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If you are interested in building a side hustle, a YouTube channel might be a fun idea. Of course, making YouTube videos might seem like fun. But if you want to use YouTube as a side hustle it also needs to bring in a worthwhile income.
It is completely possible to earn an income with YouTube. In fact, many are earning a large income through the platform. So how much do YouTubers make?
Let’s take a closer look at how you can earn money with YouTube and how much you can make through the platform.
How to make money on YouTube
As a YouTuber, you’ll have several different ways to monetize your following. We break down the different methods below.
1. Ad revenue
As with other sites across the internet, YouTubers can receive ad revenue.
Although the numbers will vary slightly based on your channel, you can earn money with thousands of views. Most YouTubers earn around $18 for every 1, 000 ad views. That works out to around $3 to $5 per 1, 000 video views. Of course, this varies based on your channel, but that gives you a rough estimate of what it takes to earn a living on YouTube.
YouTube and Google Adsense change their payment terms on a regular basis. Make sure that you understand their policies about payment before getting started. One important note is that you won’t be able to cash out your earnings until you reach a balance of $100.
Ad revenue is one way to earn an income on YouTube. However, if you are wondering ‘how can I make money on YouTube without Adsense? ’ It is completely possible. In fact, there are four other monetization strategies to build out on your YouTube channel.
2. Sponsorship
If you have a large following, then brands might be willing to partner with you for sponsorship opportunities. As you build a base of subscribers, you might find more lucrative brand sponsorship opportunities.
The sponsorship opportunities might vary based on your audience and the brand. For example, you could get paid in cash for the promotion of products. Or you might receive free products instead.
Sponsorships will only be lucrative when you have a large audience. The number of sponsorships you are able to land will depend on the nature of your channel and the quality of your audience.
3. Merchandise
If you’ve built a brand around your YouTube channel, then your followers might be interested in merchandise. You can bring in revenue from your YouTube channel by selling products that will appeal to your audience.
A few merchandise ideas include traditional t-shirts, hats, and bags. But you can also branch out into other branded products that would appeal to your followers. For example, if you have a cooking channel on YouTube, then you may want to sell branded kitchen equipment.
With a strong following, you can sell merchandise. If you don’t have a devoted audience, then building out merchandise ideas could backfire. After spending your time and money to create merchandise for followers, it can be a letdown if no one wants to buy your product. Consider your audience and the strength of your following before you pursue merchandise.
4. Affiliate links
An affiliate link can allow you to earn a commission if one of your followers buys the product. Let’s say that you advertised an Amazon product and included an affiliate link. When your follower clicks through the link to purchase the product, you will receive a small percentage of the sale. Over time, these small commissions can build into a large income.
Of course, you will need a large following in order to make a substantial amount of money through affiliate marketing. But if you have subscribers that trust your opinion, then making some money through affiliate marketing should be possible.
Affiliate marketing is a fairly common way for YouTubers to earn an income.
If you feel that a product can serve your audience, then you should include an affiliate link in your video. You should only include affiliate links that you think will help your audience. Otherwise, it could be a turn-off that most of your recommendations aren’t useful for your followers.
How much can you earn on YouTube?
You can earn a lot of money on YouTube. In fact, some YouTubers earn millions of dollars each year. A few examples of successful YouTubers include:
PewDiePie: PewDiePie earned $13 million dollars through his platform last year.
Jeffree Star: Known for his popular makeup tutorials, Star earned $17 million dollars last year.
Ryan Kaji: An eight-year-old is at the top of the earning charts for YouTube. In 2019, he earned $26 million!
With earning potential in the millions, it is easy to be starstruck by the possibilities for your YouTube channel. However, it can be extremely difficult to break into the high earnings on YouTube for a variety of reasons.
First of all, it is extremely difficult to build a following. Although it might seem effortless to post a few videos and wait for the hits, it will require more effort than that. The digital landscape on YouTube is extremely competitive. With 300 hours of video uploaded every single minute, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.
Since it is so difficult to build a following, many YouTubers don’t earn anything to write home about. In fact, most YouTubers will not earn more than the U. S. poverty line. That’s around $12, 000. Even people with substantial followings struggle to earn a decent living.
How to get started earning money on Youtube
If you want to earn an income from YouTube, you need to be unique. Before you start posting videos, think about what you want to build with your channel. What kind of followers do you want to gain? What kind of message do you want to put into the world?
Do you want to create vlogs about your daily life? Or will you be creating sitdown videos on specific topics?
Whatever message you choose to create, make sure that it helps you stand out from the crowd. For example, the Clever Girl Finance YouTube channel offers unique content geared towards women that want to improve their finances. Check it out to start thinking of your own new ideas.
Once you start posting videos, aim for some basic metrics. The first major milestone is to hit 1, 000 subscribers. After that, you can aim for 4, 000 hours of watched video in the past year. That will help you get started with some ad revenue. From there, you can branch into other monetization strategies based on your following.
Should you give YouTube a try?
If you are interested in building a unique channel and enjoy the process, then yes. Why not give it a try? With a great idea and some luck, you could be the next YouTube superstar.
On the flip side, YouTube is not the most reliable place to earn an income. If your goal is to increase your income through a side hustle, then you might want to consider other options.
Check out our side hustle course to learn about other potential side hustles and how to get started today! Also, be sure to check out our favorite female YouTubers who talk about personal finance!
Is YouTube a Job? - Destination Scanner…

