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The only downside to Jarvee is that it is primarily for Windows users. Mac users can still technically use the Jarvee, but they are required to install the service on a virtual machine or VPS using Windows, both of which can be a hassle. For Mac users who want to use Jarvee but don’t want to go through the trouble of setting it up to work on a Mac, consider using AiGrow. Using AiGrow is as simple as signing up for a free account, connecting your Instagram account, customizing your settings depending on the kind of follower you’re looking to target, and hitting “Start Growth”. Below is a breakdown of all the features offered by Jarvee which are also offered by AiGrow (the green check mark indicating that the feature is also available on AiGrow): The best part? Unlike Jarvee, AiGrow works the same for all operating systems and doesn’t require you to keep your computer running. Walk away, turn your computer off, throw it out the window – AiGrow will continue running until you tell it to stop. Have a peak at the video below to get a better idea of everything AiGrow has to offer: As you can see, AiGrow is an all-in-one package of growth tools and services and for that, it can be considered as the only Instagram growth service you need in 2020.
Don’t take our word for it. Sign up for free now and test out AiGrow for yourself. (Then let us know what you think! )
Jarvee For Mac - HostStage

Jarvee For Mac – HostStage

Jarvee is a wonderful Digital Marketing tools allowing you to manage your Social media Accounts and run fantastic marketing campaigns while growth hacking your social media profiles. It works beautifully well for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Linkedin and Youtube to name the most popular ones. Unfortunately as indicated on their website, Jarvee for Mac is not possible: Unfortunately, JARVEE is Windows-based only and it can’t be installed on a Mac. Fear not, we have the only solution for you to be able to run Jarvee on Mac OS X. As a matter of fact, you would be able to run any Windows only application right on your Mac and benefit from both a Mac Desktop and a Windows environment. The solution is called a Windows VPS, which is a must have in a digital marketer arsenal. It will provide you with a dedicated and remote Windows environment on which you may install any application, including Jarvee. Once, you got yourself a Windows VPS, simply follow the guide below to access it from your Mac OS based computer: From there, you would simply need to install Jarvee as you would on a regular computer. To Recapitulate Purchase a Windows VPS Configure your Mac OS Remote Desktop Software Connect to your Windows Desktop Install & Run Jarvee on Mac Recent Posts
How to use Jarvee in 2020 - safe settings [Instagram automation tool]

How to use Jarvee in 2020 – safe settings [Instagram automation tool]

