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posts → Phantombuster → reviewsPhantombusterA marketplace of simple to use no-code APIs4. 9/5AboutWe mix data-scraping and social media automation to build growth-hackers favorite tool. Our shop contains more than 60 actions (and new ones every week! ) goal: Let creative, non-technical people easily setup automatic and efficient growth you recommend this product? I’ve used this several time to increase my social media reach, it works very well and anytime I would be stuck doing something, I would get help same day by the phantombuster team.
Pros: They make it easy to do hard stuff.
Love their UI
Technical / Marketing team very helpful
Cons: I would like to see more tutorial to build our own bots! I love using Phantombuster before my sales campaigns. It helps me collect info and data about my prospects and automate boring and recurring actions like visiting linkedin profiles, following twitter profiles and creating triggers combined with zappier.
It is now part of my daily routine and i am also using it to source candidates now that we’re hiring.
Big plus: The product is evolving fast and the team listen to its users.
Pros: Very simple and effective for sales
Cons: Maybe regroup the cards on the homepage by functionCo-founder & CEO @ lemlistAmazing tool – amazing team – if you want to automate your growth PB is your go-to tool!
Their APIs are really easy to use and can be customizable for much advanced use cases!
Pros: Phantombuster is THE must have tool for
any growth hacker – tech savvy marketer.
Cons: The APIs are not “easy” to set up. But if you can read you’ll be fine! I’ll be watching this tool for sure!
Pros: I wish we’d had a tool like this sooner for our growth initiatives!
Cons: Not sure & Co-founder @Whoomies& Best customer service!
Pros: Very easy-to-use & effective platform! Top results on increasing our social networks’ followers base
Cons: Definitely the best tool I’ve been using Phantombuster for almost a year now. It’s a great tool for automating any processes online and data collection. Their free APIs are useful but you fully benefit from the product when you start making your own workflows and scripts. Give it a try, if you’re data-driven and focus on automation, it’s a must!
Pros: – Many useful APIs for free to start with
– Extremely powerful tool to create custom scraping and workflow automation
Cons: – Steep learning curve to use the APIs at its full potential
– UI isn’t practical to have one API work with Growth hacking, their applications are well thought out and very effective. The team is always available to answer questions and is very active in the development of new APIs
Pros: Very effective for growth strategy
Cons: not very user friendly with the first version. (new version incoming)Co-founder & CEO, ActiondeskPhantombuster is really helpful to automate some growth hacking tasks pretty much every startup has to execute.
Moreover, their wide catalogue of use cases and APIs has given us many ideas that enabled us to grow.
Pros: Many super interesting use cases, easy to setup, saves TONS of time.
Cons: The interface is still a bit raw sometimes but I’m sure this will be improved quickly. Now working on @satsearcherGlad to see PB on here. Used them before with some LinkedIn related stuff, very powerful tool. Will definitely use coming into the future for prospecting etc. Pricing plans seem very reasonable too.
Pros: – Simple
– Fast
– Fairly good UI
– Plenty of good suggestions/click-and-go options for how to use their existing APIs
Cons: – Hard to integrate APIs with one another (but hey there’s other services for that, I like their specialisation)Your business to the next levelThanks guys!
Pros: Been using Phantombuster for a while now, and built my entire growth automation strategies on their product
Cons: Could be easier to useVenture Catalyst @OneRagtimeA must have!
Pros: Great tool. Easy to use even for non-tech people and very efficient to build and animate a social community. Definitely recommended!
Cons: Not much to say, more APIs would be greatPH allow me to do simple stuff quickly to create complexe efficient growth framework.
Pros: Very easy to use, that help me each day to do my web-marketing.
Cons: I would like more API, but I saw the trello with the requests. Digital marketing @ SwapcardI’m using Linkedin Scrapers since one year.
Pros: An incredible long list of scrapers that are maintained update to date
Cons: API Store SearchSince NeXT…. still in the webI have been using PB for a while and I have compared their solution with their competitors. Well crafted, stable and excellent availability.
I have been using them mostly on Linkedin, IG and twitter for various customers.
The zappier of marketing I guess, that’s what PB is about.
Pros: great features for effective growth hacking. Handles proxies, cool pricing and they are adding new “recipees” quite often.
Cons: it would be nice to use login/paswords as well in order to avoid the expired cookie issue (loosing execution time while scheduling)Looking forward to more automation
Pros: Now I can check who of my team is an active ambassador of our posts on our LinkedIn company page and appreciate them for it. Excellent tool!
Cons: NoneLove them!
Pros: They have amazing APIs and release new APIs every week it seems! Probably the first tool I recommend any growth marketer to use.
Cons: Could be made simpler for less technical folks, but I believe it’s something they’re already working Growth MarketerMust-have tool for any growth hacker
Pros: – Great product
– Lots of APIs
– Helpful support
– No alternatives
Cons: NothingCEO at Harvestr, Product MakerPowerful yet simple automation tool that offers many interesting use cases when you’re building a startup, especially for sales. Definitely worth trying!
Pros: Many APIs and use cases, can save a lot of time, easy to set up.
Cons: UX could be even simpler but their documentation is very helpful. Super quick response from their Support team, Very nice voting for new features, very customizable to your own needs:)
Pros: Easy to use – copy paste 2 values and you’re good to go
Cons: Sometimes proxys don’t work Helps you grow your business! Big fan of the product. I have been using it for quite some time now and I’ve been telling a lot of my clients about this tool! Keep up the good work!
Pros: Very powerful API’s. I love that I can use their API’s to automate a lot of stuff I would have to do manually.
Cons: Linking API’s together could be a bit easier, but I honestly don’t mind!
Phantombuster Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 - Capterra

