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The number beside the blue heart shows Life Stone stock while the red heart shows Resurrection Scroll stock.
Life Stones are a character’s free resurrections. Every character starts out with five of them and they are replenished at a fixed time every morning, which happens even if the character is currently dead in a dungeon. As long as a character has Life Stones, self-resurrecting in a dungeon consumes one even if there are Resurrection Scrolls remaining. The stock of five cannot currently be replenished apart from the daily reset, nor can the maximum number be increased.
Life Stones cannot be used to resurrect a party member. When a player revives a party member, a Resurrection Scroll is automatically used even if he or she still has Life Stones. There is currently no way to transfer Life Stones from one player to another.
How to get more resurrection stones? - Dragon Nest

How to get more resurrection stones? – Dragon Nest

By far this game’s biggest flaw. The death/revive system should use the currency system to revive you in a dungeon. Not these stones, that absolutely ruin the experience.??? scrolle* I forgot this wasn’t demon’s you dying every dungeon run or something? 5 free revives that resets every day. You even get freebies in Mino Storm Is About To Rage….. I’m level 19, I did abyss on a dungeon, and we got not that difficult to understand is Minos Nest? There are difficulties below Abyss, you don’t have to be so gung-ho about doing Abyss if it’s that much trouble. Was you in a 4man group that got destroyed? You (and/or your teammates) should maybe considered some gear current revive system is fine imo, it resets every day so there is still a balance of actually trying to learn how to play but they still throw you a bone. Mino Nest is the current content’s end-game, special challenge dungeon. You fight waves and waves of Minotaur like enemies with a beefed up main boss at the Storm Is About To Rage….. U can’t revive in Demon Souls after getting u mean going from Spirit form to Human form doesn’t use souls IIRC.
5. VIP System Applied - Dragon Nest (SEA)