Instagram automation in 2020 can be a tricky subject. There are so many different voices all trying to tell telling you different things. Some say Instagram automation is dead. Others say it still works great, you just need to know what you’re doing, and play it, I tried Jarvee out for myself on a brand new account (started in April 2020). For those that don’t know, Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation software. It is capable of automation and botting activity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and note – this an impartial review, I was not paid to create this. I have no affiliation with Jarvee, but I do partner with other services mentioned on this filiate DisclosureThis post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Learn more here. Complete guide to setting up your Jarvee for safe automationWhat is Instagram automation? Instagram action limit per hour in 2020Do you want someone to run your Jarvee Instagram automation for you? Why use Instagram bots or automation? Jarvee gives you back your time as a business ownerThe Jarvee settings that worked for me in 2020How do I use Jarvee on Instagram? 1. Set up save follow/ unfollow/ like limitsTools > Follow settings for main account: Tools > Unfollow settings for main account:Tools > Like settings for main account:Tools > Story Viewer settings for main account:2. Set up your scraper accountCorrect configuration of API/ embedded browser settingsSet up your scraper account to extract users3. Add sources for the scraper accountFollow users by hashtag searchFollow followers of target accountsFollow users that interacted with posts on target accounts4. Set up main account to follow specific usersRemove poor quality sources – settings5. Add your targets for Like and Story ViewerLike targetsStory Viewer targetsHow to open Jarvee when the program won’t startThe importance of using a proxy with Jarvee (and the only one I recommend)How to Set Up Proxies on JarveeIf you haven’t had success in 2021 with Jarvee… Here’s what I recommend⚠️ DisclaimerIn conclusionFurther watching: Complete guide to setting up your Jarvee for safe automationPrefer to watch rather than read? I’ve created this YouTube video which takes you safe settings for Jarvee as I walk you through the software. Be sure to give me a follow as I begin my YouTube journey! In this article, I will only deal with using Jarvee for Instagram botting (following, unfollowing and liking), as that is all I have used it for. I will share my safe settings that worked well for me without causing too many API errors or action blocks. The account I used for this experiment was my cat Instagram account, @fridaycute. Obviously, that’s not my actual business (though I was interested in growing it for business purposes at the time I started the account… it’s a long story). Please note:You’ll need to have an Instagram business account to get started with Instagram account should ideally be a minimum of 3 weeks old. (younger accounts have extremely low limits, just a handful of actions per hour! )Make sure you have recent, compelling content already posted on your profile. I suggest a minimum of 20 posts before using Jarvee. Never start with a blank will need to post your best, most amazing content throughout this process. Post every day at least once (and use stories too, continually) over the entire time you’re using Jarvee. Create a bank of content so you don’t get stuck, and stop posting. Optimize your bio before you begin, and add story highlights. This is an easy way of making your account look legit and cared for, and encourage users to stick your account looks neglected or uninteresting, no amount of botting will ever get anyone to follow and engage. There’s no shortcut to creating content that converts. That you are posting appealing content, is a given. I’m in the camp that – I want to save time. I use scheduling software already, so I don’t need to be physically present on my phone or computer when I’m posting to socials. So really, given that engaging on social media is another mindless task that takes us away from what’s really important, why not automate this too? I’d never used Instagram bots before, so I gave it a go! I even tried Jarvee for 30 days and made a video about everything I learned – the good, the bad and the ugly! What is Instagram automation? An Instagram bot aka growth service, automates your account’s interactions. This is so that more users become aware of your account. A bot will follow/ like/ comment/ DM or view other users’ stories, among other actions. Doing so increases the number of times your username is seen, meaning increased engagement and reciprocal activity. A slightly different kind of automation is scheduling. This isn’t what we’re referring to here. Botting can be seen as spammy, so I always advise keeping your settings as human as possible. This means introducing randomness, and keeping your actions spread out over the day. You also need to make sure you’re not exceeding a certain number of actions per, you’ll need a Windows PC but the picture was cute Instagram action limit per hour in 2020To stay safe on Instagram in 2020, don’t exceed a maximum of 60 actions per hour. Remember, that includes liking, commending, DMing, following and unfollowing. You may choose to increase if you really want, but that will bring risk to your account. It’s also a good idea to put your main account bot to sleep overnight, to make it look more human. Your scraper however can run 24/7. 