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League of Legends Ping Checker by kamiye – GitHub Pages

This program is made for Windows to do a quick check on how high your ping is as a 3rd party program.
The program ping will not be 100% accurate as in game ping and all it does is ping to the location of the region’s server.
Download Here
NA – 104. 160. 131. 3
EUW – 104. 141. 3
EUNE – 104. 142. 3
OCE – 104. 156. 1
LAN – 104. 136. 3
BR – 104. 152. 3
If you don’t trust the program then follow the following steps to check the ping.
Search for CMD(Windows) or Terminal(Mac)
Type the following: ping -t
Paste the following into a text file: ping -t
Then File-Save and make sure to make it All File
Double click on the file every time you want to check.
For example(for NA): ping 104. 3 -t
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Wiki Targeted (Games)
Official registered Riot servers (2015).
Riot Games provides servers to host various aspects of League of Legends. These include but are not limited to logins, games, chat, the RP Store, the in-game shop, etc.
1 Riot Games Servers
2 Garena Southeast Asia
3 China server network
4 Possible future servers
5 Transferring to another server
6 Trivia
7 See also
8 References
Riot Games Servers
To help solve the problems of high-latency caused by long distances and to avoid language barrier issues, Riot Games hosts multiple servers around the world.
There are a few servers around the world that are not run by Riot. For example, Southeast Asia (SEA) servers are run by Garena, a Riot Games partner. Chinese servers are run by Tencent, Riot’s parent company.
Server Countries
Server Name
Release Date
IP Addresses
BR (BR1)
September 13, 2012[1]
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
104. 160. 152. 3
Europe Nordic & East
July 13, 2010
Czech, English, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
Frankfurt, Germany[2]
104. 142. 3
Europe West
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Amsterdam, Netherlands
104. 141. 3
Latin America North
June 5, 2013[3]
Miami, FL, United States
104. 136. 3
Latin America South
Santiago, Chile
North America
NA (NA1)
October 27, 2009[4]
Chicago, Illinois,
United States
104. 131. 3
104. 1(? )
June 28, 2013[5]
Sydney, Australia
104. 156. 1
RU (RU1)
April 17, 2013[6]
München, Germany
162. 249. 73. 2
TR (TR1)
September 27, 2012
Istanbul, Turkey
JP (JP1)
March 15, 2016
Tokyo, Japan
Republic of Korea
December 12, 2011
Seoul, South Korea
Public Beta Environment
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Garena Southeast Asia
Main Article: Garena
SEA Garena Server
Garena is a consumer Internet platform provider based in Asia that handles League of Legends (ergo Teamfight Tactics PC) publishing in the region.
Each server has its own headquarters and its own pricing for champions, skins, bundles etc. Currently, server transfer is not available between these servers.
Indonesian (ID) server has shut down on May 16th 2019 12:01am WIB (GMT +7)[7], with the player base to be transferred to the Singapore and Malaysia (SG) server. After the server closure, players can still transfer their accounts. However, only those who have transferred their accounts before the server closure would receive rewards.
July 17, 2010
Taguig City, Philippines
122. 11. 128. 127
Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia
English, Simplified Chinese
103. 247. 207. 173
Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
Traditional Chinese
Taipei City, Taiwan
English, Vietnamese
Bangkok, Thailand
China server network
The People’s Republic of China (CN) established servers since 2011; totaling 29 servers, with 19 hosted by China Telecom and 7 hosted by China Netcom. Players cannot join servers hosted by a different Internet Service Provider. Each of these servers houses up to 650, 000 players, but some are dedicated to different skill levels. Languages include Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Mandarin Chinese.
Full Network Area (No network restriction)
男爵领域 (Baron Zone)
峡谷之巅 (Super Zone)
This server is meant to scout potential players for LDL and LPL. [8] Entry requires Solo/Duo Diamond II and above in another server, accounts are raised to level 30, awarded Blue Essence for the required champion pool for ranked. Settlement date is the last day of the calendar month, new players will start counting the next month. On the settlement date, a player is removed if their recorded monthly games do not total at least 24 (18 games in July), if they are the lowest ranked player, or no player is at least Diamond II.
China Telecom (电信)
艾欧尼亚 (Ionia)
祖安 (Zaun)
诺克萨斯 (Noxus 1)
班德尔城 (Bandle City)
皮尔特沃夫 (Piltover)
战争学院 (the Institute of War)
巨神峰 (Mount Targon)
雷瑟守备 (Noxus 2)
裁决之地 (the Proving Grounds)
黑色玫瑰 (the Black Rose)
暗影岛 (Shadow Isles)
钢铁烈阳 (the Iron Solari)
水晶之痕 (Crystal Scar)
均衡教派 (the Kinkou Order)
影流 (the Shadow Order)
守望之海 (Guardian’s Sea)
征服之海 (Conqueror’s Sea)
卡拉曼达 (Kalamanda)
皮城警备 (Piltover Wardens)
China Netcom (网通)
比尔吉沃特 (Bilgewater)
德玛西亚 (Demacia)
弗雷尔卓德 (Freljord)
无畏先锋 (House Crownguard)
恕瑞玛 (Shurima)
扭曲丛林 (Twisted Treeline)
巨龙之巢 (the Dragon Camp)
Other (No network restriction)
教育网专区 (Beginner’s Server)
This server is meant for new players to the game.
Possible future servers
Server Transfers
This is a list including servers that have been hinted, announced, or have been requested frequently.
African server (Frequently requested).
Riot based Southeast Asia server unifying Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines (Riot Games Singapore, Frequently requested).
Middle East & North Africa server (Frequently requested).
Transferring to another server
When creating a game account, the player must choose a server to use, which is usually the server to which their country belongs. Once created, the account belongs solely to the server in which was created, with the login credentials being invalid for other servers.
In order to play with the same account in another server, a transfer can be purchased in the Riot Store.
Generally, transfers to other servers hosted by Riot will cost 2600. RU, TR, BR, LAN and LAS servers do not have transfers to some other servers. Some servers do not have transferability: KR game accounts require national ID credentials, while servers SEA and CN are hosted by third party companies.
Transfer to
In the V4. 01 April Fools’ Day patch, the following undocumented change regarding servers was jokingly listed:
All servers (except EU) are fixed.
See also

