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Growing on Instagram needs more than just sharing quality content at the right time for the right audience.
Yes, quality content is an integral part but it is not the only integral part of increasing the number of your followers.
Besides that, a marketer or a business which want to grow rapidly on Instagram needs to engage with other Instagram users and not just a few users.
But what do we mean by engagement? It includes all types of action which may encourage users to come back to your page, follow it and engage with your posts; one of the best ways is liking other Instagram users’ posts.
Here, we would explain how you can run a successful growth campaign using Instamber Instagram bot, following these steps:
1. Requirement
2. Target your audience
3. Run the growth campaign
4. Measure your performance
Growth requirements Before starting to run any growth campaign, you need to observe some requirements. These requirements are, in fact, essential to gain more followers using Instagram auto liker:
1) A perfect profile which includes a good profile picture and name and a comprehensive Bio describing you or your business and representing your contact information.
For more information about what you should include in your Instagram profile, read this article.
2) High-quality contents: you need to share at least 10 high-quality posts to start your campaign to get more followers and you should continue sharing quality contents which are interesting for your audience.
Read our article “How to go viral on Instagram? ” to find out what you should share on your Instagram page.
Target the right audience Defining a target market and finding the right audience helps your company develop effective marketing strategies.
Finding the right audience, you can be sure that they consequently engage with your page and increase its engagement rate which leads to appearing to more Instagram users. Instamber gives you several options:- Hashtag: You can target people who are using specific hashtags or following pages using those hashtags with Instamber.
– Location: Instamber helps you to target people located in a geographical area whether it is a country or a neighborhood. It is especially important for businesses which have a physical store. – Competitors’ pages: Instamber also lets you target followers of your competitors which are interested in your niche for sure and follow you sooner or later if you have quality the audience more accurately with Instamber filters Though these features are very helpful in finding the right audience, you can even make it more accurate by the filters which Instamber provides for you. See a list of Instamber filters here.
Run your advanced Instagram auto liker Following the steps above, Instamber is ready to automatically like your target audiences’ posts on your behalf.
You can also automatically follow other users, comment on their posts and view their stories by running Instamber; but before doing so, we highly recommend to read the following observations:
– Instagram limitations: if you exceed a specific number in performing an action on Instagram, it will find it as spam and would ban you form doing it for a while. Read about Instagram limitations in our Help Page. – Add Proxy: In order to make your auto like campaign even more fruitful, we suggest to add a proxy to your Instamber account. Having a proxy, your account will be connected to Instagram with a unique IP. – Avoid Manual likes: Automating your “Like” action by Instamber Instagram bot, prevent liking other users manually. Measure your performance KPI or key performance indicator is a measurable amount which shows how your auto like’s campaign has been successful. Here, we would consider it as the number of followers you will get using Instagram auto liker.
Considering that you can define up to 20 targets for your Instagram auto liker by Instamber and they can be a mix of all the options mentioned above and they would work simultaneously and separately to increase the number of your followers, you should observe the following conditions and define a new strategy when needed:
1. If the KPI of all your promotions were under 3 percent, you should perform the following actions:
– Check your account to be public, not private
– Reconsider your Bio ad profile picture
– Check the filters you have set in the system to target your audience
– Add new promotions and measure the performance again
2. If KPI of some of the promotions were low:
– Delete them and add new promotions
– To increase KPI, activate auto follow and auto view of stories.
Read Customer Service Reviews of - Trustpilot

Read Customer Service Reviews of – Trustpilot

My experience
Ok I couldn’t stand all the negative opinionated comments so i decided to give my own personal app is solid considering how brutal Instagrams algorithm got. A lot of automations went out of business or will just scam you. I feel a lot of work was put into this. And I definitely noticed updates, this app isn’t perfect but it gets the job done. I had way little time out the day and this app made up for it. You need to be smart, patient and have a strategy. It gets the basic needs done and FOR A GOOD PRICE INGRATES. I was able to grow my art page at least minimum 200 a month and thats posting on bare minimum. Post daily will get you gains 100 followers a week.
Instamber bot
At first, I faced some troubles because I got confused about their dashboard and how services function, but I got some help from the help center and set my panel well. I think if the providers lead users to read the tutorials, everything works finer.
Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore
seriously it is one of the best bots I…
seriously it is one of the best bots I have ever used and I must say I’ve tried lots of similar bots and I was looking for something exactly like this! The bot’s targeting algorithm helped me a lot and it did many of the things I had to do myself before. I especially loved the auto comment part. it’s such a big relief, by the help of the auto view story the number of my followers has increased a lot, and I will definitely recommend this bot to all those who have marketing activities on Instagram. you won’t regret it!