2021 edit:Hi guys, speaking to you from March 2021. Jarvee has become rather more difficult that when I wrote this post. Not because of the software itself – it’s fab, but Instagram has just gotten so strict and can detect automations much more writing this post, I’ve switched to Growpad. It uses auto mouse functionality to mimic exactly user behavior, with no need to give over your password to a third party (this is often where the detection happens! )If you’re curious to see my honest review of Growpad for Instagram automation, plus a full set up guide and tutorial in blog post and video format, hit the link below to read and watch! Do you want someone to run your Jarvee Instagram automation for you? Alright, I get it – Instagram automation in 2020 is time-intensive and to be honest, a bit of a rollercoaster. It’s honestly extremely technical and will need constant monitoring. That’s right, there’s nothing ‘automated’ about using Instagram automation in 2020 – as least not a bot like Jarvee that uses the API. If you want to get the best bang for your buck and maximize your investment into Jarvee and your Instagram growth, hire the experts! Doctor Jarvee is the leader in setting up and maintaining Instagram accounts with Jarvee. It’s their specialty and they are the experts, with hundreds of BIG Instagrammers already trusting them! Check out their YouTube channel here! So don’t waste your own time – entrust it to the pros and get the growth you want, quicker and more safely, without the headaches that learning complicated software brings. I’ve partnered with Doctor Jarvee and recommend them for Instagram Jarvee account management services! Use my affiliate link below to arrange a complimentary call with Adi who will walk you through what they have to offer. Why use Instagram bots or automation? These days, when you’re trying to grow an Instagram account, it’s usually for the purpose of making money. Whether you create a meme account that makes money through shout-outs, or become an influencer who sponsors products, or an affiliate marketer who gets a cut of every sale, you’ll need an engaged following. I write some articles on my blog specifically for my fellow small business owners, so I will address our needs specifically. The truth is, engaging on Instagram takes a lot of time out of our day. Too much. Using a bot is simply a way of interacting with our target audience or others in our a smart business owner, I’ve realized though the mistakes I’ve made that I need to value my time. I outsource the work I can, and spend my time on the things only I can do in my business. The high-level stuff, not the menial work. Spending time on Instagram was for me a menial task, masquerading as a high-level one. I have a history of getting rather obsessed with building my business’ Instagram page. In the past, I became addicted to using it for validation. It took me 5 years, but I built my follower count up to 5, 000. I never used a bot for that account. Instead, I built my following by spending hours each day ‘liking’ the posts of others, for years. EDITMy thoughts on Instagram automation have evolved since originally publishing this post. Check out this more recent video in which I share my opinions about why Instagram automation is… DEAD?! Jarvee gives you back your time as a business ownerThere’s only so much time we have in the day as small business owners. There are only so many things to which it’s worth giving our attention. So, create great content. Take the time to engage with the fans, supporters and potential customers on your page. Always reply to comments. And throw a few targeted, genuine comments out there each day. But don’t spend all your time mindlessly engaging with other accounts. Do not get into the habit of opening the app as a reflex action. Engaging on IG is definitely a task to outsource. But fortunately you don’t need a dedicated social media manager. Use Jarvee for $30/ month and spend your time creating content that converts (or at the very least, engages! )When you have a decent-sized following (usually between 1k – 2k), stop using Jarvee and trust that customers will find Jarvee settings that worked for me in 2020So, here are the settings that I used for my brand new IG account, created in April 2020. I used Jarvee for about 2 months and received some short action blocks that cleared when they were tested again about 10-15 minutes later. I have zero experience managing multiple Instagram accounts or using the tool as a social media manager. What I am is a small business owner that operates a local business, trying to help other small business owners doing SEO and social media themselves. I make no promises that any of these settings will work for you. Instagram treats each account differently, depending on age, level of trust, content you post, your other linked accounts, and many other factors. It’s likely that as the platform evolves, a stricter approach to detecting and blocking automation will I am not affiliated with Jarvee in any way, and I do not receive any kickbacks or commissions for creating this post. All opinions are my do I use Jarvee on Instagram? In the example below, you’ll see the settings I use for my cat account which is ‘@fridaycute‘, and the scraper account which is labeled ‘scraper – @curatemywedding‘. To avoid getting lost, be sure to look carefully on the top left of the screenshots shown, to see which account is being more information about what a scraper account is, please check out this comprehensive video below. A lot of these will make sense when you get Jarvee set up and start experimenting. You’ll learn as you go. They offer a free 5-day trial currently. Try out these settings, test it out and keep an eye on any errors. Jarvee isn’t so much ‘set it and forget it’, not until you really know what you’re doing. You’ll almost definitely need to tweak your settings as you go along. Always start low and then increase as you see ’s get started with the best Jarvee settings to use for non-spammy Instagram automation! 