↑ 3. 0 3. 1 Silver, Kaitlin. “League of Legends Servers Now Live in Latin America”. GameSkinny.
↑ Master’s Challenge
No League of Legends India Server Yet, So How To Play This Game In ...

No League of Legends India Server Yet, So How To Play This Game In …

As we have mentioned earlier, we have been receiving an enormous amount of questions about League of Legends from you guys in recent time. In the previous article, we have given you guys the most detailed answer to the question about the system requirements for League of Legends. However, that is not enough to play the game, as the server problems for League of Legends India are quite huge. That is why in this article, we will go specific about the topic of League of Legends best server for India. General situation of League of Legends IndiaAs we all know, Riot Games has not officially established a separate server for League Of Legends India region. There have been multiple reasons for Riot Games to do of all, all reports before showed that the dominating MOBA title in our country is Dota 2. Second, MOBA is not the most favorite game genre in our country. Third, the general gaming and esports scene in our country is quite bad. There are many more reasons, but they all indicate one thing: there are really few League of Legends players in India. That is why Riot Games fears that it might be an unbeneficial investment to open an Indian League of Legends server. Dota 2 is still the dominating MOBA title in IndiaHowever, that was the past, and we need to head to the future now. In recent years, the situation of the gaming and esports scene in India has been greatly improved. Society, parents, schools, and universities have started to realize that there is nothing harmful about playing video games, and playing games can actually be useful, as hardcore gamers have been proved to have excellent qualities that other people don’t (of course, if you are addicted in video games, it is a bad thing, but then all kinds of addictions are bad anyway). Before, League of Legends in India does not have a bright future. This MOBA game requires a PC to play it, which is already an impossible thing for many of us. And when we have a PC, we still have to figure out how to login to other servers to play the game. With the terrible internet connection in our country before, logging in to other server was impossible. That is why the majority of us (including ourselves at the beginning) decide to turn on Dota 2 if we have a huge love for MOBA genre, or simply switching to CS:GO or PUBG. If you can stick Intel Pentium G5400 and 8GB RAM into this, this can run League of Legends. We just dont have server to playBut as the situation is improving, so does our gaming preference and our internet connection. In recent years, the number of Indian League of Legends players is increasing every month, and the need for a League of Legends India server is getting higher every day. Up to this point, all Indian gamers that we have met agree that League of Legends is a more suitable MOBA title for our country, not Dota 2, as the graphics of League of Legends is much cuter than Dota 2’s. Moreover, the average time for one game of League of Legends is much shorter than one game of Dota 2. The cute and cool graphics of League of Legends is actually really attractiveWith those advantages, more and more Indian gamers access to other League of Legends servers to enjoy the game every day. If you want to give this MOBA game a try, then right below is our suggestion for League of Legends best server for India. League of Legends best server for India. Before moving further with our article, we would like to emphasize that to fully enjoy League of Legends, we all have to enhance our English. If you have been an active Dota 2 player, you will understand that. If you are confident with your English, then we have some server options to choose to play League of Legends like below. Chinese server – QQ client Riot Games is an American game studio, but it has been purchased by Tencent – a Chinese tech giant. So it is safe to say that League of Legends