Is YouTube a Job? – Destination Scanner…

Many people in creative industries have been ridiculed by others who believe their work isn’t a “real job”. In many cases, people appreciate such careers only when an artist attains great success. The same applies to YouTube. Regardless of the number of views or followers, a YouTuber might have, they may still hear comments like: “YouTube is not a job. ” How true is such a statement though? Does developing YouTube content compare to the traditional concept of a real occupation? Well, nowadays, YouTube offers job opportunities for many people. Many content creators on this platform work with schedules and deadlines, just like in traditional YouTube a job? Yes, YouTube is a job. In order to succeed as a YouTuber, one needs to follow specified work hours and work under somebody else’s authority. That’s similar to any other occupation out there. Successful YouTubers also enjoy a steady paycheck, but any business can go under at any view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a
web browser that
supports HTML5 videoMany people around the world are fascinated by the possibility of leaving their day jobs to earn an income on YouTube. Nowadays, stories of persons coming from obscurity to gain fame and fortune by creating videos for online audiences are not uncommon. But the question still remains, how possible is it to make a living form this platform? In this article, I’ll look at the full-time YouTuber salary and the pros and cons of being a YouTuber. I’ll also answer, is being a YouTuber worth it? And is YouTube a good career? Read on to know YouTube a Job? YouTube forms some misconceptions about the reach content creators have. A true YouTuber goes beyond YouTube to grow their influence and income. They define strict work hours for themselves in order to meet deadlines and expectations of audiences. Additionally, they follow the authority of their viewers when necessary to create engaging content that’s worth seeing. They know how to navigate business and brand offers in favor of their Tube is not only a real job but a real career. It is as real as any other profession could be, but it needs passion, discipline, hard work and some reason, some people assume that even the most influential YouTubers are simply waiting on their AdSense paycheck to come in every month. That is utterly false. Similar to any organization, the content creators who want to turn their content into a career look for diverse income streams. Many of them communicate with brands and work on alternate of the largest content creators have transformed their humble channels into full-blown companies with employees. The employees work effectively to ensure the company continues to earn money regardless of whether YouTube disappears one day. Hence, the perception that YouTubers are idiots depending one just one site to keep the money rolling is narrow-minded. That’s especially so in light of the brand deals many YouTubers are doing every other day. Vloggers on YouTube are diverse. Daily vloggers pour into planning their daily lives around what would make excellent content for their audience. If something tragic happens, they have to define a fine line between opening up to their viewers and retaining some privacy. Similar to any production studio, daily vloggers spend lots of money on equipment to capture their stories. And edit late into the night to ensure the content is uploaded on time. They’re not free to do whatever they feel like; these people are bound to an occupation they have other types of vloggers are the people who share news, review products, share theories, and discuss topics or events. The amount of research that goes into all those areas usually goes unappreciated by many viewers. The biggest content creators in this field do not simply flip on a camera and start speaking. They pour in time and effort into the pre-production and research process to produce exquisite, how does a YouTube job compare to a traditional job? Specified Hours for WorkMany successful YouTubers work with schedules and deadlines. They need to be disciplined enough to complete projects on time. Businesses or brands they partner with expect sponsored videos to meet their standards. If a YouTuber works within a network, he or she is contractually obligated to work based on the requirements of the network. Although they do not possess a shift calendar, vloggers still have to wake up early each morning, seven days a week and work late hours if they want Somebody Else’s AuthorityYouTubers have a certain freedom to produce whatever content they desire. However, that’s not a good idea all the time, if one wants to become successful. Just as a sales associate works under the authority of a manager, YouTubers are under the authority of their viewers. They need to create content that engages their audience. If they do not, they’ll be “fired” PaycheckYes, many successful YouTubers technically have a steady paycheck. However, any business