1. Set up save follow/ unfollow/ like limitsTools > Follow settings for main account: Follow settings are wait between 12 and 22 minutes before each new between 5 – 15 users per operation with a delay between 60 – 150 seconds between each follow. I added some random times between 6. 35am – 11. 24pm to simulate a real user. I randomized with a small margin each between 5 – 10 minutes after executing 6 – 20 operationsRun every day of the 6 – 100 per day with NO 1 – 25 per hour with NO down on that tab, to ‘User Filters’. This part is mostly down to personal preference, but I select/ check a few additional items here, (this is still under Tools > Follow > Settings)User has a profile has followers between 10 – 2, not follow accounts with more than 3 digits in has at least 50 likes on last 12 posts. I’m not 100% sure this is possible if you’re using the scraper account technique (keep reading to find out more) – you’re not adding the follow sources directly under the main account, but just in case! A few more general ones, under After Follow Actions:Suspend when temporary blocked between 10 – 60 suspend on second block between 360 – 720 user’s latest before follow on 50% of > Unfollow settings for main account:Unfollow items a minimum of 1 – 4 days after the application followed between 15 – 23 minutes before each new operation. Unfollow between 5 – 10 items per run with a delay between 63 – 300 seconds between each unfollowExecute between typical waking hoursAdd a random sleep time, wait between 12 – 36 minutes after executing 2 – 10 every day of the week. Unfollow 20 – 50 per day (I could increase this to the same as the ‘follow’ – just be careful, you don’t want to do more than 30 actions per hour. Unfollow 0 – 20 per hour, no down on that tab, to ‘User Filters’. Again, personal preference, I select the following (this is still under Tools > Follow > Settings)Unfollow all users followed by not unfollow commenters that commented on the last 12 postsDo not unfollower users that you saved their posts (a quick way of earmarking that you don’t want the bot to unfollow a user you like! )Do not unfollow close whitelist – auto-extract users followed outside Jarvee every 120 can automatically ‘import all followings’ which adds every user that you already followed prior to using Jarvee, to your whitelist. You can also manually add users if you’re worried about Jarvee unfollowing users you don’t want unfollowed. Screenshot below:Tools > Like settings for main account:Wait between 30 – 60 minutes before each new between 2 – 10 posts per operation with a delay between 20 – 60 seconds between each like. Execute between normal waking hours, varying it a little between 30 – 70 posts per 5 – 17 posts per advanced settings here for Like settings – scroll down to the ‘User Filters’. Let’s set them up. Remember, you can customize these as you wish and play around with them. Most are pretty are trying to minimize the likelihood of engaging with spam or anything inappropriate. Our like budget will only go so far, so we want to make sure our actions are being received by a real person whose account is small enough they’ll actually notice. Skip non-English users (totally optional) has profile has a number of followers / following in a specific range 0 – 1000 followers, 0 – 2000 is not following this not like accounts with more than 3 digits in their within the last 30 a random post from most recent user’s not like if post caption is > Story Viewer settings for main account:Wait between 14 – 26 minutes before each new between 3 – 10 stories per operation with a delay ebtween 20 – 150 seconds between each story batch a random sleep time between 10 – 45 minutes after executing 5 – 20 20 – 80 stories per maximum number of stories per user to 1 – stories with the embedded browser instead of the user filters, this one is very simple:Skip Non English has a profile has a number of followers below 1, 000. 2. Set up your scraper accountNow you’ll need to setup your scraper account. This is simply an Instagram account you own that you don’t really care about if it gets blocked. You’ll be ‘scraping’ thousands of accounts with this scraper account will be connected using the API, and the account you actually care about will only be using the embedded browser (so less chance of getting an action block on the important one). This is a really clever do this, simply add the account you’ll be using as your scraper to your Jarvee rrect configuration of API/ embedded browser settingsFirst of all, we’ll turn off all the settings within the main account that use the API. See below:Then conversely, on the scraper account, we want to use the API so will turn on/ off the settings that will allow it to do up your scraper account to extract usersVery importantly, you’ll need to set the scraper up to feed the main account. Otherwise, you’ll simply be carrying out the actions on the scraper (and you’ll quickly get blocked due to the large number of API calls you’d be making). See the screenshot below for the important box you’ll need to check – send to extracted users under Tools > Follow > Send to extracted users. I am not sure if this is necessary too, but there’s no harm in doing the action below: Tools > Follow > Extracted users > Automatically send scraped results to other accounts, then check Send to Follow Sources. See more setting that’s helpful for your scraper