5. VIP System Applied – Dragon Nest (SEA)

[1] Updates
1. Party Mission
– Mission Reward Changes
2. Premium Dimensional Rabbit
3. [Sub] Storyteller Guide Quest
[2] Changes/Additions
1. Improved mission bulletin board function
2. Improved party list window
3. Improved durational hero
4. Improved character APK / Def tooltip display
5. Enhancement alert change
6. Sunset cloister
7. Goddess gear changes
8. Partial growth guide removed
9. Mirage dragon jade evolution – Paraselene Dragon Jade
– How to obtain
10. Changes of hot spring effect and time
– Changes
11. Phrase correction when canceling hero mission
12. Instruction correction of Pet EXP
13. Remove secondary skill deletion
14. 95LV stage reward change
15. Others
[3] Balance
1. Skill Balance (PVE)
2. Skill Balance (PVP)
1. Best Hero Tournament
2. [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space – Experience the Dragon Nest Field!
3. Attendance Reward
4. 2nd Anniversary Event
5. VIP System Applied
– VIP System Information
– VIP Store
6. Others
[5] Cash Shop
1. September Costume: Swimsuit Costume
2. September Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update:
– Traveler’s Bag/Rope/Decal
– Holy Light Effect Weapon Season 5
– Mount remains in Gacha-Box for September
3. Mysterious Mount Box
1-1. Party Mission
Party Mission
No more play mission alone, Play together.
* When a mission is completed as a party, all party members receive all rewards for the mission.
* You will receive the reward for completing the mission from the dungeon that clears the mission. (Mission board → Clear mission dungeon) (For more details, please refer to [Mission Reward Changes] below. )
※ Many players prefer [solo play], and also many prefer [Party play]. The goal of [Party Mission] is to create an ‘Environment where any player can choose to play the mission the way they like‘.
For this, we’ve changed reward conditions as all party members can earn the same reward together, no longer feels like a loss.
Mission Reward Changes
* As the time to obtain the mission reward is changed to [Dungeon Clear], the [Get Reward] function of the existing bulletin is changed too.
* In the mission board, you can check the [Expected Reward] that can be obtained when clearing a dungeon and can receive a new mission by pressing the [Mission Complete] button of the completed mission.
* The existing [Mission Delete] function is retained.
* Now, if any of the party members are performing a mission, the mission reward box will be created when clear the dungeon and all party members will receive the same reward.
※ The way of obtaining reward has already been used in [Co-op mission] and [Alliance Mission].
The difference is that now all player can earn ‘All rewards’ shown on the mission board with your party members. Referral rewards earned with party members include not only items, points but also gold.
Literally ‘All rewards’ listed in [Expected Reward] are involved. In other words, the reward difference between [Solo Play] and [Party Play] disappears.
* If you enter a dungeon with two or more “Different missions in the same dungeon” in progress, you will receive reward box is created by the number of requests. Even if different players each have different mission for the same dungeon, that number of reward boxes will also be created.
* However, if a dungeon is cleared with a party that has multiple missions with the same goal, only one reward box will be created for that mission.
※ The above rules also apply to [Alliance Mission] and [Co-op Mission]. Alliance/Co-op mission that “is the same dungeon but different requirements” are treated as “different missions”. This is the same for each co-op and alliance mission that has the same dungeon and the same required level.
* The number of mission clearances for [Feat] will be reflected only to the mission holder.
* Remove [Co-op Token Key] from mission rewards.
* Add [14 Adventure Keys] to all mission rewards.
* Golds that have been paid on mission compensation will be replaced by corresponding amounts of [Hero’s Gold Coin].
* Now when you enter the dungeon, the message will be printed as many types of missions at the party.
* The chance of [Labyrinth Invader] appearing on the stage varies depending on whether you have a mission or not.