can come crumbling down. Any company can begin to lay off workers for any number of reasons. Different industries have different turnover rates, and job security is usually an illusion. Anyone could be out of work at any time because of something out of their control. The same applies to YouTubers. A content creator on YouTube might be receiving viewers, growing their presence, gaining brand partnerships, etc., then some crazy rumor about them comes up and everything comes to a halt. In such a case, one may have to begin from the bottom again just like anybody else who’s lost their can be seen from the points above, working on YouTube has a lot in common with traditional Being a YouTuber Worth It? – What is the Full-Time YouTuber SalaryWithout a doubt, there are still many skeptical people out there who don’t believe it’s possible to earn money online. In reality, there are many success stories of people who’ve found their fortune on the internet. YouTube is just one of the numerous ways to become a web sensation and those who are fortunate enough even become online any expat wondering how much YouTubers make, check out the following guide:· In general, Google pays out 68 percent of its overall AdSense revenue to publishers. Therefore, for each $100 an advertiser pays on the platform, Google pays $68 to the content creator. · The actual rates advertisers pay vary, but they usually range between $0. 10 and $0. 30 per view. However, they average out at $0. 18/view. · A YouTube channel can get an average of $18 per 1, 000 advert views. That equates to $3-$5 per 1, 000 content and Cons of Being a YouTuberJust like most things in life, being a YouTuber also comes with several advantages and of taking up YouTube as a career:It Allows a Person to Follow Their Passion: YouTube gives writers, entertainers, producers and directors a chance to follow their passion. It also enables them to connect with different people from across the Degrees Required, No Age Limit: Making videos for YouTube does not require any college or university degree. Talent is sufficient if one knows how to resonate with his or her audience. Additionally, there’s no minimum age requirement to start a YouTube channel. Many musicians and artists have found an online audience and closed mega deals all thanks to Need for a Physical Office: A person can set up their YouTube channel from anywhere and at any time. They can start it in their kitchen, bedroom or backyard with just some good video shooting equipment and catchy mal Pressure: Sure, YouTube is competitive and it’s difficult for one to make their mark. But all a person needs is to understand their audience and know what content is most of being a YouTuber:The Cost of Creating Fine Content: Having a million-dollar idea is excellent, but funding is necessary is moving it forward. Creating videos using a smartphone is great, but for those who are aiming higher, having decent equipment is crucial. Using high-quality YouTube gear and hiring talent for videos could enable the production of top quality content. However, both of these methods cost nsistency Is a Challenge: It’s not easy for many YouTubers to produce content consistently with similar quality. Channel owners might not have adequate content to do a follow up of a certain series. Or a video might not be as effective as the prequels, which can lead to loss of Takes Time: Even if a YouTuber’s content is focused on trends, it is difficult to get a consistent audience. 300 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube. Users on the platform are spoilt for choice, so not all videos are agiarism: Setting up a YouTube Channel is not difficult, but ideas do get copied. Many brands follow up on plagiarism cases aggressively, but humble channel owners don’t even have the means to know if their ideas have been YouTube a Good Career? A career in YouTube comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice really depends on a person. It takes money to produce impressive videos and there’s no shortage of haters on the worldwide succeed in YouTube, a person needs conviction and vision. Do they have the talent that will capture the attention of online audiences? How much faith do they have in their content? Does it have the potential to challenge the mainstream and traditional content? Are they ready to work late nights, shoot and edit videos frequently, develop scripts, not have a regular paycheck and collaborate with entertainers? If the answer is yes to those questions, then a career in YouTube is worth the author: Marta Kovachek is the author of this article. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a master’s degree in Economics. Marta enjoys writing about the current economic situation and loves helping our readers to find their next “destination”. From places to live to complex social and economic topics, we always enjoy Marta’s work. Please contact us in case of any questions.
How Many YouTube Views Do You Need To Make Money - Out of the 925