account is below, under Social Profiles > Scrape Tools: Continue scraping users after restart from where it left a huge thing here, but you may also want to use these settings here for the Social Profiles > Settings > Advanced settings. This just safeguards against blocks, and allows enough time before it attempts anything that might look will want to delay all tools after an account is just logged in, I believe these were all default settings, but you may want to double check they are checked as they should be and that the numbers look right to you. 3. Add sources for the scraper accountOK! Now it’s time to tell our scraper which targets we would like to go after. There is no tool that specifically ‘scrapes’, so don’t look for one. The lingo to add a target is still ‘follow’, though the scraper account does not actually follow anyone! By ‘follow’ in this case, it simply means ‘add to extracted users’ of the main account. I like to use a couple of ways to target users by hashtag searchPretty straightforward, you are following all users that posted using specific hashtags. You can limit to how recently they posted. I noticed that sometimes this did not populate properly, so you might want to check back to see the ‘Number of posts’ column is can also target users that interacted with the hashtagged posts and also followers of users who posted with that hashtag. It depends how targeted you want to be – I wouldn’t recommend checking either of these followers of target accountsEnter the target accounts and Jarvee will scrape all the users that follow them. Find users that are as similar as possible to your own content, as it’s more likely those people will also enjoy your posts. You could also target users around your geographical area for a more geo-targeted users that interacted with posts on target accountsThis is a great one because it’s pretty targeted. And you know that the users are the types to leave comments/ likes. In the screenshot below you’ll see my settings for targeting people who either liked, or liked & commented, on posts that are similar to my own. 4. Set up main account to follow specific usersWith the targets now being fed by the scraper account, you will set up the main account to follow them. You will do this under Tools > Follow > Follow Sources > Follow specific users. As you can see, this list has almost 10, 000 users to get vanced tip: Doing it this way around will be safest as it will minimize API calls from the account you care about (lessen the risk of a long action block). But you will not be able to see detailed info on each follow source’s followback ratio. You would follow some accounts directly using the main account (follow sources tab) to get delicious data under the ratio column. Jarvee will auto-assign selection rank based on number of followers too. You’ll get something that looks like this below, if you’re a data geek like poor quality sources – settingsIf you’re confident with this more advanced stuff (and totally skip this if you’re not really feeling it) you can then choose to ‘remove poor quality sources’. The settings I use are source if follow back ratio is lower than 0. 08 after 100 follows and 1 dayRemove source if follow back ratio is lower than 0. 15 after 250 follows and 1 dayRemove source if follow back ratio is lower than 0. 2 after 300 follows and 2 days5. Add your targets for Like and Story ViewerLike targetsSo, we have pretty much everything set up now. We even have our settings already set, but we haven’t told Jarvee what it should go out and this, I keep it pretty simple. Under Tools > Like > Sources, I use ‘Like Posts by Hashtag search’, like so:I picked relevant hashtags – some with millions of posts and smaller hashtags too, to see what would do best. I also chooseLike latest feed postsLike posts of my own story viewersYou can add whatever inputs you feel would work best. Remember, you’ve already set the limits so it won’t do any more than that. It’ll also ‘remove poor quality sources‘ if you’ve set that Viewer targetsNext, Story Viewer targets. Here are my settings:View stories by hashtag stories of own stories of followers/ followings of other accounts – use the target account lists you already had, and choose ‘followers’, not ‘followings’ stories of users followed by that’s it! This is really all you’ll need to know if you’re looking to get started with Jarvee in 2020. One final bit of troubleshooting info though:How to open Jarvee when the program won’t startThe most common issue I have with Jarvee is that sometimes the program will not open. You’re trying to open it by clicking on the icon or desktop shortcut, even trying to to ‘run as administrator’ but nothing happens! Here’s how to solve it. Right click with your mouse on Jarvee icon and press Open file location. (Hint: it’s usually Users > your username > AppData > Roaming > there, you’ll delete the file. After that, locate the Updater app. (Either double-click or run)Wait for it to update the files. Now, launch Jarvee again. It should be back to normal now and opening up just fine. I have noticed this problem occurring with greater frequency recently – my PC starting up also seems to be adversely affected by having Jarvee running on startup with is the default setting. I’ve turned this setting off – just remember that if you want to use Jarvee, the program must be open and your PC switched on! And there you have it! The complete guide to safe Instagram growth-hacking using Jarvee bot. This tool has been surprisingly rewarding to use, and I’ve been impressed with how fast I’ve grown to over 1k. It goes to show that bots don’t have to mean spammy, unnatural