Instagram For Business With Multiple Locations

Why Businesses Need Multiple Instagram Location Accounts

Why Businesses Need Multiple Instagram Location Accounts
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5 Reasons to Create Instagram Business Accounts for Multiple Store Locations
There are over 1 billion users on Instagram and 200 million of them are using the app to visit a brand’s page at least once a day. So why are brands sending all their users to a single brand Instagram account? Setting up local Instagram business accounts for each store can provide more benefits than a brand may realize and here’s why.
In a 2017 survey by Borrell Associates, over 3, 500 local marketers ranked social media as the most effective promotional channel. With the new Instagram Graph API, we’re finding that brands are having more and more success with local social media pages. If you’re still debating on whether or not you should make local Instagram business accounts, here’s five reasons that might persuade your brand.
Starbucks takes advantage of both local and national Instagram Business Accounts
Why You Should Create Instagram Business Accounts for Each Business Location
Call-to-Action Buttons
The biggest benefit of creating store Instagram business accounts is that you can add call-to-action buttons to each page. Encourage users to call, visit (driving directions), or email the store directly from your local Instagram page. You can also create action buttons through a variety of third-party integrations so customers can start an order, reserve a table, buy tickets or book an appointment.
Business Instagram Account with CTA buttons.
Get Local Insights
Another benefit of store Instagram accounts is the ability to get location-based insights. You can see how the community engages with your individual locations, get an idea of the size and demographics of your customer base, and see what content works best for each store. You can also get insights into the number of clicks to call, clicks to email, and clicks to directions you receive at each location. This can help you make informed marketing decisions about each business account.
Insights are great for calculating the ROI of your Instagram efforts. One of the biggest problems with organic social media is that marketers have a tough time proving it’s ROI. By assessing the insights from clicks on driving directions, booked appointments, orders, and reservations, brands can calculate the projected sales from each click. You can view the formula for calculating projected sales below we went over how to use this formula in a previous post.
Better Media Management
There are currently two ways people can tag your business in a post. It can be through a direct tag to your account or it can be a geo-tag to your business location. Direct business tags appear in your tagged photos tab in your profile. Geo-tags appear on the Instagram map, these aren’t tied to your account and so your business won’t receive notifications of these images unless the user tags you in both the location and the post itself. By creating location-based business accounts it gives users more options to tag your store directly. Unless you work with software like Chatmeter to monitor those geo-tagged images, it can be hard to keep up with location tags without notifications.
Chatmeter’s Media Geo Distribution Map
Encourage Store Creativity
Instagram is a great way to encourage creativity and show off the personality of each and every store. Instagram is the perfect platform for showing off your company culture. People want to know they’re doing business with real people and by creating store Instagram accounts customers get marketing from the people they actually interact with.
Encourage your store locations to get creative with Instagram and create organic content. Create some guidelines and a schedule for stores to post. You can still use brand-wide content on every account but this helps personalize the account for each location. 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising, so start creating more organic content.
This Starbucks shares their Saturday tradition of wearing stripes.
Build local Engagement
Compared to Facebook (0. 22%), Instagram has a 2% higher interaction rate. This puts Instagram at the forefront of customer engagement. Creating location-based Instagram pages are a great way for brands to engage with the local community. Post local photos, encourage store managers to communicate with customers through the app directly and promote local events and deals where people are already looking. On average, users spend 53 minutes per day on the app, with 80% of users following a brand, there’s a lot more opportunity for people to engage with your business.
Local Starbucks promoting an event at their store.
How to create an Instagram Business Account for Multi-Location Brands
Now that you’ve seen the benefits of creating local Instagram accounts, let’s talk about how to create them.
What you’ll need:
A local Facebook business page – This needs to be tied to a single location.
The Instagram app – You cannot set this up on a desktop.
How do I create a Business Account For Instagram?
Open the Instagram app and click Sign Up.
Go to your profile and click the 3 horizontal lines.
Click Settings.
Select Switch to Business Profile.
Connect your profile to the Facebook Business Page associated with that specific location.
Add contact details, a description, and category.
Tap Done.
Now you’ll be able to view insights and see call-to-action buttons on your profile.
We know managing Instagram business accounts for multi-location brands and agencies can be a lot to handle. That’s why Chatmeter help’s brands to manage their online reputation. Our customers have trusted Chatmeter to monitor and engage with local customers. By training store locations on how to effectively manage their Instagram business locations, brands can engage with their brands better than ever before. Click here to request a free brand audit to see how your brand can improve its social media presence on the local level.
How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts for One Brand