Phantombuster Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 – Capterra

Tabset anchorWhat is Phantombuster? Phantombusters is a data extraction solution designed to help sales and marketing teams across businesses of all sizes collect information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to facilitate customer relationship management. The platform also enables administrators to schedule and automate actions such as following profiles, liking posts, sending customizable messages, accepting requests, and more to interact with prospects and increase visibility across the web. Best ForSales, marketing and growth teams from all over the world use our tools to automate their lead generation, increase their visibility on the web and overall antombuster Pricing OverviewPhantombuster pricing starts at $30. 00 per feature, per month. There is a free version. Phantombuster offers a free additional pricing details antombuster Video and ImagesDeployment & SupportDeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-BasedDesktop – MacDesktop – WindowsDesktop – LinuxDesktop – ChromebookOn-Premise – WindowsOn-Premise – LinuxMobile – AndroidMobile – iPhoneMobile – iPadSupportEmail/Help DeskFAQs/ForumKnowledge BasePhone SupportChatTrainingIn PersonLive OnlineWebinarsDocumentationVideosContact DetailsPhantombusterLocated in FranceFounded in 2016 like you also researchedHere are some products we think might be a good fit based on what people like you viewed. Learn more about pricingTabset anchorPhantombuster PricingPricing Model: Per FeatureYes, has free trialYes, has free version Pricing Details (Provided by Vendor):Phantombuster offers a 14-day free trial for new users, after which the software is available across 5 pricing tiers. Pricing and functionality – outlined below – scales with number of users.
Free Forever – $0
Growth Hacker – $30/month or $28/month (billed annually)
Business – $70/month or $65/month (billed annually)
Enterprise – $200/month or $184/month (billed annually)
Premium – $900/month or $825/month (billed annually) Pricing Resources: Be an Informed Buyer: Understanding the True Cost of Business SoftwareData Extraction Software Pricing GuideTabset anchorPhantombuster FeaturesFeatures are displayed in alphabetical order. APIDocument ExtractionEmail Address ExtractionImage ExtractionIP Address ExtractionPhone Number ExtractionPricing ExtractionWeb Data ExtractionTabset anchorPhantombuster ReviewsShowing 5 of 34 reviewsCofounderMarketing and Advertising, 1-10 employeesUsed the software for: 6-12 months“The best code-free data gathering tool”Overall: We use on a weekly basis for more than 6 months already. It is great for us to get data from social media profiles, which help us on our marketing efforts. Their support was not so quick but they were effective in answering my questions. Pros: – The fact that gathers public data from popualr social media profiles, something I’d have to do manually to be able to prospect leads;
– The integrations with tools like Lemlist;
– The free trial was very effective in feeling the value of the tool;
– The fact they have an GDPR compliant email discovey built-in tool;
– The blog is great starter for someone who wants to learn how to automate parts of prospecting;Cons: – The fact that the hours of usage don’t accumulate from one day to the next if you don’t use and the fact that the unused hours don’t roll out from one month to the next;Reasons for Choosing Phantombuster: Because it includes other social medias than nture Capital & Private Equity, 201-500 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“Unbelievable”Overall: Here’s just one example:
– I started with a list of names in a Google Sheet.