Dear, Sarathank you so much for your kind words! We’re delighted to hear that you had such a great experience with us
Instagram is the perfect place for business owners or people seeking to build their personal brand. So it is certain that it would not be easy to get the attention of audiences. Business advertising in Instagram is done by different methods such as hourly advertising, advertising by influencers, sponsorship etc. Another way is to increase the number of personal page followers, which is one of the challenges for Instagram users. Also having precious followers who like your page is an essential part of your successful Instagram marketing using Instamber’s intelligent targeting system, you can find the right audience who will definitely engage with your stamber continue engaging by auto like, auto comment and auto follow services even when you are offline. In result, you have real, active followers using this stamber have a lot of powerful targeting algorithm base on hashtag, location, similar pages, gender and language for introduce your activity. 2. Evaluate and optimize your growth performance by automatically engage with your target audience by following them and liking ducing repetitive tasks and make more interaction with your targeted audience to convert them to faithful ewing the stories to boost your followers through a user-friendly data is safe and always available to and don’t require to download and install. 7. real experts solve all of your issues fast. 8. dont require credit card
A useful and practical tool
A useful and practical toolIt is a useful and practical tool. I am applying Instamber Instagram bot, which is a functional and essential tool for every business on Instagram. It is a powerful tool to attract the attention of the audience on the social network Instagram and helped to raise the followers of my Instagram page. A very user-friendly interface in this bot allows me to apply all the desired settings and target the target followers in terms of age, gender, and location to follow my Instagram cently due to the Coronavirus pandemic around the world, almost all businesses are trying to move on the Internet. Therefore, there is a very tough competition to attract an audience to promote a business in cyberspace. So I needed to work 24 hours a day to attract followers, and of course, this lovely tool does it for me and saves me time and general, it is a powerful tool to attract followers, which is one of the requirements for any business and brand on Instagram. I highly recommend the use of this useful tool for all business owners on Instagram.
Nice bot
At first, I thought this bot would be like other similar bots with some fake followers and hypocritical ads; but now that I’m using it, I understood that I was wrong. I really like this bot and because of it not only I gained followers, but also my impression on Instagram has been increased. The fact that you can gain real and active followers will surprise you the way it surprised me, but do not forget that you have to be patient to see the result of this useful bot! I don’t want to exaggerate about it, you may be tired of waiting but you won’t regret it at al
Garbage – Refund REFUSED
paid for service and logged in. Hated interface, modules, crappy setup, etc. I used their service for 3 min before cancelling and asking for a refund. They refused. It’s garbage.
Bought USD$10
Bought USD$10, wants to buy instagram follower but kept saying unknown error, cant even buy likes for posts cuz it can’t even detect the link sent manually, emailed them on customer support and i didn’t even receive a reply at all. Read about how trusted this app was therefore I spent USD10 but I was so dissappointed. Scam service stay away, btw I applied for dispute on paypal hope i get my money back
Doesn’t work%70 of the time
When it works, it works but the software is so damn unstable it doesn’t work%70 of the time and keeps eating your budget. Here are the issues I constantly see on this software:1-) Automation will run for 10 – 15 minutes and then crashes. Automation stops. So you need to sit there and restart the service manually every 15 minutes. This adds up and gets frustrated. I never had an instance where the automation went for hours. 2-) Add a source search bar will not function. One day it works the next it wont. Currently I cannot even find any instagram accounts to automate since their web app search bar says “no matches found”3-) Their mobile app / emulator lead collect function is in an infinite loop mode not collecting any leads to automate for the last 6 days. So its just eating budget without being able to create lead lists. Just waste of time and money. 4-) It would just loop through the same accounts constantly linking and unliking the same photos from same people. If you actually sit there and watch the screen you see the same accounts and photos being liked and unliked many times. So its automation is faulty one. In short the software is very buggy and unstable, it works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. Randomly different functionalities of the software stops working. I have a feeling creators of the app are some young kids and running this service is way over their heads. Its just a huge hustle working with this service. I spend more time trying to fix and solve software problems/errors than the automation this service provides. Go try another service, this is just too unstable and I am getting frustrated at this point.
Appalling service and unresponsive dashboard
The promotion I paid for never actually started working. Very unresponsive dashboard. Customer service – appalling. Requested a refund after a few days of trying to have the service activated with not much success- still waiting to hear from the customer service team.