How Many YouTube Views Do You Need To Make Money – Out of the 925

Updated: August 17, 2021This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.
If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, there are definitely a lot of things for you to think about. One question you’re probably asking is, how many YouTube views do you need to make money?
You will hear a lot that “it depends”. It does depend, but that doesn’t help you very much, so I thought I’ll just give you some of the facts based on real channels and statistics. Here’s the short answer…
Most channels earn between $4 and $15 per 1000 views and YouTube requires you to earn at least $100 before they pay you. That means that if you have a channel that makes $10 per 1000 views, it would require 10, 000 views for you to get paid by YouTube once you’re in the YouTube Partner Program.
Per YouTube video view, the majority of YouTubers earn between $0. 004 and $0. 015 cents from YouTube Ads once they have joined the Partner Program.
In order to get paid for ads on your videos, you need to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.
Table of Contents[Hide][Show]How do you get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program? +−Why having multiple videos is better than having one video go viral. 4 Tips to get into the YouTube Partner Program Quicker:How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to start getting paid? How much money does 1 million YouTube views make? How much does a YouTuber with 100k subscribers make? How much money do you make on YouTube with 1 million subscribers? How much do YouTubers make per year? How does YouTube send you money? Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?
How do you get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program?
The requirements for the YouTube Partner Program are:Follow all the YouTube monetization in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is more than 4, 000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 more than 1, 000 a linked AdSense account.
Usually, when you achieve 1, 000 subscribers, this is also enough to actually get you accepted into the YouTube Partner Program as well.
This is because the 4, 000 hours of watch time in 12 months can be achieved as you reach this target if your videos aren’t extremely short and if your viewers watch a good portion of your videos.
Here’s a breakdown of how manageable this is:
4, 000 hrs = 240, 000 mins. In order to achieve 240, 000 minutes in a year, if your videos are on average 8 minutes in length and you have a retention rate (percentage of your video that is watched) of around 50%. That means on average each view is worth 4 minutes. So you would need 60, 000 views to gain monetization (if you also reach 1, 000 subscribers).
This doesn’t have to be one video. If you have 30 videos with 2, 000 views each on average (with 4 min average watch time) then that will also get you to 240, 000 minutes.
Why having multiple videos is better than having one video go viral.
You can build an audience around your channel already as your viewers will be able to see a lot more of you. Your channel can grow at a faster rate, as YouTube will suggest your other videos to people who have watched your content. This increases the likelihood they more videos you have the more opportunities your channel has of being found by potential more videos you have the more context YouTube has on what your channel is about. And the more context YouTube has, it can more accurately recommend your videos to people who will be more likely to watch your videos.
4 Tips to get into the YouTube Partner Program Quicker:
Make videos around a specific topic and upload consistently. Find something you’re interested in and then make videos around only that sure your videos provide your viewers with answers and not as many videos as you can in the first 60 days. It’s not about quality, this is where you create and see what people are interested in and you improve rapidly by creating more videos. Aim for 30 doesn’t matter unless it’s actually a part of the content of your video. I. e. a guitarist probably needs a guitar.
How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to start getting paid?
Ok, so the partner program requirements are nice to see, but what does that actually mean for you and how many subscribers do you actually need to start getting paid.
The minimum is 1, 000 subscribers as that is part of the requirements, but the number of subscribers doesn’t actually affect how much you get paid. How much you earn is based on the number of views you receive and your channel/video RPM (the revenue you earn per 1, 000 views).
In simple terms, your RPM is based on who watches your videos and what type of videos you make. If the majority of your audience is in a country like the US, where companies invest more in advertising than many other countries, your revenue will be higher than in a country like India for example.