※ If you have a mission for the stage you entered, there is a higher chance that an invader will appear.
※ If there is no mission for the stage to enter, there is a very low chance of an invader appearing.
1-2. Premium Dimensional Rabbit
* When using [Premium Stone], [Premium Dimensional Rabbit] is introduced to warp around the world in the dungeon when dungeons are cleared.
※ [Appearing Dungeon]: All stage, All area of Division Nest
※ Warp-enabled area: All area except for prior Calderock Village (Prairie Town, Mana Ridge ~ Cristal Stream)
* If anyone of your party is using [Premium Stone], [Premium Dimensional Rabbit] will appear.
* Selecting a destination by talking with [Premium Dimensional Rabbit], all partied players move the area at once.
* Only the ‘party leader’ can talk to [Premium Dimensional Rabbit].
1-3. [Sub] Storyteller Guide Quest
You, the place that’s been cut off.
Only the wind left alone is whispering.
Can’t you hear?
A lot of stories that haven’t been told
want to reach you.
※ New-sub quest [Wind’s Whisper] added.
※ Visit fountain on Red Lotus Palace Main Street and hear Storyteller Sobong’s chat
※ This quest is to proceed when Chapter 16. Light of the Red Lotus Main Quest [Wind from the Territory]is complete.
2-1. Improved mission bulletin board function
◆ Mark ‘waiting time’ in the mission delete message window
– When attempting to delete a mission, it is changed to indicate the time it takes to receive the next mission.
◆Change Mission Tooltip output
-In the tooltip that occurs when the request slot mouse is over, we changed as ‘Mission Goals’.
-The tooltip has been changed to output to the left when the location of the occurrence of the tooltip is obscured by the detail page.
2-2. Improved party list window
◆ Change current location condition when party list is printed
– When opening the party-list window (Community> Party) for the first time after entering the game, the status of the party list is checked to ‘Show only the party list of the village where user is currently at’ has changed the status to be not checked.
– Town icon and tooltip information of ‘Red Lotus Palace Main Street’ has been added to the party list.
2-3. Improved durational hero
◆ Hero obtained from Epic Hero Pouch (Durational) can’t be sealed
– Fixed an issue where [Hero]] obtained from Epic Hero Pouch (Durational) could not be sealed because it could be sealed even if it was durational item.
◆ [Hero] Fix issue of durational item
– Fixed an issue where the [Hero] durational item could be used after being sealed in the Guild Storage, even it is expired.
2-4. Improved character APK / Def tooltip display
※ Developer comment
It was difficult to determine how much players have exceeded the maximum for some attack/defense information in the character window.
Through this month’s patch, we have improved awareness of the figures applied to the current character and the maximum applicable figures.
2-5. Enhancement alert change
Enhancement alert change
If you attempt to enhance item in failure penalty level without [Item Protection Magic Jelly], entering confirmation text is required to proceed.
2-6. Sunset Cloister
■ Clear condition of Sunset Cloister changed.
– Defeat not only the boss but also all the monsters.
■ Event Rewards Upgrade
– Gold rewards have been greatly raised for defeating with [Golden Goblin] which appear in a certain probability when entering the Sunset Cloister.
– The number of “Lost Hound” has doubled.
– This applies to all difficulty.
Gold per 1 kill [Golden Goblin]
■ Drop Rate Increase
– The drop rate is further doubled.
2-7. Goddess Gear Changes
* The upper and gloves were considered less valuable than other parts of the ancient equipment available in the Sunset Cloister.
Once activated, the effect was modified to increase the cooldown while gaining greater benefits.
2-8. Partial growth guide removed
Partial growth guide removed
The following content in the growth guide will be deleted.
2-9. Mirage dragon jade evolution – Paraselene Dragon Jade
▶ You can evolve [Mirage Dragon Jade +10] to [Paraselene Dragon Jade] by using [Moonlight Stone]. You can equip it equally as Mirage Dragon Jade at Level 95 Unique and above Grade Necklace.