is a Chinese game now. Perhaps a lot of League of Legends lovers in our country have heard about this, so the first server option that many League of Legends India lovers think of will be Chinese server (its real name is QQ client now). However, we have tried this server ourselves and we will never recommend this server. The setup process is a real pain in the *ss, and you kinda only have Chinese as the only language option. Never try Chinese server, or you will end up with a rage quit like us. QQ client for League of Legends in ChinaEU server When it comes to the EU server, there are actually two EU servers: West EU and East EU, and their abbreviations are EUW server and EUNU. These two servers are both good and stable, and players of League of Legends India can experience this game with the ping about 120ms to 150ms, depending on your location in India. We have both tried these two servers, and we recognize little difference between EUW and EUNU. Although toxicity is inevitable in gaming, players in these two servers are overall good (or at least they know what their jobs are). However, 120ms to 150ms ping is not good. If you are confident with your skills, you can try these two servers. NA serverAnother terrible server for players of League of server is not as terrible as the Chinese server, but its location is too far away from our country. Playing in this server from India will feature up to 250ms to 350ms ping, impossible for any of us to enjoy the game. SEA server – GarenaThe final server options for players of League of Legends India is South East Asia – SEA server, which is Garena. Honestly, this is the most suitable LOL India server option to play this game in India, in terms of ping and stability. However, this server will have a lot of sub-servers for each SEA country. For the best ping and stability without using any VPN applications, you should use Malaysia and Singapore servers. The Singapore server features the smallest amount of ping (about 35ms to 60ms), and all players in this server can speak English fluently. However, the Singapore server does not have many players, so you have to wait quite long for a match. Garena is the only option for SEA players to play League of LegendsIf you can afford a good VPN service, then we recommend the Vietnam server. This server has a lot of players, but then the overall quality of players in this server is not good, and most of them don’t speak English. League of Legends India: SummaryThere has not been an official server for League of Legends India. We have reported this to Riot Games, and we are expecting its answer in a short time. Meanwhile, if you want to play this game, you have to use another server. Among many servers for the game, EU servers (EUW and EUNU) and Garena are the best options. If you are good at English and League of Legends skills, you can choose EU servers because players in these servers are generally good. But then the ping in these servers is high. If you want a much lower ping, Garena is your choice. If you can afford a good VPN service, choose the Vietnam server. Otherwise, Malaysia and Singapore servers are your options. >>> Read more PC/Console news on

Frequently Asked Questions about league of legends server ip list

What is the League of Legends server IP?

Riot Games ServersServer NameAbbreviationIP AddressesEurope WestEUW (EUW1) America NorthLAN (LA1) America SouthLAS (LA2)North AmericaNA (NA1) more rows

Does League of Legends Show IP address?

In League of Legends your IP is not shared with other players, however any program that uses Peer to Peer (P2P) does expose your IP, and can put you at risk. … However, these only share your IP directly to the computer you’re connecting to.Feb 7, 2014

Which server is best for LoL?

Among many servers for the game, EU servers (EUW and EUNU) and Garena are the best options. If you are good at English and League of Legends skills, you can choose EU servers because players in these servers are generally good. But then the ping in these servers is high.Feb 14, 2020

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