The same can be said for a genre like Gaming vs Real Estate. Gaming channels have far greater competition, meaning the advertisers can pick and choose who they use, whereas Real Estate has a far more targeted demographic (higher income in general) and there are fewer real estate channels than there are gaming channels, meaning the advertisers have to pay more to get a placement.
That’s a very basic explanation, with many more factors, but just to give you an idea why channels earn different amounts even if they receive the same number of views.
So now how many subscribers do you need to start getting paid? Let’s take $100 per month, if you want to earn $400 per month and you have a common RPM of $5, that means you need to get 80, 000 views every month (($400/$5 = 80)*1000).
But, enough of hypotheticals, let’s look at some examples of YouTubers that actually made between $100-$2000 from YouTube ads and how many views that took.
Catherine Manning: 50, 000 views = $390. 88 ($7. 82 RPM)Tommy Bryson: 50, 800 views = $1511. 05 ($29. 75 RPM)Backstage Income: 55, 600 views = $621. 26 ($11. 17 RPM)Kimbro: 50, 000 views = $116. 70 ($2. 33 RPM)Scott Schafer: 26, 200 views = $378. 71 (14. 45 RPM)
What we can see is that subscriber count doesn’t have an effect on how much you earn. Your subscriber count can help you achieve more views though.
If you have an engaged subscriber base, when they watch and engage with your video, YouTube will take that as a sign of it being a good video and may then suggest it to viewers with similar interests or rank it highly as it is very relevant to a search term you are targeting.
This is how channels with small subscriber counts can have videos that get 50k, 100k, and even millions of views.
How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?
This can vary widely depending on the RPM of the channel. But luckily we can look at some real world examples of different channels in different niches and see exactly how much they made on YouTube ads with 1 million YouTube views.
CreatorVideo TypeViewsRevenueRPMShelby ChurchComparison1. 3 million$2, 035. 82$1. 57Jessica OsRelationship Advice1. 05 million$5, 997. 18$5. 71Reyes The EntrepreneurBusiness1. 1 million$3, 706. 75$3. 37Nay NicoleBusiness1 million$34, 903. 99$34. 90AthinaFitness1 million$4, 236. 47$4. 24Matt BrightonMake Money984, 500$12, 661. 33$12. 86Spencer CorneliaScam Exposing1. 4 million$7, 441. 95$5. 32ZoeunlimitedHealth1. 5 million$1, 832. 53$1. 22
As you can see above, you can make anywhere between $1, 220 and $34, 904. 99 with YouTube ads on a video that gets 1 million views.
P. s. the figure taken from Matt Brighton was from almost 1 million views on his channel and not from a single video. As he is based in the UK, I also converted the pounds figure (£9, 117. 40) to dollars at the exchange rate at the time of writing, for better comparison.
How much does a YouTuber with 100k subscribers make?
We’ve had a look at how much money you can make with a million views, but that could fluctuate greatly if you get one video that takes off.
For a more stable look, let’s talk about subscribers again. When you have a solid subscriber base, then you can predict more accurately what the general performance of a video should be like. You as the creator know that a certain percentage of your subscribers engage and then if the video performs exceedingly well, that’s all just a bonus.
How much does a YouTuber with 100k subscribers make? Let’s look at some actual eatorNicheMonthly ViewsMonthly IncomeRPMCharlie ChangeFinance1, 3 million$13, 169. 57$9. 88Jimmy Tries WorldTech816, 709$3, 917. 04$4. 80Bruce WangFinance246, 687$4, 270. 23$17. 29Jessica StansberryBusiness210, 073$3, 174. 58$15. 12Shop NationDIY316, 000$1, 802. 83$5. 71
As you can see, YouTubers with around 100k subscribers are making between $1, 802. 83 and $13, 169. 57 per month on average from YouTube Advertising. You should also monetize your channel in different ways, and many channels do this and easily earn more than twice what they make in YouTube ads from Affiliate marketing, merchandise, products, etc.
P. In the table above, I have converted the views and revenue into a monthly average for better comparison.
How much money do you make on YouTube with 1 million subscribers?
Now that we’ve looked at some YouTubers earning a good living with around 100k subscribers, how much money do YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make from YouTube advertising?
Here’s a breakdown of how much 5 real YouTubers with around 1 million subscribers are making with YouTube ads on their videos:CreatorNicheMonthly ViewsMonthly IncomeRPMGraham StephanFinance6. 6 million$95, 102. 62$14. 41Mango StreetPhotography880, 771$1, 547. 23$1. 76Matti HaapojaTech2. 08 million$10, 157. 01$4. 88AryyMusic/covers1. 925 million$571. 86$0. 30MattDoesFitness*Fitness11 million$33, 551. 28$3. 05
*MattDoesFitness had about 2 million subscribers when he released this income report.
As you can see, YouTubers with around 1 million subscribers are making anywhere between $571. 86 and $95, 102. 62 per month on average from YouTube Advertising. And many of these channels are easily earning more than twice what they make in YouTube ads from Affiliate marketing, merchandise, products, etc.