▶[Paraselene Dragon Jade] has equal status as [Mirage Dragon Jade +10], Physical Attack 110000 and Magical Attack 110000, and additional skill effect “Activated with 20% rate when you hit, and immediately recover 20% of maximum HP after 2 seconds”
▶ Future updates will allow to evolving [Paraselene Dragon Jade] more powerfully.
▶ [Paraselene Dragon Jade] can be enhanced to +10 by [Enhance Dragon Jade] at Red Lotus Palace Blacksmith Stronghammer, same method as Mirage Dragon Jade. As the enhancement level increased, the maximum HP recovery amount which recovers after 2 seconds also increases.
How to obtain
▶Special material [Moonlight Stone] which is available to evolve [Mirage Dragon Jade +10] to [Paraselene Dragon Jade], can be obtained with low rate among following actions;
▶ When you click right-button at special material [Moonlight Stone], upload [Mirage Dragon Jade +10] and press change button, you can evolve to [Paraselene Dragon Jade].
▶ [Paraselene Dragon Jade] cannot be moved to the server storage, but special items [Moonlight Stone] which is used for enhancement can be transferred to the transaction and server storage.
2-10. Changes of hot spring effect and time
In the case of the existing hot springs, the contents could not be enjoyed by the Dragon Nest fans at a certain time due to the time limit.
To address these areas and provide more enjoyable hot spring content, we changed the function of hot spring and the available time.
-Entrance time: 1:00 to 24:00
-Entrance Count: 1
-Day Buff Effect: Apply fatigue recovery
-Stepwise recovery figures and times: Step 1 – 100 recovery (180 seconds) / Step 2 – 300 recovery (360 seconds) / Step 3 – 600 recovery (600 seconds)
2-11. Phrase correction when canceling hero mission
◆ Phrase correction when canceling hero mission
-After sending a hero to the mission from [Menu]>[Remote Dungeon], you can now cancel the ongoing hero’s mission by clicking the list in the [ongoing mission] tap.
-Upon cancellation, added an instruction message for used Lucky Coin, Hero Awakening Potion, and non-reducing gold.
2-12. Instruction correction of Minion EXP
◆Instruction correction of Minion EXP
Minion EXP instruction phrase has been corrected.
2-13. Remove secondary skill deletion
Remove secondary skill deletion
The secondary skill deletion feature has been removed, so that the [Delete] button has been removed from the UI as well.
2-14. Lv. 95 Stage Reward Change
-Remove Adventure Key earning from Lv. 95 stage boss & normal box. The key has changed as the adventurer’s HP potion.
2-15. Others
■ General stock tap location change of Stage, Nest, and Nightmare Point Store
– For your convenience, the tap location has changed.
■ Dimension Traveller Traces Item Change
– It is allowed to save Dimension Traveller Traces in server storage.
■ Professor K Nest
-[Stage 3 – Professor K]: The attack pattern has changed during the explosion of Professor K’s Arch Reactor.
■ Anu Arendel Gate
-Street to Anu Arendel Nest Gate has expended. Now, all players are able to travel and with a mount.
■ Mission Bulletin Board Store
-Change the exchange ticket of [Problem Solver’s Dire Wolf] and [Adventurer’s Companion Ostri] sold on the mission bulletin board to impossible to trade.
■ Grubby Key changes UPDATED
– Not-tradable, can purchase with DNP
■ You can summon your minion in every adjustment content. However, minion is not using skills.
■ Fixed an issue that caused some of the speech bubble icons in the St. Haven NPC Warp Helper to not be exposed.
■ [Guild] Red Dragon Nest (Hard Core) will be closed and Guild base will no longer be available.
■ [Special Dragon Jade] tap added to Equipment Collection
■ The name ‘beginner’ is added to the potion paid when creating a character.
■ Engraving Scroll will be deleted from Nest Point Store.
■ Modification and addition of Loading Tip Message
– Some modifications have been made to the ‘tip message’ that occurs on the loading screen when moving to a character place.
– A new message has been added as a directional change or an existing message has been disabled.
■ Purchase available Mirage Dragon Jade in Gold Lotus Crown Shop
– You can available to exchange Mirage Dragon Jade with 1 Gold Lotus Crown in Gold Lotus Corn Shop.
[Red Lotus Palace Main Street] – [Palace Attendant Jeokwolyang] – [Gold Lotus Crown Shop]
[3] Balance
3-1. Skill Balance (PVE)