It’s amazing how bad they can be
It’s amazing how bad they can be, when you believe they have reached the lowest levels of disservice they manage to amaze you and get even worse. Their customer service is a joke, so useless and ridiculous. The app works half day every ten, and even if you write emails to the supposed customer service they will never answer you or even consider reimbursing you for the money already spent that you lose for problems that they cause. What they care about is that you pay, then any problem (and there will be lots of problems) that arises from there on will be your business and if the app doesn’t work it’s just your problem. This, in my opinion, is fraudulent behavior. Don’t trust them, save your money and time and look for someone serious who can do the job, giving them money or throwing it out the window will have the exact same effect. The only positive reviews they managed to collect are people they personally asked to review, probably for a fee or days of free use of their app, which still doesn’t work and therefore remains a rip off.
Dear Andrea, We can definitely assure you or any other customers that our bot is among few services that work at the moment. But you need to check it all the time because Instagram new algorithms are really harsh. So, the system may sometimes, malfunctions, but most of the time it works well. It is always recommended to be patient and follow the directions which unfortunately, you do not do. Any way, we are open to give you your money back, in spite of the fact that you have had great results.
I’m not satisfied at all!!
I’m not satisfied at all!!! Their only purpose is taking ur money and give you just a few fake followers or with really law quality ones and you can’t imagine how worse is the accounts they follow you! I paid 10$ For beginning, but when I saw the result, just asked for refund for several times I emailed but no one replied!!! I’m really sorry for them!!! Don’t trust them at all!!!
Dear Parya, Although there are some policies for refund, and if a customer fails his/her system because of not setting it right, he or she cannot request for a refund. We registered your refund request and it will get back to your account, you just need to be patient.
Won’t allow me to connect my profile
Won’t allow me to connect my profile. I tried contacting them countless times but they are to ignorant to respond. If I could give less than one star I would. The worst customer service (or lack thereof) I’ve ever experienced!!!!
Dear Will, Sorry for the troubles you have experienced. As you may know Instagram bots have faced a lot of ups and downs because of strict algorithms, so there are few bots on the market which work. On the other hand, getting the bot to work requires some considerations like not doing manual actions, installing, connecting, and updating social bridge. Not supervising your account can cause problems, however, our support team plus a complete help tutorial can always aid you. The support team always answers emails, and the customers need to apply the directions, otherwise, their system may fail.
Very Exciting service for growing…
Very Exciting service for growing Instagram accountVery Exciting service for Instagram growth. Finally, my real followers got increased by using of Instamber. With some research I accessed to promote my business on my Instagram page as I made my own efficient strategy for becoming popular. With targeting system, I found the followers which pay attention to my page by using of its tool such as powerful hashtags determiner. I really adore the way it’s working. There is one particular tool that absorb people who are interested in my page, the exciting point is, these people can be some of followers of my business competitors. Automation system of this exciting service is able to attract people in case of interacting with them. For instances I can mention some of features in it, such as auto like, auto follow, auto comment and e. g, which they are so erefore, as the conclusion indicates, Instamber is an artificial intelligence service allowing users to reach what level they want. It’s giving them the best opportunities to promote their marketing and achieve impressions. For sure I will suggest Instamber to my real close friends. thanks a lot.
Don’t bother wasting your time or money
Don’t bother, trial worked fine and service worked fine for a couple of days after which it stopped and was told to do everything manually till things got resolved which I didn’t mind as thought may be some technical glitch, but after a few days this also stopped working and now my credits I have purchased have disappeared from my account and getting no response from customer support. Currently going through Paypal for a refund as they have stopped replying to emails completely. Dont bother wasting your time with these guys clearly not interested in keep clients coming back and using their services which barley work anyway.
Instamber is great
Instamber is great. I mean it have been helping me a lot with managing my page. I am a blogger selling goods through my Instagram page and using Auto DM direct and bot services has helped me alot to be rightaway there for my clients while I am busy creating content and take care of the orders. I have to say that my customers are happier than before and I have received really good feedbacks. I definitely recommend it to others. Thank you so much.
Satisfied with Instamber results
I’m really glad that I found Instamber online and got the things I was looking for to improve my Instagram page marketing. They Provide such vast and huge customer services that I was able to get all the help I needed. I specifically used their Instagram Auto Direct Message and Post Manager which were both so helpful that I recommend using them to whoever wants to improve their Instagram business page. Another huge problem that I was facing was that I wasn’t getting as many followers as I expected but gladly there was this article in Instamber site that could help anyone buy active Instagram followers to make a more appealing profile in the eyes of users. It was so easy to follow and do and in the end I got the growth I was looking for in my followers. I also tried contacting their support team and they were extremely fast to reply and helped me decide what services to use to get the best results possible. The only reason not to give 5 stars is that the pricing was a bit high for me, but I’m completely satisfied with the result. I can’t put to words how much I’m grateful for your services. I would recommend you to anyone who faces my problems.