This should give you an idea of how much money some of the largest YouTube channels can make.
How much do YouTubers make per year?
Now you’ve probably seen the articles on how much money some of the largest YouTubers make, like Jeffree Star, PewDiePie, David Dobrik, etc. These articles are pure guesses on how much money they make in the stead of guessing, let’s take a look at how much money YouTubers actually make per year with channels of different sizes. These figures include not only YouTube Ads, but also other streams of income like brand deals, affiliate marketing, and product sales that are linked to the creator’s videos.
This is how much YouTubers of different sizes earn per year:
CreatorNicheSubscribersRevenueVanessa LauCreator Tips450k Subscribers$2, 818, 439. 02Roberto BlakeCreator Tips512k Subscribers$200, 000. 00FeinsworldCreator Tips11k Subscribers$27, 093Shop NationDIY100k Subscribers$115, 960Catherine ManningCreator Tips300k Subscribers$222, 967. 77
As you can see, how much YouTubers make per year can range massively, with some channels with 11k subscribers earning $27k and other channels with 450k subscribers earning $2. 8 million.
You will generally find that the YouTubers that earn the most are running their channel like a business, with a variety of different streams of monetization, many of which earn more than what they receive from Google Adsense.
P. Some of these figures are before taxes and other expenses have been deducted, so these aren’t all the final figures that these channels have made. Minus 30% for good measure. How does YouTube send you money?
Once the minimum threshold of $100 has been reached in your Adsense account, YouTube will send the account balance to your bank account via wire transfer. The money that was accumulated in the previous month(s) will be sent around the 20th of the following month.
For example, if you made $50 in July & $75 in August, the $125 will be transferred to your bank account on the 20th of September. If you made $500 in September, it will be transferred to your bank account on the 20th of October (approximately).
You can only receive payments from YouTube via bank transfer. PayPal is not accepted.
Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?
No, if you skip an ad before 30 seconds, or if you skip an ad that is less than 30 seconds, then the YouTuber doesn’t earn anything from that ad (and the advertiser doesn’t pay) same goes if you are using ad-blocking software. If the advertisement doesn’t play, then the YouTuber doesn’t earn any advertising income from the view.
Some ads, like bumper ads that are very short, around 6 seconds, cannot be skipped (unless using an ad-blocker), in which case your favorite creators will earn something from that ad view.
If you want to support your favorite creators, the best thing you can do for free is to like, comment, and share their videos, and to let the ads on their videos run for at least 30 seconds. This is something anyone can do and it’s completely free. While doing this once may not seem like a lot, if hundreds and thousands of viewers get involved, it can really make a massive difference, especially to small creators.
If you want to grow your channel and earn the views that some of these creators have earned, I recommend installing the free TubeBuddy browser extension to help you get to the top of search results.
TubeBuddy makes video optimization a walk in the park.
See exactly what your competitors are doing and find video ideas and keywords for what people are already looking for. And much more.
Now you know how much money YouTubers of different sizes are making and how many YouTube views you need to make money. Are you a YouTuber and you’re willing to share how much you’ve earned on your channel or on a specific video, let me know.
If anything mentioned here was confusing, or you have any questions, drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions about is a youtube channel worth it

Is being a YouTuber good money?

As with other sites across the internet, YouTubers can receive ad revenue. Although the numbers will vary slightly based on your channel, you can earn money with thousands of views. Most YouTubers earn around $18 for every 1,000 ad views. That works out to around $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views.Sep 20, 2021

Is being a YouTuber a good career?

Yes, YouTube is a job. In order to succeed as a YouTuber, one needs to follow specified work hours and work under somebody else’s authority. That’s similar to any other occupation out there. Successful YouTubers also enjoy a steady paycheck, but any business can go under at any time.

How many views do you need to make a living on YouTube?

Here’s the short answer… Most channels earn between $4 and $15 per 1000 views and YouTube requires you to earn at least $100 before they pay you. That means that if you have a channel that makes $10 per 1000 views, it would require 10,000 views for you to get paid by YouTube once you’re in the YouTube Partner Program.Aug 17, 2021

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