Abyss Walker was a class that has not been preferred for a long time because it has no unique mechanism and low damage.
As a result, some skills has been adjusted to give a unique mechanism for Abyss Walker.
Illusion Strike
– A skill that has been cast for a long time, but the damage was weak and no additional effects could be expected.
– We have decided to increase the damage and when learned, Illusion Strike EX will gain [Abyss Force] to give extra attacks
[Awakening] Summon Shadow
-Awakening effect was designed to force a user to select between summon or transform, even it was not clearing or identify the use
-Now, both effects are now reflected without any additional controls, and also we have added a function that will amplify the Illusion Strike while maintaining the duration.

Increased Super Armor Defense Power in Awakening Skill and EX Skill in PVE.
– It was clear that the existing Ice Barrier were a skill that required adjustments, but it still caused problem that Elestra were not able to have fight with least super armor. So we’ve decided to increase Super Armor Defense Power number in Awakening and EX Skill.

This was adjusted for convenience. We modified the skill that caused disturbance when playing the Oracle, and also damage is now increased.

We are still preparing to improve and adjust Dark Avenger’s game play. Apart from that, we feel that some of the frustrating parts of the feature can be responded to immediately, so we’ve decided to do some adjustments for Dark Avenger. Same as for Oracle Elder, we have increased the damage of some skills.
3-2. Skill Balance (PVP)
4-1. Best Hero Tournament
◆ Best Hero Tournament (4-player)
< Best Hero Tournament > Is BACK!
where players battle purely based on their own strength has returned.
● This time, the rewards have been upgraded!
● Anyone who is at least Lv93 can participate to become the Best Hero!!
※ Stats of participants will be balanced.
[ Changes]
●Entry ticket with new version has been added.
– You need to get entry ticket with new version to participate. Existing ticket is not allowed to use.
●Limit on the number of clears has been changed to 35 times a week.
●The monster’s stamina is elevated.
●[Spectator’s Cheer] buff effect will be downward.
[ Entry Ticket]
● Where to get the entry ticket
– You can get the ticket by clearing Daily Tasks.
– You can get up to 1 ticket each day.
– Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket is required to enter Best Hero Tournament.
[Entry Information]
●Entry level: Above Lv. 93
●Entry route: Each gate of Saint Haven
● The maximum number of participants: 4-player
● Required item to enter: Ticket of Best Hero Tournaments 1
● Clearance count: 35 times a week.
● Resurrection count: 3
[Stage progress]
Stage goal: Defeat against the monsters chosen and chosen by the royal officials for victory!
Stage rule:
– User’s HP, MP recover at each round clear
– Stage ends when all players are destroyed
Reward condition:
– Normal treasure chest: Boss stage 3rd round clear
– Hidden treasure chest: Boss stage 4th round clear
※ Automatically resurrects when defeating 3R and 4R bosses.
※ Using of Hero and potion-based items are not allowed.
[Stage Contents]
●After 3R, you can enter 4R and exit stage according to the user’s (party leader) choice.
●The number of stage clears will be deducted when 3R is cleared.
●When you clear 3R, 4R, you can get reward items from treasure chest.
[Reward Information]
※ [Love of friend] which can be used to exchange legendary pet accessories, can be earned at a very low probability from the hidden treasure chest!
4-2. [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space – Experience the Dragon Nest Field!
[EVENT] Storm of Time and Space will change.
[EVENT] Storm of Time and Space – Experience the Dragon Nest Field!
* Wake up the soul that is asleep in your memory and defeat Apocalypse!
* A total of 12 kinds of souls choose you.
* You may not be chosen due to the whim of your soul
* The power of light and darkness is sealed by Apocalypse’s thoughts!
* If two souls come into contact at a time, changes will not be allowed due to a collision.
* Please get a new soul after the transformation is off!
* If you have a ‘solo matching player’ among party mate, luck will be yours!
4-3. Attendance Reward
4-4. 2nd Anniversary Event
– 2nd anniversary event will be held after September 3rd maintenance.
– Available in dungeon and nest, the required quantity is as follows:
(In case of a mission clearing, the coins are paid according to local classification as reward for completion of the mission. )
– Coin allows you to purchase items such as the following at the anniversary store.
4-5. VIP System Applied
New premium VIP system is introduced!
Period: After September Update Patch (September 3rd) ~
– New premium VIP system is based on character basis.
– The grade is based on monthly consumption ranking and cumulative total consumption.
– Additional Life stones, FTG and VIP card payments that can be obtained based on the cumulative total consumption as in below and daily offered.
– Grade system, reward and related details can be checked through the VIP information check.
– In addition, according to monthly consumption rankings, you will be entitled to the privilege VIP as follows:
– The effect of the character depends on the VIP ranking of the privilege, and you can rent special mount as a VIP benefit.
(For VVIP1, 2, 3 you can rent the vehicle by talking to the NPC of the store. )
– Ranking 1 overall consumption per month will be given an additional drop rate increased buff stone.
VIP System
VIP/VVIP Information
VIP Store
Can exchange with VIP Premium Card at VIP store
4-6. Others
– Everyone’s banquet in August is over.
[5] Cash Item
5-1. September Costume: Swimsuit Costume
*New package with updated status and receive free title!
5-2. September Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update
▶ Traveler’s Bag/Rope/Decal
▶ Holy Light Effect Weapon Season 5
5-3. Mysterious Mount Box
– Meet random Mysterious Mount Box and get your own mounts!
– 1 Qty: 3, 000 EYE-CASH
– 5 Qty: 15, 000 EYE-CASH

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