) Instagram is tightening their rules by not allowing promiscuous behavior like following and liking strangers’ photos as much as before, and imposing temp blocks when they think you crossed the limit.
You use this app at your own risk! I have had great success with this app but I am not responsible for any consequences it may have for your Instagram account.
Tips to avoid ban
I advise you to follow these guidelines:
Run the bot on the same internet connection (e. g. WiFi) as you normally use your phone with the Instagram mobile app. It will reduce the chance of being flagged
Use conservative parameters (max follows/unfollows per day 150 and max 20 per hour, maybe even start out lower, and work your way up)
How to run on Raspberry PI
# SSH into your PI
# Download the Raspberry Pi binary
# Extract it
tar xvf
cd SimpleInstaBot-linux-armv7l
# run it
DISPLAY=:0. /simpleinstabot
# or:
DISPLAY=:0. /simpleinstabot –no-sandbox
Follow button not found: switch your instagram account into English as stated in the instauto troobleshooting page
Q: Can I run it on multiple accounts at the same time?
A: No, currently you would need multiple PC’s or multiple VMs for that. See #27
Q: Can I run it on multiple accounts (but not at the same time)?
A: Yes, just log out, and then log in to your other account instead. Followed/liked etc will be remembered.
This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it’s useful for you, consider supporting me. 🙂 It will give me extra motivation to improve it.
Animations by:
Icons made by Freepik from
See also
– Programmatic Instagram bot API
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KENJI - The Best Instagram Bot - 10x more follows & likes