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts for One Brand

Instagram is a social media platform that is now synonymous with visual content and storytelling. But not every story your brand wants to tell fits under the same umbrella. For brands that have multiple product lines, diverse target audiences or numerous locations, creating multiple Instagram accounts is a way to market more effectively to distinct audiences.
Even though Instagram recently made it easier to manage multiple accounts, the technicalities of managing two or more accounts are only a small portion of the effort. When done successfully, using multiple Instagram accounts can help you strengthen your relationship with specific audiences, grow your following in new markets and create multiple narratives for your brand that all help you meet your goals.
From the technical management of multiple accounts to creating an Instagram strategy for each profile, let’s go over strategic ways to manage multiple Instagram accounts for one brand.
Reasons your brand should consider creating multiple Instagram accounts
Separate your employer brand efforts from your marketing efforts
The benefit of having multiple Instagram accounts for the same brand is to customize your marketing messaging to different audience segments. If you’re going to create multiple accounts, make sure there is a need for it. The accounts should be different enough that you can create unique content that appeals to the interests of each particular audience. Starbucks Jobs highlights employment opportunities, education support and Veteran employment transition, and employee testimonials.
Build the brand of different product lines or interests
In addition to having audiences in different countries, some brands create accounts that cater to audiences that share specific interests. Nike has mastered the art of creating specific content for every group of people who enjoy their products. They have profiles dedicated to Nike Women, Nike Basketball, Nike Running and dozens of other subaccounts.
When your account is specific to a niche within your audience, it’s important to create content that caters to them. It’s not enough to syndicate the content from the main brand page. You need to create original content that speaks directly to this interest group.
Customize your presence for different regional audiences
One reason big brands create multiple Instagram accounts is to cater to different geographic locations. Audiences in different locations may have different demographics or content preferences.
It’s also helpful to be able to communicate to different areas in their language to achieve the right nuance with the messaging. Airbnb has Instagram accounts for different countries and uses marketing strategies that speak directly to their audience in that country.
Set goals for each profile
The most common goal among social media marketers is to increase brand awareness.
Along with managing multiple Instagram accounts, you have to set goals for each profile. Nike Running appeals to runners specifically. So they use that profile to promote new running shoes while speaking in terms that runners relate to.
Profiles that are more product driven may have goals related to sales or clicks to the website or landing page. Brand accounts that are more for entertaining or community building might have goals related to engagement or brand awareness.
Nike Los Angeles is another Nike subaccount, but you won’t find many promotional posts on that page. Instead, they post content related to their community in Los Angeles and share stories rather than push to sell products.
View this post on Instagram
“I left running for a long period of time, and found myself in a really dark place. I decided that I needed an outlet. Through running, I found healing. It helped me set an example for my daughter of discipline, women empowerment, and leadership. ” @runner_sue, founder of @eastlarunners Inspired by family, built in East LA:, @eastlarunners, and run for more than themselves. Together, they empower their families through the community of running. We go farther when we run together. Every Sunday through the end of the year, grab your family and come run with us,, @eastlarunners, and for Dia de la Familia at Nike East Los. Come laced up, or trial our new Nike Renew, built for the everyday runner.
A post shared by #nikela (@nikelosangeles) on Oct 25, 2019 at 12:29pm PDT
These two profiles, while supporting the same brand, probably have very different goals by which to measure success. And with Sprout’s Instagram Profiles Report, your brand can dig deeper into your Instagram analytics for each profile.
Sprout’s reporting tools can help you monitor your progress toward your social media goals by tracking your results over time.
Create a content strategy for each account
Maintaining multiple Instagram business accounts also means maintaining an individual content strategy for each profile. This includes figuring out the best types of posts that work for each audience and the times of day that your posts will get the most visibility.
Sephora uses different accounts to create content for its audiences all over the world. If you look at their various accounts, they heavily cater to customers in that region by emphasizing the local style.
To create a unique strategy for each account, you need to understand your audience to a high degree. The 2019 Sprout Social Index found that the second biggest challenge social marketers face is understanding their target audience.
Luckily, you can use social listening tools to try to get to know your audience on a deeper level. With Sprout’s social listening tool, you can get even more insight into what an audience wants to see by tracking conversations around relevant topics.
You can also use our Instagram Profiles Report to find your top performing posts, a content breakdown by type, hashtag performance and more.
This will also help you track consumer behavior related to the topic of your Instagram page. You can use Sprout’s social listening solutions to get up to date information on your audience’s demographics, geographic location, device usage, and more. All of this information can be used to create a tailored experience for your audience.
Although, if a post is gaining a lot of reach on one profile, it’s okay to repost it on another one of your brands accounts. Yes, you should be creating original content for each specific audience. But if something appeals to a lot of people and is relevant, there’s no harm in sharing it across accounts.
Know how to switch between Instagram accounts
Managing multiple Instagram business accounts is a lot easier now that the platform lets you manage all accounts from a single device. You can easily switch back and forth between accounts by clicking on the settings icon in the top right of your app. Then, scroll to the bottom of this area and click “add an account. ”
Repeat this process for each account you want to be able to manage on the device. Once all of your accounts are logged in, you can switch back and forth directly from your profile.
If you’re using a platform like Sprout Social, you can manage each account directly from the platform instead of switching back and forth between each. Keep in mind, though, that most social media management software require you to have an Instagram Business account before it can post on your behalf. Once you have an Instagram Business account, you can use Sprout to manage all of your Instagram feeds from one place.
With Sprout, you can easily manage multiple Instagram accounts with your team through the Smart Inbox. You can collaborate on creating or assigning tasks, marking messages as complete and alerting other users with real-time notifications when someone else is viewing or replying to a message. This feature can be extremely helpful for brands that have different people managing different brand profiles.
Manage multiple Instagram accounts with purpose
Brands with multiple Instagram accounts are using those platforms to tell niche stories through visual content. With multiple accounts targeting different audiences, you have the opportunity to tell stories that resonate with more people. Managing multiple accounts doesn’t have to be complicated. When you use the right tools you can create a strategy that helps you use these accounts to meet your overall business goals.
Loews Hotels & Co uses Sprout to manage individual accounts, including different Instagram profiles, for many of its properties throughout the US and Canada. With 24 properties and counting, this might seem like a daunting task, but using a tool like Sprout to organize and manage these accounts helps them get the maximum strategic and storytelling benefit out of these separate profiles.
Simon Kopec
Director of Social Media & Content Strategy, Loews Hotels & Co
Having multiple Instagram accounts lets brands like this pinpoint unique variations between the target audience of each profile, whether that’s based on niche interests, location or other trains that can help a brand communicate more precisely and directly with that audience.
Try managing your brand’s multiple Instagram and other social accounts with a free trial of Sprout.
How to add a location to your Instagram business page's bio