I recently made a purchase with Instamber, was almost immediately dissatisfied with the complicated interface (I found it impossible to navigate). In addition to having a terrible design, I also found out that there is no solution for Mac users outside of using their android emulator (to even further complicate the interface). I requested a refund within 30 min of purchasing their services and that’s when I began to realize Instamber is a scam. They claim I paid with PayPal (I did not) so I showed them a screenshot of my transaction history to prove this. When I explained myself and asked for instructions on how to proceed, they responded with the same “Request the refund from PayPal. ” This email back and fourth lasted for a week or so until ultimately I surrendered and let them have my money, even though they did not provide any service. It’s very clear that INSTAMBER IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM and I’m hoping that by writing this review I can deter people to help them avoid getting scammed like I did! There are plenty of other apps that offer similar services, unfortunately this is not one of them
Steve, The reason why we told you to request for your refund via your PayPal account, is because the only method to pay is PayPal, so the refund process should be done via that. After your request, your money will be back in few second point is that Instamber is not a scam. If you do the setting right, you can use it efficiently. And the help center aids you well.
Instamber Review – Is It a Scam? - Jonathon Spire

Instamber Review – Is It a Scam? – Jonathon Spire

Instamber Service Comparison
InstamberTop AlternativeOrganic GrowthNoYesPersonal ManagerNoYesProxy SupportNoYesReal FollowersNoYesReal LikesNoYesGet Real Instagram GrowthInstagram, as you already know, is a social media platform. It’s unique in that it’s primarily a visual platform that uses images and videos that are of interest to a variety of audiences.
When you are trying to promote your cause, business, brand, product, or service, you need to know your platform as well as your audience before you can strategize your plan and create your content.
The work of planning and creating content for your Instagram followers is already time-consuming enough without having to manually engage on Instagram as well.
Taking the time to follow people that are within your target audience, so you can gain exposure using your competitors on top of watching videos, liking and commenting on content similar to yours, and even direct messaging is overwhelming.
There are nearly one billion active monthly users on Instagram, so imagine how time-consuming performing all those tasks would be alongside of planning and creating content.
When would you enjoy life? If you work at a job already, have a family, or enjoy a nice social life, you will be spending more time on Instagram and significantly less time with your family and friends.
Now, add that to engaging across your other social media accounts, and where will your time go?
If you have that kind of time to spend and are passionate about your niche and dedicated to growing your online presence, that’s great.
However, if you want to enjoy life and build your online presence, you may want a little help from a service.
There are a few ways you can get help through outsourcing those tedious tasks that are so time-consuming.
You can buy followers, likes, and other engagement. You can hire a digital marketing can pay for a subscription to an automated service or Instagram can hire one person to engage for are the main ways to outsource your Instagram engagement. While the best way is to manually engage, which you can find through an agency or a freelance social media specialist, many Instagrammers are choosing to either buy followers and engagement or subscribe to automation or bot services.
We don’t advocate using automation, bots, or buying services, but we also don’t shun these options.
We know there are safe as well as risky services that offer growth and engagement.
Even if you choose an agency or freelancer, you need to ask them what method of engagement they use before paying for these services. They may use risky bots, so protect yourself by being informed.
Essentially, the quality and safety of your engagement depends on which way you go with outsourcing.
So, It’s wise to do your research and read reviews like this one about Instamber. Let’s see how this service stacks up in the industry.
Instamber Review
Instamber is a company that claims to provide real, effective growth for your Instagram – but can they?
Active followers are the cornerstone of Instagram growth. Without real, active followers you will not have a good reputation or a viable following. Instagram users know the difference, and so should you.
If you are considering outsourcing to an Instagram growth service online, you need to read this Instamber review before you invest in this service.
The thing is, if you invest in a company that’s legit, you will be able to take your Instagram growth far, and achieve a lot with it.
However, if you don’t, then you will be stuck with a profile that looks spammy, and that people aren’t going to want to check out.
There are plenty of companies out there that are scams, that you need to avoid if and when you can.
I’m Jonathon Spire, and I am passionate about the Instagram growth industry. I’m passionate about outing those companies that are scams, so that legit ones can get the spotlight instead. You never know who you are working with, and you never know which ones are just trying to take advantage of you.
Let’s read this review so that you can tell the difference between great companies and average ones.