  • No logs
  • Kill Switch
  • 6 devices
  • Monthly price: $4.92


KENJI – The Best Instagram Bot – 10x more follows & likes

KENJI – The Best Instagram Bot – 10x more follows & likes
KENJI is an Instagram bot powered by A. I. that helps you get more Instagram followers, likes, and engagement. Get started in seconds!
60 Second Setup
Real Organic Results
Used by 110, 000+
Instagram AutomationA. Supercharged
You don’t need any technical knowledge to get set up, even with KENJI being supercharged with artificial intelligence. It’s really easy actually! Automate your follows, likes, story views, and more.
Start in 60 Seconds
MAIN FEATUREInstagram Follow Bot
Looking to grow your Instagram faster? KENJI is the most powerful Instagram follow bot that automates your following & unfollowing to grow faster. This is the number one way to grow accounts efficiently and is KENJI’s main
Efficient growth method
Targeted actions
Get real followers
Please note: the follow & unfollow method is a mandatory component to KENJI and cannot be turned off.
Instagram Auto Liker
Auto-like Instagram comments every day to get noticed by similar users in your own niche.
Live Reactions
Limitless Instagram live reactions are also a method KENJI uses to grow your account.
Insta Story Viewer
KENJI is also an Instagram Story Viewer that works at the right speed to help you grow!
A Smarter Instagram BotHandsfree automation
Get access to the smartest Instagram bot around and start automating your Instagram. KENJI uses real phones to perform actions on your account, mimicking human behavior throughout the day. Get more followers safely by putting your
Instagram on autopilot!
Easy to use
Safer automation
The easiest Instagram BotClassy, quick, simple
KENJI is feature packed and really easy to use. By auto-following other Instagram users in your niche and engaging with their stories, Instagram live broadcasts, and posts – your account is guaranteed to grow. Take the hard work out
of your routine and stay classy with KENJI.
Machine learning
Kenji has been trained to serve you well. Our bot predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests.
Fast & optimized
Kenji works quickly throughout the day and night, picking up more followers for your Instagram accounts.
Easy setup
It’s incredibly easy to set up Kenji. Spend a minute setting up and we promise you months of results. It’s so simple!
Real followers
KENJI promises you real followers every day. Instagram automation means organic results, and KENJI is no exception!
Get more Instagram followersYour Instagram follow bot
Instagram Follow BotFollow & unfollow
Following & unfollowing users usually takes up a lot of people’s time. KENJI will do these actions for you, and so much more. KENJI programmatically optimizes who to follow over time. This will result in a flurry of followers coming
in faster – without you having to lift a finger.
Instagram AutomationTargeting done right
Instagram Automation has never been easier. Set up your targeting once and then KENJI automatically optimizes your own settings. We use machine learning technology named “TensorFlow” to maximize KENJI’s output as well as maximize your
TestimonialsLoved by thousands
KENJI is loved by thousands of people automating their accounts with the best Instagram bot on the market. See what some of our many customers have to say about using KENJI to grow their Instagram accounts!
Great for busy people! “Being a mom is pretty hard, but I swear growing your Instagram is harder! KENJI made everything much simpler. Now all I need to focus on is my posting schedule!
Helping me grow my agency quickly. “KENJI made it so easy for me to connect with businesses and people just starting out. Everyone needs a logo, so I ended up getting way more business than I would have expected. This was a no brainer, try it out at
Best tool for Instagram”I’ve tried a few others in the past but I’m glad to have found Kenji. I used both the free and paid version and yeah I’m pleased with the results. It definitely helps since I’m also doing well on Shoutcart. Thanks! ”
This Instagram bot is my favorite one yet”We’ve been growing good old Suji’s account with Kenji (so fitting!! ) and we couldn’t be happier. There aren’t many tools out there that can help us, but KENJI has certainly done itself justice. It’s an awesome way
to grow your Instagram account. Thanks! ”
PricingModestly affordable
We’ve adopted a pricing structure that’s affordable for all. KENJI is here to put a smile on your face – not burn a hole in your pocket. Get the right Instagram bot and for the right price, too.
An affordable entry point for anyone looking to grow their Instagram account. Get access to a simple, straightforward version of KENJI.
The Best Instagram Bot
Quick & Easy Setup
Get Organic Followers
Blacklist & Whitelist
Fastest Speed
Basic Hashtag & User Targeting
Basic Optimizations
Regular 24/5 Support
The best version of any Instagram bot, ever. Used by our most serious clients – unlock all features and priority support!
Setup in 60 seconds or less
Advanced Settings
All Targeting Types
Smart & Auto Optimizations
Skip-The-Queue Support
FAQQuestions & Answers
You’ve got questions and KENJI has all the answers. Everything you’re probably still wondering is covered right here – and if there’s still something on your mind, reach out to our support team or read our
FAQ page!
What happens when I sign up?
The latest version of KENJI works with real phones, meaning your account operates through a physical phone at one of our offices. We do light actions and plan your targeting in the first few days to warm up your account.
Once warmup completes, we follow & unfollow users.
What’s “warming up” mean?
Accounts need to be warmed up, otherwise they receive an “action block” when used on a new device. Warmups are done by copying “normal” Instagram browsing behavior, like viewing Instagram stories and scrolling on your feed.
This process takes 1-3 days depending on how old your account is.
Do I have to follow/unfollow?
After operating for 5 years, we say this with absolute certainty: the Follow/Unfollow method works and is the best way to grow accounts. As such, the follow unfollow feature is a core component to KENJI and cannot be turned off.
Other features are supplementary to your growth!
How do you grow accounts?
The best way to grow Instagram accounts is by story viewing and using the follow/unfollow method. We start following & unfollowing in batches as soon as we’ve finished your warm-up period.
Is this safe?
Yes, KENJI is safe to use. We use real phones that quite literally do exactly what you would usually do with your own two hands. KENJI is the most intelligent automation tool at the moment. Learn more on our FAQ page.
Is there a free trial?
We do not offer a free trial anymore as KENJI has moved away from being an app install. We now use physical phones (which costs us money the moment you sign up) to automate your Instagram account, which is both safer and more efficient.
Get GrowingLet’s get you started
KENJI is the only Instagram bot that offers you an intelligent way to automate your Instagram. If your account doesn’t pick up more followers by itself, KENJI is the solution for you.
KENJI is your new feature-packed Instagram followers app.
110, 000+ Users
Instagram Bot Free Download For Mac - Home - hubbrown

Instagram Bot Free Download For Mac – Home – hubbrown

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