How to add a location to your Instagram business page’s bio

You can add your location to your Instagram bio on your business page and ensure potential customers on app know where you’re located if they’re interested in visiting add a business location to your account, first navigate to your profile page on the Instagram story is part of Business Insider’s Guide to Instagram.
Something is loading.
If you run a business account on Instagram, it may be essential to include a location in your bio so potential customers can easily determine where the business is located if they are interested in later visiting it. By including your business location, you make it easier for users to navigate there using third-party apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps. Adding a location to your Instagram profile bio is easy and can be done in just a few steps — and it takes less than two minutes. Here’s how to do it.
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How to add a location to your Instagram bio on a business account 1. Launch the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone. 2. Using the menu on the bottom of the screen, tap the profile icon, which resembles a person. 3. Under your account’s bio information, select “Edit Profile. ”
Navigate to your Instagram profile page and then select “Edit Profile. ”
Meira Gebel/Business Insider
4. Under “Public Business Information, ” select “Contact Options. ”
Select “Contact Options” from the menu’s list.
5. Next, select the “Business Address” text box to add a location.
Tap “Business Address” to add a location.
6. Fill in the text boxes for street address, city/town, and zip code.
Fill in all the required fields.
7. Once you’ve entered all of your location information, make sure it is accurate and then select “Done” from the top-right corner of the screen.
Tap “Done” at the top when finished.
8. To finish, select “Save” at the top-right.
To finish, select “Save. ”
9. After you’ve exited from the Edit Profile menu, your business profile will now reflect the location you’ve entered. This location will be visible to anyone who views your profile, whether they follow you or not.
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Can you add multiple locations on Instagram?

When you’re done, tap Next (iPhone) or (Android) in the top right. You can add one location and caption for your entire post, and tag someone in each individual photo. … After you’ve shared a post with multiple photos and videos, you can edit the caption, edit the location and accounts you’ve tagged in your post.

Can you have multiple Instagram accounts for business?

Managing multiple Instagram business accounts is a lot easier now that the platform lets you manage all accounts from a single device. You can easily switch back and forth between accounts by clicking on the settings icon in the top right of your app. Then, scroll to the bottom of this area and click “add an account.”Dec 3, 2019

How do you make multiple locations in Instagram bio?

How to add a location to your Instagram bio on a business accountUnder your account’s bio information, select “Edit Profile.” … Under “Public Business Information,” select “Contact Options.” … Next, select the “Business Address” text box to add a location. … Fill in the text boxes for street address, city/town, and zip code.More items…•Apr 13, 2020

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