What is Instamber?
Instamber advertises themselves as an Instagram bot right on the website. It claims their Instagram bot is the “best way to get real followers. ”
Let’s talk about that bot deal. Bots are often known to get people suspended or banned from Instagram.
As a matter of fact, nowadays, bots are not working on Instagram like they used to work.
You will find that more of these bots and many automated services are getting recently written negative reviews. It shows that this has changed since this review was originally written. This is an update.
Also, some of these bots are getting flagged and shut down because they are going against Instagram’s terms of use.
These are just some things you need to know before you choose your method of Instagram social media engagement.
Besides being a bot, there’s something else about Instamber you should know.
The first problem I see is the word “insta” in the name of the service and the website. Without permission to use parts of Instagram’s name, such as “insta”, “gram”, or “IG”, they are in violation of Instagram’s copyright laws.
Of course, we’re also not the kind of people to endorse bots, because they pose too big of a risk to your account. You need to find a company that actively doesn’t use bots to grow their clients profiles, otherwise you could get suspended.
We will further discuss this below. For now, let us look at the features, plans and prices, and the pros and cons.
What are Instamber’s Main Features?
Being an Instagram bot service, you can expect the same features that others like it provide.
Instagram BotInstagram Automated EngagementInstagram SchedulerBuy Instagram Likes & ViewsLocation, Username, and Hashtag TargetingThis information comes right off Instamber’s website, where they also claim that these features raise your Instagram following.
Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram
Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?
RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
Plans & Prices
In order to get the Instagram bot engagement they offer, you must pay the price (potentially in more than one way).
They offer a 3-day free trial and then you can subscribe to one of these plans.
Instagram Bot
$10 – Regularly $15Auto LikeAuto Follow/UnfollowAuto CommentAdvanced TargetingSecure BoostDirect Message
$10 – Regularly $15Send Welcome MessageSend Message to Followers and Non-FollowersSend Up to 120 DM DailyAttach Image to MessageCreate & Publish Customized MessageComment Manager
$10Manage WorkflowAccess & Join DiscussionManage All in One LookBack-Up Whole CommentsCategorize CommentsAuto Delete Negative CommentsPost Manager
$10Schedule Video, PhotoTag LocationImage Editing ToolsUnlimited QueueAdd First CommentThese are all considered basic plans, so there are likely ways to pay for more.
Pros and Cons
ProsHttps secure websiteClear pricingHelp center pageContact via form pageConsAbsence of customer service informationInstagram bot technologyLack of reviews/testimonials on or off the websiteNot enough information online
Is Instamber Safe?
Since they are obviously in violation of Instagram’s copyright laws, this Instagram bot service is a big risk. This technology is known to get Instagram accounts suspended or even banned.
Even so, we will look at the pros and cons.
Based on the negatives of this Instagram bot, I would not recommend it for Instagram engagement. The scheduler may be a viable service, but due to their copyright law infringement, I do not consider this a safe service.
Instamber User Reviews
Review Conclusion
Essentially, Instamber is an Instagram growth service I would personally take a pass on for several reasons. The first is that it is in violation of Instagram’s copyright laws.
The second is the use of bot technology. The third is the lack of reviews and information online even though they have social media presences across the major platforms.
While these are just three reasons, there are many more that we have discussed in the review above.
So, while three reasons might not be enough for you to not use them for your Instagram growth, we think it is – and the three here are bad enough that you don’t need anymore to make up your mind.
You don’t want to become embroiled with a company that is having legal issues with Instagram – that can only end badly. Find something else that shows they care about your reputation and Instagram growth from the beginning to the end.
We want our readers to be informed consumers before they engage in any kind of growth and engagement service.
That said, we don’t endorse Instamber in any way, but we also cannot claim that you will get penalized for using it. The risk is there for sure, but it’s up to you whether you choose Instamber for your Instagram engagement or not.
Review Verdict
No matter what you decide to do, we urge you to protect your Instagram account from getting suspended or banned.
By doing so, you will be protecting your online reputation and your credibility on Instagram.
Low-quality engagement like is commonly gotten from bot technology is of no value to your online presence.
At the end of the day, it should be about your ability to grow and engage in a way that people can trust you.
Real followers bring real engagement. Real engagement garners edibility results in loyal customer deliver revenue and good reviews for your business, which further builds your authority in your niche. That is what you need to know about Instagram growth and engagement and Instamber. How you decide to engage is up to you.
Top Instamber Alternatives
Have Your Say!
Important: Do you represent this company?
Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading.
– Jon
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