– I used the “LinkedIn profile URL extractor” Phantom (i. e. recipe), hit “Launch” and grabbed coffee.
– 10 minutes later the entire list of ~100 was appended with LinkedIn profile URLs — and the accuracy was 100%.
– I then used the same sheet (now with URLs added) as the starting point for the “LinkedIn Profile Scraper. ”
I was skeptical at first, but Phantombuster truly delivers as advertised. Ready-made recipes, categorized by which platform you’d like to extract data from (e. g. LinkedIn, Twitter, website… even Craigslist! ) make getting started a breeze. If you need to source information or enrich data, this should be the first software tool you try out. Also, the pricing is fantastic — definitely the greatest value-to-cost ratio I’ve ever Honestly, nothing. I’m blown away by how effective it ternatives Considered: DatanyzeReasons for Choosing Phantombuster: The free trial is generous, doesn’t require you to submit Billing Info, and guides you in a way that’s both practical and easy-to-understand. I purchased a subscription on day 2 of the OEnvironmental Services, 1-10 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“Phantoms gets the job done”Overall: It’s a great tool for prospecting, lot’s of recipes or phantoms ready to be used for almost every social networkPros: There are several recipes or “phantoms” ready to be used, phantoms set up is intuitive. You can extract data from Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter, TikTok, etc in few minutes. Cons: No complaints, Phantombuster does the job done, the price is acceptable for what they offer Alternatives Considered: Octopus CRMReasons for Choosing Phantombuster: CEO & FounderInformation Technology and Services, 1-10 employeesUsed the software for: 6-12 months“Great idea, but too many lets downs. ”Overall: Poor, paying $1000+ per month and receiving very, very slow support waiting 20+ days for support tickets to be resolves, random bugs like execution time going to 0 on some days and just in general poor custom service. Pros: As a whole, the idea is great – built on top of PhantomBuster APIs to make a complex, custom automation involving LinkedIn, Twitter and Email Scraping.
Cons: Documentation is terrible – they’re providing APIs so if you want to launch your Phantoms programmatically you require some level of documentation, but it doesn’t exist. You talk to support and half of them don’t even know what you’re talking about and have to put you through to other developers to actually understand what I’m saying. If you’re selling a technical product, it makes sense to hire technical support staff.
I’ve spent $1000 per month, for the past 3 months on PhantomBuster and receive very slow support, I hadn’t received a response in over 20 days from my last request and it’s just not acceptable. Kyan SpecialistComputer Software, 1-10 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“I truly can’t stress enough how much time this product has saved me! ”Overall: Amazing experience – I use it every day and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Saves me tons of time, and gives me an easy way to quickly develop massive lists of leads for marketing and sales outreach. Pros: Extremely user friendly and intuitive tool, with a ton of options for scraping data from major platforms like google and linkedin which greatly help my team generate leads for marketing and sales campaigns. On top of that, the tool itself is extremely affordable, especially considering how much time it saves If I could change one thing, it would be to have the product offer weekly use instead of daily use – which would allow me to do all of my leadgen on one day, rather than patching together a bunch of different lists over the course of a week.
Best Alternative to Phantom Buster - ProspectIn