actions. When you automate your actions, you’re simply tapping a potential customer on the shoulder – someone who you know would be interested in what you importance of using a proxy with Jarvee (and the only one I recommend)PROXY SETTINGSTo avoid your account being flagged by Instagram, it is very important to proxies. A proxy server serves as a connection between your computer and the internet. It’s an intermediate server that sits between end users and the websites they pending on your use case, requirements, or company policy, proxy servers provide varying levels of availability, protection, and privacy. Having spoken to Tal Klinger, the creator of The Social Proxy, I now specifically recommend the use of 4G proxies. Why? Because they have been proven the safest and most effective when it comes to social media automation with Jarvee in can get started with The Social Proxy by clicking the button ’t forget to use my PROMO CODE for THESOCIALPROXY – use Discount Code zoe15 at checkout for 15% off your proxy of choice! Once set up, here’s what you’ll need to do:How to Set Up Proxies on JarveeGo to the Proxy Manager. Click Add in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username then proxy password)Click Verify Proxy and make sure it turns valid. When you connect an account, the proxy settings are usually blank at to Proxy Manager to add an account to a specific proxy. Each 4G proxy can hold up to 10 accounts. Add your account to the proxy and make sure it’s valid. Go back to the account and make sure that the proxy details are reflected before clicking the “verify account” you haven’t had success in 2021 with Jarvee… Here’s what I recommendAll good things must come to an end. Some people report that Jarvee isn’t what i used to be – like many in my online community, who found that unless they pay for the most expensive tools and workarounds, Jarvee was practically out more in this video and tell me what you think:It’s really crazy how difficult it’s now become to use Jarvee without the complex, time-consuming and expensive a different solution that’s way simpler, I recommend trying out! I have a great discount code you can use and a dedicated review of – it’s all linked need for proxies, scrapers, or a firm to run the automations for 10% off your Premium Growpad subscription with my code ZOEUse code ZOE and click here for 10% off Growpad Premium [ Promo Code] [Growpad Discount Code][ PROMO CODE][ DISCOUNT CODE]⚠️ DisclaimerAll content presented on this blog and channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only, sharing my own personal and subjective opinions. I do not provide services offering Instagram automation. I make no guarantees that any results achieved with my account can be achieved with other software mentioned in this article will continue to change over time. Any advice offered in this article and the video linked on this page, will eventually become stagram automation tools are against Instagram’s Terms of Service and you may permanently lose access to your account if you use automation tools. Use Instagram automation tools, software and services associated with Instagram automation at your own consult with a professional social media automation manager if you would like help setting up or maintaining your bot. Visit to learn what the IG botting experts can do for you, especially now that IG automation isn’t as easy as it used to be. ‍ In conclusionJarvee – like all Instagram bots in 2021 and beyond – will yield mixed results. Sometimes the claims that the service makes are a little spurious. Remember to go into your Instagram automation journey knowing that there may be a lot of work you are actually doing behind the scenes – monitoring and solving users report a bad customer experience – Instagram automation is not for everyone. It’s work, for sure. Bots go against Instagram’s terms of service and can be closed at any time, without stagram surely does know which accounts are botting, and seems to tolerate them for as long as there’s a mutual benefit. The tables can be turned however, at any time. It may well be that, given enough time, all Instagram automation bots will be shut down then, however, happy botting! Further watching: What is a scraper account in Jarvee? How to use Jarvee – safe settings tutorialThe real reason why Instagram automation no longer worksInstagram addiction – a wedding photographer’s storyMy 30 day experiment using Jarvee as a small business – sharing everything I learned! Pin your choice of graphic to your Pinterest board and be sure to follow @zoelarkinphoto on Pinterest! I’m Zoe, a wedding photographer based in San Francisco! My style is candid, capturing authentic moments for my couples all over the Bay Area and Northern California. Creating content is my passion! Follow along the blog, Insta and my YouTube channel!

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Can you use Jarvee on a Mac?

Unfortunately, JARVEE is Windows-based only and it can’t be installed on a Mac.Nov 4, 2020

Does Jarvee still work in 2020?

Others say it still works great, you just need to know what you’re doing, and play it safe. Well, I tried Jarvee out for myself on a brand new account (started in April 2020). For those that don’t know, Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation software.Sep 7, 2020

How much does Jarvee cost?

So, if you wish to continue using JARVEE make sure you subscribe to a plan or purchase a one month license with direct payment….STARTER Plan 1 Month License.ItemPriceJARVEE Starter Plan – FREE TRIAL After 5 days: $29.95/month$0.0Change

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