Best Alternative to Phantom Buster – ProspectIn

Automating your LinkedIn business is not an insignificant decision. Make sure you make the right choice!
Compare both tools
ProspectIn, the best alternative to PhantomBuster
for automating LinkedIn on Chrome
We use the best digital marketing techniques to ensure that your campaigns generate new revenue for you.
Simulation of human behaviour, daily quotas, detection of risky activities…
Tracking of conversions, A/B testing, automation scenarios…
Ease of use, live assistance, tutorials…
Lowest price on the market, special rates for referrals…
ProspectIn brings us incredible agility in our business development at Pontocom marketing and communication agency. I can reach hundreds of prospects in a personalized way, while maintaining an extremely high level of organization.
You deserve better than Phantombuster for automating your LinkedIn account.
Phantombuster had better watch out!
Customized connection request
Sending of customized messages
Profile follow/Profile visits
Recommendation of skills
Automated sales scenarios
Program conditional sequences of actions. Learn more.
Advanced automation and CRM synchro
Email retrieval
Monitor performance from a stats panel
Simplified A/B test
Proposal of optimized funnels for conversion
Choose from a range of Scenario models e. g. the model that offers the best conversion rate.
Prospect management by Campaign
Precise targeting of prospects thanks to a system of Campaigns and filters.
Prospect’s status, advanced filters
ProspectIn is more than an automation tool. It is a mini-LinkedIn CRM.
Optimal daily quotas – Bypass Linkedin Limitation
Your action limits vary depending on your conversion rate, the plan you select, and how long you’ve had your account etc.
Delays between actions
Random delays between actions which perfectly simulates human behaviour.
Alert when your activity is at risk
If we detect any risky activity, we automatically suspend your actions to guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account.
Fixed IP
We use a fixed IP address, which means our tool won’t be blocked by “Captchas”.
Monthly subscription
From €15 /month
From €30 /month
Annual subscription
From €10 /month
From €28 /month
Start Your Free Trial
Tools like Phantombuster are risky
Regardless of your professional activity on LinkedIn, automation should be a vehicle for improving the reach of your account and not a risky spam tool. Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter etc. ProspectIn allows you to generate new qualified leads and contacts, in complete security.
A growth hacking tool, for growth hackers
Phantombuster is an incredible tool for automating a large number of processes. However, it is not suitable for LinkedIn antombuster is a tool designed for Growth Hackers, people that are very comfortable with all forms of automation and know how to override the security measures put in place by the different ever, if you are anything less than an expert in this area, it is very likely that your LinkedIn account will be restricted within a few days. This is because there is no security is set up on their side. To use Phantombuster, you will need to set up a proxy on your computer to guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account, which can sometimes be very complex.
PhantomBuster and LinkedIn prospecting: An impossible relationship
ProspectIn, on the contrary, puts the security of your LinkedIn account at the top of its priority list. This is what differentiates it from the competition. We go to extreme lengths to protect your account, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. ‍No need to calculate the number of actions you can send per day, nor set up your computer to surf the web to the queuing and quota system, you just have to launch your different actions, and our tool takes care of the rest. ‍Finally, Phantombuster does not have its own interface so you can manage all your actions, Campaigns and prospects. Nor do they offer a stats dashboard. All that Phantombuster allows you to do is utilize a series of un-linked “Phantoms”. It doesn’t provide you with the opportunity to build and manage a clear prospecting antombuster can be very useful for performing automated tasks on certain social media sites, provided you are already well-versed in the area. However, when it comes to LinkedIn automation, it falls flat.
So why ProspectIn?
ProspectIn allows you to manage your LinkedIn automations via a complete CRM, thanks to a system of advanced filters and tags. You can transfer your prospects from one Campaign to another, and you have a clear view of your performance by Campaigns, messages and notes. The future is here, time to trade in your old Phantombuster for a newer, shinier, and all ’round better model – ProspectIn.
Can’t find the feature you are looking for?
Let us know!
Talk with the team

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Is PhantomBuster real?

What is Phantombuster? Phantombusters is a data extraction solution designed to help sales and marketing teams across businesses of all sizes collect information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to facilitate customer relationship management.

Is PhantomBuster legal?

TL;DR: Data Scraping on LinkedIn with PhantomBuster is not illegal provided users operate and comply with best practice guidelines. … PhantomBuster advises that all users scrape responsibly by following our guidelines and the recommended rate limits for each Phantom per network.Apr 19, 2021

Is PhantomBuster safe LinkedIn?

A growth hacking tool, for growth hackers Phantombuster is an incredible tool for automating a large number of processes. However, it is not suitable for LinkedIn automation.

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